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[Resolved]  Reliance Netconnect Broadband Plus — Cheating the public

Dear Customer care of Reliance ADA,

Refer to the mail below, I was using reliance services from November 2006. I took the wireless broad band modem device with the number [protected] under the plan RNJ149DATA and availed the services till October 2008. Thereafter, I cleared all the dues and closed the connection because of the speed.

Recently on 07/11/2009, I purchased HSD post paid wireless USB modem from Vijayawani infocomm, west marredpally, secunderabad in reference to the bill no 040, 07/11/2009. The services were activated on 08/11/2009. I was surfing the internet till yesterday i.e 10/11/2009 with the USB HSD post paid modem. Today, I am not able to connect to the net and I found the services are suspended without intimation.

I was upset for the entire day and got mentally harassed by your services. Please activate the connection within 12 working hours or refund the amount 3500-00 paid to you if the services are not activated by 12 noon tomorrow. Please revert back.

Note: Don’t force me to go to the consumer forum.


From: Customer Care [mailto:[protected]]
Sent: Tuesday, November 10, 2009 12:18 PM
To: g.[protected]
Subject: Welcome Email

Dear Customer,

Subject: Your New Reliance Net Connect Broadband No: [protected]

Welcome aboard !
Thank you for subscribing to Reliance NetConnect Broadband Plus, India's preferred net connect service provider.
At Reliance Communications, we continuously strive to enrich the lives of our customer through innovative and delightful products and services experiences. Our constant endeavor is to achieve customer delight by enhancing the productivity of the enterprises and individuals we serve.
We request you to make a note of some important information to assist you operate your Reliance net connect broadband account.
Tariff Plan:

Your Tariff Plan is: Brdbnd3GDy10GNgt200

Credit Limit:

Your Credit Limit is: Rs. 2900

Your Credit Limit shall be revised on the basis of two parameters: -
• Your usage and subsequent bill payment pattern
• The information as furnished in the Customer Application Form and / or any deposit paid by you towards increase in credit limit
Installation Process: The installation process is for your netconnect broadband data card is available in the link below:
Bill Cycle and Bill Payments:
We will advise you of your monthly Bill Date & and its Due Date in the first bill.
You will receive your monthly bill within a week of the bill date. In case you do not receive the bill within a week of your bill date, please call *355 or[protected]toll-free number).
For convenience, you may even register your netconnect account on and view your bills on-line.
Please ensure payments by your bill due date to avoid late payment charges and enjoy uninterrupted services.
Important Information on first bill
The first bill generated is on pro-rata basis. In the first bill, you are allowed only a pro rated free usage and charged only the pro rated rental.
For example : If you are on the 1099 rental plan with 10 GB free usage, and the pro rated first bill is generated for a 15 day period; then in that case, this bill will have only 5 GB of free usage and will charge you a rental of Rs 550/-. During the 15 day billing period, any usage over and above 5 GB would be charged at Rs 2/- per MB.
For Help:
Our executives at netconnect helpdesk helpline will be glad to offer any assistance (24X7) that you may require.
You can reach the Helpdesk Helpline through any of the following means:
• Dial[protected]toll-free number) from any landline or mobile phone.
• Dial[protected]toll-free on Reliance network) from any landline or dial local STD code + 30335555 from any mobile phone. ( In case your city/town has less than 8 digit local numbers, the right most digits will be truncated e.g. If you city/town has 6 digit local number, you will have to call 303355 or if your town has 7 digit local number, you will have to call 3033555)
• Email us at Netconnect.[protected]
When you call the helpdesk, you will be prompted to enter your Net Connect Broadband number (This is the 10 digit no starting with 93 on your bill which is also the username in your connection manager)
We request you to keep your Netconnect Broadband number handy (store it in your mobile phone book) as this would be required for all communications with us.
After your Net Connect number is validated, you will be instantly connected to a technically qualified service agent to address any query regarding your Netconnect broadband data cards.
You may also email your query. Please mention your alternate contact numbers (landline and mobile) in your email enabling us to contact you.
Check your data usage on-line!!!
You can view details (start time, end time, bytes exchanged) for every internet session used. A session is defined as an interval when you are connected - between login or connect and logout or disconnect.
This is a great tool to validate usage on your monthly bill. Check your usage in minutes / bytes for the current month (wireless data usage).You can migrate to best suited tariff plan based on your usage patterns and save on your monthly data usage bills.
You may register on our website .Your user name is your Netconnect Broadband number (10 digit number starting with 93 prefixing 0). The password will be emailed to the email address you provide at the time of registration.
Steps to view your online usage
• After logging in, please click on the option wireless data usage.
• Select period (by selecting start and end date) for which you want to check data usage.
• NOTE: You can check the data usage for last 6 months only and not prior to that.
• Select Product Type as Wireless Data.
• Request Type would have two options - "View on Screen" and "Download on Excel or CSV Format". Use "View on Screen" to see results on the screen and download option to save your usage as an excel/csv file. Sample shown below,
Date Start Time Session Duration(sec.) Data Upload(Kbs) Data Download(kbs) Total Data Transferred(kbs)
[protected] 9:55:49 505 342.50977 721.02344 1063.5332
[protected] 10:04:14 388 700.1406 1452.7393 2152.88
It is important that you check this information periodically so that you are aware of your usage pattern vis-a-vis the tariff plan you have opted for. Your usage data will available on the web site with a 24 hour lag
Data usage on common internet activities can be estimated from the table below*.
Application Data usage MB/Hour
Video streaming ( You tube ) 245
HD streaming 308
Normal browsing 6
Flash sites browsing 76
Voice Chat 18
* The above is only indicative and the actual data usage will vary depending on the sites browsed
Thanking you and assuring you of best services at all the times.

