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[Resolved]  Sekhon Nursing Home — Not providing bills for the amount charged and harrasment by Dr.Jyoti Sekhon

I had visited Sekhon Nursing Home for child delivery of my wife.Two day prior of admission, i had visited the Nursing Home to meet Dr Jyoti Sekhon but due to some reasons, she was not available so i had asked the Nurse working there about the charges which the nursing home take. She told me that they have two options 1st is LumpSum Payment and other is Normal per day charges. She told me that as per their knowledge the Lumpsum charges are 15000 + charges of medicines + after 24 hours Room Rent of Rs 2000 will be levied extra.

As both the statements were contradictory, next day, i had visited the Nursing Home again and had met Dr Jyoti Sekhon to clear my doubts of LumSum payments as definition of Lumsum payment is the full and final amount of charge on delivery.

I told Dr Jyoti that the nurse had informed me their charges as lumsum payment of Rs 15000 +medicines extra + Room rent after 24 hours. She told me that she had given wrong information as they will only charge a Lumsum Payment of Rs 15000 subject to maximum 3 days of stay. Nothing Extra. As i am working with ICICI BANK, i told her that i will get the reimbursement of the delivery charges from Insurance company so i told her my requirement of detailed bill instead of the lumsum bill of Rs 15000 + Disharge Card Discharge Slip+ cash Receipt of any Advance they take with Revenue stamp on that with stamp and signature of the Nursing Home.

She told me that they will provide me the bill as i require.

Next day i.e morning of 26/05/2008, i admitted my wife to the Nursing Home for Delivery. As the time of delivery depends on person to person, the doctor had given us the expected delivery by first by 12 pm on 26/05/08 then the time extends to 6 pm and then later 10 pm.At around 10.15 when Dr Jyoti visited our room, she told me that delevery will expected to take place by 6 am on 27/05/2008.

Because of acute pain for whole day, i consult doctor for the Pain less treatment. She told me that they can do anesthetic delivery by giving the injection on the spine of my wife.She told me that for this process they will charge Rs 5000 .I gave my acceptance to pay rs 5000 more.At 11.55 pm Doctor named Mr Bedi visited our room and had given the spine injection. Just after 1 hour my wife had delivered a baby i.e on 27/05/2008 at 1.35 am.On the morning of 27/05/2008, nurse visited our room and had told us that the guy from chemist shop had come and we have to pay them Rs 1922 for the medicines. As i had confirmed the lumpsum payment of Rs 15000, i told the nurse that this payment is to be given by nursing home itself. She told me as the doctors were not there at that time, she requested me to pay the amount and should deduct the same amount while paying the final bill.

I gave her Rs 1922 and in return she had provided me the bills for that.My wife was discharged on 28th morning. Before discharging, they had requested me to pay them the amount of Rs 20000(Lumpsum 15000+ 5000 as Anesthetic charges).I told them that i had already paid Rs 1922 for medicines so the amount which i have to pay is[protected] =Rs 18078.They backed up by saying that you are educated people and you should know that the medicines are always charges extra.I reminded her my meeting with her two days before the admission where i had cleared these things and reminded her about the lumsum payment of Rs 15000 which was told to me by her. She then start saying that i have only cancelled the extra room rent charges which was to be levied after 24 hours.

I told her that, in the medicines bill their are many charges of the medicines and other related items which were used in Anesthesia which was given to my wife on 26/05/2008 at 11.55 pm.I asked them that when i have already paying the charge of Rs 5000 which was told to me by them, then how can they ask me to pay for medicines and injections which were used in giving anethesia.They told me that the charges of Rs 5000 was only as Doctor visiting fee for giving injection. I asked them why they had not informed me that the medicine of anesthesia will be charged extra. They told me that this is to be understood by the person himself as medicines vary from person to person and they cannot ascertain the cost which is to be levied on giving anesthesia.

Finally, to get rid of their bad service and their bad behavior i finally asked them to provide the bill. They asked me to pay the full amount and get the final bill in the evening as the final bill is to be given by Dr M.S Sekhon who was not available at that time. I paid them Rs 19600 +300(Rs 200 as Birth Certificate and Rs 100 for BCG Injection for child).The total amount paid by me is 14600+5000+1922+300 = Rs 21822.

On the evening of 27/05/2008, i again visited the Nursing Home for collecting the bills .Dr Jyoti Sekhon was not available at the time. Nurse told me that the doctor has handed over the bill to her. When i checked the bills i found that instead of bill they had provided me cash receipt of Rs 14600 that too was not issued from Sekhon Nursing Home. The same was issued from Individual entity i.e from Dr (MRS) M.K.Sekhon and Handwritten statement on the Letter head of Dr Jyoti Sekhon stating the receipt of Rs 5000 as anesthesia charges.

I then met her husband Dr M.S SEKHON and told him that i need Original Discharge Card +Original bill in proper format with all other details. He told me to wait outside for some time so that he can check his patients first. After 1 hour, he called me and provided me handwritten bill of Rs19600 on the Sekhon Nursing Home Letterhead that too without any stamp signature. I told him that i need the original bill which has your registration number and all other columns in printed format.

He told me that he cannot do any thing for me and if i have any problem, I should contact my Bank or Insurance Company to accept this handwritten bill.

Next day i again visited Sekhon Nursing Home to meet Dr Jyoti Sekhon as she had promised me to provide the bills. She told me that they can only provide Handwritten bill and if you need any other help, they cannot do anything for me .

My request to Consumer Forum is that on one side even after paying the full amount, they are not providing the bill which also states that they are not paying the income tax on all income which they are getting and are adding the income from Nursing Home as Black money for them.

On one hand they had betrayed my trust towards doctor’s tongue. They promised something and did something. On other hand They have wrongly charged the expenses and have harassed me and my family in our happiest moments which was birth of my daughter.

I request you do something for me so that i should get the claim for the charges which Nursing home has charged by cheating me and i want appropriate claim because the Dr Jyoti and Dr M.S sekhon have harassed me a lot.


Rahul Gulati
Patient Name:Devinder Gulati
Mobile number [protected], [protected], [protected], [protected]


#1386, sector 33 c, chandigarh, phone number[protected], 4634755

Contact person:- Dr Jyoti Sekhon/ Dr. M.S SEKHON
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Aug 14, 2020
Complaint marked as Resolved 
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The complaint is very genuine and the Sekhon Nursing Home has to be sevearly punished for mis guiding the patient, over charging, not providing the genuine requisit bill of service and harrassment faced by the Patient family in their happier time. Also their should be questioning regarding not providing genuine bills to customers thereby evading Income Tax.
Thanks Amit for your feedback.

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