[Resolved]  Samsung Refrigerator — Not yet replaced, damage

Purchased samsung refrigerator 315ltr from Reliance Digital - Bangalore on 1st Jan 2008. The delivery was done after 3 days and after 2 days engineer came to install and found it was damage and said will be replace in 2 days.
Its 10 days now after paying full Iam forced just waiting.
Today I got a call from Reliance stating that they do not have that model and once they receive they will contact me and the date is unknown.
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Aug 13, 2020
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Beware of Samsung Customer Service

I have never had a more horrible experience with after sales service as I have had with Samsung.

5 months back I bought 2 Split Samsung A/c’s from Sony Mony Andheri West, Mumbai. First of all, the A/c’s came in damaged and torn packaging & boxes. The A/c was also damaged might have been a result of some sharp pointed object falling on it during transportation. When we notice the same, we called the Samsung Customer Service helpline, who referred me to Sai Enterprise (official service centre), who in turn referred me to the Retailer (Sony Mony), who refused to do anything about it and referred me back to Sai Enterprise. Then after numerous follow-ups, I was refered to Mr. Basutkar (who claimed to be the head customer service guy). He talked me out of asking for a replacement A/c, and promised me that only the outer cover replacement would be done in a weeks time. Now it has been 5 months of constants follow ups with Basutkar, Sai Ent, and Samsung Helpline and still nothing has been resolved. Basutkar, being the head of customer service is the Person who should have looked into the same promptly and resolved since the customer was directly in touch with him. Instead all these guys have fooled me, asked me to Fax them my invoice copy atleast 5 times, and still haven’t resolved the issue saying that “Samsung is very slow and sending the part to us”. Imagine.

The 2nd A/c I bought also has a whistling sound coming from the blower, which also has not been resolved/rectified yet.

I had sworn never to buy any Samsung product after similar experience with the Samsung customer Service with my Window A/c. I feel into their trap due to the new nano A/c they had introduced 5 month back. I urge everyone NEVER, NEVER to buy any Samsung product, else they are bound to suffer like I am since the past 5 months.

On the other Hand, companies like LG, Sony, Hitachi are No. 1 in customer service. For any after sales service issue, they have responded within 24 Hours and resolved the matter. Hats off to them for managing the customer service so well. Samsung should learn from them else shut down shop so that foolish customers like me (who buy Samsung products) stop suffering in their hands.

I have now lost my patience and will take the matter ahead with the consumer grievance cell and the media on how I have suffered with Samsung customer service & products.

Kunal Bharti
Complaint # [protected]

My name is Venkata Vinod Kumar.G, I purchased SAMSUNG BIOSLEEP (Model no: AS12FJXTL) split 1.0 ton A.C on March 2nd 2008 thru a dealer named “THANGAM ENTERPRISES”, Medavakkam. The dealer has sent a technician to fix the A.C for me, I do not know whether he came from SAMSUNG or not .The machine worked fine for 20 days.I.e still 22nd march and it stopped giving cooling effect. After 22nd March, I did not used it for few days and I recognized that this machine has some problems, Hence I called SAMSUNG customer care on may be 5th or 6th APRIL 2008, I raised a complaint and they did provided a B.P no..Which I do not have rite now. They had sent on-site technicians to check the problem...A technician came same day (6th April) and said it might be a GAS LEAKAGE (I wonder how this could be possible on brand-new machine), He said the unit has to be taken to workshop and an on-site tech came next day and took it to work-shop. He said he will deliver the A.C within 3 days but he delivered after 5 days, here one more thing is that they just kept the A.C on the floor and said it should be fixed by the same person who installed it on day-1(He said it was installed by a local technician and SAMSUNG tech will not install it back), he said there is no problem in my A.C and they checked with high pressure too. so I waited for 2 days to get hold of the same local tech and installed the machine back. The same issue again, No cooling effect (For which I raised the complaint all about).I again called SAMSUNG customer care and raised a complaint. This time I spoke with a manager called Shivkumar (Mobile no: [protected]), who has sent another on-site tech. He said the machine is leaking gas for some reasons which made me highly disappointed, Hence I asked for replacement of the unit, I spoke to him for about 30 minutes and he finally accepted to raise a replacement request for this unit and he said it could take up to 15 business days. This was on 17-Apr-2008. All this mess I had in getting my A.C fixed, I came to know how good the Samsung customer care is all about. Fine, Here I called shivkumar (manager: Mobile no: [protected]) on 30-apr-2008 and asked him what is the status, He said he submitted the request and gave his reporting person’s number who is another manager, Name : Manikandan (Mobile no:[protected]).He said it will take another 7-days and told me the Expected delivery date is Monday(5-May-08).I called MANIKANDAN on Monday(5th may) and he said everything is done and I will get a replacement unit on 6th MAY(Tuesday).I waited the whole day for the call from SAMSUNG. Nobody called me. I called Shivkumar and he said he has no –idea when I will get a call. I called Manikandan, He did not attended the call, I sent a message, no response .Hence I called Samsung care again. They said they did not have any records for replacement. He said he will send a mail and I will receive another call, I have no words to say. NOW U GUYS TELL ME WHAT I SHOULD DO.