Warm regards,
Customer Care
Netconnect Broadband
Reliance Communications Ltd.
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 14, 2020
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Broadband Billing Mistake — Broadband Billing Mistake

This is regarding my broadband billing, I had registered online for the broad band connection as per process was called for documentation and later got the connection too... After few days I found out that my tariff plan was mistakely put as a 555plan and I have been charged Rs.8432/- just for 1 month usage. When contact the officers each one says go to that table go the that department and running for 2 days i have never got a solution. FInaly the connection was disconnected but when asked they said PAY the bill first. Now is dont use BSNL servise cos of the bad service laid.
PATHETIC SERVICE !!! Same experience... :(

Relaince Net connect Broadband — Given wrong information abt tarriff plan

I have registered for NetConnect broadband connection online.
I got a call from one of your executive his name he told is Mayank from Noida office.
I asked him details and tariff plan.
I wanted to go for night plan 499.
He told me that in 499 I will get unlimited access and in day time charges will be 5 paisa per minute.
I was looking for something like this. So I confirmed detials from him once again and asked him to send an executive at my place along with device.
One more person from Vriti Infocom named "Dany" came to handover device to me.
I was confirming details once again from him.
He told , that I registered for 499 +10GB plan, and in that in night I will be upto 10GB and in day 0.50 paisa. Which was contradicting to what Mayank told me.
So I told him that the guys who called me from Noida branch told that I will get unlimited in night and 5 paisa in day.
So Dany called mayank, and mayank confirmed him that initially it used to be 10 GB, but now plan has changed and in 499 it is Unlimited freedom plan and day time usage is 5 paisa.
I was having doubt related to confusion so while taking device, I asked dany to write in paper abt the plan , that I will get unlimited + 5 paisa in 499. He has written that.

Now, they say, it was a mistake, they cannot do anything. So i just wasted my money, it's not a great speed. Neither these guys they care, about the mistake.

I expect atleast, they should give me that plan whatevr they agreed, or they should return my money and take their device.


Reliance Netconnect — online account blocked

my netconnect modem no is [protected]..
my online account was blocked
actually i forgot my security question and answer
can u unlock my account with out security question

Reliance Netconnect — Bad Service Cheating Public

I have told them to change my plan before I leave for my abroad trip. but they have not addressed my request properly and then I sent an email again. but still they have not changed it. Now they have generated next month bill and forcing me to pay..If I could not pay, they will disconnect my service and all the amount i paid become waste and the worst device cannot be used.. Why relaince service is this bad..
It is no surprice the owner of relaince are billionaire while cheating all the hard earned public money.
It is appreciated to show the proper feedback for this kind of money suckers.

