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REMAC India Private Limited is one of the real estate owns some some bunch of cheaters. This company is a fraud and my message to all is to to avoid dealing with such cheaters.
I bought a Duplex in year 2008 in ORCHID township in Ragarhat, Kolkata. ORCHID is one of the so called esteemed projects REMAC has undertaken to complete by mid of 2010. Till today neither the project has started nor they were refunding the booking amount to their customers. There were some political reasons (land acquisation issues) which we all were aware off becuase of which the delay happened but the promoters has never been transparent to us or letting us know whts their next plan of action. Instead they started selling our plots to other customers in the nam of a new project - "Black Berry".
However, after repeated request/compaints the builder has refunded some portion of the amount for full and final settlement. It has been a complete loss for me dealing with such frauds.

A new Project - Black Berry has been launched by the same cheaters at the same place where ORCHID township to be built. People across the world just keep your eyes and ears open to deal which such cheaters in Kolkata.
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Aug 13, 2020
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Remac is a fraud company...& owner Mr. Partho Pratim Tiwari is the most characterless, confused, snobbish & liar I have ever seen in my entire life. He is a clever jackel into the branded suit, boot & foreign cigar...& he employs & keeps all dishonest dogs only...who actually are his servants...including his father in law, sister in law & some buggers.


India Today — Times of India not dealing fair

We had subscribed to times of india through the executive who visited
our home D1/80, Janakpuri. The order no that we placed is 6696. He had
promised for a free gift also, which has not been delivered yet.
Please look into the matter.

Mr Pawan Gupta
Ph [protected]
Recently ANNA UNIVERSITY published the TANCET 2009 results.
My brother didnot get the Mark sheet. So I phoned () to ANNA UNIVERSITY, the didnot give a prober response. i called past 1 week continuously but they didnot attend the calls, if they attend the call then suddenly cut the line. Are HUMAN BEINGS are working in ANNA UNIVERSITY ???. please publish this news .
Recently ANNA UNIVERSITY published the TANCET 2009 results.
My brother didnot get the Mark sheet. So I phoned[protected], 06 to 15) to ANNA UNIVERSITY, the didnot give a prober response. i called past 1 week continuously but they didnot attend the calls, if they attend the call then suddenly cut the line. Are HUMAN BEINGS are working in ANNA UNIVERSITY ???. please publish this news .
I completely disagree with the so called purchaser of the ORCHID.
REMAC is not Cheater. For your kind information REMAC is not the developer of the project, they are the marketing consultant of the project. Developer is ORCHID developerv is Mr. Sandip Kejriwal and his office is in Marchantile building, Lalbazar. I am a customer of REMAC who bought aproject on jessore road, Garia and also booked two DUPLEX in ORCHID.
Just because of REMAC 's COOPERATION I could get return the booking amount of DUPLEX.
I have transferred the second booking in to BLACKBERRY which is going to start very soon. Delay was due to political problem and NO BODY CAN BLAME REMAC for this. This is not a single project which got delayed, approximately 13 project got delayed in this area.
FOR THE KIND INFORMATION OF ALL THAT REMAC is one of the BEST REAL ESTATE Company which is fulfuling the dream of thousands home seeker. I AM ONE OF THEM. My my friends are also staying in one of the project of REMAC. Such isolated incident CAN NOT SPOIL the image of REMAC. GO AHEAD AND call REMAC .
The complaint is a Valid one. There are number of dissatisfied customers of REMAC because of the way they have handled Orchid / Black Berry and Saphhire Greens. REMAC and their co horts owe Crores of Rs to customers in Kolkata and worldwide. Reading the comments of Sunlight above it is clear that Sunlight is nothing but one of the staff of REMAC. Oneday Remac will be caught by Econmic Offences Wing. All people dealing with REMAC Marketing be aware - your money is at RISK and all those who have been cheated pls be United.
Disclaimer: Slight correction. I am NOT referring to REMAC as cheaters. I got my money refunded few days back though not the whole one but expecting the interest for stocking my money for 2 years would be paid soon. My Complain is against the ORCHID Developers... The directors of REMAC India are professional and respond to queries efficiently.
Are you saying REMAC has launched BlackBerry as a new name of previously launched ORCHID project? My understanding is ORCHID is the developer, what was the housing project where you made your purchase? Was it supposed to be developed in the same location where BlackBerry is launched?
Remac is a cheater. I have booked Saphire Greens which is their own project. The same problem is here also. They are unable to start the project till date. Also they are not refunding the amount. I have got partial refund after one year of fighting. They are still holding a big portion. They keep on giving different execuses. Also, it is very difficult to reach their executives.
The views of Sunlight seems to be more of agents of REMAC than a customer. If you have purchased a flat through REMAC and have been happily living in your world then where the hell you have the time to find out the Developer's is Mr. Sandip Kejriwal and his office is in Marchantile building, Lalbazar.

