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[Resolved]  RGBC — Fraud Resort membership

hi, I am a member for last 5years and I am confronting the same problems.I have 2.5L red 158 p0int membership, paying their high annual charges .They dont have the resorts except in Goa .paid charges for RCI membership then deposit a week then pay conversion charges and then utility charges per day .
and they are not splitting the week in 4+3 as promised.
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Aug 14, 2020
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I think the membership pattern has changed now, as no more they are selling white red, i have come across to a wonderful experience by understanding its points system, check with shantanu - [protected]
I stayed in RSGB haathi mahal in Feb' 2010 on a promotional offer.The resort is very good for the money that i paid (5K) for 3 nights. But their membership is absolutly looting the people. So my advise is use the facility on a promotional offers and simply say no to their membership.
my membership no.0014124ivo
contract no. 27/251195
studio appartment
red to TYPE

RGBC is a fraud. It's rather unfortunate that you fell for their tricks. it's a huge red flag, if you see that their premises is almost exclusively used for promotional purpose of selling timeshare. the idea is to catch young people into paying this "hafta" of theirs and they'll let it go because its located far off in goa. the way they prey on unassuming everyday couples is astounding. they wean people from their holidays to their dark dungeon that it is - full with a conference hall full of executives - fooling people into buying their expensive 'essential worthless timeshare'. the worst part is that they claim the arbitrators is a third party hutchinsn company that's based abroad. why ? don't they trust our courts ? I think you should go after them and sue them. somebody please do it! hate to see more innocent people fall for such dubious schemes!

disclosure: I went through one of those harrowing schemes a few years back, while holidaying in goa, thankfully, I did not trust them one bit right through, and thankfully, i did not have to part away with any money.
I feel sorry for you Nilesh.

We nearly were in the trap and saved our self at nick of the time.

RGBC has many agents all in and around Goa.

They target young couples coming out of public places like beach entries & cruize exits, etc.

If you happen to hit anyone of them, JUST GO AWAY.

We were stopped by agent Milesh in South Goa. He offered us a card to open to get lucky prize.
I opened and got nothing with message better luck next time.
Then he offered another card to my wife. Surprisingly, she got a winning card!!
Agent made us feel how lucky we were and that we might get one of the prizes like iPad, mobile, hotel stay or watch etc.
But to reveal the prize, have to scratch another area inside card in front of manager at RGBC.
He told us to come and he will send free taxi to and fro our hotel we currently stay.
I told him this seems to be some membership, I am totally not interested as I go only on one holiday in a year and not necessarily Goa only as I am from Delhi.
Still the agent insisted and bragged about the points he will get if I will visit and that he is handicap etc etc..
To make our decision he also offered a free site visit to Covala beach and Aquarium.
I told him okay fine and gave him my number.
Agent said, he will send Esteem car at our fixed time for a pick-up but we should not let our cab driver know about this and that car will pickup at some distance from hotel because taxi union at hotel creates issue.
Listening this I was little skeptical.
Next morning, I googled on internet and found eye opening reviews from other users who lost Lacs of money in this timeshare scheme.

Thanks to my wife for pushing me hard on searching on net.

Bludy Scamsters RGBC @#@##%
See this after paying good hard earned money. Too all, keep away from these . They are a pack of leeches sucking hard earned blood of naive innocent young brigade. They don't have the market standing to give the 'holiday weeks' they promise to give. They JUST promise to get you to pat. Once done, none of the "oh so friendly" sales executives will so much as attend your call. There office executives just say "we'll get back to you".
PLEASE PLEASE STAY AWAY. Sure, lots o[censored]s have paid up, so if you get a 'promotional offer', take a 7 days stay for the amount they quote. Enjoy yourself, attend there sales meet, keep them guessing of your intention to join, and while checking out, say you are not interested. Guys enjoy yourself, as lots o[censored]s have already paid for it.
A disgruntled member.
I am an consultant for the Karma Royal Group. They value every member and as such have asked me to assist them in ensuring that each and every member receives the treatment they expect.

Any members or guests of Karma Royal Group (incorporating the Royal Resorts in India, Indonesia and Thailand) should, in the first instance communicate any issues they have direct to their relevant customer service department.

If they do not get a satisfactory result, then they should approach the relevant department manager. This usually ends here and results in a satisfactory solution.

We have found that 95% of the time their has been a misunderstanding on one side or the other and these issues can easily be rectified.

Anyone requiring more information please feel free to contact me at the following email ID: [protected]

Best regards

As with all Karma Royal Group members we only ask that they contact us personally so that we can resolve any issues and answer any questions they may have with regards to their membership.

Having now spoken to Dr Gupta some time ago we have come to know that he is a very busy man with little time for anything except his admirable doctoring work.

As far as the Karma Royal Group is now aware this issue has been resolved and Dr Gupta has not informed us otherwise. Until he has time to speak with us again we assume he has no further issues.

The 4+3 he mentions above has always been there for him but understanding how to use it may have been a little confusing.

This is totally understandable as our membership has so much flexibility. Thus it can also seem confusing when new benefits and resorts are added on a regular basis.

We have 7 resorts in India and more in our own club throughout Indonesia, Thailand and Europe. In addition our membership offers access to over 4000 resorts throughout the world.

However, we do understand Dr Gupta is a very busy man in his profession.We can therefore understand that it could take a long time to remove this post.

Any other active Indian members having any queries please feel free in the first instance to contact us from Monday - Saturday[protected] at the India Odyssey Office in Margao. Speak the Odyssey Navigators on the numbers below. If they are not able to assist you please request contact with their seniors/manager. Alternatively, please feel free to email me on the below email ID.


Toll free:[protected]
Tel : +[protected]
Fax : +[protected]
What should be the decent amount of MAINTENANCE ?
While buying the membership I was told Rs.2700 Now its 10 times ?
Can anyone resolve this issue ?
i am member from 2010 They are cheats . After paying membership fees of rs 2.5 lacs and every altenate year rs 20000 as maintaince charges. why r v paying for maintenance of their resorts and that too after paying such a huge amount of membership fees.

My advice to everyone not to become the member, its of no use . they r just fooling us.

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