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After getting non satisfactory replies from all my efforts concerning QuestNet India I am here to seek your help .

I joined the so called QuestNET Business almost an year ago.
The business is based on MultiLevel marketing in which they sell their product which are said to be German made Mayer's Mint Gold Coin.
I ordered these coins (of Lord Buddha) and paid the due amount through credit card of mine. They claimed to deliver the coins in about 6-8 weeks of time frame.
But they haven't delivered till date.
There is no option of cancelling order on their website which is the unique feature I saw in a shopping site.

I called their call centre many a times but they ask me to wait for some time and are not giving any concrete reply.
They are not cooperating after taking money from me.

I request you to bring up my case to them and get my money refunded.

I want to file a case againt them for the mental harassment I went thorough. Please let me know how I can do it.
I am currently stationed at New Jersey, United Staes oon a professional assignment so ity is a real harrassment calling the Indian Office number so many times without any satisfactory reply.
I am attaching below the details of my membership and the purchase order.

Name :Nandan Bhattacharya
Membership ID Number: 235384

Address of Questnet office in Chennai and the toll free number.

QuestNet Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. "The Rain Tree Place", 9th & 10th Floor, B-Wing

#7 McNichols Road, Chetpet, Chennai 600031

TollFree No. [protected]

Web address.

Name of Business Development Head : Hari Prabhakar.

Please let me know if you need any other information or contact @ [protected]
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Aug 14, 2020
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Questnet is very reputed company and change many lives, problems are there everywhere in this world ... We have to see how to reslove it. People who join the business without understanding concept and thinks its easy money and start making noise that they don't earn, these people must be punished by law because this is a legal business.

Common guys please try to understand the business before u join.
All the best...
Very bad company. Very bad policy. I lost my money dont believe Ramesh word. He must be one of the people who eats common man people money...
All i can say to the people who r complaining is that they ve no clue about what the business is all about...either u did not listen to presentation well when it was being told to u or the person who has made u join this does belong to the Quest family n is a complete fraud becoz of which even satisfied customers of Quest like us are getting a bad name...When u register yourself online into the quest business you get ur own IR id(Independent Representative id)Thereafter whenever u want to know anything bout ur business or track it u just need to give ur IR id n password to the Quest net site n login n hey u dont need any forms to book your all happens online...n they do it themselves probably with ur help...i think that there are some frauds who r taking advantage of the Quest name n cheating people to make money...This business is not just about buying "gold coins"Have u ever gone to the site n checked out the companies product portfolio?? N hey this is not a get rich quick scheme...u need to work hard to get ur money...its just that some people r capable of doing it n some people r not n that is when they fail n blame it totally on the company.It totally depends on ur capability how u run ur business n how successful it is...unlike any other business...whom would u blame i[censored] failed in ur own traditional business??About the compensation paln this NOT AN MLM an MLM company the commission decreases with each level however here the commission remains the same at all levels.U need to go to the right people n know the right business plan...that is what will change your life n that is what Quest is all about.AND ITS DEFINATELY NOT FOR THE ILLITERATE!!
As for the delay in product delivery is concerned have U tried to find out the reason WHY IS THE PRODUCT NOT COMING TO U??Lemme tell u...specially for those in Chennai cause i see the maximum complaints from the people in Chennai...Firstly the company Quest net wanted to build a mint for the production of coins in Tamil nadu as the company is doing wonders in India n there is huge demand for Gold coin sets as people in India still prefer Gold to other products available in the company's product portfolio...Well for that the tamil nadu Govt asked for a huge amout of bribe from the company which the company refused to...n decided to approach the Karnataka govt..this is when the Tamil nadu govt got agitated n started doing all kind of things to spoil the reputation of the company...They actually went upto the extent of putting their own people in the company who started doing all the illegal activities with the products n the plan cheating people n giving them wrong info...Well in the most unfortunate incident of the Chennai police case of Gold Quest all those products which were to be delivered to you have been confiscated by the police...Now Quest international has filed a case in court against all those people who r doing all these activities against the company and its reputation...Becoz of which all the offices of Quest r closed in India now n till the company proves itself n punishes those people the delivery of those products have been put on hold...I a customer of the company joined just 3 weeks back n totally believe in the plan as well as the company and am fully supporting the company...even i have not got my product yet n nor has my upline who joined 2 months before me...however we r not cribbing n complaining like U cause we know the Reason"why"n r successfully doing our business and have been extremely succussful in our endevours n our earning our thousands from the fantastic compensation plan of the company.One thing i want to ask u guys is...Did u get into the business just for the product or the business itself...cause i[censored] got in just for the product its the biggest mistake u made!!!
thank you for putting our fears to rest regarding the coins, however why have the cheques stopped coming, you would agree that to promote any business one needs an incentive, hope to find a satisfactory answer to the query and as also why isnt the company responding to our mails.
Dear Sir/Madam,
This is R.Madhan kumar . I am join the QUESTNET Marketing business. Sill i am not receive the product, money or chequee . Details of Questnet (Please help me . MY IR ID : NF379958, ORDER NO:DN08690586, RECEIPT NO : RE05158990. Transaction Date:[protected] 19:54:42, Transaction Description : PURCHASE ) Please help me . I am request you please sir...

