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SPAR Hyper market in Bangalore is one of the biggest retail chain in Bangalore.The liqour shop in spar is taking money, almost 30 % above the MRP which is written in the product.For eg Smirnoff green apple flavoured Vodka, price written in bottle is Rs 519/- and bill amount is Rs 643/-.
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Aug 13, 2020
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Spar Hyper Market/ Dinning Table — Customer Service

I ahve purchased round dinning table and 4 chairs from spar hyper market on 31 aug 2008, the table and charis are damaged, immediatly i complaint them, they told they will replace it till that please use the same...but they didnot turn up...every day i stared following up them...each day i am getting one one stock, lorry strick, that this...but till today this 5th month running it is not last week when i called they are telling they cannot replace it...they whould told me at first that they cannot do but they playing with customer not even bother to satisfing customer needs...the staffs in sapr are too rude. the managers are least bother...i hope they just go ther for time pass.
The customer service in spar is not goos, the staff are rude and unpolite. Actually i have purchased dinning table and it was damaged...i called them to replace it...and till today they are not yet done
they play with customers by saying today...tomorrow...the day passed and months passed but the table is not replaced and i use to follow up everyday...they use to say tomorrow tomorrow...and atlast aftr 4 months they are telling its not possible...this is what the spar people will do with the customers...the customers are helpless we have already paid the money...

so please friends i advice not to go to spar hyper market
The customer service in spar is not good, the staff are rude and unpolite. Actually i have purchased dinning table and it was damaged...i called them to replace it...and till today they are not yet done
they play with customers by saying today...tomorrow...the day passed and months passed but the table is not replaced and i use to follow up everyday...they use to say tomorrow tomorrow...and atlast aftr 4 months they are telling its not possible...this is what the spar people will do with the customers...the customers are helpless we have already paid the money...

so please friends i advice not to go to spar hyper market
Spar they are cheating people...I have bought one shoeware for my Wife at Rs 500 they told it is very durable...Stupid company they are and you know it broken in 5 days ...i am a cosumer and i want action against this...another story as i stay near to Spar market, bangalore...I bought 2 Kg rice at Rs 33 per kilo...and u know there is a nut of 100 gm in that...if i would have ate that i will be there not in the earth...i want a consumer case against these Dubai cheater...they have come to kill us????????
Everything is bad about this company pls help to Consumers like me to save themselves against these kind of people...I want to have consumer case ganst these people...but how please help me...I want them to ojut of India...they want to kill us...

Families Hyper Market — Charging Above MRP

In Bangalore Families Hyper Market (TIN [protected]) charges more than the MRP printed on Milk and Milk Products. Kindly advise the procedure to take it up with the appropriate authorities.

More Hyper Market — taking extra money on MRP

Dear Sir

I am shankar vadnere is you companies regular customer. on 26.11.2009

i purchased a Big chef stick gift set of 3 product his MRP is Rs 799/- and Your price is Rs 329/- when but that time your price

shown in your system Rs 365/- When i told him its wrong your executive changed Price in system and give me same product

in Rs 329/-

Today 01.12.2009 CM no [protected] (*T[protected]*) when i was going to purchasing, i want same product

(Big chef stick gift set of 3) so i take it and going to billing. at that time same thing is happen Mrp is 799 and Your price is Rs

329/-. Cashier told me sir its shown Rs 365/- price, ok but why i pay extra amount Your price is Rs 329/-. After that he Ask to

department manager Mr.Vijay. but he told 'sir you pay Rs 365/- and another your CSA crash the price and told me sir daily our

price is changed.I Ask why u don't changed price on product, he don't give proparly answer

So I am shocked same product i purchased in Rs 329 And same mrp Product I purchased Rs 365 With same price tag. I Found Your team is not going well Do the action please

Every product you take RS 36. Extra that's my thinking at that time. In 5 day they Did not change their price and the display also

Please give me repply as soon as. You Dont give me repply I am going in Consumer Forum

Shankar vadnere
Worst and Rude behavior by in charge and supervisor, all uneducated or less educated people it seems, speaking locally

Last week I brought a laptop bag in spar which is 1300 and I used it last weekend during travel, which gave sever shoulder pain for last 4 days.
I checked the bag, one side of the bag had a very big pad which was not stitched properly.

I went today to spar for the exchange, I asked politely but those guys from the start they were not responding with manners. They told I have to come within 7 days but I told I was not well so how can I come.

Later I told I wanted to speak to the manager and I was waiting there…

manager came it seems, this guy doesn’t know I am sitting there.

This guy asked other guy Engada avan ( where is he in a very local language without respect) supervisor has come.

I got angry and raised my hand but never beat him, then I asked him is this is the way you speak to your customer.

He managed to me, that he asked for another employee…

The manager was also not replying in a mannered way, everybody together joined and irritated/insulted me .

Later I left the place saying no need for exchange.
The worst Place in bangalore, they dont exchange Dry Fruits even if they are not fit for Eating
The worst Place in bangalore, they dont exchange after 7 days, Funny
In SPAR they do sell Expired Beers
Really bad customer service, never buy any elctronics product from them...all outdated ones they will sell and no one knows the product. It happened for a Iron box they were trying to sell forcibly to me with out a proper warranty card. On my insistence they gave me one card and the S.No of the product and on the warranty card never matched...

