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 vinitius fratila
10/07/2008 Settled Authorization - RN *REAL.COM ONLINE2601 ELLIOTT AVE., SURN *REAL.COM ONLINE 206-674-2650 WA $-22.10

never heard of them .. i've never ordered any thing from their site cozz i don't know how and what are they..
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real.com online rn — I never registered for this product

I just checked my bank statement and was charged 19.95 for Real.com Online RN. I never ordered this and need to find out how to get this money back.

Credit Card — statements

statements by Citicorp.com by courier not being delivered. I have to request for duplicate statements. Duplicate statement also being delaye.
I would request you to look into the matter.
Thanks you,
Ravi Moorjani(BANGALORE)[protected].[protected].[protected].
I Did not Sign up for Superpass.I Dont know how They got My Card Number.and I Cannot Contact anyone to cancel.

RN Real.com — I didn't order anything from this company.

I dont know anything about this company !!!!!!!!!! I dont know how they even got my card info. I was charged 6.99 for something and i would like my money back ASAP.
Excatly what is this charge and why I'm being charge, , never heard of it . Never order anything.
I am on a fixed budget. Who are you to spend my money, WHEN I CAN'T???
But of course, you guys being such a GOOD company, will of course, GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK!
Won't you!!!7
Going through my checking statement, I came across a recurring charge for $12.99 which I didn't recognize. Called my bank, which gave me the[protected] number to call. Upon calling that number, I spoke to a fellow with a heavy Indian accent. Aside from a slight difficulty understanding him due to the accent, he was pleasant and helpful in cancelling the account. He tried to sell me on the benefits of membership first, but didn't insist when I told him I really didn't want it. I specifically asked him to refund the earlier charges as well as just cancelling the membership from here on out. He said the refund would show up in 7-10 days. So, assuming the refund does show up as promised, that's solved. However, I find it interesting that the automated answering message you first get when calling this number identifies itself as "SuperPass support line for cancelling your account"... which tells me they have a *lot* of people calling them about this. Anyway, it was an annoyance but has been taken care of now.
I have joined the ranks of the suddenly surprised as I'm seeing like 200.00 charge. I really apprecaite the folks that have jumped out here and given the various ways and reasons they have come into this rude awakening.
Also very valuable the phone numbers and various responses to expect from operators. I appear to be a Rhapsody stooge. I never completed the account but obviously they trapped it.
I bought a Sony Blu Ray player at Best Buy or I'm getting hit by a fradulant account. Either way I wanted to say thanks for everyone coming out here and the support of community though most of us are outraged. I'm still wondering, like so many, how did they get my bank info? That I for sure never submitted or permitted no matter what any TOS says or other fine print. I never used any access to this service and appreciate the heads up of other services like Gamehouse and Real Player.
Definitly getting to be more of a chore than its worth to fight off these clowns. Online heists and Credit Card Sharks... Swim on!
I went to Gamehouse.com online chat and they told me the first charge was an attempt to take the money out and the second attempt and so forth so you will see a couple attempt charges it doesn't mean you are being charged again and again..you are only paying for the the game you purchased once. They are just attempts. Once gamehouse/realnetworks.com validates the charge within 48 hours or it could be a month or so then the other charges will be dropped. you are never really paying for the other charges it just turns out to look like it on your bank statement. Validating could be awhile. i hope i made some sense
I opened my online account and found a debit of 16.04 gainst "VISA - RN *REAL.COM ONLIN". I certainly did not remember making any online transaction towards this site. I called [protected] and provided the representative with my e-mail address and she said i was subscribed for the service in july 15, 2009 which has this monthly charge. But the miracle was that i never got charged July to Dec 2009 and all of a sudden got this new year gift from real.com. I got my account canceled and asked for the reference number for cancelation. Regarding the refund, the representative asked me to report this to my bank as an unauthorised payment. Lets see if i get it back.
They did charge me 6 times for this. I don't know how they got my account information. Bank says it may be a scam but they can't refund the money. Seems there is nothing I can do. I got the account canceled through the contaact number provided in this chain. Hope this doesn't get deducted next month else I am changing my bank.
its all to do with real player it takes ur info on ur card delete real player

RN Real .com — charges

I have 2 charges for 6.99 on my card and have not placed an order for anything. I want this reversed. I have no idea what this is. I will file a formal complaint if not taken care of. Think this may be for games and have not made a purchase.

RNonline.com — wrongly charging creditcard

i have no idea what the hell this is you have 24 hours to return my funds to my card,your company took 19.99 off my card for something that i have no knowledge of.i will take further action in 24 hours please respond so very promptly.very unsatisfied.contact[protected]
So I came to a deduction from my card from the same company and I do not know it
I don't know what this company was, I was charged 19.99, but I called[protected], it's a company affiliated with GameHouse. Your account will be charged untill you cancel.
11/01/10 12/01/10 RN *SUPERPASS FROM USA 0/0 0, 00 34, 99... That´s was registered in my MC credit card!!! Why???? I dont know!!! It was a mistake??? NOOO, because a serius Company, serius people, when they order a debit in MC at the same time they send a mail to You (the CLIENT) notification, confirming, the transaction!!! They never notify to you, THAT IS WHY IT IS A FRAUD!!!
I've just called after seeing this charge in my account. The 34.99 charge I received was for my 3 month subscription to Rhapsody. Where I was concerned with was the fact that this didn't register in my account as Rhapsody but seemingly as a completely different company I was unfamiliar with. I got through pretty easy, though it's pretty obvious you're dealing with outsourced help. And they explained what it was. I'm keeping my subscription but I told them they should have alerted people to look for a change.
This company keeps charging my credit card even though the services we used it for are no longer available. It was used for the 3 day free trial for Big Brother and was suppose to be cancelled. I am still being charged every few months $42
When I order this product online it put a virus in my computor. Thank goodness I have Mcafee spyware, But still cost me $49.99, and still want me pay.

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