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[Resolved]  Reliance Fresh — Bad quality product and poor Customer care service

Myself Sandeep Kansal, a resident of Mahipur...... I generally used to purchase all consumable items from Big stores like Big Applie , Mega martetc and as in month of Jan,2008 ..a retail outlet start worknig in mahipalpur from Reliance and i had a very good impression of Name and fame of relaince and blindly i visited that store on 26th february 2008 and purchase some goods from there that include 10 Kg pack of Wheat flour packed with name "Ram Bhog ATTA" and whn next day we tried ...itstaste was so bad and even it started creating Throat problem but i thought that it may be due to some other reason butnext day also same problem was there and ecen my cook also realised that some mixing is there in the Flour and it is not upto standard quality .....
When we took over that flour back to relaince store .... first response we got was that it is not due to Flour qualitty as it is a standard quality product...but when we asked to keep that as sample ansd to make a Lab testing of that and even we dont want refund or replacement in regard of that .... then person who was there on the counter guided me to carry it back as they cannt keep it with them and can not do anything.

When me and my friend asked bout the Complaint form then scenarion was somewht like this:-

1) No customer complaint Form was available at the store.
2) In name of customer Feedback register,they have a simple register having no book number, no serial number etc mean if somebody want to remove that page no one can track that there was any page also. I am sure that no one reads that feedback form.more over it has to handed back over to the same supervisor with no assurance that same would be reported.
On insisting a lot when that person manage a telephony conversation with Mr. Manish Jain(F.D.M.)... and i told whole scenarion to him then Mr. Jain – (FDM/Area Manger) for the store was shameless and rude and guided to me register the complaint on reliance portal with help of desk boy but no registration number they can provide for that. He agreed that it is common with all Reliance Fresh stores across and is part of company Policy and he is helpless in this.

When i asked that some confirmation of the complaint must have to be there.....he replied very rude that its a big company like reliance that can never deal in paper work .....


Then Mr. Jain asked me to fill feedback form and to upload it on funny thing was waiting for the customer that the person who is there on customer help desk..does not know from where and how to operate the portal. He was unable to register that complaint.
More over that person was unable to give customer care number or any other helpline number at first step but after insisting a lot and after almost waiting for half an hour he provided me the customer care number.

I just want to awake the customers that before purchasing any thing from Reliance think at least 10 times as if the quality will not be upto the mark you have to loose money as well as you have to listen a lot from their manager side as i think its a prt of their training.

So its my duty to inform all Indians and next is their own wish............
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Aug 13, 2020
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myself pushpendra resident o[censored]daipur(sector 3) yestarday on 07/05/08 visited reliance fresh sector 3 to buy some fruits.
there in order to get the bill of 1 kg of graps firstly i was made to wait for 30-35 min and when it reached my turn then also the cashier there denied to attend me as he saw his known ones next to me and upon argue he replied so rudely and misbehaved in front of other customers.his exact words were ''kya aadmi hai ' 'sedhee tarikee se khadaa rehna nahi aataa kya'
i want to bring the matter in knowledge of senior authorities of reliance fresh because of
1.misbehave n misconduct with customers:the type of language used by the cashier 'KAMLESH ' his attitude as if he is CEO in reliance fresh no MAY I HELP U SIR, SORRY, WELCOME, nothing doin instead rebuke wd rude reply.
2 no one to stand for customers : on going to senior staff members Mr.PANERI (supervisor) and COMMERCIAL HEAD there
they attend me but with only to do formility & when i asked to call the cashier they replied that they had scolded him and avoid his appearence their otherwise i would have made the matter more clear, more or less they were not bother about my complaint.
3 lack of warm welcome:the doorkeeper used to sit on stool partly awake rather than stand for receiving customer to open and close the door
staff standing with arms folded and chewinggum or pan masala in mouth
4 sense of irresponsibility in senior staff :
commercial head inspite of calling the cashier on the spot in front of me was rather teaching me that they expect the customers to come sincerely and silentely, purchase items, get the bill and go.but didnt even once took my complaint as sincere feedback of mine which are invisible assests for any organisation
hope the senior authirities will look upon as it will not only help the reliance fresh sector 3 to attain the standard compatible to what set or laid by FRESH authorities but will setisfy me a regular customer of being heard .
These are my complaints about Reliance fresh vasant vihar, thane Maharashtra
1Stale products are not replaced by fresh ones before opening the store. So twice the milk i bought was spoiled, the cut vegetabls were rotten apples were not good when i had bought them at11am
2 Not every time it is possible to revisit the store the same exchange those.
3 All the eggs once were of beyond the expiry date After bringing it to their notice the reply was "Sorry"
4Change (coins of 1, 2or even 10)is not available most of the time so customers are forced to buy unwanted products.
5Nobody is available at the counter most of the time or only one counter is open so waste of time
5No use giving complaints in the drop box.
Hi am Abhay,
I have also very bad experiance with Reliance Fresh. They are cheating to customers in curse of quality & Price also. last week i visited one of delhi R- fresh outlet and i purchased some household & grossery items when checked bill price with printed MRP of pack i was surprised that the Bill was more than MRP. after pointing out by me then counter person changed rate of some items. it means they thought Indian are blinds will pay whatever we charges. Reliance is one of the most group which contributing India's economy and such type of groups handling the way of cheating to customers then what we should say about smaller retailers.
according to me the licence of that Outlet should be cancelled i have already send letter to MRP Act office and customer court in the interest of the Public.
I think they build such big business empire using the money from our pocket. Its shameless for them. not at all after objecting me the supervisor was there he was not ready to accepet my complain and not agree that they are making money with chetaing by customers

