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[Resolved]  Pro Handyman India Ltd — Worst Customer Service Ever

I called this company "Pro Handyman India Ltd" in Bangalore to fix some Electrical and Plumbing work. They told the next day the technician will be coming. After 2 days of waiting and ruining my weekend, the technician did not turn up. After I called the company, they said "If you want you can see any other source to work with". They rejected me just like that. These guys are a bunch of cheaters and money eaters. They have the worst customer service. I would like this company to be blacklisted and save consumer's money.
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 14, 2020
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I totally agree with the above complaint. I have been a member of Pro-handyman for 2nd year now, they were fine the first year. Promptly in July, 2008 they were at my door step to collect the membership renewal amount without even calling and fixing the appointment. Till December, 2008 there was not a single call for any mandatory service from their end. I called them for some work with my mixer in the first week of December and it has not yet been done.Not to mention the number of calls I had to make every day. There is also one Mr.Amruth in their office who is totally unprofessional and rude. They fixed up an appointment for mandatory service on 11th feb, 2009 in the morning at 10.00AM and did not show up till 1.00PM. Needless to mention that my taking off from work was a total wate. I want to also know if there is anyway to make the public know about this so that do not fall prey to these cheaters and liars and wate their money.

i agree with you, they have collected the amount, no one attend for service, i am just calling the customer care, they have told they would send within seven working days, its almost a month now, no update, no service men has come to attend
Hay, guys thanks for your advice.


I have had a similar experience. I was sweet talked to renewing my contract by their local manager, but the moment the money was paid it was back to no service.Do you know the name of someone senior and the email id to whome I can write to. I believe eurka forbes have sold out. Who bought this company.
Totally agree and no custumer centricity. I would strongly recommend that none should use their service and giving false promises is what they do. I am sure their training is to how to evade customers and frustrate their customer to the core.
I hope I get my TV back which is ready in Sony 2 weeks back and they still have not picked up and deliverd to me.
I plan to complain to consumer court if I am not getting in a couple of days and write to all newspapers about the shabby and inefficient service of the so called Pro Handy Man.
I strongly agree to all the above. I also agree to the comment about Mr. Amruth/or Amrit being unprofessional.

My complaints (recent nos. being 18733, 18736, 18975, 18013) for this financial year start from 12/3. But my mixer jar is with them for the last 6 months and still I am only getting assurances.

Is it possible to go to the consumer court for all this agony. I think instead of cripping on the internet (which even I am doing now), we should try something constructive. Is anyone aware of the procedure to go to a consumer court.
I have been a member of Prohandyman for one year. When my membership expired in September 2008 their representative was promptly at my house to collect the renewal fees. That was the last I have heard from them. As per their manual there should be one maintainence visit every quarter. It is now seven months since I renewed and there has not been a single visit.
I called them 2-3 times requesting for a visit and am told that someone would be visiting, but that person todate has not turned up at my house. As I have already paid up there is not much I can do about it but I would like to warn others not to go ahead and engage their services as it is a waste of time and money.
Prohandyman had gone through a rough patch some time back, due to Eureka Forbes pulling out despite a commitment of long term investment which they did not honour. This put the company in deep trouble as they had set up an infrastructure to service a large volume of customers but were left high and dry by their partners subsequently. I have tied up with them for my house recently and have found them to be responding well. It appears that they have slowed down on new customer acquistion and are consolidating their services and this has improved things substantially now. I also checked with some of my friends who are Prohandyman customers and all of them seem to be happy with their service. I think the intentions of Prohandyman are honorable and if we give them a chance to set things right, they will do so. However, to each his own.
I have had NO PROBLEMS with Prohandyman whatsoever. I have been a customer with them for two years in a row and intend renewing for a multiple year contract as there is substantial savings in doing so. The good thing about them is that I dont have to face a recorded voice that keeps directing me from pillar to post. I am always greeted by someone, who takes my complaint down and I get attended to either the same day or the next. There are times when their response is a little delayed, but it is far superiour to some of the vendors from whom I have bought the products. They also cover mixers, grinders, food processors, toasters and geysors, which no one else does. All in all, I think they are good value for money.
Prohandyman. Good guys. Good service. Not sure what the fuss is all about.
In September 2008 I entered into a contract with Pro Handyman for maintenance of domestic utilities. According to the terms of the contract, among other things:
1. there will be 4 mandatory service, i.e. quarterly
2. unlimited breakdown calls
3. Quick response time
4. pre-fixed appointment

