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[Resolved]  Sony Ericsson W580i — Very poor Customer Service

I bought a Sony Ericsson w580i Mobile phone on 08/12/07. Just after one week the set was dead....
Immediately I went to the sony ericsson service centre (Shyam Electronics) on 15/12/07.

They said that the PCB was out and they told that it would be replaced as soon as they get it from sony ericsson company.

After one week also they say the same thing that They did not get the spare yet from the company.

To enquire this I called Sony Ericsson Customer Care, Chennai on 22/12/07 by 10.00 am. There one lady name THANUSHREE took the phone. She did not respond properly ....

When I again called her she cut the phone. I thought may be technical problem and tried from another phone. Immediately she only took. As soon as i said my name she again cut.

Is this the way Sony ericsson providing customer service? Really very much unsatified with the service.
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Aug 13, 2020
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W580i — Set is pending more than 7 days

Dear Sir,
I have submitted my mobile phone model no W580I to DKG mobiles kanpur for repairing on dated 28.03.2008.But till date no status available.i have contacted to Mr. dhananjay (service person).he also have no status.and eventhough not picking my phone and do the disconnect.
purchase date:--15.01.2008.which type of service you are providing.I am facing the problem last 10 days.

Please replace my mobile phone as soon as possible.I will not take back.I am waiting for your reply.

Pradip kumar
Service Head of E. U.P.
SONY In dia Pvt Ltd.


Dear Sir/Madam,
it is brought to your kind notice that i purchased a sony erricson mobile somewhere in Nov. 2007 and ever since its date of purchase it is not performing upto the mark. The keypad has broken twice and also the keys on the upper pannel are not in very good condition. the charging point is not responding properly. This time I had to wait for 2 months to get the replacement for the damaged keypad.
I am not satisfied with the performance of the handset and want a replacement as it had some maufacturing defects and my phone is within the warranty period. After all this is not the kind of product that i expected while purchasing it under the brand name of " SONY ". waiting for a positive reply.

Thanking you,

Sony Ericsson W580i — display failure

i have given this w580i set before 14 days and still didnt recieve the set yet now. this is a bad service and this will make acustomer to fear for buying the product.

Sony Ericsson Mobile Phone — poor product sales

Dear Sir,
I am a customer of Sony Ericsson Mobile phone and purchased model W 580 I in 11, 200 INR from Hot Spot store in Dec 2007.

First of all would like to know that I am a limited user of mobile phone and do not use too excessive in my daily routine.

1- Within a short span of my use, I have encountered several flaws in this handset for example. Getting Hanged, not picking up call, not getting charged properly etc. I did not complained as despite these issues, I was able to get my work done through this handset.

2- Suddenly one fine day, while working in the office, I noticed, this set has lost its display. I went to Sony Ericsson Service center GNH Telecom Noida and they identified as Liquid Damage.

3- Although I was not convinced (but since I am not mobile technician), I agreed and handed over to them for repair on 09/08/08. They have asked me to wait for a week and confirmed to call within a week for delivery. I kept on waiting and then called on 19/8 and received a response that I will receive call in 10-15 minutes with the status. Unfortunately, I did not received any call and I kept on trying but no one picked up the phone OR bother call and update me with the phone status.

4- Again I tried almost almost an hour today to get the status and after a VERY GOOD LUCK, I get through the line and online I received a very HARD, PATHETIC AND UNPROFESSIONAL response. “IT HAS NOT YET CORRECTED. WE DON’T EVEN KNOW WILL IT GET CORRECTED OR NOT. WE WILL CALL YOU IN NEXT 2-3 DAY”.

5- I requested them to please get it faster but they sound like a govt. organization and said nothing can be done early.

Now as a customer I would like to share with you my opinion about Sony Ericsson as a company for being a future customer.

A) I am using mobile phones from almost 8 years but I never faced a complain like liquid damage in any of the handset used in the past. I am that much sincere enough that I will not use mobile in rain or will pour water or any other liquid and still say that no such incidence happened. The other possibility is that sweat has pass through while using. But if this is the case then I am absolutely feeling sorry to myself buying Sony Ericsson mobile phone.

