RTA Hyderabad — RTA Officer taking Undue advantage of his power and charging fines

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To Whom It may Concern:

This is in reference to the misbehavior of the RTA inspector who unnecessarily charged me with Rs. 200/- for unable to produce the documents which I had. I requested him to give me 5 mins and I will produce all the documents since I am staying just next to the road where he stopped me. This instance happened with the officer who was on duty at Yusufguda Stadium at 1810 hours on 9th June 2010.

If he didn’t wanted to cooperate with me then he should have fined me Rs.50/- as per S 132/177, instead he charged Rs.150/- extra saying am refusing to produce the documents / disobeying the order. Is requesting to wait for 5mins is disobeying or refusing to produce the documents? I called my wife and she was just getting the documents in just 2 mins. The same officer and his cops were openly accepting bribe on the road and allowing other offenders to escape but when they realized that I have all the documents they started harassing me and forced me to pay Rs.200/-. Even now I have not signed the challan because I have all the necessary documents.

Similar other instances have occurred several times of unnecessarily harassing the prompt people like me. My vehicle being out of AP I honestly paid all the taxes in AP and now I felt I did a mistake because these cops are determined to harass people if they refuse to pay bribe.

I want to escalate this to higher officials and Anti Corruption Commissioner. As a first step am posting this complaint to you hoping for action to be taken against this officer. If am not acknowledged about the action and refund me the fine charged, I will escalate this further because these instances are not frequently occurring and I am fed up with Hyderabad RTA Officers who are corrupt especially if you tell them that you work in Hi-tech city.

RTA Officers have powers that doesn’t mean that they can exercise their powers to take undue advantage of citizens.

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Please read the incident date as 29th June 2010 and NOT 9th June 2010
I agree with you. The worst sin you can do is not belong to a state. And this is across all states. But if you notice, Police, RTA, Railways in fact the common man's attitude towards you if you are not from the state is not always friendly. And God help you if you are in IT/ITES, then from the pan wala/ chaiwala to your landlord - and everyone in between will assume you are Bill Gates' son-in-law and then start extracting from you. PLEASE! To demand and expect money, please understand our hard earned money comes from working night shifts, fighting cholestrol & obesity, work stress, social obligations, high rents. And we pay the highest taxes -deducted at source- and pay the highest rates - "IT wadu"- without expecting any seperate state, no strikes, no dharna, no exemptions. And with whats left of our salary, when we enjoy, the world automatically sneers and says "IT culture has corrupted our country"- Without IT, you wont be able to get more than 4000 rs rent anywhere, wont be able to overcharge auto fare, ahhh the list of misery can go on.. But coming back to the point - First get all your papers in order, go to the RTA office, talk to the Motor vehicles Inspector, ask him what else is needed. If he says everything is fine, ask him to attest. take a color copy of the tax paid and reciepts and laminate them. Try learning Telugu as cops and govt guys dont like people with fair skin and who speak only hindi to them, It pisses them off if you try speaking in English. Avoid driving to the right or the left, In hitech city, avoid KPHB spinal road at around 11 am onwards to 12:30 pm near month end (after 22nd) Its collection time! Always have a NOC from your home state. Else you are toast!. list of docs to have: NOC from home RTO/RTA, PUC, Tax reciept (copy- carry the original but dont hand over), color zerox of RC book / card (again never hand over- if you do, ask RTO for reciept, else it will be a major harrassment tool). Vehicle insurance. Stop ONLY if you find the RTA guy in khaki uniform along with his deputy. Stop Only if a traffic policeman along with at least sub-inspector (check for a bike or a jeep - AP you dont find Bullets used. Traffic home guards or reserve home guards are sometimes given cop's uniforms and they make month end money on the side like this. So if you have all the docs, no need to stop u can keep going and IF AT ALL, a cop catches up with you siren blaring( very rare as they are not on official duty for checking 99% of the time) ONLY then stop and get out of the car and put the key in your pocket. Then take out your papers for verification. Only tip: Dont drink and then take my advice!

Im not against police or authorities but im advising you not to get cheated in the guise of authority. You pay taxes, battle inflation, provide for your family and loved ones, work hard and finally get vegetables that are close to the price of gold, no infrastructure, no governance, rude government and harassment!

Moral of the story- you should be so rich that nothing bothers you or be so poor that nothing ever matters. But if you are working in ITES, then sorry, life's sometimes sucks!
I wants to know the address of the vehicle Registration Number : AIO3838
Thats such a shame. Corruption in traffic police is the best example of corruption reaching to to roads and streets. Corruption or a pan ke dukaan... sad but true

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    RTA Hyderabad - RTA Officer taking Undue advantage of his power and charging fines

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