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[Resolved]  Shriram City Union Finance — Complaint - Agreement# TN2 05678/09


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Please read the below scenario and let me know - WHO TAKES THE RESPONSIBLE ?? I am very much upset of this.

* I obtained a consumer durable loan from your esteemed organization in the month of March 2009. The money was not recovered from me for three months. After a long try it was deducted. File attached - File name "Jun-12", and "Jun-13'

* On October 15, 2009, I went for pre-closure, since my bank advised to withdrew all old cheque leaves, since my name was not printed on it. Also emailed the situation and I went to Thirumalpilllai Road and pre-closed the same and obtained NOC - File attached - File Name "Oct-15", and "NOC_Bill"

* I requested Mr. Ravikumar who was an Asst Law Officer, to return back my cheque leaves. He promised me that the cheque would not be presented since i have closed the loan.

* On October 16, 19 and 20, I have emailed to vssr <[protected]>, [protected], [protected] for returning my cheque. Whereas i have not yet received any replay/email from your side. File Attached - File Name "Oct-20"

* On 08-Jan-2010, I came to know from my bank statement, a cheque instrument# 120228 has been send from you for clearance. where it got dis-honor. File Attached - File name "Statement"

* Kindly let me know, how can it be done, even after payed all my dues/loan and even obtained NOC from you.

* On 09-Jan-2010, I went to Thirumalpillai T.Nagar office for clarification. Where I got NO Solution from them and Mr. Ravikumar was not able to solve and he was escalating to the higher official and just came with a reply - "SORRY" from him.

* Also Mr. Ravikumar was not able to solve and he is not allowing to meet the higher official.

* With your fault - the cheque got dis-honour and I am facing the below consequence.

1) Its a great insult on my credit - This is the first cheque gets dis-honour because of your lethargic accounts
2) If a cheque gets dis-honour - I may not get any loan from any of the Instituiton
3) I may not get further cheque book from my Bank.
4) My entire credit ranking got spoiled, only because of your poor accounts.

Kindly let me know-

1) Who would be taking the responsible for this?
2) How will you reverse the money(Fine) for the dis-honored cheque

I am totally upset and depressed of your behavior.

Let me hear from you when you read this email.


Premkumar R
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 14, 2020
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i too have a similar experience with shriram finance. have they replied to you? have you found a solution?

