[Resolved]  Sony Ericsson W910i — bad customer service

i purchased a sony ericsson w910i mobile from a mobile store in kolkata. after one and a half weeks it accidently came into contact with water.i gave it to a sony ericsson certified service centre in kolkata, the address of which is mentioned below.i gave the cell on 3.12.2007.the manager of the shop told me that the problem will be resolved in a week and you will get the cell by next week i.e. by the second week of december.they also told me that the motherboard will be replaced and it would be warranteed for 3 months and the expense would be around Rs 19,00.till now i have not received the cell and they are also not telling me anything regarding it.they keep on extending the date by one week and it is now over 45 days.the IMI number of the cell is [protected] and the battery serial number is 0093481.when i call the service centre they tell me that my cell is in the sony ericsson head office in delhi but they never give me the contact number and the address of that head office when i ask them to do so.the job sheet number of my complaint in the service centre in kolkata is 6299.please take the necessary action so that i can get my mobile back at the earliest possible.
the service centre name to which i had given the cell is
Babli Media Service Centre
106/A Raja Dinendra Street
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Aug 13, 2020
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sony ericsson w910 — worst service given by company and what's the use of warranty

my name is sunil i purchased sony ericsson w910 for rs 18500 from [mohan varieties masid street vijayawada]. after 15 days i started facing problem like sliding and my mobile was not starting. so i gave it in the company for repairing they told me to come after 15 after 15 days i got a call from company that ur mobile will not be get repaired so plz come n take ur mobile. i was completely shocked by hearing that stupid reply because only 15 days been over i have purchased mobile n its very painful to hear such reply bcos only 15days had been over purchasing the mobile.when i asked wats the problem y is it not getting repaired they just told that parts r not plz help me in solving out this problem because i am from a middle class family n 18500rs i an high amount for me to bear
thanx my contact number is [protected]

sony w910i — Ridiculous cell

Today i bought w910i dated 25/08/2008
from infotech gallery shop no. 6 ansal majestic tower new delhi 110018
my imex : "[protected]"
what faults should i tell you about this this cell i am just got frustrated in four hours i bought this phone for better music player but to be honest my brother's tata indicom set fm voice is much better than this.
its got hang several times in last four hours and i can not hear the voice clearly at all during incoming and outgoing. it automatically got switch off as well sevearl times.
i am just thinking why i chosen sony inspite of nokia.
i am not happy at all.
i went to shopkeeper after one hour only but he denied to help me i request you pleaseeeeeeee look in to the matter as soon as possible and do the needful i am ready to take any lower price phone with better quality than this and dont refund my rest amount as well, as i am ready to do negotiation.
but please do needful.
I bought a T650i from Satnam Electronics, Greater kailash Market Part-I on Oct 25, 2007.
The same is not working since last 2 days . I personally went to Neeru Enterprises (Sector 18, Noida) who confirmed that it will take 15 days from Chennai CCentre but if I wish to get the same done I may wish to go directly to Salora Intl (Centre at Okhla, New Delhi) and they will change the motherboard at the same moment. When I called up Mr. Ramvir, he said I have been misguided and in this scenario I have lost 2 precious days.

I would like to remind the Co. that after spending 20k if I have to wait for 15 days as your logistics problem, why should I bear the brunt of purchasing a new phone because my entire work is dependant on a phone.

Pls contact me else the same will be highlighred on Zee TV (My brother works there) and PEHREDAAR-Complaint highlight program.

Requesting your help ASAP

Pls contact me at [protected]

Manu Sharma
Associate Vice President-HSBC
sir i have k850i but when i open games or application its show opretion faild wht ll i do?
tell me sum codes abt it or help me to any other way

thanks ok
I drag your attention about my serious problem, i bought a Sony Ericsson mobile from SUBHIKSHA TRADING SERVICES LTD. BIRATI, KOLKATA-700051, Bill No: INV/910/SVR Dated 27.07.2008 vides Model No: W810i, Sl. No: [protected] after buying the mobile it have got a problem. The sound of the Speaker is cracking & the sound of the speaker is very bad. I send it to your Authorized Service Centre Rippon Street, Kolkata, dated 01.09.02008, case ID No: 2 WK:[protected]. But after 26 days kept in there custody they don’t solve the problem and they want another 10 to 15 days for servicing purpose, then I withdrawn the mobile set and send to your Authorized service centre, Durgapur Benachity, Dist. Burdwan dated on 27/09/2008. Complaint ID – ISE103/8. They replace the speaker but not solved the problem & they told that it’s a problem on MOBILE BOARD also told me that they already send the board at head office and it’s now under head office activity.
Now after spending two month I think it’s a very unprofessional & light hearted assignment from your end. Now I realize about your products quality & service. But still believe that you will clear my problem & solve it very soon.
i bought a sony ericsson w580i in june08, ther was some problem with LCD of my cellphone.since it was under warranty so i gave my cell phone for repair in one of the certified service center at manicktolla(north kolkata).and i really had a tough time with them.
Babli Media Service Centre
106/A Raja Dinendra Street
I have an sony ericsson W950i and the display screen not working so I was following up with the certified service centre in Chennai (Tambaram) for last 40 to 45 days but unable to get any positive response from them.
Is there anybody who can help me out on this.

