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 dineshdod on May 21, 2012
This is a fraud company... i given one project to them on 10th month of 2011, and the project timeline is one month...but till today they are not responded and not given my project... and there is no proper contact and responsible persons...

i spoke with ASTI, NEHA AGARWAL, and MUKESH every time they will give promise to complete the work and they dont stand on that promise...

those asti and neha will talk very non sense and even they dont know anything technically... if we guide them they dont understand...

i tried to contact their officials they are more then these people... they also dont stand on there words...

they dont have proper resource...

i lost my time, my money... and finally thinking to knock the door steps of honorable court...

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Shahdeep International is a Freezed/fake Company
Shahdeep International is a Freezed/fake Company

My name is Manohar Prasad and I joined Shahdeep International Business Solutions Ltd. on 20th May 2014 as a “Business Development Manager”. It was my bad luck and you can say the worst phase of my career so far now.
Let me tell you some quick facts about this company:

1) The company is not a Limited Company as it does not fulfill even a single criteria of a limited company.
2) The company does not have ISO certification, what ever they show, all fraud.
3) Management team is full of Blo_dy Bast__ds, illetrate and nonsen_e people having major contribution goes to (a)Deep Jain, Chairman (b) Hari Bansh Prasad, HR (c) Nilesh (Paltu Kutta)
4) Company never pay salary before 20-25 of any month. Sometimes after 2-3 months.
5) Company’s premise is in the industrial Area so it is not allowed to run a software Shop there.
6) Company has no more than 20 employess on desk.
7) Remove your shoes out while entering in the company premise.
8) All the time Music (Bhajan kirtan) is going on with loud voice in the office.
9) You can not find a Company sign board/hordings/nameplate anywhere at the entrance or at the building. You need to find this Shahdeep Shop by House No. i.e. B-42, Sector – 2, Noida
10) Before joining, HR Haribansh will tell/offer you something else and on Appointment letter will write something else.
11) Deep Jain who is the most over there will change the company policy every day and will tell you different and will do different.
12) You can never find any employee who is working over there for more than two months.
13) Here no body serves the notice period as the company does not give Relieving/Experience letter to anybody.
14) The Company never pay the full and final settlement payment to anybody.
15) The infrastructure looks like the warehouse, storehouse
16) Approx 70% project is getting cancelled because of lack of right resource for that also sales people is getting blamed and never get any contribution for that project.
17) Sales team would be getting salary only when their individual target is achieved after all the deductions of projects cancelled.
18) Even if the first milestone payment is received the sales people don’t get salary as they are told that once the project would completed 50% then only that project would be counted.
19) I was told that you would be getting your salary on 10th of every month even if your target is not completed then that much percentage salary you would be getting.
20) Yesterday, I went to ask for my partial salary then Deep Jain ka Kutta i.e. Nilesh told me that you would not be getting your salary until completion of your target.
21) Even if somebody achieved his target, he has been told that the company does has FUND to give your salary.
22) Deep Jain, being the chairman of the company says that “Tumlogo ko jo karna hai kar lo, but salary nahi milegi. Police complain karna hai kar lo, mar pit karna hai kar lo, jisko bulana hai bula lo but salary nahi milegi”.
23) I had no email id on my name. The company use fake name to allure the client. This is all fraud.
24) I have recorded all the dialogues/discussion of Deep Jain and uska kutta i.e. Nilesh to file the compliant.
25) The company give us the salary slip but “Salary ka koi pata hi nahi hai”. This is a crime and cheating with the employees.
26) I have resigned the company today i.e. 23rd July 2014 and have salary due from 1st June 2014 till 22nd July 2014.
27) Because of the Due Salary and no proper response about when my salary would be deposited into my account I have taken two Laptops from the office and once I will get my total due salary, I will return both the Laptops to the company.


Apart from these listings, lot many reasons are there to freeze this fraud company run by Deep jain and will no more for a long time. Deep Jain and Nilesh always used to HARRASSING all the employees of the company. All the employees of the company are ready to lodge the complaint so that there would not be the Company nor it will cause any professional to suffer.

Please share this message to reach the maximum no. of professionals. is a Fraud Company
its not true as they have delivered my project on time.
This company are total scam artists. I have spent thousands with them. I start a project this year that was meant to last 4 weeks and they are now on week 26 and nothing produced. Total scam artists. Dineshdod how did you bring them to court i would like to do the same?


I was working with ShahDeep International on a SEO project. My project was delivered on time. It was properly coordinated and I did not have any problem. I will surely love to work with them again. ShahDeep International is not a fraud company as experienced by me.
Its a very good company.
Yes, the are a fraud company. I gave them a simple job with a one month window (their promise). After one month, no work done and now they want double the original money (which I already paid) to do the job. Total scammers, stay away!
Dear Mr.Dinesh can i get your contact information.if it is possible i can help you, if u don't have any problem only

I would like to share my experience working with ShahDeep International Limited to make people aware with the fact that don’t even think to join this company even in worst time of your carrier.
This company hired me after chasing me for continious 3 months with n numbers of fake commitments, that we will set up a team etc… the moment I joined this company with an positive mind to work with them on a long run, however things went unexpectedly in other direction.