Be carefull before you buy anything on SPAR in Bangalore
Best example for Bad Customer service is SPAR HYPER MARKET near Dairy circle. On 31st jan 2010 I purchased a Denim jeans of MAX brand. The price tag mentioned on the shelf was Rs 699/- and after discount Rs 549/-, but they billed me for Rs 699/-. On 3rd Feb morning I visited Spar to complaint about the issue and Executive in SPAR made a call to person saying GM. I even spoke to that person over phone and he started convincing me saying that his staff by mistake kept the Jeans in the discounted shelf and informed me that he cannot give the discount. When I argued saying it was not my mistake and claimed for the discount, he inturn told me that he will check with his manager and assured about the call back to me on monday, i.e on 8th Feb, but till now I have not recieved any call.
Totally I'm not worried about discount, I'm worried about the ineffecient Customer service provided by SPAR. They cheat Customers. This is called Customer service according to SPAR hyper market.
Dear Consumers my suggestion to all is not to go for SPAR. They are CHEATERS.
I bought one dozen of egg from Spar on Bannerghata Raod. Driving back to my house, I felt severe stench emanting from the car. I couldn't make out the reason. On reaching home, I found that the smeel was from the 2 packets of eggs and I found more than 5 eggs in 2 packets completely rotten in full black colour. It had a label with a date of about 3-4 weeks back.
No egg will get damaged to this extent for at least 3-4 months. Ostensibily Spar had been repacking the old stuff in new boxes.
I called up Spar and mad ea complaint. The person who attended the call said the person in charge is not available and said he will ensure that the person will call back. I passed on the number, There was no response from Spar for a day. So I went to the store with the rotten eggs and palced it on the custoemer care desk. The whole area was filled with rotten eggs. I said I wanted to see the store manager. But the people at therdesk refused and told that manage is on leave that day !. When I made noise and people started crowding, they called the manager. I gave a written complaint and wanted acknwledgement, which they refused intitally. Later they gave one after I made noise.
Road side stuff is much better than what is sold in Spar. They are just selling rotten items with a bar code !!
The German giant in association with the Dubai frauds are cheating the indian public !
spar service is extremely poor. bought an LCD TV, they promised installation and demo immediately, nothing happened for 24hrs. When i checked up, they said it will be done in 48 hrs. now 5 days have gone and there is no news of the person who was supposed to do the demo. i finally installed it and when switched it on, found that the power cord was faulty. now waiting for replacement and at their mercy.
Shall go to consumer forum if not resolved in the next 24 hours.
One of the worst behaved people you will find them all in Spar Bannerghata Raod. Even the manager of the electronics store Prashanth does not know how to talk to a customer. These people should be sent to school to teach them some basic manners. Please dont visit this branch as they are very rude.
I had purchased items worth 2500/- Rupees at malleshwar Spar Bangalore. They mentoned that I will get a spar card for such purchases and till now I have not got them. They make you to visit multiple times
SPAR is just making fool of the customers. On May 1, 2010 they advertised in Bangalore Times for different groceries and other products - one of which was Ashirwad Atta 10KG being offered at Rs.249.95 (MRP Rs.280) PLUS 1KG Multigrain Atta FREE.

I went to SPAR Koramangala Store to buy the Groceries and Vegetables on May 2, 2010 and along with other items also purchased Ashirwad Atta but surprisingly they charged me the MRP Amount only. When taken up the matter different people all of them offered different explanations as below:

Mr. Gurubasappa - Instantly stated that there is no such advertisement in the newspaper.
Mr. Kiran / Ms. Priyanka - Stated that there is no such offer on the price and only free 1KG Multgrain atta is being offered

I confronted them them with the Newspaper AD and this is how they reacted:

Mr. Sayed Floor Manager - At the first instance stated that the Offer is Over as there is NO Stock of the stated item. When I showed him the Bill and the available stock in the store he changed his statement and informed that the offer is EITHER of lower price or 1KG Free Atta. When argued that the AD doesn't state like that he stated that there is an ERROR in the AD and immediately stated that there is a Human Error.

Mr. Gurubasappa - Stated that the offer is on Ashirwad Select Atta and not the Regular Atta. When informed that the Ashirwad Select Product (5Kg) is priced at Rs.200/- and are they selling at premium of Rs.49.95, he kept mum. I told him to get me the product pack of 10KG at Rs.280/- even without free offer and I am ready to pay, he stated he can't do that. At last he stated that the Advertisement is WRONG.
Mr. Kiran - He didn't have any comments to offer except that the AD is wrong.


Highly unprofessional, idtiots are running SPAR super market in Bangalore Lifestyle.That Person call Kiran is biggerst of , what experience I had with them on 4th July 2010. Never going to visti this bloody stors filled with highly untrained, unprofessional . Visiting a small kiran is better then SPAR.
Keep away from these buggers
hi guys,

I went for shopping last evening., but by mistake they have kept a extra beed sheet worth rupees 600 in my bag

i saw the bedsheets at my home so thought of returning them back as i am not charged for it.

once reading this complaint t though that i will give that brand nr=ew bedsheet to some one needfull
SPAR had expired food products, and the staff was refusing to take it off the shelf. Please ensure you look at the expiry dates before buying anything at SPAR. This is serious.

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