I also got the same problem.
All these finance companies are taking their sincere customers to explotation. It is unfortunate that they are made us to think that those getting the loan with intention of cheating the company is correct. I have purchased a two wheeler in the month of march'10. My ist due is in Apl'10 and i have arranged money for the same as per their intimation by sms. Similary they sent me a sms for May'10 due and i have kept money for the same but they deposited the 3 cheques at a time and all three get passed with the money i kept for my touring purpose. I took my family to bangalore and when i tried to settled the lodge bill with my debit card the Hotel authorities said it was rejected. when i checked my hdfc customer care i was told that 3 cheques presented by shriramcity finance got passed resulting which there is no sufficent balance. on good faith i have given the cheques with out put the date as date of purchase of two wheller not known when availing the loan. They company misused our trust and put my family in starand and put me shame any mental agony before my family members. How could they given intimation for deposit of one cheq. where has deposited 3 chequest without prior intimation to me. I going to sue the company for put me in grave situtation and mental agoni if they not reply to me for their misuous act. My two wheeler loan a/c no.CTWTAMBA0001766.-CHANDRAMOHAN
i too had a similar experience with shriram. horrible attitude of the office staff and no one takes responsibility.
I hope someone from shriram reads this complaint and do the needful. I had taken a consumer loan in may for which i had paid 4months emi as advance and the rest in 8 emis. My 1st emi fell on june 7th, 2010. I was keeping a track on the emi and noticed that shriram had not presented the cheque even after the 10th.i got in touch with the executives and requested them to do it at the earliest and told them specifically not to present the same after the 20th. I had to go out of station in the last week and to my horror they presented the cheque and it returned. First time in my life a cheque had returned and my credit image tarnished. I imeedialtely came back and paid for the same with a fine of rs500. The next 2 emis went as usual late and i decide to close the loan.
i called the junior manager and told him about the same and he told me that there would be a closing charge of rs 500 which was initially told that it doessnt exist. I was told that i could close it anytime i want without any penalty. For this, the junior manager said he would waive of rs 200.So i paid the balance amount plus rs300 as penalty and they issued me a receipt. When i asked for the NOC, the STATEMENTand the BALANCE CHEQUES( 6 NOS including the bounced one), i was told that it would take time.This entire payment was done on 21st august, 2010. I was out of station for a week and when i came back, i went to shrirams ashok nagar office in chennai to collect the same. To my horror, i was told to pay the rs200 plus the interest accrued on it from the 21st of rs168. I told the manager that the rs200 was waived by the junior manager but he was not willing to listen.He told me that he would give me the NOC and STATEMENT only if i paid the balance Rs368. As i dint want to pull this any longer, i paid the amount and got hold of the NOC and the STATEMENT. When i enquired about the cheques, i was casually told that they were not responsible for the cheques and it is done by the kodambakkam office. I am yet to receive the cheques.
I request any shriram official in chennai to look into the same and do the needful.
My tryst with shriram finance continues with regard to the cheques. Due to their sheer incompetence and lackluster attitude, i preclosed my consumer loan by paying the extras.I got the noc and the statement and i had asked for the unpresented cheques(6 nos) back.I was initially told by their junior manager that i would get it in a week and that he would get it for me.Week gone by without receiving the cheques and i contacted the JM and now he said that i had would get it from the kodambakkam office in person. I called up the office and they asked me to call mylapore office.I called up the mylapore office and they askedme to call velachery office from where my loan was disbursed.When i contacted velachery office, i was told that they dint have the cheques and i should be calling tnagar office.I must have made about 10 calls but in vain. Finally i got an answer from mylapore office saying that SHRIRAM HAS A POLICY OF NOT RETURNING THE UNPRESENTED CHEQUES. I was taken aback by that reply because they were still presenting the cheques in my bank and i was being deducted rs50 for every stop payment.NO ONE TAKES RESPONSIBILITY IN THIS OFFICE. The junior manager to whom i was speaking to, now isnt picking the phone. I am back to sqare one and i have decided to go to their office and get it in writing that they dont give cheques back. IF ANY SHRIRAM FINANCE STAFF IS READING THIS, I GUESS YOU CAN HELP. DONT TREAT YOUR CUSTOMERS LIKE THIS.
I too had a similiar bad experiance with this unit. I have contacted my loan agent for not debit the EMI from my account and he advised to wait, later he resigned. After 2 months, I set okay, as it started deducting from my account. After 6 months, I am recieving a letter that 2 month's cheques got dis-honoured and they have applied huge penalties. Now no one from Anna Nagar agent, Ashok Nagar, T.Nagar branck representatives are not responding. I just asked to return those cheques and reason for that penalty. No one turned up till date...
I too have a similar kind of exprience as all shared above. I took consumer loan to purchase a Laptop from Shriram City Union in the month of December 2009. Upfront i paid 3000 and monthly EMI for 4480 X 8 which comes till September. I made the payments and asked the represtative who comes to collect the case is there is any other charges applied for Me. He informed that there is no charges and my loan is over and i will be getting an NOC (No Objection Certificate) from Shriram in 15 days time. I waited for an Month time but still not received the NOC. When I called the Shriram help desk for NOC they informed that i need to make a payment of 1200 as an late payment charges. I asked them about why the same is not informed to me by any one or the representative who came to collect the EMI's. I got the information that the rep's are not suppose to inform the same. When i asked about the last payment i made to the person who shown the ID from Shriram and he clearly mentioned that there is NO BALANCE PAYMENT from MY END. then why these charges are applied. Got respond that I'm trying to pre-close the loan where I'm not. When i called up to the rep who comes to collect the EMI's he informed not to worry about the same and not to make any payments to collect the NOC, no one will come to collect the amount. As Rep told, no one came till date...
Dear Sir/ Madam