I have worked for a team in Mum-Pune in this buisness, understood the concept and also worked hard but as time passed I understood that this is all !!!

You earn back ur investment when atleat 18 people are below you in the best possible case. and earn pofit when you have 3 more on each side (I am talking of the best case). so when you pull in 24 people you start gaining. That means only 3-4% people in the buisness are earning that too i repeat in the best case possible. actually the percentage of people in profit is too low!

Secondly the product they market is of no use. that adds to the frustation when you are not earning. The market value of a gold coin is only around 6K Rs.

I understood that people who join keep advocating this business because they want to earn money by fooling people into it to buy a product of no use and a business which is more of a mental torture.

I mean mental torture not because my mind was not strong enough for it but becasue even the others who have joined feel the same within their heart. but they do not accept either becasue of pride or becasue of loosing probable node in their business tree.

I quit the business becasue my conscience did not allow me to add more people under me in such a business. I have also seen people loosing friends, loosing their temper and feel ashamed becasue of ths business.
Finally this business is making the people at the top of Gold quest international. The money which we earn with hard work goes out of India and few fools keep advocating a business which is 3-4% win and rest loss.

a Business is good only when all the people associated with it have the equal chance of gain or loss...

I urge the people who are still in the business and luring people into this to stop it and seek the guidance of their concience and speak the truth about what they feel. should they fool a 100 people and bring them to mental trauma just to earn 10K
the go and jump in the swimming pool... lazy fellow... quest changed so many lives...and growing and going to become number one e commerce company soon... U have failed that does not mean everybody will fail... I[censored] dont want to work put ur money in stock market or casino..

Questnet is here to stay... it will bounce back and make all people mouth shut
This is Gaurav Tiwari currently working in an IT company in pune
and u know i was also cheated i joined the Quest net thinking what so ever happens at least i will get a gold coin. i m sorry to use such languages but those basturds frustrated me for 6 hours and never told that the product actual price is 6-8 k

i was fooled into the businness and after more then 5 months have not recieved the product but still paying the EMI
i m a fresher here and this is the target area for them as we r new to city few friends and big dreams in eyes
thoes guys keep me calling every day 3-4 call a day till the date i joined but as i joined since then no calls . even now if i call then to enquire abt the products the r not picking up the call i m mentally harassed and still paying for it

If Some one can help me put of this please mail me

Can you please confirm the delivery of the Products ?

Iam highly disappointed with the inordinate delay in delivery of the Products that was ordered in the Month of Sep 07 with full payment of Rs. 35, 000/-

Our repeated calls to your customer care[protected] is of no use as there they are not responding to us properly.

Your immediate response is awaited.


----- Forwarded Message -----
From: NSG - India <[protected]>
To: prem subramani <[protected]>
Cc: NSG - India <[protected]>
Sent: Tue, 24 Jun 2008 17:08:47 +0530 (IST)
Subject: RE: Products delivery concern - NF314887 of ARUNKUMAR

Dear Mr Prem,

Thank you for your enquiry.
Please be informed that we are in the midst of checking on the status of your shipment and we will revert back to you as soon as possible.
Please be informed that we are fully aware of the situation in Tamil Nadu and we are fully cooperating with the authorities in India. We have a full management team consisting of Senior Management and Legal Team handling this issue. Once it has been resolved, we will update the entire network.

We would also like to take this opportunity to assure you that QuestNet and its Board of Directors are all very much committed to the business and towards our Valued IRs.
If you require any assistance, please do not hesitate to email the Network Support Group at [protected]
Alternatively, you can also contact us via our Toll free number at[protected]. We are open daily between 9am – 9pm. Once again, thank you for your continuous support towards QuestNet

Thank you for your patience and continuous support.

Yours In Service,
Network Support Group

From: [protected] [[protected]]
Sent: Monday, June 23, 2008 12:41 PM
To: [protected]
Cc: [protected]@GMAIL.COM
Subject: Products delivery concern - NF314887 of ARUNKUMAR


The Product is yet to be delivered to my downline Mr. ARUNKUMAR. A. He had got registered during the month of Oct 07. How much time is required to despatch a Product to INDIA at Bangalore location ?

What is happening to the Business operation of Questnet in INDIA ?
Kindly provide the INDIA office and local Bangalore contact details...

I am totally disappointed with your way of doing Business in India, repeatedly calls to your Customer care @ Hong Kong Toll Free contact[protected] has not yielded any results.

I request your concerned contact person details so as to understand the real concern... this is very much annoying.

Hope atleast now you would act quickly on this matter.

Your immediate response on product delivery is awaited.

Addressing to Questnet - email id:
To : renewal.[protected] -
cc : [protected]


What are you sending on [censored]#039;n Annual Renwal Fee?

Still now i haven't received my Product QFone Combo Model No. DL -07B & DL -04, which i order in the month of Oct, 2007. Still i am waiting the delivery, then talk about about your [censored]#039;n renwal fee.

