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Reliance Energy, Mumbai — Fraud electricity bill

Reliance Energy used to charge un even electricity charges to customer. They used to vary there electricity charges for there own expenses directly to consumer. Don't be shocked double or triple electricity charges for same consumption for next month of bill. Govt need to take some action against this company.
We are forced to pay bills because we don't have any option...
May god help us...
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I do Agree about the same.
dear sir
100% right, in hotel industry since June, 2008 tariff converted in commercial since we are paying 13.75 approx. per unit., hence we agree about the same.
this is very true,
till the time the electricity was with the government it was great,
but since reliance has stepped in, ,
the bill amount has increased incredibly, ,
i dont know what the government is thinking about this issue
I totally agree with your view.

Reliance Energy is just looting common salaried person.

My electricity bills have nearly doubled since when Reliance Energy has taken over.

God please help us from this Blood sucking company..Please let me know if i can do sumthing so as to reach this complaint through some agitation, etc as i am fully ready to be a part of this and support this.
Dear friends,
It is true. Since the services have been handed over to Reliance Energy, power problems are frequent. I have logged a complaint at once for power failure during night 22.30 Hrs.No body turned up till morning 9.00Hrs. Again reminding for the same, field service technician Mr.More visited the location. Found Mains fuse assembly burnt.Told me to get it changed.On telling him to change it from their side as it is supposed to be their property, told me to pay for it. After denying, left the site without repairing. I had to call local electrician & get the line restored. Presently my line is up without safely fuse on meter side.
The inspection team for meter reading also seems to be least bothered to inspect the meter room and their own faulty devices.
dear all,

After Reliance has taken over my electricity bill for just a 1 bedroom flat has increased to Rs 5000 p/m from Rs 300 (last paid in Feb 09 ).This is really disgustiing. this co. should either stop. or the government should do something to stop them from stealing us.
Just like how you change your mobile service provider if incase they don't provide good services. In the same way consumer should have an option to shift to different power providers like Reliance To Tata or BSES.

Supreme court has given the premission to TATA Power to directly supply to the consumer.

Reliance had billed 1500 Rs. for the residents in Andheri East but there were other people in their locality who were billed 400 Rs. for the same power comsumption from TATA. So these people shifted their power supply from Reliance to Tata.

This is the correct way to bring these companies to knees, who do monopoly and dictate terms. Instead of doing violent protest and destorying the property of our own city and instead of hurting common man walking on the street. Instead of bringing this issue in parliament and assembly they come to street level politics, if parliament and assemblies are not able to slove the problem of citizens then why don't they shut down parliament and assemblies and why do these political parties come to take vote when they are not able to do their work. The ruling party is sleeping both in Mumbai as well as in Delhi. If an employee does not does his work then he is kicked out of the job why can't these politicians be kicked out of their job.

Common man suffers in both end-- one end is from companies like Reliance who extract money and on other end from these violent protestors who hurl stone in any direction which can hurt any pedestrian or damage his vehicle.

Does owner of Reliance pay their electricity bills of their home and offices?
Ans: No,
They extract this money from common man by billing 3 times their actual amount.
Any given point of time I would trust TATA than Reliance. Tomorrow if Reliance produces a toothpaste I know after using it they will also start charging me on anything that I chew. They have already lost trust of common people by getting them trapped with telephone service. And many other frauds they did to comeup in becoming a renowned comapany. RELIANCE.
Now that we have to live with Reliance as our power provider, we as a common people feel trapped again by this really untrusted company. And we all know there is no escape, since lots and lots and lots o[censored]nethical lot has also being gripped by this monster. God save from Reliance.
Can anyone please help me, I want to change electricity supply to our society from Reliance to TATA,
What is procedure for this????
For those of you who thought that the government was directly responsible for the supply of power, here's the real story. Power is generated by private operators who set up power generation units, using cheap land, tax holidays and other governmental incentives. In our (Mumbai and suburbs) case, the power we use is produced by TATA Power. This power is then bought by distributors like Reliance Energy Ltd. and BEST and sold to consuming households, industrial units and commercial establishments.
What all this simply means is that the government was powerless when it came to supplying electricity on a regular basis to the city and its consumers. So, it offered huge incentives to private players to get into the act and do the job for them. Private players have done so successfully, but not without their proverbial “pound of flesh”. So for all these years o[censored]ninterrupted power supply, it's pay back time folks!

So in PROTEST we invite you to Do-The-Switch. Switch from Reliance to TATA. The Supreme Court has ruled that TATA can supply electricity to anyone in Mumbai, even a single individual ! TATA too has confirmed to us that they will. So fill up the enclosed form

Join Mumbai's Biggest Consumer Protest log on to
Can someone provide information wether we can shift totTata Power completly, ours is a housing society so it will benefit 100 flat owners, . If anyone has actually shifted from REL to Tata power kindly provide the procedure .

Dear Sir,
Please justify my bill. MyAccount No.:[protected] want to know that how my cosumption of electricity is going up without using any more electric item. I use only one tube light and one fridge. Previousily my bill came not more than Rs.350. Now by the last month how a big junk of rs 200-300 is comming.
yes they do the same our half of the salary goes in paying electricity bill. government sould take some action.
yes i do agree, i stay in a chawl and my electricity bill used to not come more than 300/350 but after reliance i am paying 1000 rs each month. if we complain in reliance they do not take any a action. government should take some action soon.
Can anyone please help me, I want to change electricity supply to our society from Reliance to TATA,
What is procedure for this????
To shift reliance energy to tata call on[protected] of tata power they will explained everything.
It is very true, Reliance is looting the public, it has nexus with government and both are looting general public with four hands.

More and more people should now opt to change to TATA this will put Reliance to their knees and will teach some lesson to the big bosses of the company

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