Reliance — Cheated me with wrong plan.

I just purchased a Reliance (LG) phone and they told offered me sim with unlimited talk time (Reliance to Reliance) 24hrs for next 6 months. But after 10 days they changed the scheme to 2000mins per month only :(. When I complained to Reliance web world (from where I purchased the phone), they hands up and refused to help me. There is no compensation and anything else, as they cheated us.

Its my humble request to you to please help me on this, there are many more customers like me having same problem. So this is not only me but from all the people those who are being tolerated by these companies.

I'd be waiting to hear from you.

Thanks a lot!

Reliance Netconnect Broadband Plus — Billing mistake

Respected Sir,
Just I want to tell you about my current bill (till 16July) is approx 2600 and i don't know how.
When I purchased my datacard on 30st march my plan my 3GBdaynight and was continued until 9th May and till this date all of my bills were payed. On 27th April I gave a request using reliance customer care service to change my tarrif plan to 10GB @night. Till 9th june all of my bills were paid (see the attachment) but a problem occured.............
Somehow the company automatically changed my plan to 3GB daynight without my knowledge and i was not aware of it. I was thinking that my 10GB Night plan was going on. I came to know about it when my bill was generated. I was shocked watching that cuz i just used only 5 gb and what was the reason behind it; then i called to customer care to enquire about it and they told me everything. I just want to tell you that i am not satisfied with this kind of service which works, implements and amends options automatically. By the way according to this bill, i can only pay upto 1000 a month which is the maximum as i am a teenager without job. Please try to give me a waver if i had done a mistake, i will be thankful for you forever; i will be satisfied.
The reason for sending this e-mail is that i don't want to be beaten badly from my father. Please help me. Whenever you will need help, i will be always ready to help you there. The reason that i am using internet is only to help others as a noble person and whom i could help with my knowledge.
Thanking you a lot.
Yours obediently
Hritik Soni
8th B
pl refer my reliancenetconnect no [protected].i did recharge for rs 300 on 18 july thru your retailer.
it was reported succesful recharge though it should not take recharge of rs 300.retailer was also not aware
of this that rs 300 will not take recharged, but when it cannot take recharge of rs 300, why the co will take that money as successful rechage.your customer care section was consulted but CCE Laxman refused to return back to retailer hence to me, i made him to talk to concerned retailer at patna who told youe CCE that it was not known to retailer also the system of reimbursment.
one thing is very clear, when no recharge, why your system will show succesful and take money from customer.

it is not cheating to consumer?i did not get that money as yet.before i go to consumer grievance redressal forum, i will take all resourses has failed to consumer problem.i have made approach to your patna office too, at jagat trade centre, fraser road, patna.

Reliance broadband plus data card — Charged for Poor Speed/ Network

I have been a Reliance Broadband plus datacard customer for over 11 months now. I was satisfied by their services so far, however since Aug, 23rd there was constant problem of poor network / speed. I made several complaints and was told that there is a network conjustion in my area and will be resolved soon.
After several follow-up week after week the problem is getting worse. Infact their network team visited my residence and confirm of poor network and said that it would be resolved. However when my bill was generated, they charged me the entire amount and they did not waive of any money. I only paid how much they deserved. I have opted for the broadband connection where i should get atleast 1mb speed and i am forced to use 256 kbs speed, why should i pay full amount.
The customer service said that they will resolve the issue, however nothing happened and last week they just de-activated my connection due to non-payment of difference amount. Did not even have the courtesy to call me.
How can i complaint/take action against such thieves.

You should drop a email to Nodal Officer of Reliance stating your problem and copy to all your friends and yahoo groups. For Maharashtra the email ID is:


Reliance Infocomm — Suspended Services with out intimation

I got an SMS for submission of documents 3 months back. With in a week I submitted the documents in Reliance WebWorld at Panjagutta. They said that all docs are clear and i can go.
From today morning my services, both incoming and outgoing have been suspended. I did not recieve any call or SMS regarding this. When I called customer care, they say that I need to submit again. I said I will do that but with out intimating how could they suspend my services. They sa, they had sent an SMS yesterday. I did not recieve any. They keep on telling one sentence "your services suspended go and submit the docs".
I also wanted to know what was wrong with my docs, so that I can correct and submit. They sa they don't know,
- With out intimation they suspended the services
- Even with SMS, after two months first they suspend outgoing and then a week later incoming. In my case, WITH OUT any intimation both the services suspended
- I told them, fine I will go and submit my docs, but give me clarification or take a complaint that I was not intimated about my submission. They say No.
- They don't know what is the meaning of customer care!!!