I certainly will not leave it here.

Venkata Vinod Kumar.G
ph no[protected]
To Marketing manager,

I had purchased a refrigerator on 05/12/08 from Sales Corner BARODA, after installation one of your technician from Samsung service on 7/12/08 visited our place to check whether there is any problem or not, we brought him to notice a abnormal noise of Compressure, for which he conformed that someone from Samsung service would come and rectify, I have noted the complain on job sheet also, but no action was taken till 09/12/08 evening, so I called Samsung C.C and registered a complain, the no. is [protected] and was told that someone from Baroda service would contact us on 10/12/08 by afternoon but no one contacted, so I called up to know the status of my complain and same time I enquired with Mr. Bhattacharya Ahemdabad office, and he told me that Baroda people had contact us and solved the problem, why i am calling him again since our issue is solved

I feel sorry to inform that same thing happened in month of September 08, when I had sent my TV for repairing, Mr. Bhattacharya was told by your staff that they already had given us the quotation, where we were not informed at all, Mr. Bhattacharya looked personally into the matter and had short out it, and conformed no one called from Samsung side

I got fed up from the way your Samsung service team deals with people; mine is a new refrigerator and has treble noise of compressure, which is not acceptable, due to negligence and delay from your personal, I have to throw foodstuff in garbage of rs 1000, will u reimburse me this amount .
Hope for a positive reply for your earliest, with a prompt action against your staff

Thanking you
M K Jain
General Manager
G.M service and repairs
I had purchased a180 lt capacity samsung refrigerator - RA18/20. The ice making compartment does not work properly. The materials are not deep frozen. The ice tray does not make ice at all. The water is not frozen to ice. The temperature control was first tried at 5 and then 10. Still no response. Where is the service centre for CALICUT region in KERALA?
I have purchases Samsung refrigerator, after 3-4 month Ice Bucket, Butter Bucket, Milk Tray and Subji bucket were broken. The acrelic is of third class quality. I made a complaint 3-4 time then also they never call up for same or ready to replace the same.

I advice never buy any product of samsung .We pay more but the serivece provided by samsung is very very poor.They are interested in sale the product only, but they not interested in after sale service !
I have never had a more horrible experience with after sales service as I have had with Samsung.


This is to inform you that I have purchased a mobile phone from SPICE RETAIL from Sector 17 Rohini on 20 June 2009 which bears the Invoice No.[protected] Model - E-1100 ).After some time it has developed the Display problem. I have reported this problem to the SAMSUNG Authorized service centre in Noida at CEE EMM SERVICES (Authorized service centre) Shop No.-8, 9, 10, G.Floor, Raj Place, Hukum Singh Market, Atta, Sector-27 NOIDA- 201301, ( Ph No.[protected]. I have handed Over the Product to them on 21st day of September 2009 and was assured of replacement/Repair with in one week. Till now nothing has been done from their end and I have visited them many times from my tight schedule to get back the mobile but they are not even bother to attend it seriousely. Now I have been forced by them to write this complaint to you in the anticipation of earliest remedy to this problem.

You are requested to kindly help me in this regard.I shall be very thankful to you for this kind help.

Best Regards,

GS Juneja
(Facility Manager)
Nimbus Harbor facility Mgmt.Pvt Ltd.
Same thing is happened with us, We bought RT41 370 ltr Rfregerator did nor work even for one hour. Dealer Meharsons Sec 22 Chandigarh refused to hear us. We bought on 7th till now no action is taken by them. I was suppose to get call from Amarjit nor happened at all.

Poor Srvices of samsung and poor support of Dealer, bad product.
I have bought Samsung refrigerator on 6thApril, 2010. The next week we found that the Bottle holder on the refrigerator door is broken. I logged a call on Samsung call center but now this is more than one month I have not received any response. I have at least called them for more than 14 times. Every time I receive the assurance that some one will come to replace the part, but no one have taken any action yet.
It is just two months old .I is afraid that if this is happening for this small part what will happen if I face any bigger issue.
I have called the Service Center, Samsung Call Center, have mailed them to their online feed back section but I have not received any solution other than their assurance.
I am 100% sure going forward I will not bye any Samsung product and will not refer any other as well. But at this moment is there any way that I can take some action.