sony ericsson w910i — lost of mobile

I'm sanjay patel, While i travelling in bus my mobile sony ericssion chocolate colour mobile of model w910i is lost. Here i have given my IEMI no. and other details of lost phone.
I have no other sources to help me except u!
Please help me, it's a new, i bought it on13/09/2008 from Mobile Wala, Vadodara, vide invoice no.9918
My Details are as under
Name : sanjay patel
Present Address: A/5, Falshruti society, near civil hospital staff quarters, Bharuch, Gujarat, India.
Phone Model : w910i
Make : Sony Ericsson
Color : chocolate
Detais of sim and Phone No. when lost :- BSNL Sim card, Phone No.[protected]
Last- phone No.received. from mobile : [protected]
Last Dialed No. from mobile :[protected]
E-mail : [protected]
Missed date :[protected]:30 to 11:00 PM)
IMEI No : [protected]
After missing the phone along with BSNL simcard I have cancelled the sim card and have got the duplicate sim card of same number from BSNL office on Dt. 6/05/09
Please help me sir. and inform me the present phone number and details of simcard being utilised in my above lost phone and also other details, so I may try to trace my above phone.
I never forget your help,
sanjay patel
Dear Sir,

Ref. W-5801 Sony Ericsson Handset bearing number 35 [protected] Purchased on[protected]

Sub. Mall functioning and poor service

The above mentioned Sony Ericsson handset purchased by me on[protected] has been sent to ASCENTEL for service in March – April 09 (replaced the motherboard) and now again on 02/06/09.
Earlier you have replaced the motherboard twice but the problem still persists and the functioning was unsatisfactory and hence the service has been redelivered to ASCENTEL on 02/06/09 as per their acknowledgement card number 272. In spite of my persistent follow-up with your service people, and call centre (caseno-SE[protected], I am yet to get back my handset. Such extreme delay in service as we as repeated malfunctioning does not speak well about either the product or for the company and the consumer looses confidence in the product it self. It is certain that there is fundamentally some thing wrong with the particular handset, I had been using different models of Sony Ericsson handset and this is my 6th Sony Ericsson handset and never faced such a problem earlier but since buying this particular handset, I have lost my peace of mind because of nonfunctioning of this set. I request you to please replace this defective handset and restore my confidence in the product without any further delay

Sony Erricson / W910i mobile phone — Unprofessional people at Service centre

I have bout a Sony Erricson handset W910i in which since day one i am having lot of problems. The set restarted automatically 15- 20 times a day and if i dial any number then its hanged stil the call continues till the time i dont pull out the battery manually. The charging port of the mobile does not work properly as when i try to charge the handset i need to shake the charger in order to get the handset charged as port is loose. Ear volume is to low and not audible at all while talking.

To add to all my pains and sufferiings when i tried to visit the service centre of the Sony Erricson at RT outsourcing, 2 Rippon Street, Kolkata. The lady at front desk to was taking care of my complaint didnt knew how to open the handset as she was trying to open the back pannel of the handset without unlocking it then i educated her how to open it as she would have almost broke it. After struggling a lot with the handset when she was not able to understand anything she took the handset with her somewhere inside the office and came back by saying that i ned to leave my handset. After wards while allembling back the hadset she misplaced mine switch on/off key and started blaming me that i misplaced it on my face i politely told her that when i handed the set all the keys were there. She behaved rudely and continued replying in rude tone. When i complained to the shift manager Mr Indrajeet then they said that they would replace with another key. Mr Indrajeet was so casual while talking to me and by putting hands in his pocket was also behaving rudely with me. it was not only me as i was there for more than 1 hour and each and every customer were been treated by Mr Indrajeet in similar way. I was shocked to see such kind of pathetic and disgusting sevices from a responsible person from frontdesk of such a big branded organisation.

Now my concern is my handset is still under warranty still i have been asked to bear charges related to the repairing of the handset. I am really surprised as i think that main moto of Sony Erricson is to get money out of the pocket of customer and then to make them suffer for lifetime. I wont advice any of my family member or friends to buy any product of Sony Erricson after seeing and facing such kind of harrasment from after service people. Although i have given mine handset for repairing but this would be mine first and last mistake to buy product of Sony Erricson.

