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[Resolved]  Reliance Infocomm — charging for 51234/premium service with out using it

I have reliance post paid connection [protected].This complain is in reference to the bill for May 09 and June 09 received by me.

Reliance charging for Dial 51234 & Premium Voice services even though they are not used or dialled. I wish to clarify that I have not used the above services and your bill indicating calls amounting to this number for Rs162 and Rs12 are absolutely false.

This phone is used only for reliance to reliance as I have other mobile connections for making calls. Most time it is in keypad lock condition, so no way to get dialled automatically.
First time I came to know about this service when I received charges of Rs162. This is really cheating to customer without dialling 51234 service.

Last bill I paid all the unjustified charges and made a regular complain so that they are going to take action. But till date no update I have received and got another charges of Rs12 for the same 51234 service. I don't know what are the actions I need to take to stop this kind of cheating. They make a habit of it and not ready to investigate the issue seriously. I am 200% confident that the bills are false.
Complaint marked as Resolved 2020-08-14 01:41:09
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Reliance Infocomm — talk time

on 16 sept 2007 reliance send me sms that" topup with 100 & above in next 5 days and get extra talk time of rs.50 & 10 sms free within 7 days ". when i topup on 19 th sept. with rs.100 but thy are not prvided me any extra talk time after complaning several time also, they are saying that you are not recharging phone with 100 rs. but im talking from my phone by that toup

Reliance Infocomm — E-Recharge

after first thanks for your bad network sevices. iam so happy because many times mobile say others mobile this no is presently not rechable . many times i contact your custmer care but they didn,t help me
my mobile no is [protected] .if you can do some for me then please contact to me quick
if you can't do for me please closed my mobile no.
thank you

by sumit
babhan toly
post& dist - giridih
land mark - durga mandap

Reliance Infocomm — cheating

i have e recharged my account on 07/06/2008 at 06:35 pm when i was in roaming. After e recharging my account i got a message from 52811 that Dear Customer, your account has been recharged with Rs 20.7 Amount payble is Rs 30 thank you. Reliance. but that balance is not credited to my account. when i called coustmer care they told me that your are giving wrong information. Your account is not being recharged. we can't do any thing.
So, reliance infocomm has cheated me i need that balance at that time.

Reliance Infocom — Can't unsubscribe to services

I don't know how but i have been subscribed to 53131 services like horoscope, dadi maa ke nuskhe n proposal tips. I didn't subscribe to theses services.Now I am getting a lots of messages and I am being charged for all this.
And this is not the end, I am trying to call customer care (*333 ) but there is always a network problem.I am trying for customer care for 2 days. I don't know how to unsubscribe these services.My balance has gone in negative n it's sucking all of my money. Don't know what to do?
services are so bad that i advice not use this operator

Reliance Infocomm — Netconnect card is not working

This is the same complain registered number of times before to your corporate centre, franchise.Reliance data card is giving frequent problem since purchase & last 1 month it is not working.After so many complains to your franchise, to your appelliet and corporate centre, there is no response.Is there any process exist in the Reliance to hear Customer complain.If so please give the number and solve the issue.


Reliance Infocomm — poor service and foreclosure charges

we were using reliance boradband and landline service since last two years.since last six months the broadband hasv been virtually non existence and the response to landline complaints has been very poor.
We made complaint regarding this several times and paying charges for broadband without any usage.
After getting tired of complaints we decided to close broad band service.
later telephone service also became extremely poor.
hence we closed landline service and returned all the instruments in good condition to the reliance representative.
Instead of giving some concessions for bills collected for virtually non existence broadband, the company has penalised us by charging us foreclosure charges of rs 1250/-
a complaint has been lodged with reliance on the net on their website but apart from acknowledgement nothing has come forth
We requesr you to kindly look in the matter and oblige.
our reliance tel is[protected]
and a/c no is[protected]
for jay machinery mfg co pvt ltd
sanjay kulkarni
please tell me the way o[censored]nsubscribe the 51234 services on my mobile.
my mobile number is [protected].
Or unsubscribe this service on my number.

Reliance Infocomm — Made a virtual prisoner by Reliance Infocomm

Read this to find out how Reliance made me a prisoner in my own home. My phone is not working for 1 month. I made repeated complaints- either none turns up or turns up but can’t do anything. Call back repeatedly to find out that previous complaints have been closed and their records show my problems are resolved. All in all, I spent at least 10 days in home waiting for their engineers to come. For last 4 days continuously confined to home and made phone calls to reliance on an average 2 hours per day.