Please suggest.
My Complain number is:-[protected]

Samsung — Refrigerator is out of Action, but Samsung says their job is done

Re: my Service Request# [protected]
I had complained to Samsung on July 14 2010, that I had problem with my Refrigerator. It was not working. Since then, I had to make several phone calls. After long delays Engineer come and they say their job iob done. I have been calling daily their Call Center, their Service Center, sending emails. After few days Engineer comes and says his job is done. I get SMS daily saying " Trust your query is resolved". I am without a Refrigerator, and Samsung's job is done.
I have never seen such a callousness by any company. I have all my appliances from Samsung. I never had any problem with Samsung before.
But now Samsung must be BANKRUPT. They dont pay their Service Reps, call center, their computer attendants, because they all say their job is done, and customer's query must have be resolved. They dont want to do anything about Customer's complaint. When customer calls, they say why am I bothering them.
What should I do in this situation? because Samsung is BANKRUPT. I am sitting without my Refrigerator, and Samsung says their job is done.
I live in Indirapuram, NCR. I have purchased a Samsung Refrigerator in 2009, which is again not working now. I made a complaint to the service centre on 24-Aug-2010. (Complaint No. [protected]). One person from the Indirapuram Service Center came. He did not appear to be a technician, and was not technically competent and suggested that someone else will come to diagnose what the issue is. Thereafter no one has turned up.

I have made several follow-up calls to Smasung customer care desk and service centre in Indirapuram. (Till date 8 calls made to Customer Center and 29 calls made to Service Center). I have also send 2 emails to the supprod desk email address. The service center people are either not interested or do not have any technically competent staff to attend service calls. They seems to have closed the case just by sending an office boy to the site!

I don’t understand why they have a service centre that is not capable of attending customer issues? They are very nice to always say that a representative will come to your house within 1 hour. In this way, they make sure, that we cannot go out anywhere. However, the service personnel never turn up.

Pathetic service I must say. Samsung should immediately close down the service centre in Indirapuram. They are good for nothing.

It is my back luck that I opted for a Samsung product. Horrible Service.
Service manager
Samsung India
This is to inform you that I have purchased a double door refrigerator. within one week it has leakage in working time, so i complaint regarding this for several tilmes now one year is over the problem is not solved till now. so i have a request please change my fridge as early as possible.

yours faithtfully
near Manzoor Hospital
North Kottachery


Samsung — no- replacement of damaged accessory

microwave Model No.CE1031 DFB/XTL) from dealer M/S H.P. Butala & Services, purchased on 29.08.2010. Found coating of crust plate damaged and informed daler as well as Samsung customer support. dealer denied to replace by telling it as a complimentary but askd to contact Samsung. Samasung has replied to my mail and informed that the complaint No. B.P NUM: [protected] on 18th Dec.2010. Replied by Ms. Jaya Pawar, Customer Satisfaction Team
Samsung India Electronics Pvt. Ltd. But so far not yet replaced the item. dealer says he has not yet received the same from Samsung. various correspondece done on the following dates / subject
Sender : devassy anil<[protected]@yahoo.com>
Date : Dec 18, 2010 00:02 (GMT+09:00)
Title : Damaged accessory
Sender : devassy anil<[protected]@yahoo.com>
Date : Dec 18, 2010 00:02 (GMT+09:00)
Title : Damaged accessory
On Sun, 26/9/10, devassy anil <[protected]@yahoo.com> wrote:
From: devassy anil <[protected]@yahoo.com>
Subject: Fw: site demo request
To: support.[protected]@samsung.com
Date: Sunday, 26 September, 2010, 3:29 PM

Samsung Home appliances (Refrigerator) — Horrible customers ervice

I have bought a samsung side by side refrigerator from Croma on Feb 20th 2011

I am having some trouble with the LEds displaying temperature not working and the cooling is affected. As I result I registered a complaint with Samsung on 4th of July. They promised me that and Engineer will be at my doorstep within 24 hrs. I subsequently took the next day off. I did not receive any call . I called up their customer 3-4 times and then they re-registered my complaint and promised for the next day. my BP number is [protected]

I again took the day off .The engineer called me up and promised that he will be at my place before 5 PM. I called him at 6 PM and he said he forgot and could not come that day . His manager called me up and said that they will try to send some body by tomorrow but cannot guarantee any time and just hung up.

Today I am calling up Samsung service center since morning and every time they promise that somebody will call me up within half an hour but nobody has called me up.

This is the last time I am buying a samsung product. I am already talking to my lawyers to take this into the Consumer grievance cell
DEFECTIVE BRAND NEW FRIDGE :metro radio, sv road, bandra west, 26443508, 26420147, 22910614


[ we our old working Samsung too, was OK 9 Years fine; *exchanged total price Rs.2000/- THUS total Cost Rs.16700/- ]

1) on next day night we saw ice water on freezer was dripping into the back low tray~puddling into our Kitchen floor,

2) we informed Metro Radio BUT just only call-centre's making rubbish, excuse's,
till eventually on the reason WE had to again go to Metro Radio to the same salesman Mr.Rishi

3) on Saturday 25th June 2011 then senior technician came one Mr.Mohbin Syed Complain number [protected],
He said this is a defective fridge AN HE SPOKE TO METRO RADIO and TO CHANGE THE REFRIGERATION IN 4-6 DAYS ~is a standerd lie to samsung, call-boys
already 5 days silent ~their procedure, what to do !! even now 23 days no action

Regards / Capt. S. Chagla [ MASTER-MARINER FOREIGN GOING ]

Flat 14, 1st Floor, TOPAZ Apartment, 55 Hill Rd x Varoda Rd
Mumbai, Bandra West, 400050 INDIA
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