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[Resolved]  Sarvopari Bhagwan Shree Swaminarayan — weak and fake story

Sarvopari Bhagwan Shree Swaminarayan serial telecast on COLORS. Story is fake and also some aspects of Lord miss by sagar arts. Weak production of Sagar Arts.
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Aug 14, 2020
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hi to every 1
ya its very nice to watch this serial sarvavatari shree swaminarayan bhagwan serial and spacial thanks to swami purushottampriyadasji swami that he is making this serial

thank gadi sansthan

make is longer this serial
Sarvopari Swaminarayan Bhagwan ki Jai.. The serial by Sagar Arts is wonderful beacuse it is all about Bhagwan so it cannot be fake.. I am proud of the great souls who take effort to produce such great serials for all fallen souls like us so that we can benefit by knowing about the pastimes of the Lord.. We should encourage them so that they go go ahead with producing more of such God devoted serials in this age of Kali.. Hope Krishna blesses all!

Hare Krishna..
Sarvopari Swaminarayan Bhagwan ki Jai.. The serial by Sagar Arts is wonderful.
jay shree swaminarayn
sarvopari shree swaminarayan bhagwan ki jai hoo... this serial is very wonder ful and its very fine to know about lord swaminarayan. right now lord has gone in vicharan by name nilkanth wow wel make it very good this serial

The serial is very good its very wonderful to know about the lord swaminarayan I would like to encourage the person Ramanand Sagar 's to produce this kind of serials to get peace in the whole world and in family members.
One of the best serial by SAGAR ARTS. Want to congratulate them for this. Every one should watch this serial with Shraddha and Patience keeping in mind that Swaminarayan is the Supreme Lord then only one can enjoy the serial, but never keep in mind that Swaminarayan is Normal Human being or Saint, then there is no meaning of watching the serial. JAI SWAMINARAYAN, JAI SRI KRISHNA
Hey buddy,
i dont know who u are or what u know about the serial...just wana let u know... GET UR FACTS RIGHT !!!
unless u are one of those ppl who really waste time commenting on the movies or serial made by other ppl and dont have any work...just chill dude...there are lot of things to do in life...and infact u should go and learn directing first and then comment so u have some logical back up...or read a book of swaminarayan bagwan's life, i[censored] dont know the name let me know i will tell u...but plz for god sakes dont make urself look a fool by posting this stupid comments and waste our time too...

jay swaminarayan
i think that sagar arts have done a wonderful job. the story is very realistic and dont know wot other people are talking about the story is fake. do and check the story yourself who do u think u are. if you dont like dont watch it then init, whos telling you to watch it.
Jay Shree Swaminarayan.

Once again I am telling you, Sarvopari Swaminarayan has fake story. I think you all should refer main holy book of swaminarayan not printed by Muktjivan group because they make lot of change and do themselves. I strongly recommended that you all should read Satsangee Bhushan, Satsangee Jeevan, Vachnamrut etc. Can I know what's a TRP of this Fake series which made by Sagar Arts. Unless all knows, Devang Patel's Swaminarayan is too good. Please see once and tell me. Sagar Arts never good for this religious subject. they should be produce other mythological, I am saying that because I have relevant background.

So, don't rely on fake story of Muktjivan, can I know whats end of the story ? Swaminarayan bhagwan Gaadi's ? Two Achatyaa or some body else ????

shut your mouth and refer holy books of swaminarayan sampradaya if your grand parents is devotee of swaminarayan and aligned with original swaminarayan group - Kalupur.
brav how u know that it fake, were u there when swaminarayan bhagwan was there. how u know the books are right, they could have been changed as well. u face.

e mail back if you belive in gopalanand swami, nargundasji swami, coz i[censored] dont dont belivein it then you dont know swaminarayan bhagwan, because the swamis took the place as swaminarayan bhajwann. i[censored] think this is wrong then [censored]in get ur self checked out. u got some serious problems homi. and im not from india. definatly freshi

sfe thingz
he i am tell u thish swaminarayan bhagvan make two temple one in vadtal & other in kalupur swaminarayan bhagwan have two brother one younger 7 other older swaminarayan bhagvan put both temple his nephew to gide to all people and swaminarayan bhagvan put to gadines to all sant and he say above to gopadanand swami after gopadanad swami nirgudanad swami after ishvarcharandas swmi then muktagivan das swmi right now prushotampryadas swmi thish is 100% true any body think is wrong go any swminarayan temple (ANY SWAMINARAYAN TEMPLE) ask any sant they tell you is right any one need more information email me [protected]
Jay Shree Swaminarayan
I am really dusgusted at the fact that a great studio like Sagar Arts can produce a serial which not well researched at all. The story line i have followed for the past two weeks, is completely not Swaminarayan. Now the story of muktjeevan bapa! has come in and everthing is happening to his wish bla bla...i mean what the hell.

Out of the Amdavad and Vadtal Gadi's which is this muktjeevan refered to? Swamis giving darshan to ladie in dreams, what the hell!

Completely out of context. The more money anyone gets, they can produce what the want without thinking what effect the people will get. There is nothing like Swaminarayan Gadi, its made up because some people couldnt stay in the mul sampraday.

Read Vachanamrut, Satsangi Jeevan or any other Shastra of Swaminarayan Sampraday, facts! ... Did not expect this of Sagar Arts... well its Kaliyug, people will do any sort of crap for money making.

Direction and film making isnt easy, but that doesnt mean, they are made to guide people to the wrong path and hinder their chances of salvation completely!!! Those who are Ashrits of Swaminarayan Bhagwan should be under either Vadtal or Amdavad acharyas, if not, they are sure to suffer in hell.

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