Reliance Broadband — cheated me with wrong plan and wrong speed

Respected Sir,
My Name is Sudarsan I am from Chennai My Address is 38 Hanumantha Rayan Koil Street Triplicane Chennai 600005 My Mob NUmber is [protected]. Last month I got a call from the reliance broadband marketing team. Ms Durga From G 14 5TH MAIN ROAD AMBATTUR INDUSTRIAL EST . pH [protected]. She Said there is an unlimited broadband 3.1 Mbps plan for Rs 750 .She also said after 4 GB usage the connection speed will be 244kbps. She said all that i had to do is purchase the Usb for 1600 and pay the montly rental of Rs 750 + tax as postpaid after the bill is being generated.
Agreeing to the above I had requested her to send a person to my place to install the wireless datacard.
A person by name Mr Inbaraj Mob Number [protected] arrived at my place.
He Just installed it and took Rs 1600 and went.
I am a very high user of the internet. I had crossed the Mgb. But I Received a message saying i will be getting 144kbps which is like dead man walking(I was cheated here)
After 20 days I got a bill for Rs 300+ ( on prorata)..I Was shocked to see the bill saying my plan was Rs 950 rental..( I was cheated here)
then I was about the call the customer care.. I received a call saying itsa welcome call..( a welcome call after 20 days?)Zthat person said i am in 950 unlimited plan.. I said thats not what i want.. she could not take my complaint.. she asked me to call customer care...

Now i called up customer care.. that person says there is is no such plan of 750 unlimited.. there was just 950 unlimited and a special discount for one year has been given to me.. which was not been informed to me by anyone till that time..
secondlyMs Durga when I contacted her about this she asks me to use ot for one year and through it..
tell me why should i buy it for one year and who is she to ask me to through it after one year??
Also I have a recording where she says its 244kbps after 4gb.. Now what do i do.. Shall i issue a legal notice?
I feel Disappointed and let down by these people

Reliance Broadband Plus connection — Slow connection of Reliance Broadband plus data card


I have taken Reliance BroadBandplus connection Data card for (Rs. 1599) and took the connection of 10GB Unlimited Plan from Bangalore Marathalli Reliance store. They even informed me that we get easily 1.5 Mbps in Bangalore and other cities.

From the day i have taken the device I am facing the connectivity issues. At the max i get around 80Kbps for 3.1 Mbps plan I have taken. I have called Customer care many a times and even wrote mails to Nodal manager as well. They have sent their n/w team to my home and have taken statistics and confirmed that there is a n/w issue in my area. After few other telephonic conversations about the issue they said the n/w issue will be resolved shortly and till then the bill amount will be waived off. But till now the issue is not resolved and they have waived off only Rs.150/-(which is 20% of the bill amt) for the 1st month and for the next month they did not waive off any amount. I wrote mails to Nodal manager informing him that I will not be paying the bill till my issue is resolved and he responded to that saying they will resolve in few days. Two days back they have disconnected my connection without any notice and when I call customer care they said as I have not paid the bill they have disconnected and they will resume services only when the pay the bill.

Inspite of very bad service they are providing I had little hope that they may resolve the issue as they said they will waive off till the issue is resolved. But now I lost complete hope. What can I do with the device alone with no service at all.Why should I pay money when I get no proper service. I have even said that I will return back my device on the day when they said they have n/w issue in my area but they requested us to wait for few days. Now i have been waited for almost 5 months and now they even stopped to replying to my mails and from the last communcation i have received from nodal officer they are still having the network issue in our area.

Please help me out with the issue. I bought the device for Rs.1599/- and all that amount is gone for waste.

my reliance netconnect plus no:[protected] is very slow last 2 months if i called and ask they says that update is going on or your limits is over when i buyed they said it is unlimitted monthly 750 bill comes around with tax 843 .i want to problem to be solved

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