B) Facing all above issues regarding hand set performance and treatment after sales, I believe Sony does not have any responsibility for their customer and they are only concerned of selling the product at first time.

I have sent thsi request to Sony Ericsson customer care 2 times but they did not even bothered to reply as checking with me as why i am upset or what the actual problem i am facing.

Kindly check with them on my behalf and atleast make them aware that they have certain responsibility towards customer and they must listen and resolve the issue when customer are in trouble. Appreciate all your help in this regard.

Best REgards

Sushil Agrawal

sonyericsson W580i — poor performance of service centre and of sony ericsson

I have bought sonyericsson w580i(imei no:[protected] on 18/09/2008 from J.M.Electronics, guwahati, assam. At first the cell phone was overheated within a short time. The problem started the very next day of purchase. So i have consulted the problem with the service centre(assam, guwahati, opposite city mart) on 19/10/2008. I went to service centre late beause i was out of station. On the very day, they simply changed the battery and asked to use the cell for a time being. But it didn't solved the problem. Again on 21st i went there. Now they are commenting that the circuit board has to be changed. But they can't replace the cell instead they will relpace the circiut board. I did'nt knew that replacement can be done within 3 days of purchase, as no one told me in time of buying. As a result i agreed to do so(dated:21/10/2008). But after delivery, nothing changed and the problem turned worst(delivery date:05/11/2008). As a matter of fact, they said that they will deliver the cell within 10 days and will call me. But nothing such thing happened. Now along with the over heating problem, one new problem got added i.e. now network fluctuates. Overall there is no network on the cell. So i request u people to help me out as soon as possible as i m no millionaire to buy another cell. And also it will be very kind o[censored] i[censored] replace the staff members of your service centre that is located in guwahati, opposite city mart, assam. They behave very rudely with the customers and simply dont have knowledge about mobiles.
The new imei no is:[protected]-69
mobile no:[protected]
I purchased sony ericsson handset from Rahul Electronics on 10/03/2007.Model of this handset is K-550i & serial no. is [protected].Sometime in the first week of November 2008 a message "insert sim card" started flashing on the screen & phone stopped function. So I gave the set for repairs to your official repair center through SRG Business Center.However the set was returned under caption "25-RUR".Code of the service center is 410921 & ASP code is E26 as seen from the job sheet.Following information is seen from this sheet warranty type -in warranty, fault code customer abuse.Various aspects coming under this category are water seepage, broken, burnt.However none of this happened to my hand set.I could remove & insert the sim card at the time of sending the set for repair.But when I received the set after so called repair from service center it became impossible to insert the sim card.The job sheet shows useless information such as start dt.10/11/08 14:03, complete dt.10/11/08 14:20 time taken for repair less than 24 hours.However symptom i.e. can't insert /remove sim card given in this sheet is totally false which be vouched by the owner of SRG Business Center.Action taken shows "sim tray damaged".Thus one can conclude that damage took place during repair only.As aresult of the shoddy work carried out by your official service center my hand set was rendered useless. Now I want compensation for the damage caused either in cash or by way of replacement of the hand-set.

Sony Ericsson W580i — poor service

it's been just 7 months since i bought my w580i mobile phone from a sony ericsson dealer in trivandrum.inspite of the advice from friends about the fragile keypad of this phone i insisted on buying this phone because of the brand name and it's popularity.
within 3 months the keys started to carck but still i was using the phone.and about 7 days back the problem occured.the phone would go off when the headset is connected and it was not getting charged.i approached the sony ericsson service centre at mettukkada, trivandrum and i was assured that i'll recieve it within 5 days to be precise on 6/01/09.i couldn't make myself available at the service centre that day so the next day i.e on 7/1/08 i rang them up and enquired about the phone.they told me there was some complaints with it's board so it will take some more time.that reply was okay for me but when i asked them how long it will take they couldn't tell me a date.the person at the reception told that they cannot tell me the exact date since the new board has to come all the way from chennai and that it is supplied on priority basis and so they cannot specify it.i would like to know if i'll get the phone replaced by a new one since it is in it's warranty period.
what is sony's response to the whole episode.
rajiv, plz keep the thread updated? i was planning to buy a sony mobile but seems now will have to change my mind after the arrogant attitude of the customer center.
Dear Sir/Madam,

