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[Resolved]  RNA (NG) Builders and Developers — Terrible quality of Flat

I have booked a flat in Dahisar (Rawalpada), from RNA (NG) Builders, project name is NG Park Phase III.
During booking all basic amenities were promised and like a politician big promises were made and charges were levied accordingly. The Property is not even a year old.
1) We were promised BMC water supply and it’s over 4 months that we have booked the flat and many people have even moved in, but till now there is no water supply. Water is supplied using tankers (we all know where these tankers get the water from). Some residents have complained about a slimy layer of yellow muck deposits on the utensils on usage of such water. Residents buy canned/bottled from surrounding shops as drinkable water.
2) All the flats right from the top floor (7th) are leaking heavily.
3) Majority of residents have received flats with broken tiles and Kitchen platform cracked
4) All hinges and screws are rusted
5) Ceiling is unlevelled.
6) Majority of residents have received flats with irregular pipings
7) There is no security and the garden in our premises is a "adda" for surrounding slum dwellers.
This is just tip of the iceberg. Residents have complained to builder but no response is received. There is no site engineer to complaint and the site/sales incharge changes regularly.
The worst part is the Building has received an Occupancy Certificate, so we can just assume about the Builders hold in BMC.
I am in a terrible mess. Buying a property at this young age wasn’t easy and now I just can’t think what will happen.
I plead you for all the support and co-operation for obtaining justice.
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Aug 14, 2020
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RNA (NG) builders is by far the worst builder I have come across in Mumbai. Absolute fraud builder.
Such cheaters who cheat people must be exposed to public.This will help many others not to be trapped in their false promises.It is really a crime to play with people's hard earned money and its breaching the trust.In fact consumer court should better teach them very good lesson.
RNA is worst ... Hiranandani is very expensive all other builders are either cheaters or small time builders are having problems in delivering projeects on time & most of the times we do not get oc also
RNA has good projects in kandivali khar and bandra
I had a bad experience myself, getting into a deal with NG builders.From what i have experienced i cannot find much difference between a ordinary thief and Mr.NG.
The building NG Park Ph.3 is a complete disaster.Its a new building but already looks like some old property ready for redevelopment.
Intially i started complaining, but when i knew it was falling on deaf years, i quit.
I also find it not worthwhile to complain to anyone, coz i am sure that the builder will wriggle his way out like a snake.
However if Mr.N.G or his kins are reading this, all i can assure is that the ill gotten money is not worth, from what i know is that the , s days are numbered.
He will struggle to sell his apartments at market price, , nowadays prospective buyers have become more clever.They do inquire about past projects.
A lesson to be learnt for the builder is if his quality were any good, he could levy more price and still would have sold out his flats, but the fact is even during the height of property price, he sold at a value below par, still hardly any takers.
His next project nearby is already doomed from the look of it.I would never buy it even if i were offered free!!.
My suggestion to NG builders would be to get out of this construction business and go straight for some racketting and garbage collection business.

Bad luck to NG,
Let’s start a new reality show. MR NG & his family comes and resides in NG Park Phase 3, Dahisar East for a month. I bet the TRP will rise, good sponsors would arise, more funds, everyone will enjoy it.

You want to know why….see below for the fascinating & mind blowing facilities NG Park is providing:

Fresh drinking water supply from tanker daily which is full of minerals that can clog your washing machine or utensils. When doing laundry in this water, sour odor arises and can fade your clothes. Not to forget the ill effects it can give to our intestine system. Already have few incidents with residents in building with huge hospitalization bill after drinking the water from NG Park. Mr NG I would sincerely recommend you to taste this indispensable resource and enjoy it with your family.

Safety is the second concern. The building has open surrounding with slums on all the sides. Now Mr NG & his family will have open access to interact with people from slum, share their belongings….if not shared then stolen. And this is true; I’m surprised to know how a recognized builder can forget about the immense part of construction. I.e. Safety.

Let’s not miss the embarrassing interiors. The walls are uneven. I’m definite Mr NG & his associates might have kept some latest design in mind while constructing it. But sorry to say that the walls look pathetic, leakages all around, false ceilings have gone bad, some tiles are broken in new flats….We feel embarrassed when someone visits our place. Even the passage entrance work is not completed.

Next wonder is definitely something for the one who is health conscious. The elevators here are not working most of the time. The main reason for this is the poor maintenance and low quality technology. A regular walk up and down through stairs would get anyone fit and fine. But very tiring and frustrated because it elevators are supposed to work in such buildings.

I have just put forth few of the points above but there is a long list and every day is like a new worst experience for everyone staying in NG Park, Phase 3. I do not have any hard feelings for Mr NG but my question is “Where is the accountability & Ownership?, Where are those promises?

I sometimes think that we are wrong blaming politicians because we vote them. But here we have come with trust and faith in the builder, also paid him full amount which has been earned by us day and night. I’m sure everyone in this society has taken loan or sold his earlier house with a dream & aspiration. MR NG has cheated them all.

These are emotions and sentiments expressed through writing. I think this should be escalated to highest possible extent because we are deprived with all our rights.

• Right to Safety: No safety from slums
• Right to Information: No one gives us information about what is going on
• Right to Choice: We have to choose water from tanker even though municipality water is mentioned in the agreement
• Right to be heard: No feedback welcomed for residents who have purchased the flats
• The Right to Redress: We have been escalating this issue again and again…but haven’t received solution yet.
• The right to consumer education: Lack of education provided while buying the flat

Its high time…people have become competitive. Mr NG, kindly consider this as feedback to improve. We would like to build good relation with you….Let’s not lose it.

