Reliance Communications — Poor Mobile Network and Tricky Harassment forcing bill payment

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 rohan04884 on Apr 6, 2011
I used a Blackberry handset and service of Reliance CDMA communication. It always got a some disturbances while on call and as per their technical assistance, we came to know that the network of this service is poor in some particular areas. I asked them to resolve the problem, but it never had. So I stopped paying bills.

Now I started getting some phone calls from different cell numbers as mentioned below:

+91 7737791905. He says he is from Rajasthan Police (But I live in Indore, MP). He said name is Ajit Singh Rathore, Jodhpur Tawada Thana

+91 9694699639. He says he is Advocate Rohan Khanna from Rajasthan. I don't know how and why the case is in Rajasthan if the subscriber, i.e. me is in Indore. I am well known to Policing as I am in Nagar Suraksha Sameeti, Indore (Vishesh Police Adhikari).

There were a lot of numbers from Delhi and other regions who are harassing me for the same since a long time. I HAVE NOT RECEIVED ANY OFFICIAL JUDICIARY LETTER OR ANY DOCUMENT.

Please see to it. These must be Agents of Reliance Communications for Bill Collection. I would have paid them, but the way they are communicating is wrong and fake.

Thank You.
Rohan Pandit

+91 9754900909
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cdma — Harassment for Bill payment

The bill has been paid on May 29th, 2008...the due date being May 31st 2008. Find details below:

Company Name: Reliance Communications Infrastructure Limited - A/c. RIS
Mobile Number: 08032952210
Customer Account No.: 2265581845

Payment Amount (Rs Ps): 2318.00
Charges (Rs Ps): 0.00
Discount (Rs Ps): 0.00
Total Amount debited to your card (Rs Ps): 2318.00
Payment Date: 29th May 2008
Transaction Identification Number: 290055820610

Still I am receiving calls from reliance for making this payment inspite of informing them about teh payment made details given above.

Reliance Communications — Billing & harresement by collections

Dear Sir,

This is to inform you that i was using a number of reliance 01203103737, and i had not received my bills since Sep 2007, and regularly & religiously paid my bills on time fearing that my services will be disconnected as this is the only means of connectivity with family & Friends. Also i was paying a high rental amount of RS.800/- + taxes etc. And the heights of the services given by the service provider is that when they call up & ask a question that 'are you satisfied with our services?' when they have not sent the bills since one year.
When I asked for a reason for not sending the bills & requested for the same to the service provider they had simply ignored my request & disconnected my services, later I was not left with any choice & to get one new connection from teh same service provider & and now i am being threatened that my services of new connection will also be disconnected if i won't pay my previous bills.

Is this correct to have a monopoly & haress customers just because they are left with no choice rather to use services.

I am sending a mail to consumer forum just because i am a small customer & can not spend money again and again to buy a new connection & let these service providers haress us.


Mohit Chaturvedi
My phone number is : 9346170007.

Every month I receive a phone call stating that my balance is Rs. 736.00 though there is no due from my side.

I have one land line also: No. 040-32908326

Previously, the due date of 10th. Now slowly the due date has moved to 1st of every moth where we receive salary on 10th of every month, which is hightly objectionable.

Please comment.

Reliance Communications — False Presale Information/Commitments


This is regarding the false commitments and information provided over the phone. As we all know how tele-callers calls in to sell their product. I also received a call from VritiInfocom (Sector 63 Noida) and after listening to the Sales Executive, I said that I would get in touch with you after making up my mind. But the Sales Executive threw an offer to me saying "Sir, if you purchase from us today, I will give you first month's bill waived off. And I will give you Rs. 850 plan under which you would get 3GB day usage and unlimited night usage."

So I made the payment and now when I got the confirmation call for the activation and I tried to confirm this information, they say there is no such plan or waiver given from our side.

Since then I have contacted their Customer Care so many times but no help has been given so far. I tried surrendering the data card but my initial cost for the data card (Rs. 3400) will not be refunded.

Please guide me in the right direction so that this issue gets solved. It has started giving me night mares.


Reliance Communications — BLACKBERRY HANDSETS


I Got the call from the same numbers for my connection which was terminated in 2009. My WLL number is 0674-3292066. They quoted that they are from Rajasthan. First a so called inspector called then the Lawyer. The number is same but the Lawyer name was Rajiv Mittal

S.K. Murthi
hi rohan! Yesterday only I also got a call from the same no. saying he is Inspector Satpal Rana from some Rajasthan Thana & advocate name was Manoj Mishra or something.
I tried to explain them the case that I used to work for somebody & as a company representative I signed on the form etc. Now that I have left that since more than 3 years & i told them that they should contact at the company address. But he is threatening me by saying that court dosen't see all that etc. & if you don't pay the bill in cash & submitt the receipt no by today 11am I will see you in thana.
And ofcourse I haven't got any notice or communication on my address. I don't know if they have communicated at the address where the broadband connection was given because I don't work there.

I think i will just write to RCOM right now regarding the case.


