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There is one fraud comany at Ahmedabad named Sanework Technologis. It recognized it self as Profitable solutions provider. On comanies web site, you will find so many fake things like Quality, Products and Services. But, its actual business is cheating client and employees. Comanie's CEO Mr. Patel is hiring highly paid employess and get done one project within 15 to 25 days. Project become live without any documentation and then he just blame to employees for any silly reason. He exploits employees so much and force them to leave the organization before month or within 40 days so, he don't require to pay to employess salary. This is happening frequently. Company offer high salary initialy to employess. When employee join and work for one month he/she doesn't get anything. CEO force employees to stay night and hold meetings in night. Company hiring employess in big numbers. This is serious issue. Company and his CEO play with employees career. This should be bring out so, no body go for interview and cheatad by company. CEO may close the company after earning so much from employees. This should be stopped. Pls do needful if any body can do.
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Aug 14, 2020
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I 100% agree on comment about Sanework Technology. It is cheter company. Yogesh Patel is a CEO of company, knows only how to demoralize employees and not paying salary.
This is experience. Never go for even interview for this company. Comany boast for ISO, CMM but there is no basic requirement for employees.
Sanework Technology, located at Vastrapur-Ahmedabad is abusing the employees and play with their career very smartly. CEO of company Mr. Yogesh Patel is responsible for all these malicious activities.
I'm Siji working as an employee of Sanework Technologies Pvt. Ltd. After working their since long i totally disagree with the above complaints of Sanework, i know who has written this. They are the ones who got fired of not performing at all. Sanework is a good ground for those who want to grow as far as the knowledge is concerned. We have completely systemized work. No emloyee is allowed to work in a lethargic manner. Strict actions are taken against the indisciplined employee. All the employees of Sanework are upto the mark. As far as the comment on our CEO Mr. Yogesh Patel is concerned, he can't play with the career of employees. If ever he would have done that we would never have had 50+ employees in our company. Even i also would have left the organisation if the motive would be to exploit the employee. Infact, even freshers are given oppourtunities to work in such a reputed IT Software company. So this is my humble request to all pls don't agree with the ones who have written the above complaints only because of some business rivalry. And above that he/she has used the names of the employees who are already working here. For any further confirmation you can send a mail to [protected] to ask about Sanework Technology.
I totally agree with what Siji has to say about Sanework. I, Gayathri being an old employee of Sanework have good working experiences. I also agree with the above complaint which says that "CEO force employees to stay late and hold meetings in night". For him all the employees are important so he don't want any body to miss out the important meetings. And being an IT company, sometimes meetings are held at night. But that is the part and parcel of the job. As far as our CEO is concerned he has never abused any employee. I'm shocked to read the above complaints.
Hi All,

"I am very Sad, I agree that i have not management skill which require for company CEO or Owner.

This is told by CEO (World’s unsuccessful, distrusted CEO - Sanework Technology Pvt. Ltd - 401, Supar plaza, Vastrapur, Ahmedabad. Gujarat, India)

He has near about more than 5 years of exeperience in software industry, He has worked for 1 employee to 7500 employs company, even he has worked for H.P (Software, hardware, Laptop) as well, as he told ( I think all are fake, He does not have exeperience at all)

Main thing He can not trust on people who is near to him (could be his family memebers) even he has put cameras in company, He has not trust on employs as well,

Yes it is right that he is not a proper person in Professional and routine life.

He used to do, Hire employs in mid of month and fire him near about 10th (date) on month,

Whatever fact you have been listiing in the market like he does not pay salary to employs that is right, doing demoralize employes that is right, employs are getting Mentally harassment by him, let night meeting, employs are getting frustration, these all about CEO only,

He has setup many laptops, computers, Furniture, and many thing,

Useally he shouts on employs at any time. He can not deliver project on time and can not do properly.

He believes to use people. If you want to cross verification than please come to Sane work. (CEO told that Sanework means Good work but what you think) I believe that CEO has ability to change meaning of word, GREAT MAN YOU ARE DOING GREAT JOB)

If you do not trust on me than please go any time at Sane Work and find CEO, I am sure you never find him, He is an unsuccessful man in the life. Also I believe that whatever written above by the SIJI, GAYATHRI is under mentally forced).

He is doing unprofessional activity and violating the labor law.
I'm Siji, working as an HR executive. My contact number is [protected]. If anybody wants to know about Sanework pls you can call me anytime, being an employee let me explain what is Sanework. Coz the above written things are completely crap. Its all because of jealousy and business rivalry. If i would not been satisfied by this company then i would have left Sanework long back. So pls don't believe in what is written above against Sanework but rather call us and listen to our testimonies about Sanework.

I want to tell bit golden words,

Now days you just ask or i am telling you go to the compnay and ask any develop about the company, i am sure you can know the fact of the company, fact is company does not pay 2 months salary to any employs,

Even SIJI does not get but i dont know why she KID is there, I think she does not want to get paid just being SANEWORK employs. She is HR but she does not what is HR, Just go ans ask, if she is able to say anyting than i will leave the job.