Help us to help you

PS: MR NG is related all those authorities who helped this project to get completed.

RNA (N.G ) BUILDERS — Poor construction

i have purchased a flat at N.G Park phase iii, the construction and finishing is so bad that it seems the building has no strength at all. the building is full of leakages and seepage. the society has started stinking due to this leakage. very very poor construction.
I came across the Worst Builder in Mumbai RNA. I request you give Rs. 5 rate more to other builder but don't go to RNA builder.
I agree with you. Now the website and the the phone numbers of this builder are non existent. And everyone in Mumbai know that the only rule to get Occupancy Certificate/Completion Certificate is to bribe the authorities.

That is the reason all of the builders are against any regulatory body (like SEBI) in real estate; they know that with regulatory body they will not be able to go away fooling the customers as they are doing now by just paying some money to MCB officials.
RNA is worst - in cases he has cancelled bookings if prices have short up... his Bandra east project is lying vacant .. mira rd n dahisar project are not worth mentioning -- horrible quality .. those building willl come down any time
Madarchod hai sala NG, bhenchod ki maa bhen ya phir uski ladki ko hi chudwa dalu sala..bhadwa kahi ka...builder ke naam pe kalank hai sala...
Madarchod hai sala NG, bhenchod ki maa bhen ya phir uski ladki ko hi chudwa dalu sala..bhadwa kahi ka...builder ke naam pe kalank hai sala...
I completely agree with the above complaints...I have purchased a flat with RNA NG in Mira Road...Trust me every thing the people have said above is truth...I am purchased the flat in a Building named N.G. Mira Road East...All the contruction work was stopped because this flat were lying unsold and the market fell..The flat conditions were so bad i can't explain and above that The RASCAL NG builder levies interest even if you the payment is made a day late...To add to the misery the contructors he uses to do your flat..are most pathetic...they are...think of whatever worst of abuses you can give them...They will never complete your work on time...ANOTHER STORY IS...I WAS TOLD THAT THE FLAT WAS OF AREA 661 AND THE SUPER BUILT-UP WAS 33%...GUESS WHAT THE SELLING AGENTS OVER THERE LIED ABOUT IT AND THE SUPER BUILT-UP AREA CAME OUT TO BE 41%...TRUST ME DO NOT EVER TRY TO GET A FLAT EVER FROM N.G. BUILDER...BLOODY HOLE...SAALE KI GAAND MAIN KEEDEY PADENGEY...
Completely Agree... not Even a Year and the Future Cracks are already visible on the Walls ... All People who have Been Victim of this Builder be ready ---- Rains are coming..

To Add--- things promised at the time of selling the house are yet to be provided.
Door Knobs are Rusty and were promised to be changed on Possession... All Crap.. Never Believe this Builder...

Also, came to know that - NG PARK, NG PALM, NG SHELTER, NG PARADISE. Have been Developed by the same Contractor... RNA Should Understand after these n number of Complains that it is time to change the Contractor...
This Guy Travels in an Inova and a Scorpio and uses Cheap Building Materials.

When I think now... I laugh at myself and Think What a Fool I am... How Could I even make a Mistake to buy such a Pathetic House...

To my Surprise I am not the Only one NG was able to fool... God... He fooled the complete Society... I am Talking about NG Shelter (MiraRoad). where Majority of the flats have been sold.

Now I am stuck with this Flat for atleast the next 2-3 years...

But for the people who are looking out for flats Please leave RNA NG OUT of your list...

N.G.Builders — N.G.Park-Phase III

RNA N.G Builder is Not a Builder he is Plumber.Phase III N.G.Park No One Work Done Properly.Problem is Like Drinking Water,Security,leakage Water in Flats I am Also Fead UP NG Builder Service.Most OF The Work are Not Complient Now he Demand About Socity Registration & Remaing Maintenance Charges Payment.When Will Go For metting in There Fort Office N G Not even singal Proper Answer.

Moral Of the Story Do Not Buy A Flat Under RNA N.G Builder.He is a Plumber Not a Builder.
Yes, Above Metter is True Like Mirror
Mira road Custumer Beware o[censored]pcoming Projects of RNA (NG)

NG Vedant NG Galaxy NG Rock NG Vikas. NG View NG Estate NG Plaza

shailesh Mishra — Society registration

S Kumar & Co in Lakshmi Nagar , Shalesh Mishra is a fraud.His office address is Gf, D-248/10, Balaji Complex, Nr Subway, Lakshmi Nagar, Delhi - 110092
He has taken 25 thousand ruppees for Society registration.He cheated me .My society was not registered.
He has taken me all the money and he is not refunding my money.
Never contact him for any Trust or NGO registration.
He is a son of a pross.

Ashish Singh
I also agree to tha above complaints. I also got fooled and book a flat in N.G.Paradise. It is not a paradise it is Bhoot Bangla.
From the mentioned compliants by all of them, I understand that, the construcation done at Mira Road by N.G is a .
Can we do together something to teach N.G a lesson?
RNA N.G has earned what he wanted to earn, Nothing is left now. He cares nothing about the quality of the work that is being done and whether the constructed buildings are sold or not.
The flats that are being sold are just like the pension that he is getting . I agree that we all have been made fools and lured to buy houses provided by this builder, but now the damage has been done.

We all know he is a cheat. We all may be knowing that NG Palm, NG Shelter and NG Paradise are all 6-8 year old buildings have still not been completely sold. You cannot expect Quality from this builder. And I know All the construction work has been done by Mr Pinto (The contractor who ruined the name of RNA N.G)
What can we do against such a crook who turns deaf to all our grievances. God Save him.

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