ShahDeep International had terminated me with no prior notice or warning and without any proper communication which itself shows a unprofessional attitude of management and no respect for their employees.

I thought I have been doing my job with a satisfactory response from management and justifying my salary, but at the end of January 2013, everyone in company realizes that management had started firing employees from every department. This was happening since company has NO FUNDS to pay employees salary.

All of sudden on 09th on Feb, the HR manager call me up for the meeting and communicated that you will have to mark you resignation now and you can release today itself.

It was hell surprising that how can fire someone with no prior advance communication/warning. Moreover I was not even sure what was the reason behind this. I asked HR manager Mr. Hari bansh – on what account they are asking me to resign, I simply got a response that it is management’s calls. As per company’s offer letter, they are liable to pay me 15 days notice period salary, which they promised will be released by next salary cycle (which was suppose to be 10th March2013).

I have been through an unfortunate phase, where I had no job in hand for about a month. Till date I have been following up and requesting them to reelase my last month pending payment but still either I don’t get any response from them and/or they simply write a line, we are processing the request on priority and will update you soon.

I have clearly communicated them about the financial breakdown and problems I have been facing at my end. I had recurring payment which needs to be done on scheduled time, I request them number of times on Phone and E-mails. But still they never bother to get this thing sorted.

I haven’t received my pending payout of 26 days from ShahDeep for the month of Feb till date. I have kept continuous communication my HR and management and requested them to release my Full and Final settlement, but every time I have been listening that company is not able to pay salary of existing employees at this moment and kindly bear with us, we will be releasing it shortly. 6 times I have received a e-mail from HR manager saying the same thing to keep patience and bear with them, as they have been suffering Budget constraints.

Being an ex-employee and that too who is terminated from company surprisingly, I cannot bear anymore with this commitment, since they have been lying since months…

I took a written undertaking on e-mail with my resignation from HR manager that my pending payouts of 26 days till February 26 will be released shortly and based on that I have finally decided to launch a complain on Consumer forum and get this sorted in legal way.
lets see, how it goes. I have no option left...

I joined this company on 03rd October 2012 with a positive mind and hope to work and deliver my best for company. However soon after my joining I realize that company’s policies and environment was very depressing and full of negativity. There is no proper protocol for any task. Management believes in trying new experiments with no resource and assistance for you.
They just need to see Dollars on their account no matter you are capable enough to deliver the project or not. Anyways if they found project is not doable they are happy to refund the payment.

They probably offer you good salary (which will never be deposited on your account on time), during my tenure of work with ShahDeep I get to see my salary between 15th to 25th of the month.

You can get an idea of level of environment and unprofessional attitude of management in this company, that first they hire you after chasing you for continuous 3 months, then they fire you with no communication (just because they cannot bear your salary) and they don’t have have a courtesy to at least release the pending payouts.

I am really wondering why they have kept the vacancies open for sales people if you are not able to manage your past accounts.
I shall post the attachment and conversation of complete e-mail done with Mr. Hari- HR manager very soon. So as people and clients should know how these people are managing and responding to their ex-employees.

If you are planning to join this company in coming days, feel free to contact me, I shall communicate in best manner I can to make sure no one else get trapped by this company.
Shahdeep International is fraud company
This company is fraud company, totaly scam by management named Deep Jain. I joined this company on 5th March 2014 with a positive mind and hope to work and deliver my best for the company but seeing the f***ing situation here I was socked.. However soon after my joining I realize that company’s policies and environment was very depressing and full of negativity. There is no proper protocol for any task as Deep Jain, the Chairman being illiterate, believes in trying new experiments with no resource either financial.

They just need to see Dollars on their account no matter how you bring business. The Management force us to bring the project even by unethical means even by cheating the client, otherwise you will not get your salary even fixed salary, forget the variable part. Till the interview, selection process, Mr Hari Bansh Prasad, HR Manager, does not disclose any company policy in terms of salary, leave, terms & conditions but once anybody join the company then only this Hari wrtites all those things on the offer letter and hand over to the employee after 15-30 days.

It was hell surprising that how can the Company mainly HR Head Mr Hari Bansh Prasad, fire someone with no prior advance communication/warning. Moreover We were not even sure what was the reason behind this. I asked HR manager Mr. Hari bansh – on what account they are asking me to resign, I simply got a response that it is management’s decision. As per company’s offer letter, they are liable to pay me 15 days notice period salary, which they promised will be released by next three months full and final settlement salary.
I have been reading these kind of complaints since couple of years. now days small companies have maintained this kind of nature but according to indian law, This is clear cut case of fraud and breach of trust both of which are punishable criminal offence. You can take legal action against the company. Please send them a legal notice mentioning that you are initiating legal action against the company. If nothing happens then file a case in labor court. Take a copy of offer letter and joining letter that will be enough.
Full Fraud Company...Total mis-communication and fake commitments, highly unethical and unprofessional Shahdeep International Co. DO NOT JOIN!!!

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