Even i tell you go and check CAMARA's recording you will have all idea, we are wrong or MR. YOGESH PATEL - CEO,

Its older hebit (Let me say POLITICS)of the Yogesh, he never come up with anything just use person and get all done.

But the foolish, nonsense can not understand, ohh GOD save them,

He announces for the bankrupt, he said that he will close the SANEWORK,

There are more than 500000 RS (salary) remains with hope of employs,

Yogesh has political mind and always play game with employs, even Yogesh does not give back money to his USA's client as well.

I am telling you there are few employs with Yogesh why because Yogesh has got expertise for doing Brainfwash, and that is what heppan with those employs . He used to do such activity which you cant imagine.
Hi, I'm writing this to the person who has written against Sanework, "If you are really annoyed about Sanework then give us and the readers your contact number so that we can contact you and may be then you can explain yourself well.
Being a Legal advisor of Sanework Technologies Pvt. Ltd. we have filed a complaint in Cyber Cell against the person who has written against Sanework. Because the above said complaints are absolutely not relevant and because of such blogs we are undergoing marketing loss. Legally we will incur those losses with the person who is against Sanework.
Hi, i am an employee over here... and i completely disagree with what siji has to say about sanework. the fact is none of the employee working over here is happy with the place. The ceo has been lying about the strength of the company and the so called work environment over here. There hardly more than 25 employees since the very beginning... what is said above is true he employs people till the time work is needed and then mentally humiliates them and forces them to leave, which means he can take up that excuse for not paying them up... even today most of the employees are not paid their due salary... and are tortured mentally to leave the place so that he do not have to pay their due salary. He has also not yet given appointment letter to his employees who had been working for him past 3-4 months even when requested for it regularly ...!!! and none of the employees, who were forced to leave the job in an unethical manner, were given any kind of compensation or relieving/experience letter which is a norm in any organization with minimum standard that's say it all... disgusting ceo that's what we can call him who goes to hiding whenever any issue or unwanted circumstances comes up and pop up only when there is payment to be rendered by the client...

If you are so called employee of the company and so sure about all this things, why don't you give your name and contact details, so our lawer can get in touch with you.
Yes ...I agree...Go ahead and give us contact details we can find out truth...let the truth prevail...
Who is Alpesh,

Does he know Yogesh,

First you should know Yogesh and than talk to us,

Alpesh you dont have rights to say get in touch with us lawer,

I will come forward to you, Yogesh and your lawer than we will see what happen,

by the way who are you ???????

Please give me contace detail of Lawer and yours also..

Where is Yogesh, YES Its old techniq of Yogesh, he never come forward just live behind of the person, i mean to say USE OF THAT PERSON, I THINK ALPESH YOU ARE IN SAME LINE DUDE..

I just wanted to know if this is the case where employees are getting exploited then what action they can take against the company to get their right & their money.

Please advise.

Sanework is no more,

Not a single developer is working with sanework,

and if any one say that sanework is good then i want ask single question that how much satisfied employee company have ?

I can give you list of more then 30 employee whom salary is unpaid by company and which is some of lakhs.

now after few days Mr. Yogesh will start new company with new name and start doing same thing what ever he have done with sanework employee.

currently Mr. Yogesh patel is having partnership or ownership of following company

sanework Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (
Realitydreams (
Kmine Consultancy (
Sanework is cheater and they are not paying anybody and then CEO started crying like begger. He is unethical personality. Mr. Vishwavijay who is his partner in reality dreams is also bad person. He is head in ICICI lombard at the national level but exploiting people with him and making false promise

please advice that how can we get our salary. Some people are responsible to run thier family and they had not been paid for several months. Yogesh is always saying that he will give money but when he is not ready to provide any written promise and commitement.


Yes, one day that thing will happen to Mr. Yogesh patel certainly. I want to see him in that condition.

He has closed the Sanework office, but the site is still running, Actually he has taken a good amount of money as a Signing amount from other offshore client, who are innocent, when the Company was having only 3 employee. So Mr. Yogesh patel has got his profits from the company. Also he cheated his employees as well as clients.

Now either he will start a new company with a new name or open Sanework again, at some other place.

When we are calling him on his phone for sallary inquiry, he suddenly says that Ohh! I can't listen your voice and stuff like that. Mr. Yogesh patel YOU ARE A REAL BOOLSHIT !!!

If you want to take any action then, you should file an FIR to the Police station and then any newspaper will ready to print the scam news in this daily edition. By this way, you can expose that person.

I am not agreed or disagree with all above comments which are posted by my friends and my seniors. I am just telling you Mr. Yogesh Patel that god is here and he seen everything. If you are make fraud with us then god behave same like this.

If you are not guilty then why you are runaway form this situation.

I just want to tell Mr.Yogesh Patel, Please pay salary of employees who needed.

Thank You,
Bhavin Patel
Beware about Corratech company in Cochin. It is a totally fraud company in india
Hello all,

I am completely agree with these all complains. One should never play with any one's career ever. And MR.YOGESH PATEL has played with the career of employees. He will never be happy in his life ever. And if he has cased on any employee, then he should shame on himself as an employee has worked and he is not paid for his/her work. He is just bastered man...



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