Safal Pure Veg — Arrogance and misconduct

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 Mahima Singh
This is about the misconduct of the staff at Safal's newly opened store at Alakhnanda Market near Kalkaji, New Delhi.
The lady who manages this store is a very arrogant lady, whose misconduct with me is elaborated as follows.
*The lady is busier with her child than the customers
* This girl child is always playing around the store.
*We got a mango which was damn raw and sour
* Today when we got some vegetables, I also complained about the mango, the lady wasnt at all ready to accept her fault, Instead arrogantly asked ME to hold the polyethene to put the veg.
* On telling her that it isnt the customer's job, she said " ajeeb aurat hai apni sabji dalwaane ke liye polyethene nahi pakad sakti"
On saying that I will complain about this she said-" haan haan jaao kar lena"
Also the quality of the vegetables is extremely poor.
No contact details on safal's website are valid. Neither their automatic complaint email works nor the emails id given on the website.
you are requested to Look into the matter as soon as possible and take some action against this store

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Yes, I do came across rude behaviour with the store keeper in NOIDA-safal.sector -53.Moreover that store almost get infuriated if u ask a receipt.They need to be questioned, atleast.
I visited Safal outlet in Alaknanda market in South New Delhi on 21 March 2010 at 8.45pm. I have the following comments:
1. Persons running this outlet had created a house inside outlet.
2. In this room they live, make food and more than 8 people live inside this outlet.
3. One person by name of Jai Bhagwan was drunk while he was inside the outlet.
4. There was one woman inside the room who was cooking food and she misbehaved with my children.
5. When I protested she started misbehaving with me and shouting at me and asked me to leave the store.
6. Jai Bahgawan who was drunk held my hand and started to misbehave with me.
7. Other customers in the outlet told him to keep quiet and apologize but he kept shouting and also the woman who was Surender Singh's wife.
8. Man on the counter was Surender Singh 9. Outlet was not in his name.
10. When I asked who is the person to whom the outlet is allotted they did not say anything.
11. Jai Bhagwan and Surender Singh's wife started shouting and saying go and complaint wherever you want. We will also see who can even reach us. No one can even touch us.
Above was what had happened. Now note the following:
1. Surender Sigh's wife was cooking inside the safal outlet where it is centrally air-conditioned. Using gas in such an area is such a hazard it can cause death or even a fatal accident.
2. There were at least 8 to 9 persons such roaming around in the outlet most men were drunk it is such a social nuisance. Especially for ladies accompanied by children.
3. Most fearlessly they were shouting and misbehaving even holding a customer's hand.
4. Surender Singh's wife was consuming products from the packets and putting them back in the rack. Someone who would not know that some packets are used can buy a used packet and the blame will come on Mother Dairy.
5. With so many people from the franchisee side in the outlet the customer is most unsafe and insecure they cannot say anything and they cannot objects to any misdoing from the staff because all of them just pounce on the customer and any customer for their own safety will only walk out.
6. Such Safal outlets have become harbingers of local goons and drunkards who misbehave with girls, ladies and tease ladies.
7. Strict action should be taken against these people.
8. No on comes to know who the actual person is because they never disclose. They are social nuisance.
On one side govt. is trying to make the city safe and livable for woman on the other hand such outlets of Safal have become local crime centers.

It is time that concerned authorities in Mother Dairy / Safal take some very serious steps including continues and random checks. Make penalties very strict so that these outlets are safe and customers can really enjoy the true essence of Mother Dairy & SAFAL.
this is a complaint about your safal shop in ardee city, NEAR GATE NO 2.. Gurgaon, it is very badly managed and the boys who run the shop are big thieves they cheat the customers, never give receipt and bills, charge for the plastic bags, the weight of the vegetables are one and the money they charge is another..and not the right price too. On one occasion they boy, gave less money to the customer and when she asked back for the change he said he had given her back the money, which he had not.
Today he charged me twice for the same garlic at 210 per kg, charged@ 26 while the actual price was 23 rupees.. when i took
it back to the shop and weighed it, and then charged me again 55/- rs for garlic @ 210 which he did
not put in the plastic bag, and he knew very well he had done this, cheating thing, when i went back
to the shop he refuted the charge then after 10 min he came to my flat and said that since the shop
was too crowded he had made a mistake.. Just this once i happened to check the bill which he actually gave me, and i found this big error..TELL ME HOW DOES THE OTHER CUSTOMERS

Bag It Today — Rude Language

Executive namely Ankush Jain was talking with very rude language and forcing us to purchase product of Bag It Today.
I have purchased vegetables from Greater Noida (Alpha 2) Safal Shop today (30th Dec 2012) at 07.30 PM. I have taken number of vegetables and the counter attendant charged Rs. 550/-. I asked the bill but he said that the printer is not working hence he cannot give the bill. I just paid and took the vegetables. After reaching home I got suspicious due to not giving the bill and calculangted the cost which came to be approx Rs. 400/-. Thus the guy has cheated me for Rs. 150/-. If he is cheating 10 persons per day for Rs. 100/- to 150/- per customer he is cheating rs. 30, 000/- to 45, 000/- per month. SAFAL must act on it. They should send one fake customer and buy vegetables and catch him red-handed.- SANJIV GARG, NOIDA
I purchase a vegetable from F - 3, Sector 16, Rohini[protected] New Delhi (Near DDA Market) and I always prefer to use my own vegetable bag but seller of this store misbehave with me and told me in rude language that next time I should not come with my bag and use very rude language so I told him that you don't know delhi govt ban poly bag then he become very angry and he asked me "Sabji lena hai tere ko to haath me le tokri me aur agar neahi lega hai to nikaal le yahan se"
0n 30th April 2013 i went to safal store sarita vihar pocket c market.after reaching home when i opened the net bag containig tomato i found that most of them are rotten.i immideately called the store and that guy said koi baat nahi kal aap change kar lena next day when i went their to exchange tomatos the store manager blindly refused to exchange he said that the moment you pay for the vegetable their is no can not blame us because you have pick up that bag when i said i could not check because it was packed he said its your fault and when i said you should not keep sadi gali sabzi in your store the he started misbehaving .he was talking very rudely .he was insulting me and never accepted his fault/i am very disappointed later on i came to know that other vegetables are also there any agency to check their quality control?

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    Safal Pure Veg - Arrogance and misconduct

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