Reliance Communications — Harrasment calls from claiming him as Inspector

Dear sir,

I got a call yesterday from phone no. 7737791905 saying that he is an inspector Satpal Rana from some Rajasthan thana & there is an advocate Mr. Manoj Mishra (not sure of exact name he told) who has come to file an FIR against you for not paying the due bill of reliance broadband & if you pay the bill in cash before evening & submit the receipt no. he can stop an advocate from filing FIR. Today morning also he called up again.

The case detail of the same is: I used to work for a friend in 2007 & on company's behalf I signed the documents. Then I left the company since more than 3 years back. So how am i can be considered responsible for that? & they have not even communicated to me at my address if they say that since I signed a form so I am responsible for that? Even though I talked to my previous employer regarding this issue & what he told me that he gave an application to terminate the connection since he was not happy with the service. After giving an instruction the Reliance guys did not terminate the connection for next 3-4 months & they did it only after he stopped paying bills. In any case, rcom should contact at the company address mentioned in form & try to resolve the issue.

In any case, the way their agents make calls & harrase & threaten to see me in thana or court is not right. Please suggest me how to go about it.
Today, when I was in office, my wife received call on land line from the same number at about 1.30 pm. The person on call introduced himself as Thana Incharge Worli, Mumbai and wanted to talk to me. He also sought my cell number. Inspite of requesting by my wife he did not reveal his name. When my wife asked him to give his number so that call can be made in the evening. He refused and informed that it would be too late after one hour as action would be initiated. When asked about nature of case, he informed there may be some guarantee case. She was very upset and at this age 59 anything can happen in stress.Police should look in to the matter.
I request the service provider to reveal identity of holder of this phone to police.
K K Arora
I for got to mention the number from call was made. It is 9694699639

k k arora

I m Rohit from Ahmedabad, & I m also facing same problems I hv received call from same number (9694699639). & when I had ask his name so he told me that he is mr.Rajeev Chaudhary PSI Rajesthan & he had started using bad language (Gali) & told me that this is regarding an out standing payment of reliance WLL, I was really surprise on that, how a PSI can call on behalf of company? I told him that, It was already terminate on 2006-2007& I hv no outstanding amount to pay but even if there are any out standing please provide me the bill, I m ready to pay the same.

Please look in the matter & adv what to do?

Rohit Jogi

Reliance Communications /Broadband — Poor Mobile Network and Tricky Harassment forcing bill payment


I have earlier used a Reliance Broadband connection only for 17 days , But was so disgusted by the services of the Reliance people. I had called them several times and they always said that we will resolve your complaint at the earliest as my internet was not working. I asked the Reliance to stop services and complete the formalities to stop my connection.After 17 days it was disconnected and All the devices like modem returned back to to Company.But they poured usage bill on me. Now they are asking me to pay 2130 Rs for consumption which i haven't used.Also i have paid 500 Rs. by cheque at the time of installation as Company's Executive told me this amount would be adjusted in next bill. Every now and then advocate Rohit (pretending) calling from Rajasthan 9694699639, and threatening me to pay my bills which i haven't used. While i have paid 500 Rs. for 17 days and modem has been returned back.
Pls log this as an official complaint as i am facing issues from Reliance Broadband.

Nitin Sharma
New Delhi
Hi All,
Today I also got a call from Adv Rohan Khanna, who claims he is from Delhi from number 7891878274 and he asked me to pay the outstnding bill, which actually was overcharged to me, and after subsequent follow up's they were not listening to me .. hence I refused to pay.

He also told me that if I pay the amount, before 11:00 AM, I will get the refund within three days.

Anybody taking any action on this ?


i got call from rohan khanna 7891878274, harrising me to pay the due within 1 hr if not arrest warrant from delhi will be issued .i vil be under remand for 6 months and fine of rs 280000 /- .

i am mayur from pune .the case is against my airtel ll . faling for my complaints & services i send many emails.complains to customer care againts cross connections n disturbance .when my number was not in use nor the services the incomming calls were of diffrent number.inspite of many complains n no response i gave complaint to disconnect the connection but they failed too in it and then after 2 months without notice.without bill issue directly i m receivng calls against mr rohan khanna .statement " i m rajiv chaudhary from police head quoter delhi, u r issued arrest warrant for 2 days n u will be handed over to new delhi court then u will be for 6 months in jail, againts pennalty of
rs 2, 80000 /- u will be releifed..getting continuse calls n follows up for payment its totaly wronge and illegal .too much harasment i was totaly tensed n frusted .please call me 9762050209 if any of can u help me plz .will take action agns this fraud
There was a disputed bill of tata indicom broadband connection and they imployed a patheric way to extort money from consumer without having a say in it.

Beware of chor Advocate rohan khanna (+917737522714) alias many names he uses to threaten people around who claims he will file a court case against you in delhi tees hazari court and If you dont pay the bill in one hour.

He speaks very fast and arrogantly, abusively and doesnt allow you to speak. These chors are to be dealt with face value and whoever

If you check his phone number he is a Tata DoCoMo connection holder and is from Rajasthan.

I request people not to be afraid of this fraud and fraud tata company.


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    Reliance Communications - Poor Mobile Network and Tricky Harassment forcing bill payment