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I have been facing very very poor response from Rashmi Gas agency located near KR Puram railway station in Bangalore. Its's just not once or twice but always. Not only me, but my other friends located in the same area have reported this problem. Its 2 months now since I booked for re-fill. When we call them, they never pick up the phone. Maybe, my 5'th or 6'th call will be picked up. The lady keeps saying they will send. I have called almost 5/6 times. Everytime, the answer was ' we will be sending today'. That today never came. I strongly advise Bharat Gas to withdraw the distributor rights from this agency.
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Aug 14, 2020
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Yes, I am strongly agree with this comments. Because this comment is 100% true. I am also facing this problem from long time.
Last 10 days back my cylinder was fininshed and I try to call but no body take up the call and also on last saturday I went there and they told you come on monday for booking.
Also they are not ready to give 2nd cylinder in proper price. They charged more than 3000 for 2nd cylinder.
The actual price is approx 700 for 2nd cylinder.
Very rightly said, these guys never pick up the call and never deliver at home..Half the time you have to get it from their place..Pathetic service...
yes true its very difficult to get the phone lines for booking...I have also contacted couple of BPCL personnel to resolve this issue & even they are telling that they will do something but no response from their end too..Infact one of the BPCL employee tells me that I should look for some other distributer to get the delivery on time...I personally feel that we all should lodge a complaint against both BPCL & Rashmi Gas Agency in Consumer Court their services might improve if they receive a legal notice from the court.
I have been facing very very poor response from Madom Gas agency located Madiwala in Bangalore. I have booked my refill gas cylinder 15 days ago, is still yet to be delivered. Same delay happening for all my previous refilling. When we call them, the lady keeps saying they will send. I have called almost 5/6 times. Everytime, the answer was ' we will be sending today'. That today never came. I strongly advise Bharat Gas to control gas booking, supply register and take appropriate steps to stop this type of inconvenience to your valued customers.
I agree with you totally. Rashmi gas agency did the same thing to us also. not only us, lot of my friends also complain about it. they never pick up the calls plus they rob the customer also. To book an extra cylinder you need to buy some kitchen items also from them compulsorily. Extra cylinder costs you Rs.1, 300+ kitchen items1, 610 Thus, total Rs.2, 910. I dont know how can they keep such a compulsion on their customer. Anyways, anybody wants to go for a new connection please do not choose this agency.

I faced lot of problems while taking a extra cylinder. They forced me to buy Kicthen items worth Rs.2000/- and they claim that ''these kitchen items were sent by Bharath Gas company (BPCL) '' . That too these products they are selling at MRP ( lot more than any shop would offer) . I saw in front of that the phones will ring and they don't pick up the call. Govt or Bharath Gas company should take serious action for their cheating .

Bharat GAS Rashmi GAS Agency — Not delivering the cylinder in time.

Hello Sir,

I have really fedup with Rasmi GAS Agency people on how they deliver the cylinder. Since 2 to 3 months they are taking one month to deliver the cylinder after booking. If i call them after 5 days of booking time, they will be telling bill has not generated and we will send it next day. Then i will wait 2 to 3 days, but they will not send the cylinder. Agin if i call they will say sorry load has not come so it got delayed. For one month it is ok, Since 2 to 3 months they are saying same story and allmost they are taking 1 month to send the cylinder after booking. This month i spoke to Rasmi GAS Agency head called Harish kumar (Mobile no: [protected]), He also says same story, I explained him clearly that since two months cylinder delivery got delayed and i don't have the GAS. He says i will tell to local authority Guy(Who will supply the GAS in my area Called Shiva - Mobile No: [protected]) he will give you. When i called that guy he says i will call Harikumar sir and conform. Whne i called Local GUY again, he says he didn't say me that i have to deliver the cylinder to you. This is the story still happening. Please help me to approach hier people in Bharat GAS agency and who wil take action on this fellows. My question is what is use having double cylinder, if we are not getting the GAS in time?

