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[Resolved]  Polaris Software Lab Ltd — Issue for not gtg the 90day salary after gtg confirmation with Polaris

I want to withdraw the attention of Chairman of Polaris Software Lab Ltd and Ombudsman of Polaris to look out the matter regarding what is going on in Gurgaon Polaris branch .I really had a bad experience with Polaris and I never expect that Polaris Gurgaon is even too worst place to work before joining the Polaris .

I joined Polaris in May-2008 and worked for UBS-Project from May-2008 onwards still June -2009 . After 6 months of joining ,I got my permanent letter on 26-Nov-2008 . In the permanent letter it is clearly mentioned that either party could terminate the appointment by giving 3 months salary or 90 days notice period . But after releasing from the Project on 30-June-2009 , My Project Director Mr.K.C.Navneeth Kumar had called me and told me to sit on bench for 1 week and wait for the new Project and then on 6th July,2009 , He told me that Polaris has no Project and u have to leave immediately , I discuss with him with the reason for new projects , He told me that never asked these questions again otherwise my answer is your project performance is not up to the expectation . So on the same day Ashish Harkawat(HR) at Gurgaon Branch called me up and adviced me to leave Polaris in lieu of 3 months salary as K.C.Navneeth Kumar wanted me to leave immediately and he is not want to talked to me anymore.

I discussed with the HR for the rules and regulations and they agreed that I will recieve 90 days salary in my final Due-Drawn from Polaris .

But still today I have not received my 90 days salary from Polaris as Polaris is the party who is responsible for my relieving with Polaris . Instead I recieved only 6 days salary of July-2009 for the days I worked in Polaris , I have several questions to whom I want to asked to the Chairman and Ombudsman:

(1)If Polaris is not able to pay 90 days salary then why they have mentioned in there confirmation letter these rules and guidelines

(2)If my performance is not upto the mark then How I manage to stay in the Project for more than 1 year , My Annual Performance Rating is also 2.2

(3)Mr. K.C.Navneeth Kumar acts like a looser in all matters, Even after try to contact him, He never talked politely to anyone , Please see his Project Management Ratio in UBS , as He is not able to stay a resource that they hire for Testing and Development for more than 15 days withing the last year[protected] in UBS.

(4)The HR division working of the Polaris is not appropriate , The entire HR is not able to work independently as the HR is running by Units-Head guidelines

I have also enclosed my Permanent letter and the releiving letter along with final Due-Drawn statement

It is only my request to the Chairman and Ombudsman that my matter should be looked out and my 84days(90-6)notice period salary should be given to me as soon as possible.I never want to talked to the Polaris,Gurgaon again in the near future ,Please give me the final dates by which i will receive my Dues

I will waiting for your response.

Sankalp Saxena
Polaris Employee Id : 56194
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Aug 14, 2020
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Thanks Sankalp for your complaint. This is an indication for others to leave Polaris and look for other opportunities.
Yes, I totally agree with Sankalp's comments. Out of all the BSCs, BS6-Gurgaon is the worst of all.

The HR here is really pathetic. They are just like soft toys with the remote control being handled by the top management.

Above all, one more thing I want to bring into light. The canteen here is worst. Employees are ready to pay higher cost per plate.But...!!! Currently plate price is marked at Rs 40. One expects a good quality of food when working in a city like Gurgaon. You cannot compare the food with the other MNCs here. I dont think even a dog will eat the food when given the same plate. During the lunch hour employees prefer to go and eat at nearby thelawalas rather than canteen. We are not expecting here soups and deserts. But the qulaity is worst than what is offered in Tihar jail. Even if the vendor is changed, the Admin here will catch hold of a different vendor who is worst than the current vendor. God knows what will happen in the near future to this BSC...!!!

I am 100% agreed to your concern here. I am also a Polarite in BSC 6 and facing the same agony and distrust that you have faced. HR head Naresh Yadav is just like a puppet which is commended by a bunch of jokers of BSC 6 senior group. They are so Hippocrates that their rules are one sided which are only for Employees.

I would suggest you to go to labor court against Naresh Yadav, BSC Head and your EG head and drag them to court, that would be only solution for you. Files a suit of Harassment against them.