I have bought Sony Ericsson F305(IMEI:[protected]) mobile on 24th Dec 2008 from The mobile Store, (UG-1, Orbit Mall, A.B. Road, Indore (M.P), India). But it Started to give Display problem (Screen became blank, ie just white screen) so i submitted it to the your authorized service Center - Salora International Ltd., (310, shalimar Coporate Center, 8/B, South tukoganj, Indore) with complaint id: SES09IND10313 on[protected]. But my hand set is not repaired upto till date. So i request u to please look into this matter seriously as it has taken 14 days & still there is no progress...its too much.

with regards,

A harrassed Customer

sony ericsson /Mobile — Very poor Customer Service.

I have given my cell to sony erricsson which i bought 2 months back . The cell not in good condition from that day only. so i have given it service centre in Bangalore at Malleshwarm. From 2 monts i have not got any respone from their side. Every time telling still we not recived reciver which not major issue.
my customer no.ses08nmc22835.

Please take action on them.

Sony Ericsson W580i — misbehave & Cheatings


I bought Sony ericsson handset (w580i) on 6/3/2008 from Subhiksha Trading Service Ltd on the name of Davender Chauhan.In which i have got the warrantee of 1 year, According to my warrantee if there is any problem in my handset you people are liable to resolve the problem and liable to give me the resolution of my problem as Earliest as possible, but you people are not realising the fact that you people are from service industry & what kind of services you people are providing to your customer, its not up to the mark & also its making a bad brand name to your Company. I m really upset & sorry to say that such a big company like Sony Erisson employee has no adiquate to talk with customer.This is not there fault this is the fault of the Management they people have not groomed there employee as per the demends & needs of the customer.This is the reffernce of the below mail.

I have some problem in my sony erisson handset and for the same i have visited your service outlet of dwarka branch there i have met Mr Harsh and miss sonia, i have discussed my hand set problem with them after listning every problem they peple have asked for my original bill i gave them on the spot. After that miss sonia has checked warrante period of my handset whether my handset is in warrante or not.She told me that my handset was in warrante then she asked for my handset and she went to talk with mr Harsh & after she came and said that sir Emi no is not cleared on your handset so sorry we are unable to help you then i asked her to let me talk with Mr Harsh for some clarification & after i had word with Mr Harsh regarding the same problem he was not ready to listen anything and start debating about the same i have told him that i have a original bill & box with me you can check my Emi no on both the Documents but that gentle man has no adiquate how to talk & how to handle the Customer quaries, sorry to say but he only knows how to debate & misbehave.The same time i have asked for the customer care number from him & he was not ready to give that also, after that i have find your custome care no from your site.

After a day i have contacted your customer care support there is a gentle man called mr Ankur he assist me with his services & i was obliged while talking with him, he is sach a nice person he tried to help me in my problem, he make me to speak with his Manager Mr Kishore & i explained each and every thing to him & he assured me that sir you go and visit our dwarka outlet again and make me speak with Mr Harsh, i did the same as Mr Kishore guided to me i have taken out the time from my busy schdule & visited the outlet again & make him to speak with mr Harsh, after a 15 or 20 minute long discussion Mr Kishore assured me you will get the resolution with in two day.After disconneting the call of Mr Kishore, Mr Harsh came to me & said now you do whatever you want you will not get any resolution to your problem & misbehaved also his behavior was very rude to me & he was not accepting the mobile phone. With due respect to Mr kishore i again called him & told each and everything to him he was shocked to know this then he called up directly to Mr harsh & they people had talk i was not aware about what discussion they people were having. After 10 min Mr Kishore called me and said sir mother boad of you Mobile phone is dead thats what Mr Harsh told to Mr kishore Without taking my handset in his hand how come he got to know that my mother boad is not working i m really shocked that Sony Erisson has hired Astrologer on his rolls. After all the things happened Mr kishore has again assure me the sir give me 7 days time your problem will be resolved, with due respect to Mr kishore but sorry to say they all were making me fool & doing all scrap with me After i have realize i have wasted my time as well as i got to know the image of the Big Brand Company.