Thanks in advance
Srikanth Reddy
Useless service. Bharath Gas company should take serious action and cancel their licences. Dealers should be shoed and punished.
yes, i am strongly agree this comment. these people never pick up the phone and deliver the cylinder at home. My parents every month have to make three to six trips to this office to get a cylinder.
This is the personal request to Bharat Gas Agnecy to terminate the dealership of M/S Rashmi Gas Agency located at K R Puram. These folks are such a . They are list bother about the customer need. Their phone numbers are switched off or not working. By dialing if you get through then also they cut the phone. If you have apply for the number you keep waiting unless until you don't go personally to them. I am really fade up with these guys. I am planning to go to consumer court and i will drag them for these stupidity.
i am also the customer of Rashmi Gas Agency, i have complaint to Bangalore LPG Territory and i got the positive response and we need to have a common place were we can log complaints and let the officials from the Bangalore LPG Territory take the action

plz join us here[protected]
I'm frustrated not only with Rashmi gas agency and the people who call us for the sake of calling once we lodge a complain directly in the bharat gas website.
They just call for the sake of calling and no action is taken. The entire staff of bharat gas is inefficient. right from the top to the grassroot. they all behave like they are doing a big favor to us by answering our phone calls which they never do. people who never heard the workd"customer service" in their lives. pathetic people what a shame
The worst Distributer, I think this is problem with ladies there as well as owner.He need to employ some more peple to attend calls.The have 3 dedicated people to do all work(registering new accounts to booking).The attitude of those people is worst.They have all the time to talk with people in front of them, but not to answer a call.
The very best exapmle of poor service is the one "RESHMI AGENCIES" B. narayanapura, Bangalore. After reading all these complaints "Bharat Gas" have to take necessary action on them to keep the customer with Bharat Gas. I'm fed up with this dealer. No words to shout them. They have to go for coaching classes to other good dealer to learn how to response and make supplies to customer.
I too faced many times, the staff in Rashmi Gas Agency are worrest in service.
they will not properly resopnd in phone, even in person also they will not give much information and more over careless people.
many time they will not lift the phone and always they will take out the receiver.

Please take an action on Rashmi Gas Agency management.
Hi Sir/Madam,
I am Annaiah S and My Customer No : 40025 I have booked the gas on dec-2010 but still i am waiting for that.The cylinder gets over long before and when i called to agency they are not responding properly and they are sending me here and there.They are selling the booked cylinder in block outside for much more profit and cheating. so its my humble request please take necessary action against the agency and the delivery boy.
Here are the details of Rashmi Agency:-
RASHMI GAS AGENCY No. 3, 2nd Cross, Transport Street, Opp. K R Puram Railway
station. B. Narayanapura, Bangalore 560016 Phone: 28532301/28532302/28532308
Delivery Boy : Kumar/[protected]

---Annaiah S
I am terribly suffering every month when i have to book refill. Rashmi gas agency is run by some goons with a poor sense of customer service.I literally have to beg them everytime i call for refill booking. I have to contineously keep trying their numbers for hours together and then someone with bad behaviour takes your call.

If someone is looking into this, my kind request would be to bring this agency to justice. they are harrasing the customers
I am too facing the same problem from Rashmi gas agency Inspite of me booking the cylinder through online website The people in the Rashmi Gas agency say we have to book the cylinder from their office and that too they say we should book the cylinder 20days after recieving the cylinder
Then 20days are gone there itself and they take more than a month to deliver from our date of booking

Very Very Very Poor Service
Please somebody take action on this Agency or tell me whom should we complain on these guys

I am also facing the same problem & this will be the third time that i am being forced give extra money for getting a cylinder for me.

I am planning to lodge a complaint against rashmi gas agency in consumer court & am willing to know anybody is also frustatred to do the same?

Please reply with your feedback
Rashmi GAs Agency permit should be immediately withdrawn. I facing the ditto problem for last 3 years. Before that I was getting the service at R.T. Nagar Bharat Gas . And I never had any issue. This Rashmi Gas has rubbed off the whole credibility now. All staff are liars.

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