Best of luck Sankalp.
I strongly agree with Sankalp, the polaris also giving negative feedback about employee to the next employers and baffled their ex-employees.This has happened with me . They think they are favouring employees giving employment to them.The company is clearly not a to good place to work.So the guys who want to join, please decide before joining polaris. Somehow i also lost approx two months of salary to polaris towards my notice period. Polaris-Singapore also tried to evade my tax with singapore goverment which was withheld from my salary.They submitted tax only after i noticed and complained about it . I really suffered a lot due to them. Company project contracts are now expelled by UBS client completely and iam happy about it.HR Polaris Department is like a agonizing department.

Sandeep B.
Thank you very much for raising your voice here.
My case is reverse. I gave 1 month notice and end up paying 2 months SGD salary to them. for which i didnt agree when i was joining in 2005.
So, I went to MOM and try to make a complaint against these guys. but its of no help. as we are at executive level, we wont be coming under employment act and need to appoint lawyer to fight with them. (for which i couldn't dare)
For my case, it's some other useless manager, so called Saleem. Before putting my papers, i asked him clearly abt my pending leaves of 10 days. he said "its ok to take them after resignation or in the worst case they will b encashed". But nothing happend and he just tried to make me fool infront of HR. I even showed them the chat conversation for the same. as usual HR don't have any role except for taking salary. i strongly feel they are waste of space in UBI tech park. with the rental for that floor they can easily pay for 10 employees.
Hi Sankalp, Really appreciate your steps towards raising voice against BSC -6 (Gurgaona) management dictatorship.

I too suffered a lot while working with this company for UBS project.They havent yet paid the compoff payment even after leaving the company 6 months back.

If come across i would like to ask a simple question from Saleem (UBS project - site manager, who kept everything aside and joined the UBS).

Why did you stopping/hindering others joining UBS then ?????

it is not mentioned anywhere in the appointment letter that someone can't join client, and what is your openion about yourself now..?

I would like to request honourable Mr. Arun Jain to look into this matter & take the necessary/legal action against these people ( like Navneeth, Roshan, Nagraj(HR)) coz rather than earning the trust of employee they are exploiting them mentally and financially, which in turn giving bad name and fame to the company.

Polaris Singapore UBI office is filled only with bunch of cuning politicians and everybody is running his own parallel govt and finding new ways to fetch the money from employees.
Thanks a lot Sankalp for your complain.

I would rather simply say..only coz of these fool, nonsence management people (BSC - 6) Company lost a big project (UBS).

But the interesting things are

1- they dont have any new project for employees and firing them without giving any compensation like Sankalp.
2- If someone is getting some opportunity outside after trying hard in this tight mkt, they are demanding 3 months salary from employee.

what to say more ? they must have shame on themself.

Hope someone will look into this matter and we will hear some good news soon.
It's a bold decision by Sankalp. Good luck for your fight to get 2 months salary (compensation for layoff or forced resignation) from Polaris Software Lab Ltd. (Gurgaon Branch). Chances are rare

I beleive most of the employees do not dare to raise their voice, against HR and Project Director. Specially in UBS project.

Hope someone will look into your case.
Hi All,
i am totally agree that Polaris management is very dull and they dont have an idea about how to manage the human resources. i joined polaris in march 2007 as a associate consultant and left in aug 2009 from the same role. i was very much involved in the project and my appraisal band was also the highest(3.46 in first year and 3.90 in second year) in the team but still my so called manager Ratna Priya was not aware at all that how much experience i have. In march 2008 when i approched her regarding the role issue she asked me that how much experience i have...i was surprised that i am working in her team for almost an year and she does not know any thing about the team members.

This is just one instance of my tenure... I agree that polaris gurgaon mangament is totally failure...they are just sitting there nothing doing...

Think twice before joining there...
Navneet K.Chu(t)ia : One of the most stupid guys I have come across in our industry..during his assignment in Switzerland..god bless Polaris if they have such types as director..
The above mentioned facts about Polaris are totally baseless, these were the handiwork of those associates who got into the company through fake experience, when polaris fired them based on back ground check verification, they formed a group and started blaming the organisation instead of accepting their own fault.

