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It is true that this site never publish loss in any tip provided by them. If there is any real loss then publish " Gap up or down no trade". Till date I have not seen a single tip which has made LOSS. Only one line " No trade as of gap up or down or didnot reach entry price. I know it is impossible that every tip or trade is profitable. If that do they dont have to sell the tip for few thousands. Either they work for themselves or they work for other capital group. Sometime they show profit eventhough stock opened at gap up/down and clients could not trade in that. They have many people working for them with different email IDs. Whenever a complaint is lodged here their own guys become active to post excellent comments about this site. It will be in the ratio of atleast 1:3 in order to divert the new customers in their favour. I am expecting atleast 2 - 3 comments in the favour of this site after posting this complaint. Guys, beware there is no foolproof or 100% accurate tips in the world. You will realise when you lose money. When that happen please take few mins to drop few lines here so that we can stop some innocent customers approching this " " site
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I am their subscriber and their service is best and I have been able to even recover my lost money. Just speak to them and you will know the expertise of the individuals. This malice comment appears from a tips provider who is feeling the heat. I am just commenting to set the things right. is 100% cheat and fake site. I lost 7 Lakh with them.
Indian-share-tips is the best tips providing site I have encountered in my life. Others are just a small fry in front of them.
Hi friends
If anyone having true experience with indian-share-tips than please contact me and share your good experience with me, because me also searching a true one tips provider who can give positive result...I having much bad experience with tips provider, so if someone really true than please contact me and tel about above few positive comments are true than contact me else will feel no body is true...


People don't fall into the trap of indian share tips these guys fool u.they say there tip is jackpot but its a pot only in which u throw ur money.there accuracy rate is 25 %.they say it finishes in first two hours but it never happens beware don't look into these positive comments these r fabricated to fool u.
I am surprised that people tend to malign the good tips providers and at times it is a malicious design by rival tips sites also. I am a user of Indian-share-tips website and find that the ultimate is also a less word of appreciation for them. When the whole world is out to take money out of you and still a few good people exist in the market who help traders and investors make money. I salute Indian-share-tips guys for helping me recover my lost money and I will ask them to carry on with their good work as always there are impediments in good works and even Socrates had to drink poison. Please do not be deterred by these people who do not even know the meaning of quality. Kripa, Ritesh - please refrain from making false comments as we know you are from a rival site and because of your irresponsible comment a number of people will be devoid of getting good guidance. Suraj, definitely they are good. is a fake fraud and 100% cheat site. There were
atleast 5000 complaints against them till a month back and now only latest few 5-6 complaints visible on the site. has paid money to to get all their complaints removed. Do not join else, you will find yourself losing money as I lost with them a clean Rs 2.5 Lakh. Must say that is a most irresponsible site I have ever seen in my life. They should be reported to Google for down grading their page rank for providing total false information to the readers.
Used their service and it is marvellous.
Manoj Sharma i.e. Majoymanoj[protected] . Your name profile itself is fake. You are the henchmn at and planning ways in and out to loot the Indian public. I have lost 7 Lakh with you in a month. In your results you show a buy call given as sell call when it fails. Stop misleading public and wear the crown of the fraudest of fraud site. I have been told that you even had 5000 complaints on this website itself 2 months back and you git removed all of them removed by paying to this website. Chor chori se jaye, paye heraferi se na jaye.
Indian-share-tips is fraud . i lost my money due to him.
I am a subscriber to indian-share-tips jackpot call service and I can definitely say one thing about them - they are one of the biggest liars I have come across till date. They claim 100% target achievement of their tips and show the same in their past performance on the site, but do not have the guts to actually show the tips they'd provided in the past. This is because they are posting fake performance. Who're to question them when they don't show their past tips on the site. Believe me, their tips are pathetic and loss making atleast 40% of the time, which means their performance is actually only 60% and not 100% - as they claim (please check their jackpot tip past performance records on the site and you'll only see 100% achievement for more than past 1 year except for april 2010) which is really less compared to other tip provides who actually give you a guarantee of atleast 80%-85% achievement. Also, their risk to reward ratio is pretty high.
Against a profit margin of maybe five rupees, the stop loss margin would be about eight to ten rupees. In the end, you end up making more loss than profit. They're also pretty rude to talk to and do not have any productive advice to give. These guys are actually fooling innocent people into subscribing for their services. I'm sure any good comment for indian share tips is either by the promoters or people working for them and anybody giving a real picture of their horrible services is maligned by them.
So take their services if you only plan to make a loss in the market.
i also completely agree they r liasrsand cheats is the biggest fraud site on the internet in India. It is in league with fraud. I have lost 4.7 Lakhs with them, Do not get trapped by their marketing executives. Poor tips and poor service.
indian-share-tips, these people only cheat and deceive others, there past performance is of no use.
hey provide jackpot tips such as Buy sunpharma> 443, 446.5, 449.7 SL 436.2

this means buy sunpharma only after crossing 443 there tips r pre market tips
they tell us a strategy for trading and as per their strategy, at market opening if first is achieved then we should not enter trade. and the tip is auto extended.
but most of the time at the market opening the given target is already achieved. in their daily updation they mention always profit such as Rs. 2800 Profit(Rs. 50, 000 trading) i dnt understand hw these people deceive others. if we ask todays trade was not executed or it hit SL, even though u have mentioned profit, they say that they have expertise traders so they r able to make profit. Always they talk about their strategy which is of no use.

Indian share tips r the real cheaters.
I must say that this guy Hemantu and market-investor who has written comment above is an agent for other tips provider company is trying to defame a good tips provider. I am their subscriber for past one Year for Jackpot call and their stop loss is never more than 1%. Moreover the e.g hemantnu has posted above was never given atleast in past one year. Actually all these comments which have been written above are generally generated by Gujarat based tips provider who havemade the fake ids. is the worst site encountered and I have lost 3.75 Lakhs in one month only with them. They do not pick phone also when you require them most.
No doubt is not only bad but worst part is that after taking money, one never get a resp-onse. I lost Rs 50, 000 because o their illogical calls. The call has to fail if you give a sell call in a bullish market. I fail to understand that how sharetipsinfo is surviving. I hope people are reading the reviews. I do not want more people to burn their hands.
yday i lost approx 17000 plus brokerage in their so called bonanza commodity call . in a week i am in total loss of arnd 40, 000 rs. i have paid 10, 000 to get this service from them . i am losing money everyday. their site shows only profit. Beware guys !
lost another 10, 000 rs in zinc buy call . My RM is Riya Malhotra. calls !! 100% fake. they have even stopped taking my calls.

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