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[Resolved]  Rajhans Premier Apartments — The worst builders ever

People have bought a flat in Rajhans Premier apartments, Indirapuram, putting their entire life saving and the builders Mr. Goel & Mr. Gupta are making use of those hard earned money in their commercial ventures (e.g. Rajhans Eleganja, Vaishali).

Rajhans Premier apartment is delayed by more than 18 months now as promised, even after 18 months delay, C-Block building needs lot many months to complete. They promised to pay penalty if delayed, the apartment is not complete so far, construction work is going on and they refused to pay penalty after March 2008.

Goons are deployed as security personnels, Parks are used for dumping garbage, gensets are used in place of electricity, bottled water is used in place of R.O. system supplied water. There is no maintenance office setup where one can go and lodge a complaint about their daily problems. One has to beg for the service once you are caught in some problem.

None of them (Gupta, Goel) are reachable on the phone, at times when talking on phone they are threating residents "You don't know me, I can get you killed".

This is the worst builder I have seen.
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Aug 14, 2020
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goel apartments flats — against commercial use of residential area by builder

dear sir,
i am living in goel enclave phase i am living here from one and a half year there are some unavoidable activities are running:
1-builder made four phases in which phase and other branches of phases a jungle of building on which two mobile towers are fitted on roof top which radiating high strength of electromagnatic radiation.

2-on all buildings he fitted poor quality elevators of oscar company.

3- builder made some shops on parking place of phase one area and sold.

4-hostels are running here on the phase two building .

5-many canteens are running in goel enclave premises like in phase one phase two phase three.

6-in most buildings he did not uses standard material to make building.

lots of students living in premises so other unwanted activities are also happening time to time.

so if anyone can suggest what to do to stop alteast these please reply.
with regards

Parijat C.H.S — society maintenance

I had purchased 1 of the 24 flats of the society on 15 Apr 2004. since then, neither I was given membership despite being ordered by the Asst. Registerer on 03 Jan 2006 nor the share certificate transferred to me. No maintenance/ security/ hygene related complaints attended. Virtualy there is no managing committee at all, 5-6 owners who are residing in the building are posing as self styled Managing Committee Member, other 17-18 Flats are let out on rentals. Never Ever AGM held, no society accounts mainted and audited by a CA. Building is in danger for human living, unhygenic and unsecured. I have made written complaints to Asst. Registrar, Co-Operative Society, Ambarnath Tehsil, Dist - Thane- Pin 421501, Ambarnath Municipal Commissioner for redressal but in vain,
This is very true. Not only this just to cover their penalty charges they are charging the residents unwanted/unexpected headings, which were never told to residents at the time of taking flats.
A group of residents have even filed a format police complaint (FIR) in Indirapuram police station after having a threating call over the phone by Mr. Goel.
It is true that a lot of work is pending in C block. Moreover, the construction quality is much poor. Try to dig a hole in any wall, and you will notice that they have used sand instead of cement. Every single beam and wall is tilted. It looks as if masons were drunk doing their work. They have plumbers, electricians etc, but they just don't know how to do their work. Plumber does not know how to fix a leaking washing machine tap. Electrician does not know how to fix earthing problem. Unwillingness to work - everywhere!
We can make a group together and filed a complaint against Mr Goel/Mr Gupta in the consumer court .
The two hounds (Mr. Goel & Mr. Gupta) are the most shame less persons in the univers. They know they are wrong still smiles. (brave hearts). These stupids are not willing to give even the basic security to the resendent and charging high rates for the same. If any one is willing to buy a house in Rajans please do note even think of it.
all these complains are no more now. Things are improving. I am a resident of rajhans and seen lot of changes over 5-6 months. One has to understand that things take time to settle down and they are settling now. No doubt about Gupta and Goel, they had given hard time to all buyers. but now they are improving in their way of taliking to people and handling the buyers in more decent manner.In fact, I was victim of them once when we used to come weekly meeting in group with Gupta/Goel.

Bottom line is things are improing and we need to contine to build pressure on both these guys to complete the unfinished things.
Recently purchased the flat in this society. what is the present frame, our they moving in write direction or i have asked for trouble.
I also have a flat in RajHans..These are not so called big builder to handle big projects..this was their first big projects and the market sarted gone worse in the last 1 year..this has impacted their selling.

They have failed but one thing is true every builder have these issues except few..and since you have have to het the things done..sometime you have to run after them..

you can not expect that everything will be serverd in your have to get manythings done..

on construction side..there are issue and work with them to get fixed rather than crying over what has happened..they are already facing lots of problem for their misdeed..
hi, I am planning to buy an apartment in Rajhans, please let me know if it would be the right decision.
I am looking forward to hear from all of you.

pls do not buy flat in rajhans
Everything is very fine now and only finishing work is left which will be completed with in 2 months.

After reading all about RajHans I am feeling very uncomfortable in buying a flat over there.
Could anyone please let me know the current situation. Have the things improved ?
Are the things like using sand instead of cement etc still true.
What is the current situation ? Is it worth to buy a flat or should I see some other

Thanks for your sincere feedback.

I booked a 3BHK in Rajhans and sifted over there just one month ago. Now I realize that I certainly made a mistake to choose this builder. The quality of construction is worst, water is leaking from the taps. Park is of no use, no grass, no air. No security at all. Security persons are there but they often ask any volunteer for entry.

There is no sesnse in investing in this project. I made a mistake, but you dont.

Hi All,

We are planning to buy a flat in the Rajhan, kindly suggest in the problems are still exisiting and help us in making up our mind.

Looking forward for your suggestion and advice.

Rahul, You can invest in rajhans. What is the price they r offering you??
They are offering a 34 lakhs for a 2 Bedroom project.. Does this sound feasible..
Things have improved a lot and everything looks can invest in the project as it is almost complete now..
what is the cost oh 3bhk 1605 sq ft backside corner flat in rajhans- Ahinsa khand near Bigbazar

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