This is probably one of the best company in Delhi, NCR to work with due to it's superb work culture and defined career growth individually, it's one of the best pay master too, we would advise to explore more and more opportunity with this
truly organisation...

Your's faithfully
A Polarite...
Please see the root of the discussion first
U surely understand that how after 1 year this Polarite... has wake up after a great sleep !!!

Polaris is the fake company, they show in papers that they have 10000+ employess but in reality they have no more than 50+ employees in Gurgaon office

Now u clearly understand that this Polarite... is the chamcha of HR or Navneet or BSC-6
Even zero quality software defects people in polaris have fake experiences in this fake company !!!

Polaris is the worst company Please dont join that !!!
Those who say 'facts' are baseless...need a better English lesson from Nalanda.
Lot of people are leaving Polaris now. It will become slim, trim and attractive. Some new blood will come and revive the work culture.
HR was always like this (puppet) in Polaris. Afterall, it is a lala company. Everyone in Chandini Chowk (delhi 6) trades in Polaris shares. I have heard seniors calling BSC6 a 'Mandi' where they trade 'R...i'

Customer is Bhagwan. Role, rate, appraisal, APDP, designation, job is all dependent on your client selection. Customer can force Polaris to pay better to the associate. You loose job if client says u were not good in 'b...'.

All policies here are international and dynamic. Any policy Can be changed / modified / created / scrapped / hidden on a click of button at 5th floor smoking area. The AVP, VP and SVP are behaving like puppet.
All the Management chamchas are called Konark with Blue coat
Another good transparent communication is expected from HR soon about appraisals this year.
I think management is taking cues from this page and throwing out management people named here :-)
PHIR Fun challuuu rahey
Sankalp, You are great ! Keep it up. I dont know you get justice or not but atleast dared it .

Saleem Anwar Khan joined Client UBS ? How shameless he could be as he didnot allow his associates join client UBS in the past.

Nagaraj (HR) and other HR are like snakes and playing in the background spoiling ex-employees background verification causing them trouble.They should have more bad days than this in their life.

Hey you the guy who was praising the Polaris as good pay master and these facts baseless, we are sure you must be a good licker of their foot to get your personal benefits like konark award, randomn appraisal ...etc.

If you resigned polaris then its like hell torture you have to go through from managers and HR.
Few Hiring consultants in the market are once stopped taking polaris candidate resumes as they were also impacted by prospective employers due to the background screening process on the employee, which polaris use to spoil.

Now guys imagine how shameless Polaris Managers are ...
God will show mercy on them. God knows what i really mean.

ExPolarite who was suffered.
Hi Guys

I have won the case against Polaris, I have got my 3 months salary back, Please don't hesitate to take the Polaris to Customer Court as I did and take your money back

Polaris is the worst Company and Gurgaon HR is the corrupt one including the entire BSC-6

I have won !!!

Please never join Polaris

Sankalp Saxena
I totally agree with this discussion and the boldness shown by Sankalp is really an act of appreciation. I too am victim of polaris and just cant put it in words that I feel so ashamed to even think about it that I was part of polaris sometime .

The managers are bunch of jokers and totally worthless creatures who should be put behind bars for playing with lives of people and spoiling their careers and torturing them.Polaris was the worst experience of my life and I would not even recommend polaris to a person whom I would hate the most in the world.

Roshan, Navneeth, Naresh Yadav, Ashutosh, Nagaraj, Saleem - they all should be taken to the court and penalized for torturing all o[censored]s.They are nothing more than bunch of [censored]s. Shameless people .

Guys pls be aware before joining polaris. Its a hell and people in there are monsters .
Hey guys do you know do Polris carry back ground verification?
Do they education background verification and how? I got offer from polaris their offer letter says that if I failed in background verification then company may ask for 5lakh or unlimited as compensesation. Anyone has experinced the same?
what if my previous employer give them wrong information or bad remark about my work as Polris do for their ex-employee?

Its interesting you all you look back at your comments and yourself when you are in Poalris then you will find who is real chutia
Polaris is the compnay, Now hiring but Please dont go in Polaris at all, The real Chutia company
Lokesh first try to learn the Polaris spelling

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