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[Resolved]  Questnet India — Refund of Money

Hi Sirs / Madam,

I have made complaints to Namakkl DC office I was directed by Chennai commissioner office to make a compliant in District Commissioner Office regarding the questnet fraud. I do not hear anything about the complaint. Could you please help me in finding the status of the compliant.

Raja Nagarajan
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Aug 14, 2020
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quest net — Return of money


I became a member of Questnet in December 2007 and i came to know from the media that Questnet has been involved in fraudulent activities. I request for return of my money. For this purpose i had borrowed loan from a financial institution. My NF no is NF 344694.
yes return of money must be done... be safe from such scams...
Raj you got fooled by the person who introduced you into the company and u became a bigger fool when u joined the company without checking and understanding the compensation plan. i am in this business for 2 year and have been about to put the correct form of plance to all my downline. How is that they don't compain... just jumping when the world just... never think
My self also a victim of such category, because I myself also purchased a gold coin from the questnet gold international. But presently nobody is conducting the classes in the YMCA, New Delhi, even I submit e-mail but no reply so far received from their side. Still I am having with me the same gold coin, Please let me know if future disposal of the product is possible, or more business can be done without any problems.
This is a big fraud company, it never responds to your one should never believe it nad invest..plz plz plz..its my humble request...

Let me put some facts around Quest. It may work or probably used to work atleast I have seen that with my freinds. But let me tell you my story. I paid Quest around 35K INR in 2008. Guess what. I am still to get the product. For the last 1 year I am after gettting my money refunded from Quest. I have e-mails and document from Quest that they have approved the refund. For over 6 months this approval is still on and I am yet to recieve the money. I dont have the kind of money to hire a lawyer nor have the time. People who are doing well in Quest, my hats off to them. Do well in your life and all the best to you. Atleast to me, Quest is downright unethical in doing business. For a person who bought the product, he should atleast get the product to do further business or to hire new IR. Its like you go to a shop, pay money, but you dont get the product, nor the money back. Help me understand this

i had ordered for the product of gold coin in 2009 and after awiating for long i had not receive th eproduct... finally one of my friend told that u make a complaint online in this blog... surely they will reply... to my surprise things worked out... i made a complaint in within 15 days of my complaint i got my product... it's great ... others can try it out...
i have always received my products on time, and have got the help needed by questnet. i am doing good work in the business, earning also good but people who are disappointed plz understand that you need to invest safely and work hard.
i am working with questnet and have had no pproblems the company had problems because of individual representatives as they were not able to perform and did wrong investments.
they started to blame company, i have got the support frm the company and earning well, so will continue with questnet.

amit a
Questnet is a company tht gives training, helds seminars, were people meet and share their experiences, one can learn more by listening others experiences. when i joined first few months i too had difficulties, but later i started understanding better and my performance improved.
so dont give up.
this is very true.
company faced problems because of the IR, , who could not perform well.
my parents are working as IR in Questnet and are house earning comes from this business,
if one works hard it becomes simpler for them..
hi, working with Questnet is a great feeling, as my hard work has helped me earn the best returns. i am thankful to my aunt who had guided me to join Questnet. As time passed my performance became better and my returns were also quite satisfactory.
My brother is working for questnet since last few months, in the beginning he was very demotivated, then one day one of his friends said that he should attend the training sessions to polish his skills, and this actually worked.
My brother is now performing well and has gained the lost confidence. such supportive and helpful is Questnet.
Whoever has a dream to be successful they should try to achieve that dream by working hard on it.
Dreams can turn into reality if you work hard. Questnet gives all o[censored]s an opportunity to achieve are dreams by working hard to achieve them.
I have achieved my dreams by being a part of the Questnet team.
Instead of asking for any refunds, start working hard... YOU just need to have patience and full fait in yourself. You would be successful in all your work. Don’t give up hope. I am saying all this as I am also an IR and as time passed my performance improved. Questnet firm is very supportive, don’t loose hope.
My cousin brother is a part of Questnet, since last two years, and I had seen how well he was earning from this business. Before investing in Questnet I took his advice, and he simply said that if you can work hard, then only invest and have patience to get success. He clearly also mentioned it's not an easy to make money scheme. I took his advice seriously and with a positive mindset, invested in Questnet. Today I am doing well as Questnet has good products and good compensation plans.
whom are you actually accusing?? Qnet or the lazy government officials of chennai?

Excuse me, but Qnet has done a lot for me and my family and i am really grateful to them. I honestly refuse to believe this mans ! he's just lying.

Qnet is the best company ever, please delete this complaint at once!
Why are people everywhere are crying out loud taking QNet's name? These people are so greedy that they do not understand the business structure and join just to make money. They do not work hard to grow their network and then when they fail to achieve the targets, they shout that the company is fraud. I am in QNet MLM business for 2 years now and have achieved more than I would have ever being a small business owner. I would suggest all the people to understand the business structure and work hard with dedication and you will also taste the sweet fruits off success.
sir, ,

Questnet ia thug company.. playing with the common man hard earned money. Firmly believe that this company is a fraud n its legality is to scrutinized. The supporters of Questnet are brain washed by the company, they tend to behave like jihadis.
the people who are making complaints is the one who doesn't want to face hardships.i am n questnet for 2 yrs.i bought one vacation packages which we went last yr and also bought a wellness product.i got this product within a month after i buy the beginning i felt difficult becoz i was very trainning and seminars helped me to improve my communication skill and confidence and i am earning well through this people who are blaming this business pls stop this

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