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[Resolved]  p n vijay financial — cheating, in professional approach

P.N.Vijay is an , he is a womaniser. He hires young girls in his office and exploits them. His only talent is that he can speak very well. He is one of the worst funds manager India has seen, has always underperformed the index and is not at all professional in his approach. He manages some 15-20 Crores and claims to manage 100 Crores plus.
His education venture is another flop, the content is way below average and the team managing, mainly his family is a group of . I am surprised IGNOU is allowing them to play with their reputation.
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 13, 2020
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I agree too, he deserves to be ****. Evenyone stay away from him. You will regret it otherwise.
avoid hiring his services, joining his courses or even joining his comany.

above link refers to a SEBI action against them.
no wonder, his education setup is also useless. but I find it difficult to believe that he is a womaniser and takes chances with young girls. he looks like 60 something, and such behavior at this age is weird.
SEBI, Women Cell, Police Dept all should take action against him.
He is indeed very bad, i am an ex employee and am well aware of what goes on in his office everyday. He dates young girls who are greedy and willing to compromise for some money or expansive gifts.
On the name of some stupid rules he exploits people and tries to pressurise young girls that are of his grand daughter's age, to succumb to his lustrous desires. Whosoever is not ready he makes their life hell by imposing meaningless rules and regulations and even tells them to leave within 15 days of joining without giving any reason.
He is a total failure on professional front too as even after 20 years of starting his company he is a very small player in the market which has increased several times. He could be managing some 40-50 crores at the most. The total revenue he is earning would be 1 Cr per annum and after meeting all expanses, his company runs in losses all the time.
The senior most person in his office is perhaps an year old, very few ppl complete four months in his office, this is coz the work culture and environment is pathetic.
i agree too
absolutely correct . . .
he claims to be India's no. 1 stock market analyst . . . and you are saying he manages only 40-50 Cr.

somebody told me, whosoever is a failure in their core business is trying his hands on education too.

education is not something so simple, one has to be dedicated and honest to succeed.
Dear Neha,

Why are you making these rubbish and dirty comments about Mr. Vijay? You were with us for even less than one month as an Office Coordinator sitting in another office. I am working with him as an Executive Secretary for 3 years in the same office and what you are saying is a totally rubbish.

If you wish please come out and we will all discuss and talk to me or any other female employee working here.

Manju Khurana
We are the 5 women employees working in Mr. Vijay’s office. We have seen the statements made by Neha Kapu on your website.

They are totally false. We are all working with Mr. Vijay for a longer time as compared to Neha. He has not harassed us or in any way tried to make our life difficult. Two o[censored]s move very closely with him and others go out for meetings with him. Neha left on her own for better prospects. She was upset because she was transferred to another Department where she had to meet clients. But this is not the way to throw mud at Mr. Vijay

If Mr. Vijay is a womaniser and we are all working closely with him, does it mean we are immoral women and Neha is the only moral person?

Sheetal Agarkar- VP and Fund manager
Astha Shori- Manager
Shweta Ayaldasani- Manager
Naziya Hayat- Manager
Manju Khurana- EA to MD
Ha ha ha... We the 5 women...
Let me tell you...

Except Astha and Shweta, who are eager to leave the job due to PN Vijay's chances... all 3 of you are crooks...

Sheetal keeps him happy through the means only she and vijay know... whole office hates her
Check all conversations of Vijay and Nazia on your office e-mails... He says "Sweetu bebu" and she says "I missed you". Rejoined PN Vijay many times.. everybody knows the lovely relationship..
Manju - Who pays 40k to a EA who has not done any official course and is a big fat lady... Ha ha .. I[censored] leave this job, who will pay you this much...

Vijay gives high salaries to ladies so that it is not easy for them to leave..

and kicks out male employees if any female employee is ready to join on "his conditions"...

and you guys who are lickers defend him in a silly way...
can i know is vijay really a bad guy since 5 of my friends have got selected to join the company from april if this is true i would tell them not to join the company...
I would request all to ignore my messages mentioned above importantly regarding 5 womens.

It was mainly on account of my frustration that I mentioned those lines.

Actually I was not in good equation with the firm which is why I wrote those words but NOTHING OF THAT IS TRUE.
Oh my should not have mentioned such things without proof. ThankGod I didnt mention it to my friends who are likely to join in future.

Buy the way, Do you know if any person uses foul language insulting any person in writing can be prosecuted under Information Technology Act and also under the Section 500 of the Indian Penal Code.

Section 499 of the Indian Penal Code Defines Defamation; while Section 500 provides for the punishment for defemation which is 2 YEARS JAIL IMPRISONMENT.

The relevant extract of Section 499 and 500 is as follows: -
499. Defamation.—Whoever, by words either spoken or intended to be read, or by signs or by visible representations, makes or publishes any imputation concerning any person intending to harm, or knowing or having reason to believe that such imputation will harm, the reputation of such person, is said, except in the cases hereinafter expected, of defame that person.

Anyways you have understood your mistake thats the best part. I hope after reading above you would be more careful. Take care...
did any body notice the above two posts are fake and are posted by the bald loyal of vijay or vijay himself.

they created duplicate similar looking profiles P_Bansal1 against P_Bansal and manju_punitha against manju punitha.

It is anybody's guess to see how desperate these people are to salvage their reputation.
WELL DONE RSANAND !! I wonder why the original P_Bansal and manju punitha has not posted any comment after these fake comments were posted by RAKHAILS of PN Vijay !!

I guess his full name is PELU NAND VIJAY !!
whoever has reached upto this page must do a small analysis and try to find the answers to the following questions :

how many of girls have left his company within one week of joining i.e. immediately after the 1st late evening stay at office.

half of the selected girls don't even join, probably they get the info about the setup from ex. employees

very few ppl have completed one year with his co. check period of employment over linkedin. you will not find many marketing / RM / Research guys completing over 6-9 months.

one of the worst performing portfolios are managed here with no research, no rational just gut feeling of an old man, who is running this co. for the reasons known to him only.

only 1-2 ppl looking after clients and pitching for new clients.

education section is a big failure too, no admissions for july 2011 session.

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