18 June- Made first complaint. Was told engineer will come up within 24 hours. Was asked to stay at home to attend the engineer.
None turned up within 24 hours
Waited for few days. Called back the customer service desk. Said someone will attend.
An engineer turned up after few days. Tried to fix it but didn’t work. Says the connection box is faulty. He will come next day with a new box. Waited the whole day in home. None turned up.
Thought I will give it few days before I call again.
27 June- Called back customer service. Enquired about previous complaint. Customer service executive told me that previous complaint has been closed – the engineer has reported that problem is resolved. I was very surprised as none contacted me and confirmed this with me. Asked what sort of company is this which closes query without consulting customer. They said they are sorry and apologize for my inconvenience but they can’t do anything but take a new complaint. So registered a fresh complaint.
Was told someone will be there in 24 hours. The previous engineer came with a new box. Tried for some time. Then said the box is fine but the cable is faulty. He can’t change the cable. Someone will attend next day. Had to stay in home next day. None turned up. Waited for few days.
Then had to go abroad for a business trip on. Arranged people to stay home during my absence during the day time.
12 july- returned from business trip. Learnt that none has come during my absence.
13 July- called to learn again that previous compliant has been resolved- as per their record problem has been rectified. Tried to explain that my phone has been not working since 18 june and none checked with me whether the phone was working or not. They are adamant that nothing can be done but I have to register a fresh complaint. So registered a fresh complaint. I Insisted that I talk to a senior. Mr Habib (floor supervisor) said he would call back.
Habib never called back, but an engineer came. Changed the cable. Phone still doesn’t work. He said he can’t do anything. I asked him to phone his senior. He said senior is not available. I refused to sign the job sheet. He said someone will come next day.
14 July- none turns up –waited the whole day in home.
15 July- waited the whole day in home
16 July- Called back the customer service. Again no surprise that previous complaint was closed. Now started noting the names. The person who took the call his name is Gurjeet. He says he can’t give any explanation regarding why the previous complaint was closed. I have no choice but to register another fresh complaint. Registered a fresh complaint but insisted that I need to talk to senior. Call was transferred to Nisha. Nisha promises me that someone will call back.
16 July afternoon- Someone called Sriji rang me and assures me that someone will turn up by 830pm. None turns up
17 July- Called back customer service. Insisted that I want to talk to senior. The call was finally transferred to team leader, Ritu. I asked her that why the previous complaints were closed without checking with me. She could not give any explanation. I told her that I feel like a prisoner in my home. I am not able to go out worrying that engineer might turn up. She said she is sorry and will definitely resolve by that evening. She said she would call back. I advised that I will be in home the whole evening but can’t take call only between 3 and 330pm. She promised me that she would call back at that time. As usual neither she called back nor any engineer turned up. Waited the whole day in home.
17 July- Called at 6.52 pm. Insisted that call is passed on to senior. Mr. Kishore, floor supervisor was refusing to give the call to senior; finally after 45 minutes of persuasion he passed the call to Mr. Divakar, team leader
8pm- Divakar called back 8 pm. Promised that some engineer will come on next day by 12.15 pm. He will then check and call me back by 3.30
18 July- waited until 4.30- no engineer turned up, Divakar didn’t call, and then called the call centre.
After lot of persuasion finally reached now to Rajasri- she is a manager. Explained the problem asked her why is that they are giving me appointments and engineers not turning up. Not able to give any explanation. Put my call on hold. Call gets disconnected.

Someone called Nisha calls back. She said she is phoning on behalf of Rajasri. She put the conference call with the field engineer. Asked why they are turning up. They say they have a lot of work to do. Not happy with explanation. Finally someone called Hemant said he will investigate why his engineers are not turning up and he will send someone within half an hour. I said I would wait in home but I want her boss to phone me as I am not happy because of all these. Nisha promises me that Rajsri will call back.
I am waiting.>>>

reliance infocomm- lifetime prepaid — unsubscribed service charged

dear sir,
Despitte my unsubscribed service for voice chat, reliance infocom renewed that service withourt my concent and charge me rs.30/- per month. since last three months

Reliance Infocomm — mental harrasment and fraud

Mobile Number : [protected]

I am user of Reliance Mobile (Prepess), I use this mobile just of incoming services and imergency calls and recharge it with Rs. 50 voucher only.

In the First week of October I received the messege "You are successfully subscribe to callter tune" (for Rs. 30 montly charged) ect etc. and Rs. 30 deducted from my account. I check calling from another mobile to my mobile whether it is realy activated or not. Yes it is activated and my account goes in debit (minus). Then to unsubscribe i sent a mail (which is free mentioned in sms receive from Service provider) . Again Rs. 2/- deducted from my account. Then I received msg that You are successfully unsubcribed this service. But my Rs. 30 was not credited to my account. Again on next day I received the same msg. and again they deducted Rs. 10/- . So I called customer care of reliance Moblie (Unreliable) and talk to the representative, told the history and asked to credit my Rs. 40/- again. She said that the request was sent by me. BUT IT WAS NOT. Why would I apply for caller tune of 30 rs. per month while I spend only 50 rs. for recharging. Then she forwarded my request to cancell the service. after few minutes i received the sms stating that you r now unsubcribed to caller tunes. But my Account is still not credited. Again on the next morning at about 3.00 a.m. I received the same msg again. and again callertune was activated. THESE TYPE OF MENTAL HARRASEMENT AND FRAUDS ARE DONE BY THESE RENOWED COMPANY. Today on 31st of October once again my account debited by 10 Rs. for caller tunes. more to be deducted in next few days.

