Rowdies and Bangalore Police — Assaulted by Rowdies, Police Relaxes.

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On Bannerghatta Road, at the traffic junction outside Masjid (near Jayadeva Hospital flyover).

Jan 11 2010, 5 PM.

As the traffic signal was Red, like others i was waiting on my two wheeler. Suddenly i hear lot of honking behind me. I turn around and see two guys (one young, another middle aged), honking and abusing me asking me to get out of their way. They were on a old kinetic honda. I politely told them the signal is RED, wait for it to turn green. And that was all. One of the guys (middle aged) lunged at me, and punched me on my face resulting in a deep cut and bleeding. Before i could recover from this unprovoked act and shock, the younger guy bumped his vehicle into mine and showed me his fist. At this i got down from my vehicle (not knowing what to do) in a apparent bid to push them away.

Now the signal turned green, and these guys suddenly took a U turn on the road and parked their vehicle right in front of the Masjid. They were clearly locals and banking on the fact that being next to the Masjid, with local support, they had nothing to fear.

I quickly came behind their vehicle, noted their number and drove away (still bleeding).

WHAT Happpened Next
I went to Mico Layout Police Station. The constable took full 40 minutes to register a simple complaint, and that too completely in kannada. I signed it without understanding what he really wrote. The only thing i could make out was that he had written the rowdies vehicle number, and for some reason even my vehicle number. When i asked the constable for Complaint Number, he said he cant give it then, but will call me later.

Later i went to hospital emergency, and got 5 stitches on my upper lip, and poorer by Rs 4000. All this for no fault of mine.

1. I still dont know what provoked the rowdies to attack me?

2. Why the police was so casual in recording the complaint. If they acted quickly, they could have even found the vehicle parked in front of the Masjid that time.

3. If Police is not going to help, is the common man supposed to take law in their own hands? What should be done.

4. If you dont know kannada, you can easily see even local crowd and rowdies behaving in a very aggressive manner towards you. And police appears to be behaving in same manner.

ONLY Goondas, Police. Politician are safe in India.
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I know that area. Its completely a muslim area with trucks parked on the side of the roads. These guys must be belonging to that area, thats why they were so emboldened to assault.
Infact they dont even wear any helmets in that area when driving around, instead drive in skull caps.
Police is useless, nothing new about it.
I am very much against the bangalore muslim culture... theythink all other people are there f*@$ b#@$... they are very aggressive and get intimidated for petty reasons. This is because of their upbringing. its hardtime these people learn something from the cultured muslims of Lucknow. I guess this is the reason why many modern people also have a hate and fear feeling towards muslis. I am not communal but sometimes I just get irritated by these people.
It has a lot to do with the fact that local Kannadigas are a abusive lot towards outsiders. They do not hesitate to attack them at the first available opportunity. This is shocking for people from other states, who have never witnessed such aggression.
If we start pointing out towards a caste then it is just like a suicide. Because irrespective of the case we are Indians, we are humans. When you and i can know my responsibility of driving our livelihood, Then why can't we make teach the police know how to work. All this is because the law is in wrong hands. When law is in place then no matter who is the culprit. He/She will be penalized. At this point of time. It is a time for ONE MAN ARMY instead of a democratical government. In the above situation unfortunately the individual was hurt for no reason. What if the same would have happened to our parents/wife/children. We would have not cared about the consequence and rushed to teach them a lesson. We have different ways not to correct them. But we have many ways to correct them as well. An individual should be harsh enough at this situation. At this point if atleast he would hit both of them with his helment and punched them then they would not repeat the same. The same environment will be followed forward and this will really have a great impact on our childrens life. When police is not taking any action. Try a different way possible. Try to drag it to the higher level. Everyone is integrated but atleast. We can do our best. We build up groups but of no use. We have groups like Jai Karnataka, KFD and many more which will join hands at this point of time. Try to become member of these groups. Am not a member though. Once you come out of the fear then no one will dare to even stare at you. Because a sword can only fight with a sword. Sword can be used for two different things. One is to cust the cake and one is to cut the head. We know how to study, search a job, learn the job, do the job, pay the tax on time, bribe the police when a passport investigation is through, or when we are caught, but why not when we are in this situation. Even death comes unexpected. But these things or situations are not unexpected as death. If i was there i would have hit them right left and centre. We were very happy when we were in the hands of british.
We should not point out whos fault is this. You would have left the space to them its, They may be very urgent or they usually do like this( not stopping in any signal, not waring helmet) If you dont have capacity to stop them or fight with them then its your mistake what you did. See if you are going or roaming near your house you have caurage and you will not ware helmet. this is what happend over ther you went to stop which you dont have anything in your hand.
Its really big lesson for you never do this kind of mistake again in feature.
Yes all point of view is right, but cops too act like this...
Today morning i went to Shivajinager to have my breakfast after my work, one Muslim guy popped up a and sat in front of me with a black kajol lined on the eye brow with a scary look on his face. suddenly he took his phone and starting talking in kannada "saying anna i am came to have food", then this guy suddenly took the dish which was served for me and started having that, this guy guy was well dressed.
This all happened at Rahmaniya Hotel at shivajinagar, what culture muslim people have which no menace and Muslims are too uncultured people specially in Bangalore

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    Rowdies and Bangalore Police - Assaulted by Rowdies, Police Relaxes.

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