Shraddha Hospital — Yellow Fever Vaccination - Rs. 10,000/- ?

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 get2nasir on May 13, 2011
Dear Sir,

I am basically from Bangalore and was in pune when I got meeting confirmed to travel to Kenya exactly after 11 days, I got to know about Yellow Fewer Vaccination which is mandatory to take 10 days before travel so I did some research and spot this Dr. details from Just Dial. I had been to Shradha Hospital near Spicer College Road, Pune on 6th May, 2011 for a Yellow Fever Vaccination as I had to travel to Kenya exactly after 10 day. First when I called one day before Dr. said the vaccination would cost INR 2,500/- + INR 500/- consultation fee. I felt the charges are little high but still trusting the word of a Doctor I believed and accepted to take Yellow Fever Vaccination from him. I knew that in Bangalore I can get a same Yellow Fever Vaccination in just Rs. 260 by Government of India but still looking at my urgency I had to undergo this in Pune link for more details

The moment I said about my urgency to get this vaccination he started cheating me, when I came he said the cost is INR 3500 + some medical examination charges I assumed, whatever it could be that can’t go above INR 500-1000, he examined my Blood Pressure, BP, HIV Test, Physical examination which was also fine but when finally he swiped my credit card without even telling me the total amount it was for the total amount of INR 9705/- which was a big shock. I couldn’t understand what made him to jump your charges from 3,500 to 9,700 when asked he gave the below break-up

1. Consultation Fee – 500
2. HIV Test – 450
3. Blood Pressure Check – 100
4. Yellow Fever Vaccination – 3,500 (STAMARIL vaccination where there is no MRP)
5. Some Tablets – 255
6. AloeVera Juice – 290
7. Consultation – 2,500 for some odd reasons
8. Some Ointment– 1,200
9. Table Pilen – 720

Total – INR 9705/-

To get a Yellow Fever vaccination in Bangalore it wouldn’t cost more than Rs. 260 and he have looted Rs 9705/- which I am unable to accept. I would like to further investigate on the above charges and call price validation from STAMARIL authorities, I would like to ask this question to Union of Doctors and request for justification.

Nasir Khan
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Its so nice of you to justify here Mr. Ritesh after disconnecting my call with no respect, I feel ashamed to call you Dr. bcoz you don't know the basic duty to explain the patient on why you charge so much and cut my calls.
I never said I want all the charges in one bill nor you told me the total amount is going to be 9709, it was suppose to be your duty to inform me about the charges before making a bill or giving treatment.
What did you say when I called one day before, the charges for vaccination is 2.5k and how did it become 3.5k all of us sudden.
Your piles drug is just non-sense, I have consulted the especialist and taking right treatment now and his fee was just Rs. 500 only, FYI consultation/examination charges in a high value hospital like Apollo is just not more than Rs. 450, did you do any surgery or operation for which you have charged remaining 5k?? really sad at your part and don't do this with other patients atleast or else people will loss trust.
FYI I have consulted other Doctors and also verified the vaccination charges, you accept for what you have done and don't come here to comment. let others give their inputs.
Guys from Pune and traveling to Pune be careful
i totally disagre with the above statment. the patient has taken treatment for piles and hence he is confused for both.
he asked to put up in everything inone bill so that he can reemburse from the company inspite of doctor refusal for this.
the vaccination cost was total only 3500 and it was put up in a wrong way which mght have misguided many patients.
hence plz check with the doctor before u arrive to any conclusions as patients do want to save their money and put to the company for their cost.
the vaccination charges along with certification was rs. 3500. we had never forced the patient to take the piles medicine and when it was advised to him that he was suffering from piles he himself was thankful for the diagnosed disease and asked that he never knew about it and he wanted to great treated for it as early as possible and he was prescribed. the payment was done by credit card of this patient and he himself has signed for it, without knowing the amount how could he sign for it.
people use u for everything and then speak anything. he says that in bangalore the vaccination is got rs. 260 is it true private vaccine in the market cost not les than 1600. hence to justify there are many things but we are sorry for it as to console someone. also to add on the feedback form was given to this patient after the whole process and his comments were good as he needed us desperately i thnk so so he put up wrong comments too.
1000 people have 1000 views some are good some are bad we wanted to proove ourselves and reply to the wrong statement hence we did so.. thanx for the query being justified.
Very good, I am happy atleast here you can talk here. So you know that I need certificate and you cheated me??
Lets go with your words of vaccination charges in any private clinic is 1600 then what is dam in your small tiny clinic which doesn't even have a proper bed to charge 3500 for same vaccination.
Answer me for piles charges why did you charge rest 6000 for just looking into my ... and giving non-sense medicine.
I agree that I signed on credit card charge slip because you gave me no options, you had injucted vaccination & said the examination is done and this is the charges I felt it was my duty to pay you after your services but once I am back & checked about the charges now questing your professional ethics...
Yes different people have different view and that comes with good and bad experiences
I will share my 1 bad experience with 10000000 people about Shradha Hospital of Pune (Ritesh) so others can be saved from getting cheated same way and becareful from people like you.
The reason I didn't fill the Feedback form was to first research and know the truth, I wasn't convineced with your services to give feedback on the face because you were no good to me...
Ritesh Shah is definitely a cheater. He mugs the IT people.
He told me charges are 3500 for yellow fever vaccine... the same vaccine in Aditya Birla is for 1700/- .. he charges more for mrp.. Are the 1000 Rs for certificate??
Certificate is also not on letter head. Its a print-out on plain paper.. with seal!!!

Aditya Birla gives certificate on letter head..
Further he made a bill of 5600/- just for yellow fever vaccine.. charges were not informed upfront
Dr Shah (is he really a doc?) is a cheat! be careful...exploits patients.
I wonder how Kesari also recommends his hospital for Yellow Fever vaccination. Will inform Kesari about this.
There are options of Sasoon and Aditya Birla hospital for Yellow Fever, please go there and avoid this cheat!
Zero star.. He is a cheat. Loots people by seeing their situation. Not a good quality in a doctor, behaves like a sale guys. The charges r totally misleading and unjustified. Uses fake reviews n ratings online to increase perceived credibility. Total scammer, his treatments aren't worth a paise.

My friend had a skin condition and since we were new in Pune, we looked online and found him n his fake ratings. Walked straight into his trap.
One more interesting thing, the consultation fees he charges.
If you are taking yellow fever and polio both the vaccines at same time then he charges consultation Rs 500 for yellow fever and consultation Rs 500 for polio i.e. total Rs 1000.

This is totally unjustified.

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