However within the first few weeks, it was clear that all these commitments were just sales talk and not meant to be followed. There was not a single Mandatory service done in the course of one full year, except attending a few breakdown calls. I was therefore disillusioned, disappointed and disgusted. Nevertheless I had to carry on, having paid for the dis-service!

In March 2009, I had a complaint about my water purifier system. After several calls, I was politely asked to directly call the manufacturer’s representative. I finally got the manufacturer’s own mechanic to repair the equipment. I was advised to pay the repair bill and they would reimburse the service charges (cost of any replaced parts would have to be paid by me). I agreed; the work was done; I paid the bill, but they have not bothered to reimburse the service charges despite several calls made to them.

On 24th of August I telephoned to send a Plumber urgently as there was intense leaking from one water tap and lot of water was flowing down the drain. The staff promised that a man would come between 12 noon and 1 pm the same day. In spite of repeated calls by me and repeated promises by them, The man never came.

I had therefore to write to them terminating the contract and holding them responsible for all consequences. I intend taking up the matter with the Consumer Court.
I had called your office to repair aquaguard on 29th Aug, till 2nd sept no had called, I keep calling your office no response
nice to have these type of cosumer complaint forum... these buggers are the group of cheaters and money eaters PLEASE DONT FALL INTO THERE TRAP, , , NOW THY HAVE CHANGED THE COMPANY NAME TO ===HANDY 101 SERVICES AND SOLUTIONS PVT LTD === and all the persons that partap reddy who is a [protected]@##%! has written about bad patch and all is a employee of the company...they are using this forum to gain some sympathy from customers... if any one is recently taken any membership ...then please apply for REFUND and cancellation the clauses
in contract you will find refund clouse also... thanks .
What is kind of money u guys paid for the contract with this company
Prohandyman is a big cheat. Beware of them before they steal the contract money from you.
Indian consumers are not legally protected against fraud companies like Pro-Handyman. They have looted many people and looking formard to loot more. Incredible India!
I agree here. What is more surprising is that 70% of the company share is held by Eureka Forbes (
I am a victim of this company fraud and currently there is no one to even receive calls at their numbers published.
We should get together and take the issue of quality of service and liabilities to Eureka Forbes directly.
While there have been mention by other participants here that we can apply for refund... but where is the company? there is no mention of Pro Handyman India Pvt Ltd. ANYWHERE !!!
I totall agree with all the comments and had innumerable terrible experiences with Pro Handy man and I strongly discourage dealing with this company. I had problems with my refrigerator all through the summer and these guys have failed to fix it and it broke multiple times. I finally brought a new one and I called them atleast a dozen times to get the new one added to the list of appliances, but no one literally turned up to take the details. I have visited their office in Indiranagar and personally gave them feedback directly to the so called MD of this company to NO effect. Someone mentioned about Amruth, this guy is absolutely unprofessional, not to point one, everyone is like that in this company and you would be a fool if you think they live upto their promise. I have wasted a lot of money talking to these guys on phone and I finally gave up dealing with them.
What are the charges that these people levy?
Maybe they can be booked in the Consumer Court if it is reasonably high!

Prohandy man bangalore is a fraud company. They sign a deal but dont cater to the promised services. It is since Jan 2010 beginning that we are chasing them for repairing our fridge. They promise to repair it everyday but fail to do so. People at the reception are very irresponsible. Peter the owner is never there to resolve it.

From payment that they have collected from us, they are supposed to insure all our appliances - They have not done anything. They are just fooling the general public.

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