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[Resolved]  PNB — FDE renewed by PNB unilaterally on request levied penal charges

----- Original Message -----
From: rajneesh madhok
To: [protected] ; [protected] ; [protected]
Sent: Thursday, October 14, 2010 9:39 PM
Subject: Request for reversal of penal charges charged on FDR renewed by PNB unilaterally without consent of customer.

1. The Asstt. Gen. Manager,

Punjab National Bank,

Capital Market Service Branch,

PNB House, Fort, Sir P.M. Road,

Mumbai 400 001

Mobile No. [protected]

e-mail ID : [protected]

2. Name : Sh. A. K. Mathur

Designation : Astt. Gen. Manager

Address : Circle Office,

7th Floor, “Maker”,

Cuffe Parade,

Mumbai 400 005.

Telephone : 022 – 22154554

Mobile No. : [protected]

e-mail ID : [protected]

3. Name : Sh. Narender Thakran

Designation : Financial Analyst -Manager

Address : Head Office, MBD, UGF

7, Bhikaiji Cama Place,

New Delhi 110607

Telephone :[protected]

Mobile No. : [protected]

e-mail ID : [protected]

Subject: Request for reversal of penal charges charged on my FDR as the FDR has been renewed by the PNB without consent of customer and on getting rectification the Penal charges levied @ 1% on the FDR.

Refer the particulars as under:

Particulars of FDR:

Branch S.No.
Customer I.D.
A/C No.

Name of



Maturity Date:[protected]
Rs 60,000
Rs 81,812/=
Pankaj Duggal & Pawan Kumar

Old No. 31055490

Note: 1. Made a call to Sh. Shrikant Sharma A.G.M. at[protected] but could not get proper response.

2. The officiating branch manager has not acknowledged the receipt of the copy of complaint.

3. The officiating branch manager has not delivered to the customer the FDR receipt in original that has been submitted to him for renewal. The only certified photocopy of the FDR receipt mentioned above has been delivered to the customer.


I regret to inform you that the PNB has renewed the FDR of the customer for five years without taking consent from the customer and on getting the said FDR renewed the PNB, Nehru Nagar, Phagwara branch levied penal charges on the FDR amount and deducted 1% interest from the deposited amount.

The bank has dodged with the customer by making renewal and then making deduction in the interest of 1% as both of the transactions have been made by PNB, Nehru Nagar branch unilaterally.
Kindly settle the dispute and refund to the depositors 1% penal charges charged from them as there is no fault of the consumer to get the renewal of FDR from the branch for the said period.
That the bank can not charge even a single paisa as there is no instruction of the depositor to renew the said FDR for 5 years. The bank unilaterally renewed and defrauded the customer by levying penal charges to them.
That the penal charges and renewal unilaterally by bank is unreasonable, ridiculous, unacceptable and unfair trade practice by your bank given the fact that while your Bank has levied 1% penal interst for the fault made by your own staff so the penal interest should be credited in the account of the depositor.
Therefore, considering the above stated facts and circumstances, I am compelled to write this notice to you to that either you reverse all above said penal charges levied in the account of the depositor and confirm me about the same or else make necessary arrangement so that the said account of the depositor alongwith Saving Account kindly be closed with immediate effect with making credit of all the debited entries with interest at the prevailing rate of interst so that the depositor can transfer their funds to another bank to save from said unreasonable activities and malpractices of the bank.

Please treat this notice as a demand for justice,

Thanks & regards,

Pawan Kumar Duggal.

B-47/107, Main Road,



Through Rajneesh Madhok,

B-xxx/63, Nehru Nagar,

St. No. 2, Railway Road,

Phagwara-144401 (Pb)


----- Original Message -----

From: rajneesh madhok

To: [protected] ; [protected]

Sent: Thursday, October 14, 2010 1:45 PM

Subject: Fw: Deficiency in Service of PNB Nehru Nagar Branch Phagwara


Smt Sudeshna Sharma,
General Manager, Punjab National Bank, (Customer Care Centre),
Head Office, 5, Sansad Marg, New Delhi-110001. Telephone No: +[protected]
Fax: +[protected]
E-Mail: [protected] or [protected]

----- Original Message -----

From: rajneesh madhok

To: [protected]

Sent: Thursday, October 14, 2010 1:25 PM

Subject: Deficiency in Service of PNB Nehru Nagar Branch Phagwara

From: Pawan Kumar Duggal,

B-47/107, Main Road,

Hadiabad (Phagwara)


Date: October 14, 2010

Deficiency in Service on the part of PNB Nehru Nagar, Branch Phagwara


Sh. P.K. Sharma,

Circle Head-DGM,

CO Jalandhar.


Fax: 2226135

SUB: Deficiency in Service on the part of PNB Nehru Nagar, Branch Phagwara


This appeal is from Mr. Pawan Kumar Duggal who has been dodged by the PNB, Nehru Nagar, Branch, Phagwara. Kindly look in to the following grievances.

Branch renewed FDR for 5 years without any instruction by the depositor.
On approaching the branch the consumer requested to get the said FDR renewed for three years with overdue interest but the branch staff said that the said FDR will not been renewed as such.
Then the staff cancelled the said FDR and told the consumer that the FDR will be renewed for three years with fresh date.
On accepting the directions of the bank, the bank deducted 1% rate of interest whereas the consumer has not made any direction regarding renewal till date.
The bank staff then told that we have no documents of the FD in our record so you will have to submit all the fresh documents once again.
My son the First Party of the depositor is now an Non Resident Indian and residing at Australia and the documents are being delivered to me to submit a fresh with all formalities in the current date which is not within the parameters of the banking laws and regulations.
My FD which has been cancelled should be renewed as per my instructions to the bank. The bank can not bound the consumer to abide by the rules framed by the staff.
That if the documents of deposits are not in bank’s possession then it is deficiency on the part of the bank not of the customer.
That we have made deposits with the bank in good faith but the bank has made a fraud with me by making deductions to my deposited amount and renewal of FDR without consent of the depositor which is in violation of the RBI guidelines.
Kindly direct the PNB, Nehru nagar Branch to renew the FDR from the date of maturity for three years. Otherwise I have to file the suit against the bank for deficiency in service under Consumer Protection Act, 1986 at Consumer Court, Kapurthala due to deficiency in service and not adhering to the guidelines of the RBI.
The documents of the FDR has been submitted with PNB, Nehru Nagar, Phagwara branch the details of the FDR has not been in my knowledge as I have submitted the documents to the PNB, Nehru Nagar, Phagwara branch. The FDR was in joint name as Pankaj Duggal & Pawan Kumar.
Thanking you,

Sincerely yours,

(Pawan Kumar Duggal)


Rajneesh Madhok, B-xxx/63, Nehru Nagar,

St. No. 2, Railway Road,

Phagwara-144401 (Pb)


Note: Made a call to Sh. P.K. Sharma,Circle Head-DGM,CO Jalandhar. Ph:[protected] Fax: 2226135 from landline number[protected] at 1:40 P.M. but no body picked up the telephone reciever and attended the call.
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 13, 2020
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