sana consultancy — no 1 fraud in madurai

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 teambring on Sep 12, 2011
No 1 fraud consultancy in madurai.
they ask rs. 200 and they not give receipt and give one company name is siragu technolgies is this companny or house atmosphere i dont't know,

no of fraud consultancy and paying money in madurai

1 . sana - Rs.200
2. - 500

so don't give amount in any consultancy because all consultancy cheated so be aware of it
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Sana Consultants Is World's No 1 Fraud Company .

Indha Pulapukku Naala Peru ...Laam

Thanks for your complaint. I represent Sana Consultancy and I wanted to explain you in detail -

I would have appreciated if you would have come to us directly and expressed your concern or called our customer complaints and appreciations phone number [protected].

We are here to help you if you have any problems in finding a job. Our policy is to help you get a job in the matter of 2 months, for the minimal amount we get which is one time payment of Rs.200 (for 2 months time period validity).

If you are not satisfied with one company's interview, we are here to give another company's interview for you to attend. Interviews don't click for an individual in just one company. If you have any complaints call me directly [protected] or email and we are ready to help you and we will make sure you are satisfied.

House atmosphere companies are very common. The company might be in a house atmosphere but they might be doing software development for US customers. Hence, they might be a growing company or a start up. Most of the companies in US were started in garages and even Google was started in garage. You cannot complain on the house atmosphere or any our company customers like that.

We are not like other consultancies (where you had bad experiences), but we do this job very sincerely and dedicated to help everyone to a maximum extent. If we are not able to followup back and check if you got a job, it is your responsibility to followup with us to get another company contact for interview.

We do have success stories of people coming to us and telling us that we are happy and got job through you. We understand that you are dissatisfied with our services, but if you are not happy with one company, you could have come to us and we are ready to help you again and we consider it as high priority.

Please contact us directly and we are here to help you get a job and we guarantee you that you will land in job.

Thank you
Sana Consultants
ya sure.
its no. 1 fraud consultancy in madurai

Y they r still having their office.
waste and All of them in there including Vinoth and Yuvaraj are Stupids and Non Sense Peoples.
No1 Fraud Consultancy in Madurai...Why they are cheating us...Friends don't believe them
They never arrange any useful interview..They are playing with us...including freshers...
Don't waste your money...They told me only a company name alone, then whenever i go for that company
they have simply said currently have no right opportunity for u with us...

Why this people(Sana) are need for us to ask company members about whether there is opening or not...

So please don't go there...
Well said Vinay...:)
ya...its sure...No:1 :::FRAUD CONSULTANCY COMPANY...DONT WASTE UR is a waste consultancy company...Don't go any time...Dont waste ur time...
Hai friends, this is selva. I have never seen this kind of no 1 fraud company in madurai. i ask to thiru for arrange a interview at tafe company. i also paid Rs 250 from last month. but he will do not arrange the inerviw still now. they tell him worthlss reasons. dear fiend pls don't go this fraud consultany and don'twaste your money an valuable time. do not believe thiru and azar.
they are cheated with us.

friends pls aware it.

sana is the waste consultancy...
Hi Mr.Selva,

Please call us at our complaints (Customer Service) number and we are here to help. Our Customer Service number is [protected].
We can definitely make sure you are satisfied with our service and we will make sure you get a job.

- Senior Manager, Customer Service at Sana Consultants.
Dear Mr.Selva,

It was nice talking to you over the phone just now.
We have contact TAFE and they have provided the requirements etc., but the interview schedule is not yet provided by our contact in TAFE.
Once it is released by them, it will be provided to you sir.

No need to worry and we do our best to address your concerns. Anytime you can call the below number.

Thank you
Sana Consultants.
hi friend i too agree wit ur words this is the no1 fraud and irresponsible consultancy in madurai i have never meet such a worst comp only they are getting money and simply eye washing the poor people like us my suggestion to all friends tat dont ever go and register in this consultancy
Hi Mr.Andrew,

Please call the complaints number [protected] and the problem will be solved immediately.
The number is [protected]. We are here to help!!!

Thank you
Dear friends thank you for your suggestions
no 1 fraud in chennai

No 1 fraud consultancy in chennai.

they ask rs. 200 and they not give receipt and give one company, is this company or house atmosphere i don't know,

One of the greatest fraud consultancy and collecting money from the job seekers.

there is one fellow vinoth, Once he charged from us, he never pick up the phone !!!

sana consultancy fee - Rs.200

so don't give amount in any consultancy because all consultancy cheated so be aware of it
Hi Rpyuvi,

I am guessing you have not reported to the Complaints number listed in the card - [protected].
Please call [protected] or send email to and we are here to resolve your issue and get you a job.

We would like to address your concern at the earliest. We are not here to cheat anybody and earn from that. We want to do perfect satisfied customer service, so please call to the complaints number and we are sure we can help.

Thank you
Sana Consultants.
100 % True. Waste of time.
Apart from these issues, Mr Viond and Mr Balaji dont treat the customer or the candiate with due respect.May be both of them are highly educated rich people.They dont have patience to engage the customer/candiate in person or over phone.Humbleness elevates.
all students be aware of sana consultancy..their only motive is to cheat freshers...dont go to sana consultancy..sana consultancyla velai pakuravanga 10th fail anavanga..avangaluku velai ilanu dan ethaya start 1 fraud...customer serviceku call panna solluvanugu..ana anga irukiradha motham 4 celphone 2 computer dont go...
SANA CONSULTANCY is no 1 big fraud consultancy... me and my friends saw their shining ads and went there... there is a man name thiru... he told us we will surely give job in mncs like ford, nissan, maruthi etc in chennai... we believed in his words... and gave 250rs... after a week we went to chennai sana office.. there is a another man named vinoth he gave 2 company addres.. we went to that company... but the company staffs also complained about sana consultancy there are cheats... pls dont go there... then we return to madurai and ask thiru about the company he told lie lie lie always lie... then me and my friends shouted him... then he gave us some company addres in madurai.. we went there.. the comp name is haritha honda near appolo hospital... we was shocked by seeing that place... that day only they started earth pooja for their company... now me and my friends loss our 250rs... my dear frnds... plsssssssssss plssssssssssssssssssss dont go to sana consultancy... if u go there... u r the biggest fool in the world..
sana consultancy is No 1 fraud they asking money from us for giving salary to there team members... if it is a true consultancy then y they ask money from us...

sana consultancy thinks if they reply in this website STUDENTS think we doing positive BUT STUDENT ARE CLOVER every where...
s definitely it's a fraud consultancy.. oly they know to post ads.. they are not worth
they r really

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