Now I have dediced to go to consumer court.

Reliance Infocom CDMA — Charging for unsubscribed services

Respected sir ,
I have been using reliance infocom cdma services since 4 years, my number is [protected] . for the past 2 months i am being charged for the services that i have not even subscribed for ( Voice chat , CRBT ), even after request too unsubscribe the services , i have been charged for the services with out my consent . I request you to kindly look into the matter and prevent the company from committing this fraud in future ..

Reliance Infocom — unsubscribed service charged


I have been using reliance infocom connection for quite a sometime, my number is [protected]. On 7th November I noticed that 10 rupees was deducted without my consent. When lodged a complain the same amount was refunded back though my query remained unanswered that "How come a company can active any services without the consent of a subscriber?”

Surprisingly on 9th of November another 30 rupees was deducted and it was caught when randomly available balance was checked. On the very same day I lodged a complain and call center executive "Mr. Rafiqul " confirmed me that he could see that it was activated from "Reliance end" and I would get back the refund within next 48 hours. On the contrary I received a SMS on 2nd day stating that it was activated from my end and they would not refund my money.

Again I dialed at customer care and call center executive 'Mr. Sakti Dhar' confirmed that it was activated from Reliance' end therefore I deserve the refund. When I wanted the confirmation from higher authority line was transferred to Mr. Saugata Sinha ( Team Lead) and he confirmed that it was activated from Reliance' end and I would get back the refund within next 48 hours.

After waiting for another couple of days I repeated the same procedure again another pair of executive assured me of refund within another 48 hours.
Disgusted with the service that I received so far somehow I managed to get the contact number of the Nodal Office located at Kolkata and narrated the story of "harassment and cheating" in details but after waiting for 4 days I was told that "it was done from my end " which I could never accept.

It would be highly appreciated if someone could do the proper investigation and get me the justice which i have been denied of.

Warm regards
Pradip Majumdar
I am Narasimharao and my mobile number is [protected]

with out my request i have received so many messages to my mobile.

i warn you not to send messages and i am not using relince connection

Reliance Infocomm cables — Disconnection of cables

Reliance infocomm cables are passing thro' Anna Street, Manavala Nagar, Tiruvallur inside Mosque Building under constuction. Despite several request cables not diverted. Attempt to disconnect by the construction site labours stopped. Please issue instructions immediately to disconnect by the concerned.

Reliance Infocomm — Mental torture of bill not paid even after paying

My Cell number is [protected]. I have made online bill payment thru net banking from ICICI bank on 19 May 2010. My bill due date was 21 may 2010 and the amount was Rs.405. Though my credit limit is more than 2300 rupees and the bill has been paid well in time i have been receiving call from company spokesperson for paying the same everyday.

This process keeps repeating month on month. I am sick and tired of this mental torrture and claim compensation for this harassement.

Even after patiently explaining the same to the company person the calls keeep coming every month. THis is pure torture.

My complaint number this month is[protected]

Reliance Infocomm — barred outgoing servers for paid bill

Dear sir,tilak chatterjee,(nodel officer reliance to whom comlaint has been made)
I am having mobile no [protected] recently migrated from prepaid to postpaid.with in 15 days my outgoing services was barred & was told to visit nearest web I visited web world at borivali west they were not ready to take any of my complaint or hear my any of my statement they given me your email id & phone no to talk to you.only they give me information that there is 557.26 amount is pending under cafe no[protected].i.e on name of Paresh doshi where as my mobile is on name of kaushik doshi.
I just want to confirm you that all bill for caf no [protected] is duly paid on termination I also received refund chaque after deducting all my dues of amt 442= wide chaque no:606625 drawn on Hdfc bank from reliance communication dated[protected].with letter having reference no51. Dated[protected]
Dear sir ,also attached cover letter,Bill calculation detail
This shows that any of my brother's (Paresh m doshi) bill for Caf no [protected] for fwp phone line is not pending.Please check it at your end on that account your policy to bared my phone line is not good in any case.
So please look in to this matter & unbarred service for my mobile no [protected] which is on name of kaushik doshi

Reliance Infocomm — call drop and not respond

dear sir,

main aapka bohut purana cdma customer hu. mujhe last 6 month se call drop ki problem ho rahi hai. maine is baare mai kai baar complaint ki hai customer care main par wahan se koi response nahi mila. main is service se bohut pareshan ho gaya hu. agar ab bhi ye problem jald se jald thek nahi hui to, mujhe majboori main koi dosra option dekha padega.plz is complaint pe koi action lijiye.


mohd tariq
mob - [protected]
email- [protected]

Reliance Infocomm — auto deduction of balance

I using the mobile no[protected] of relience communication from last two years.
A very constant problme of outomaetic deduction of balance I faced from last many month.
when I communicate in the company they say followin-following value added service is activate on your number
I many time request tham to stop all the value added services but they never ready to do that
even we cousumer also not able to stop these so called value added services
and relience countiniously steel heard earnd money my as well as of meny others

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