Management should take hard step to mention image of Sh Dhirubahi Ambani.

Eggs — quality and irresponsible behaivour of supervisours

This is Aditya Sharma (software Engn) your reliance fresh customer kholar BHOPAL.I have a great disappointment from ur customer service at reliance fresh. As for today i bought two boxs of eggs from ur outlet and they turned out to be rottened second time as before i bought the same eggs 3 days back and for my surprise when i went to complaint about this to your supervisour turned out as an irresponsible person by saying that he can't break each egg and see them before selling them. As on my request that next time can he check eggs that they are up to the mark, he said he cant help much on that. As Reliance fresh is India's one of the best goods selling outlet this type on quality and service is not expected from your esteemed company.I have great setback on this type of quality and irresponsiblity at your end which may result me in not using your outlets anymore. Hope to see some betterment in your services in future.
I am a regular consumer of reliance fresh, prashanth nagar, Uppal since it was inaugurated. For the past 3, 4 months the regular vegetables are not at all available on saturdays and sundays.
I was told by the consumer executive there that they are available at 8 a.m. sharp and 11.00 a.m. sharp. But when ever I have visited the fresh the items are not at all available at those times.
Most of the consumers who are employees prefer to buy vegetables on saturdays and sundays and store it . If it is repeated we are forced to go to the local market and purchase it. Your executives should watch the quantities and fill it up regularly which they are failing to do.
I am visiting regularly newly opened Reliance Fresh at Sion Circle, Mumbai. Many times I have seen rotted cut vegetables in the shelves. No one is bothered about customers. Poor customer service. Regarding vegetables, most of the racks are empty. No fresh stock of vegetables. Regarding price, I regularly buy crispy apples at Rs. 70/- per Kg from local fruit vendor and in Reliance it is Rs. 100/- per Kg.

I just want to know, whether introductory cheaper rates are marketing gimmicks to grab customers from buying vegetable cart vendors? I am absolutely satisfied with the service provided by my nearby vegetable vendor.

But, I appreciate the variety of vegetables with nominal price offered by Sahakari Bhandar, Kings Circle, Matunga which is taken over by Reliance.

Reliance Fresh need to work on over prce, quality & customer service.
I agree with almost all the complaints and not satisfied regarding products quality. Another thing is Rel Fresh Shops are very poorly administered in general. Im a resident of Kilpauk area at Chennai and trying to redeem the points accumulated on my membership card since last 1 month and every time I get the replies like printer not working, vouchers stock is over etc. The shop Manager is quite unfriendly and ignorant about the complaints. Even on website there in no customer care support to lodge the complaints. Very irresponsible and insincere attitude from the brand RELIANCE towards customer.
Dear Sir/Madam

My name is Raja. Using my HDFC debit card last month (4th Aug) i purchased some groceries for Rs 1016 at Reliance Fresh Madurai -Tamilnadu.Unfortunately reliance staff put twice a card in the machine and debit 2 times. (My A/c was 2 times debited). The branch manager told within 1 week your A/C will be credited. But 50 days gone upto now my A/C not credited.
I contact Branch manager many times regarding this issues, but he is not responding well.
Note: I am working in SriLanka. My native is Madurai. From Srilanka i called morethan 20 times to India(madurai)nearly it takes INR Rs 400/-

Please i request you to help me to get back my money soon. otherwise i move for legal.

Reliance Branch Manager Ph No is 0091 [protected]

My contact No is[protected]
I agree with almost all the complaints registered till now and I am not satisfied with most of the un known brands products quality. In general Rel Fresh Shops are very poorly administered. The shop Manager is quite unfriendly and ignore if any complaints are made about their products / services.

