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 Ramesh Kajuru on May 5, 2011
Passport seva kendra bangalore is proving to be VERY BIG INCONVENIENCE to people. I have bitter experience with this online system, i am a registerd member of the online service system and i have been trying to book a slot either normal or tatkal through online and its been more than a forthnight i have been trying on i am yet to get my slot either for tatkal or for normal slot.

When i called up PSK customer care i was told to book tatkal slot at 8:00 AM, because they release tatkal service on a daily basis at 8:00 AM, its been 20 days now, every day morning from 7:30 till 9:00 i am trying to book a slot and my effort is going in vain, everytime only one meesage gets displayed on screen is "All Tatkaal appointments are already booked. Please try scheduling it another day, or go to Applicant Home to schedule your appointment under Normal quota." and normal quota is not available for next 60 ( SIXTY ) days.


Ramesh Kumar

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I completely agree... The appointment date is minimum after 45 days.. Pathetic system..
I completly agree. I am facing the same issue from long time. dont know whom to complaint/how to proceed.
I totally agree. I am getting frustated with the online system. I cannot schedule an appointment either in normal quota or tathkal. I get an error message saying "the portal is facing problem please try again" every time I click on manage appointments . Customer service is completely useless.
I totally agree. Pathetic System. What is the way out ? We should do something about this. We just can't keep trying everyday morning to get an appointment. Useless service as well.
Its really really pathetic system. we have to travel urgently. we just want include our spouse name in our passport but this pathetic system never be user friendly. I cannot schedule an appointment.I have tried everyday in the morning 7:45 to 8:30.Its keep displaying the message "All Tatkaal appointments are already booked. Please try scheduling it another day, or go to Applicant Home to schedule your appointment under Normal quota.".
Also Its mentioned in case urgency we can walk-in directly with proof. I tried this but they are saying this service is not availabe
I tried it for a past one week, i couldn't get an appointment through online service.. useless service.. Every time i ended up with the warning says : No appointment slots are available for the selected Passport Seva Kendra (PSK). Please try scheduling an appointment another day. please do something.
Yes all are correct, the system is very pathetic and its a show off calming the new process will be faster..however the old system was better where at least the appointment dates used to get displayed. BAD SYSTEM. The public is unhappy with this
This is one of the most pathetic systems ever, where the general users convenience is ignored. May be the govn official want a loop hole to make the moolah thru back door chaneels, which honest citizen like us don't know.
most worst web site service in the world is don't know who found this idea for getting appointment slots.. i tried many days and many times. even i tried whole of a day i couldnt get even single appointment but if i asks to agencies they are ready to get appointment anytime within a moment.. then who says this is public service .. hope they are having some tieup (bribe) with agencies for avoiding public to get appointments directly... it is the worst service can happen in india only... i went tambaram passport office many times, very rude (TCS's) staffs in counter A.. they thought themselves they are government employees... they don't anything about passport oriented.. even if you get appointment by yourself, you will never submit your documents peacefully.. PSK staff there was unnecessary creating problems because of no personal monetary benefit...
Guys, and let me tell you this, chances are you will never ever get an online appointment. Because so called TCS's driven PSK are still very corrupt. There are agents all over near PSKs who can get you an appointment you want for a small money. Ofcourse, this could very well mean PSKs also expects bribe.

crazy staffs and stupid services in TCS's PSK...
Absolutely agree - the site is absolutely pathetic. I managed to get (somehow) a tatkal appointment a couple of days back, and when I showed up at the "seva" kendra with all the required documents, they claim I need an Annexure F whereas it is clearly stated on the site that you need an Annexure I and 3 documents (for identity proof) and 1 address proof (like Bank statement of the last 1 year) OR an Annexure F. The kendra people say I absolutely need an Annexure F because they can't find proof of my previous passport online (issued from the Ottawa Indian Consulate) or the one before that (from Calicut). And, as everyone knows, you can almost never get an Annexure F unless you happen to know people of a slightly rarefied category. Been trying to get a normal appointment since the last 3 days, the site just hangs when you get to the appointment page. TCS should be ashamed - so should the "seva" kendra. Was a lot simpler when you had none of these "online" things, and all you had to do is actually wait at the centre.

SM Krishna - are you even aware of this?
TCS has screwed up the system. Even school going guys will develop 100 times better software.
Been trying to get an appointment since 5 days now via the website. But no luck. Facing the same issue
"No appointment slots are available for the selected Passport Seva Kendra (PSK). Please try scheduling an appointment later."

Called helpdesk today - they told me to login at 6PM and try. Gave it a vain.

Same error. Any other method to get an appointment.
Same problem facing in HYDERABAD also.
SInce it launch it has received such complaints more than enough.. but it seems no one has taken any resorting process till. this is major draw back in the system. With the current system we as a public suffered a lot. the concerned people has to take the corrective actions otherwise the real motto behind this implementation will not serve it purpose.
Sub :I too facing the same issue (chennai) . Poor service from corrupt goverment .

But, agent can book the slot through online . We have to pay Rs.1500 only for appointment .

Quality of software is very poor most of the goverment related software.
I have been trying to get a booking, and it just doesnt change the screen. It keeps saying that the slots are full.

What kind of a system is this? Atleast earlier we could stand in queue for any number of hours and get our work done.

Did the people who designed this system not think about the people who would be in a hurry to get the work done. What kind of retarded person designed this system!
I finally got the appointment. I have one observation, you can get a online appointment only if you have a super fast internet!! This is a fact. What about the people who are trying from homes, mr. PSK??!!
I understand that this system was introduced to streamline the process and make it better, but sadly, this is not a well designed system. It is becoming a big inconvenience to the people.
I was very glad when I came to know that the passport seva is now available over the Internet. I submitted an application for re-issue of my passport since my address has changed on the 4th Jan 2012. I’ve been trying to schedule an appointment online to visit the PSK since it is now mandatory but in vain. Everyday the site is open at 6pm to book appointments, so I login to try my luck and till date haven’t been successful. I have called the PSK Call centre but they have not offered any genuine help other than telling me to try next day at 6PM.
This is another pathetic service offered by External Affair dept, Gov of India. I remember, in 2010 PSK used to give an option of booking a slot for next 30 days, and you can go and select any free slot. At that time I found it very useful and booked a slot per my convenience. But this new policy of allowing booking only for next day is pathetic, and I am not able to book a slot for more than a month. Look like External Affair dept thinks that we "general public of India" have no work other than just applying for passport.

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