Arun Kumar .A
IR ID :NF314887
Flat No.105, Jasmine Block, #3/6, Esteem Park, Rose Garden Road, 5th Phase, 15th Main, Krishnamaraju Layout, Near Kalyani Magnum Developers, J. P. Nagar, Bangalore -560 078, Karnataka, India. [M]:[protected]., Office Direct Line:[protected].

Awaiting for the dleivery of the product.

Arun Kumar A

On 8/28/08, Quest Net Ltd. <renewal.[protected]> wrote:
28 August, 2008

Dear ARUN KUMAR A (NF314887),

Re: Annual Renewal Fee Notice

Please be advised that your representativeship is soon to be expired on 12 Oct 2008. You can renew your Representativeship by paying the US$10 Annual Renewal Fee. Payment can be made online via Virtual Office by clicking 'Pay Annual Renewal Fee' link, which can be found at the first page.

Credit Card or E-card can be used for payment at your own convenience. Please kindly arrange the payment on or before 12 Oct 2008. Should you have any enquiry, please do not hesitate to email us at: renewal.[protected] it will be our pleasure to assist you.

We look forward to another great year of serving you as a QuestNet Independent Representative.

In service,

QuestNet Ltd.

The Product is yet to be delivered to my downline .DATLA SUDHARANI IR NO: NF426875 who has regisered in march 2008 .if the product has not been despatched i request u to return the amount paid nd cancel her registration. kindly consider nd give a quick response
Im Yuvaraj
I too was cheated by an culprit who was my colleague. I had great faith upon him. He spoke to me so many time regarding this foolish business. He promised me that within a month you will get money or else definitely i will return back to you. I applied for personal loan at my office and i sent it to his icici a/c. But after hearing the news i called him moe than 1000 times but that ____ dint attend my call. I was so frustrated and mental harrassed. Still i am remitting the Emi from my salary.I dont know when i will get the money refunded. God only knows.
i want stop My business i am not received any product from your company.
i am joined in feb2008 my nf number is NF448075.
so please return my money as early possible.
Just a few months back I joined the business paying Rs.35000.00 after repeated brainwashing by the up lines. Now I was left in the lurch where no uplines turned up. My downlines are pertering me to repay the amount what they have paid. Now I lost my best friends and relatives . Let me know the present position of the complaints with the government. When my friends and relatives will be paid. I am a house wife and am no longer in any business. My humble request is an early reply.
I had placed the order for my Gold Coin in the month of March 2008. I still haven’t received it. Seems like the product will be delivered to me only after a year; ie, March 2009. But sorry folks, I cannot wait for this long. I've already spoken several times with your CS Dept. & sent numerous Email Intimations, but to no avail.
Please process the delivery within this year itself!
id no-nf446559 in myrespect was opened on 31 mar coin(india revolunatry set) is received.take action immdiately and confirm.
Hi Friends,

Welcome to the cheating family of quest.

Guys... dont leave this matter up to here... we have to do something... the government has to help us... it means government has to give some support for us for getting our Products and Commissions.

Let me tell about of myself.

Name:- Sanathkumar
Occupation:- Student.
Joined in Quest:- 22 FEB 2008.
Product Recieved:- Not Recieved till Now
IR No:- NF423815.
Commission:- Got a basic cheque, but didnt recieved the total commission.

Let me tell about the Customer Care of Quest:-

Worst Callcentre of quest No response from them... if we are asking any queries... the answer will be like DONT KNOW or IN A SHORT OF TIME YOU WILL BE RECIEVING EVERYTHING... short of time means we cant think when it will be...?

But this is really a ...

So many Families have been hurted... Financially struggled... The Relationships has been cracked.

I have seen some lines from guys saying that quest is a good business... and they have given a good life to their families... A straight question to them like... will they able to give the money to the losers in quest business... If not please ask them Shut there mouths... Here we know the pain... Bcoz we have struggled... Dont think from ur side thinks from ourside... i[censored]r really appreciating the company then help us... no need throw... this type of words.

If you are saying anything be specific...

Please help us... We didnt recieved our Product and Commission... the guys who are speaking about quest is a good business... u can straightly help me...

Bcoz from past one year i have seen so many things in quest... i have met so many guys in quest... but now one are not in touch with me... that is the relation the Leaders have right now...

Hi There,

I feel i have been duped of all my hard earned money. I paid Vipul Mishra who is an aide to Abhishek Agrawal. I had given the amount on 27/07/2007 my ID number is NF275542 and order number is DN07197156 Receipt No. RC02646517

I have also been asked for a renewal fee. Till date i.e 06th March 2009 I have not received my Gold Coins as agreed.

Please let me know where I stand now.


I joined the so called QuestNET Business almost an year ago.
I ordered these coins ( of Ashtalakshmi ) and paid the due amount through DD.
The company claimed to deliver the coins in about 2 months.
But, I have not received the product till date.

After waiting for about an year, I dont wany my product.

I am giving my details below :
IR ID : NF463627
Order No : DN09781137
Receipt NO : RE05394111

I am expecting my money back from you as early as possible

Contact at : [protected]


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