Reliance Fresh — Poor Quality and Service

Reliance Fresh Madipakkam had supplied me a poor quality of Rice and on demand replaced the same trice and unfortunately not upto my standard

The security standing in the Reliance fresh doesnt customer supportive

I asked for an help to take my 20kg rice bag to the first floor but not even bothored to answer my request and to my surprise tried to bully the Manager on the same issue

The highest of all pain is that manager cannot provide a proper complaint book instead he tried to force me to write complaint on a book which is so much shabby and the shows clear intention of destroying the same afterwards
I agree with all the complaints above. Myself I am Chaitra from Banglore. I regularly used to visit a reliance fresh mart in KHB colony banglore. In the same way I visited it yesterday also. I brought 6 packets of American Sweet corn each of 200 gms. When I reached home and opened it it was completely rotten. There was no good response from them they took one complaint in a ledger and they dint even refund my money or not even gave exchange for it. I really from today will never visit a reliance mart from today.
In the name of a company established with lot of hard work and honesty by late Dhirubhai jee, some people are now selling name for making profit. Reliance fresh outlet is a bright example of that. It is where a customer can have a altogether different experience that he will no more rely on branded names.

Reliance Fresh Sion — Bad Customer Service, Slow Counters

I have been a observing really bad customer service and rude staff at the billing counter in reliance fresh, Sion.
Though they have 3 billing counter only one of them is function and Mr Nilesh Pawar the person at the counter has been utterly rude and unhelpful on 3 ocassions.
I have given a written complaint to the supervisor but no action has been taken.
I have been a observing really bad customer service and rude staff at the billing counter in reliance fresh, Sion.
Though they have 3 billing counter only one of them is function and Mr Nilesh Pawar the person at the counter has been utterly rude and unhelpful on 3 ocassions.
I have given a written complaint to the supervisor but no action has been taken.
Information not given correctly and Miss or Cheap Behaviour

I am regular consumer of reliance fresh I purchased some items of Rs. 1233.57 on dated 11/04/209 at Reliance store Plot No. 3, Mahaveer Nagar, Malpura Road, Sanganer, Jaipur. There was an offer OFF Rs. 51 at purchasing of Rs. 1100/- but they did not give me that offer. I went back to store and informed the supervisor. He told he is sorry they forgot to give the offer. On asking to refund he refused also on asking to give his manager's no he told he does not know. For their mistake customer is unnecessarily paying. If this happens in US or UK for eg WalMart of ASDA or TESCO they would have refunded the full amount and given the item free for their mistake. I never expected this kind of response form such a branded superstore. Even after one of your Cashier at Reliance Fresh Branch at Sanganer, Jaipur is miss behave me. I have complaint to the reception of same branch for that cashier, but they are laugh on me. If you are able to do some action please replay us;

Otherwise I have to do our action (consumer forum).

Hemant Baweja Mobile is +91-[protected]
i stay in cuttack and i did my sip under Reliance Fresh for 3 month and i saw that R.F service is absolutely good. Their CSA are good
I fully agree to what has happened with the you, along with that its a general phenomena in all the reliance fresh store that, only oneor two CASH COUNTER ( point of sale) would be working and rest all the counter will be shut, cos of that we need wait in queues for a long time, some times even more than 30 mins.
I dont understand what sort of service thy are providing, if it takes 2 mintues to pick a product and 30 minutes to bill that.

When I asked to whom can I contact for this, again they routed me to the same crap complain register, which I reckon is of no use.
If reliance fresh need to make profits they should cater their customer with good service, other wise..Subhikhsa, Spinach, dollor stores these are comming up rapidly..and slowly the store mangers who take every thing very lightly will start loosing their jobs.

Reliance Fresh — Poor customer Service and Irresponsible answers from the supervisor of the store

Poor customer Service and Irresponsible answers from the supervisor of the store:

I am a constant purchaser of home utilities from retail outlets. But today I became the subject of a consumer harassment from the supervisor of a megastore namely 'Reliance Fresh'. I had bought a Vim bar (quantity: 1) taken from the shelves of the so-called consumer friendly outlet. When billed it was billed as a quantity of 3 as Rs.43. It was because the bar to be sold as a three pack was sold loose. And I mentioned to the cashier that a Vim bar never costs more than 15 rupees and compared it with a Vim bar of same weight. They never returned the cash though it was not our mistake they said I have get goods worth Rs. 43 in exchange for THEIR mistake. I told them this not how they should treat customers but the supervisor told me that I can do whatever I want outside the retail outlet and he too knew how to tackle me(by the means of roughening me up). I was never given MY money back rather was sent out of the shop having paid for three bars of Vim.. So much for talking polite to the supervisor and pointing out their mistake is this how they cheat on us regular buyers??? They were harassing me saying numerous reasons.. Are we people to get harassed like this with no value for the hard-earned money we paid??
The item was bought at Reliance Fresh, South End Road, Jayanagar, Bangalore -560004.

Bar code on the Item[protected]

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