I seriously need to speak to person who heads the customer service as need to share all mine experience and make them realise about what they are doing.

Robin karmakar

Sony Ericsson W910i — lost mobile.

i am muji. i lost my mobile. its a new mobile. its in a red colour. i lost my mobile in college. so please pray for me...if mobile is getted i will give u a choclates.ok byeeeeeeeeeeee...

sony ericsson w910i — Worst service centre in the world

this is just not my complaint..

the sony ericsson centre in Kerala, Trichur is completely letting down the brand image of sony ericsson phones..

everytime i go for a service there i find one or the other fight going on in the centre between customer and the staff there.

i am a die hard fan of sony products... but if this is the way they are carrying on service, its no wonder why people in Trichur are going for other brands... .
I strongly recommend all the sensible buyers across the country not to touch Sony Ericsson mobile handsets even from a distance.Such a funny and lousy company I have never seen in my life. You can run from pillar to post without any success where to get your handset repaired even in a metro city like Kolkata.

A K Dani

Sony Ericsson W910i — Can't Updated Software

I have purchased SE mobile w910i from Rajkot. Which is aurthorised dealer of sony-ericsson.My mobile is completing in working condition.But sunddenly it's turn-off.This would oftenly happens. But this time it doesn't switch-on automatically or customaly.So I go to Sony Ericsson service centre and told about my problems.He said that you have software problem. And it would take 2 days time.I have said him that 1 and 1 1/2 hour is sufficient to update software in any mobile then how could you tell that it takes 2 days.So he said that come after noon.I went still he can't do that.And Told come after 2 days. after 2 days he can't do that and said there is in connection problem.He said came tomorrow.I would definately do it.The next day I went and centre has been closed.His employee said the renovation of centre is running and it took 8 days.After 8 days I went his employee took mobile and said we can't do it.And wash-up his from their responsibility.And said give it to another mobile centre.This is rude behaviour of service centre owner Shaym Karia. I know very well the value of sony ericsson mobile.That's why at my home I have 4 Sony Ericsson Mobile.My humbly request to you please closed this service centre and give another person to aurhotisation.
Dear friends :

This is to aware you about the sony erisson service centre that the service is very bad which ever service center it may be i have experienced two service centres in hyd I brougnt a sony ericsson W580i last year
after using for 6 months it got sudden swith off while put for charging & i have gone to sony reisson service centre in sec bad they say that it mobile got into water they are showing me some red marked below the battery as it will apper only when it got in water like this they are saying. but the mobile is not got in the water accutally, & he refused to repair & saying that the mobile is wet inside put the phone into sunlight for 2 days & then bring the mobile back & then i visted another center which is in abids they taken the phone after 2days they are saying that the mobile is unrepairable the mother board is got damage & it will cost me 4500 for repair with three months gaurantee, I used the mobile for 6 month & i have not face any problem one day sudden it got switch off that it . after that i agreed for repair they take 10 days time to repair & given back the mobile . after that the bluetooth of the moblie is not working properly. then i loose payshens & i sold the mobile for three thousand . I deicied that not bye a sony ericsson phone in future.

Sony Ericsson / W910i — Extremely Poor Service

The handset was given at service center on 6 the august 2009 but still no response even about the status when it will get repaired.

Sony Ericson W910i — Software Problem

I bought a W910i in Jan, 2009. For 3-4 months the Handset was working good.Then the problem started, my phone automatically restarts, keypads will not work, Some key-functions misbehave (eg: if I press Key '1' in whatever application i was working,the application gets closed and i'll be directed to the standby mode).Since Im in the warranty period I contacted the Authorized Service centre and Flashed the mobile.But all i can enjoy that for 2 months, Again the problem started, but this time a little different, Keys 1,3,6 will not work when we dial a number (often). If we restart the phone once, then they will work!(amazing-it is not a keypad problem!) , Incoming calls from unsaved numbers will not get displayed. 'Call screen' will not get displayed for unsaved numbers, Since the warranty period has got expired, I 'll be charged if once again I took the phone to the Service Centre. Can I make the point whether the warranty restarts from the time when I did my 'Flashing' operation in the Service Centre? I have enough proofs and Discription of the problem certified by the Service centre engineer!
i am intrest serves center in

Sony Ericsson W910i — unique password for formatting memory stick

i want format my memory stick. but the unique doesn't work. i tried by following code i.e.0000,1234 but it shows wrong code . please give me the unique code
my w910i mobile suich on after on massasge show formate memore card now phon look code but i no know my phoon pass cood .pless help me .thanks

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