This is to inform you that I had cleared one loan of my bike taken from your organisation Sep 2008 . My bike no is...CHO4-H -0541
The final settlement was done on date.[protected] and the receipt no. for this is .099914. And my loan agreement no is 5124
This is also attached along with this file.. And as guided by the concerned person Mr. RANVIR SINGH looking for Mohali (Punjab) location and Mr SARABPREET SINGH looking for Ludhiana( Punjab) location these persons day by day wrongly commitments but still not providing noc till date
I do not have to pay for any other installment. But since last six months I am asking for my NOC for this loan and the company is not providing me the same, saying that I will get it after sometime. Also they have charged me some pending charges against this loan.
During all these process I have lost an income of about Rs. 15000/- which I was getting in september, 2010 for selling my bike. I was unable to sell my bike because of not getting the NOC from your side.
Now this is to request you that Kindly get into the matter as soon as possible and provide me the clearance letter/ NOC within 15 days or i will be forced to take some strict action against this case.
Plz find this attached file.

Thank you

Warm Regards,
Mohit Sharma
Sri Ram City finance
Dear sir / Madam,
I want to say that I have purchase one two wheeler veichles finance in your branch Allahabad . Finance time 11th month . But I have pay clear balance before the date 29/9/12. Total amout come 23950/= which recipt no . is N[protected] time 12:23 . I have payed my amout in your Allahabad Branch. Office member told me that no dediction in my account 3039/= . I have got message from customer service that I keep sufficient balance in my account before due date. This message I have got on 2/10/12. After that I have talk customer care they told me that “don’t worry your payment will not cut” . but on 8/10/12 my amount dedict (cut) . I want my money as soon as possible . I have payed before the time then why it dedicted. So return my money with all check which I have given you in the time of finance. Don’t repeat again . I have totally disturb . receive my letter and reply soon .

Date : 09/10/2012 Your customer
Mobile no. [protected]
Loan no. CDALLTW[protected]
sir i am a pwan broker i kept some jewel loan in tirukoyilur vilupuram dist, my pledge time they are mention the rate fo interest 18.5%. in closing time they are charged me 21% i ask many times how the skeem will change in system the accounts officer told to me its system change we r nt responcible for the change.i am a regular custemor for last four year and i done the bussiness skeem for upto 3 crores . i dont know why they charged me to much, so i have loss somany lakhs. i need correct solution
I have purchage yamah SZX from you shree two wheelar finnance solan in oct., Nov., 2011. I can close my bike loan in april, 2013. how many Rupees paid by me ?
This is to inform you and need necessary action for this.
I had cleared my bike loan nearly one year before, which I took from shriram city union finance. But still you people are not providing the original RC book and NOC. Due to this I am suffering lot, even though it’s my won bike but I couldn't ride my bike without RC book. Whenever I am taking a bike I use to pay the penalty amount to traffic police. I really felt up with your service. I don’t how shriram finance archiving the CSAT.
Plenty of times I had visited your branch office in tambarm location, near national theater. They are not at all responding. I really want to ask shriram finance people, if I dint pay the EMI you people will leave me simply. Try to understand our concerns and make changes on your process.

By unsatisfied customer with your service

Madhan R

Bike No – TN 22 CT 9088

Loan Number – MRINGTW[protected]
Shri ram city union finance visakhapatnam one town branch office manager is very adamant and behave like a owner of the company and gives loan to the persons whom he feels like giving.

Because of the behavior of the staff none approaches the office for loan.

It is surprise to note y the company is giving advertisement for the purpose of giving personal loan, when the staff are adamant behaviour.

D. Jai paul kumar,

phone [protected] and [protected]

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