This is the last option of mine that i m writing a mail to you after that i have no option left apart from going to consumer court or a media
for there support to help and resolve my problem as it was pending from last 1.5 month

Looking farward your response and your favourable reply


Rajan Kapoor
Branch Manager
Reliance Money

"Nothing is important then work, work is worship"
i have purchase phone.he had defected peace by throgh the compney. i am going to the service center and service the handset.i have bring the hand set just some days later, they and they are said your phone is ok.i am going ten times in the sevice center with up and down.please solve my problem i am very complaint id is seso8vs210895 that is the last time number [protected].

Sony Ericsson W580i — network, display using w580i sony ericson 1 worst mobile in india...daily im gettn problem while attending the calls.. The main problm when im usin the mobile suddnly its struckn off. recently speaker problm n display problme came..after finish the warranty all problms will araise...frnds dont be aware of the produts...

Sony Ericsson — Very Poor Service Center

I bought my phone (K810i) six mounts back but after two months i faced a problem in my Hand free (HPM62). i gave Hand free to be repaired or replaced. more then 17 days Sony ericsson people are saying you will get your Handfree with in 2-3 days. but till date i am unable to get it.

I spend 12700/- rupees for nothing ... and even i am suffering because i trust on this product.
now please guide me what should i supposed to do

Sony Ericsson W580i — talking time very heat

sir my mobile is talking time very is changing the mother bord and repeat the same problem please exchange my mobile

Sony Ericsson 580i — harassment by service centre

The screen of my son's 580i developed a crack on 27th Jan.2009. We contacted the only service centre i.e. S.C.O. 327/ IInd floor, Sector 40 D, Chandigarh on the next day, they told me it'll require a replacement. even within warranty period we'll have to spend Rs.1300.(though it is much cheaper in the market but we cannot repair it from the market as that'll make the warrany void). We agreed and they asked to come next week as the spare is not available. Then the harassment started. We made 7-8 rounds and made many calls to the service centre and were asked to come after few days every time. After few rounds I met the chief of the centre Mr. Vikram (Phone No. [protected]), who repeated the same sugar coated assurances but refused to give anything in writing. I don't even have any material proof regarding the duration of this harassment. Today is 6th March and I am still not being able to make any headway after 7 weeks. They don't have a system to lodge a formal complaint with a date on it, hence we can't produce any proof for how long we are suffering. If meanwhile the warranty period expires God only knows what game they'll start.
We are in agony, please help.
S. Ray Chaudhury
In addition to the complain I submitted on 6th. March, I'd like to add that I contacted the chief of the Sony Ericsson service centre Sec-40 Chandigarh on 12th march again but he is still not responding positively. He is not picking up my susequent calls even, that's a grossly rude behaviour.
S. Ray Chaudhury

sony ericsson/ mobile — misbehave

i went 2 sony ericsson customer care, the executive did nt know how to deal wth customers, there behaviour is not eco-friendly, they misbehaving me, n when argue with them about my problem, finally they refuse to take the handsets, and says this outlet is closed, then could not sort ur handset problem, do whatever want 2 do.

i hope the concerned authority will give due attentiuon towards this, n take action these kind of customer services immediatley.

the service station name and add. is,
cell net authorised service centre,
l-1, mahavir enclave, opp shiv vani school,
dwarka mod, delhi-45,
tel:[protected], 45521200, [protected]

Sony Ericsson / W580i — Pathetic service delivery

It has been six from now when i have purchased a box of problem giving Rs. 10, 000 and the box contains a sony ericsson set model no: w580i. The most dissatisfying part is the after sales service by an authorised service centre of sony ericsson the details of which are given below:
PHN: [protected]

The employees of this service centre are very misbehaving and doesn't have any concern for the customers. I ahve been given false commitments thrice and have been harrassed by this service centre.
So I request the concerned to take necessary actions against these kinds of service centre as they are the biggest source of hampering the brand image.

Thanks & Regards
Amit Kumar Mitra

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