Wait for some time you will another dhamaka news that REMAC is mobilizing chit fund...
i was sent a sms on their new project lavanya which is next to blackberry and rates are quite lucrative. What left me in doubt is that their project has not even started, nothing at all except the gate however they are demanding some 25% downpayment, why ? Now i feel that is it to pay off the people who they owe? Am really skeptical what to do
Remac India, Remac marketing and whatever shell companies they have are FRAUD. Watch out for their smooth talking execs- actually so called execs because they get paid 5000 as salary !! and not better off than the peons at our IT offices - until of course they land a new Bakra whereby their fraud-in-chief the great MR Tiwari would grant them a visit to the parlour !! of such low lifes from Remac are Deb Mazumder, Biswajit Biswas etc etc... watch out when you deal with them --- you are much better dealing with reputed brokers or with the builders themselves ( the risk still exists, but why double it by taking assistance of low lifers)... the above is in public interest to my all my friends and colleagues in Kolkata .
Remac is the cheater, i too also cheated by them, i booked flat in lavanya in april 2010, later developer cancelled my booking, stating due to non-payment, this all due to remac guys only, later i got the money back in oct 2010 but in between i had lost almost 6 to 8 months of times, other projects rates gone high. now even i called them they did not received my call Mr Mithun Mishra the marketing person. Beware of the remac marketing.
REMAC is one worst real estate company in kolkata, they cheated many people. The Great Mr. Tiwari is Characterless & Fraud, Everybody knows his character very well and he was caught so many times, he was kicked from the previous company for his character. Everybody knows the story. After repeated followups he neighter reply the mail nor piciking up the phones. When you face the problem with remac one of the exec will visit your place and show himself as a manager of the company and taking care of your problem. But after few days exec will change and a new man comes to you and say he is the new manager and will solve your problem.But your problem never will never sorted out. Please dont deal with remac. If any body have a brochure of ORCHID there clearly mentioned that REMAC is co developer with ORCHID. If anybody can remember when a sales exec of remac pitched to you about ORCHID or Lavanya they said that it is a joint venture company. Thats all
The complaint is very true and not an isolated one. It is true. In case of orchid, now remac says that we have to contact the developers instead of them. We believed in REMAC and paid money to REMAC, but to get our money back why do we have to contact the developers. Is the REMAC name is not at stake. Why there is no help from REMAC to get the refunds, why do they just shake off their hands. They are cheats totally involved in the fraud. Many poor people are going to be duped off their money by them. Beware.
Dear customers,

I don't understand one simple fact. don't we have law and order existing in our country? does our country run by these kind of hooligans?? If not, why didn't you approach to the police stations or filed a case against them together. I firmly believe, if it could have been done properly, they must have been behind the bar if they are cheating people.

This is my kind request to you all that please proceed with the help of law to punish such kind of criminals in the society.
Remac really do not follow the terms and conditions. The deal with those builders who keep lot of loopholes in the agreement. I bought a flat in Moinak Garden and is still suffering. Saurav Mallik
I also bought a flat in moinak garden and still suffering. they neighter told me anything, everytime today and tomorrow we are gpoing to sent this and that. the schedule delivery was 2010. sleepages and sleepages still i haven't got my flat. although the payment is almost completed.
Remac is not a good maketing agency.I too have booked a flat at Garia. But i am still waiting for possesion.I am not able to sell it off common facilities they have not developed.Club, gym, park... all eye wash.
Remac india is a good marketing agency.
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