[Resolved]  Potential Technologies — Fraud Software Company

People please be aware you Potential Technologies, Bangalore, has cheated many students from rural places and promised job for huge amount of money collected from the poor students like me. I am cheated and helpless. Proper authorities like NASSCOM please look into this issue and blacklist these companies and people behind it.
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Aug 14, 2020
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Its all bull , people are working here and we have no problem working here. And before blaming the company make sure you are right first and you have performed well in the company
its true never go for this company its a fraud company which makes student suffer like anything
and ask the persons who have worked there and for every complaint htere is a solid proof no one tels simply so be careful
the one who has commented saying people are working and the company is fine has to be only the ceo and his bloody followers..( believe me it cannot be someone who is/was working ther)..
its a cheat... they just ask for money from newly recruited people and never pay the salary they promise... Its a fraud company...

Cannot believe it is still operating and is continuing to cheat people... god save india... :-(

Potential Technologies — fraud company

this is a fraud company .. almost they cheated 60 students by taking huge amount of money 4 them.
the bloody ceo madukar n kiran all r frauds always thinking how 2 cheat people.. i advice NASSCOM 2 black list this company..
its realy a fraud company even i am also cheated from this company... what can i tell about ceo he is real brain washer dont believ him.i had worked here for no money for about three months.
Hei aware of these type of companies.because i worked for 5 months...but no can give salaray to these type of that its better to select better opportunity in better company.

Thanks & Regards,
Karuna Kiran
Arey bai idhi maakhe loude company
People this company almost ruined my life.if i get a chance to hit them am never gonna miss...god will never forgive them.Any one from higher authority plz take initiative to stop them.
hey we have started our company again now its called as instawebindia if you have guts complaint to that ..if you complaint thn belive me i wil sue u all

thanks & regards
i m not blaming the company in the negative way but let me tel some facts regarding the company..
let me start with the CEO ( MADHUKAR) FIRST - He is such a person that he wil never giv up ( he wil defend his mistakes smartly)
let us talk about the technicality about the company. i hav been with the company for about 6months, the company got only few projects and the technology which they hav used is PHP & MYSQUL( ceo himself dont know the php scripting) and the technology which they are using are open sources, (small kids can download the softwares from google) they r coating that they are the best website providers but the fact is they are downloading the JOOMLA TEMPLETS FROM GOOGLE and uploading the same templets in FTP( file transfer protocol) and regarding his data centres... he tels himself like he has a data centres in US but the fact is he took an basic accunt in HOSTMONSTER.COM and they provided him a limited data space. He tels like he got his own team of developers who r in BRISBANE - AUSTRALIA and tels like he got a branh over there but nothing is true...
i hav mentioned all this things to prevent inocent freshers who should not be get cheated like me before
bosss what the bleady will u sue us...if we sue abt ur things like datacenters, brisbane nbla bla blaaa...u'll be behind the bars kkk so what u need 2 do is simply watch ur blog updates n i'm promising u'll bet much more...
hi friends

the above comment described the technial facts abt da company in a diplomatic way n every thing was true. me i hav worked for 4months in the company and i want to share some more facts -- the ceo of the company mr. madukar plays with the lives of inocent freshers. i m open to say this fact and i m sure that he can not sue me. Here r some facts abt him wich i hav observed when i was working under him

1. SEA Collage ( South East Acadamy collage in bangalore), Mr. CEO wanted to tie up with this collage by providing jobs(training) buy taking traing fees and assured for jobs
2. Garden city collage bangalore ( next day this news cam in times of india also)
by gods grace they came to know about his cunning nature and they survived.

then he targeted collages far away from bangalore like hubli, etc.. and taken money from them.
friends many o[censored]s work in good companies atleast for experience if not for money. but i[censored] join in this company makes money and we r the loosers.

Now INSTAWEBINDIA is the other tool to cheat people
Still people are working in your company makes me funny ..Mr Madhukar..
r u providing jobs to the students who you had selected recently or not
MR Madhukar what do u think o[censored]rself ha, first listen carefully what u will sue innocents ...within 2 weeks u will read about u and ur company in leading newspapers, u knw very well to play with the life of freshers and innocents, i[censored] really commited sin, , u will definately see hell in earth itself...!
Guys this is me who wrote in the name of Madukar. Just relax...hey…..even I am disappointed with the company….but as you rightly said i[censored] really commited sin, , u will definitely see hell in earth itself...!...why should we waste our time by talking about this company…?? Let us do some courses in this recession and something productive
guys said na, i wil sue you all ! the time has come ... no matter wher you ppl r working 'l come thr and with ma influence i wil throw you ppl out of the job.. if you hav guts stop me !.. see still time is thr, say sorry n take back complaints thn i will leave you...
I wil hack all your compuetrs ! c its not a big deal 4 me ... 4 this purpose only hav asked kishan n kiran 2 get ready with passports n visas ..i wil send kiran 2 brisbane and kishan 2 US (4m thr money only thy r going) but when thy wil return back this time Defenatily i will pay thm

thanks& regards
your lovingly
madukar, kiran & kishan

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