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Hello Sir,
Right now I am the victimized student of SPGI, Kolkata, Saltlake, Sector V. At the time of taking admission they promised us that they provides a regular course of engineering from St Peter's University (Chennai). But after taking admission and paying a course fee of Rs. 50,000 per semister and a registration fee of Rs. 25,000 we came to know that we are studying in a distance education program. Whereas in the main university it takes only Rs.15,000 per semister. Therefore I would request you all that before taking admission verify the course and fees details what the college is offering.
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who the hell said that the spgi institution is fraud...before posting any comments verify urself first and then dare to pass the comments..i myself have visited the parent university and confirmed that its not a distance course but a regular engineering degree..and which said that the semester fee is rs 15000...if its so then i ask the person concerned who dared to post the message to come n get me admitted in rs 15000 course fee per semester...
dare then care for urself to pass the comments lik this on such a big media...hav u heard the comment that half knowledge is dangerous than no knowledge...if not then hear it and take this example for urself...brother we are studying here for 2 years and we are no fools to study in fake institute..plz bro before posting anything get into the depth of the matter and then post something of such a high magnitude..u dnt knw that your this type of comment might hurt the sentiments and belief of so many peoples who are studying here..plz dnt spread misleading things which are not true at all
First of all, Rakesh yadav is not a student of our college.This is a fake name.anyways, you just check it out that University fees is not rupees 15000.There are more then 300 students studying over here and you think you are smarter then all of us??????????????????????ha ha ha... buddy if you are smart then the viewers are smarter.So from next time onwards do things with some proof, which you do not have about the statement that you mentioned.
Who the hell do you think yourself to comment such , meaningless comments on our college???
I have checked the records and there is no registration with the name of Rakesh Yadav. This chap who has lodged this complaint is himself a fraud and should be crucified infront of our college i.e.; St.Peters Group of Institutions; Salt Lake, Sector -V: that too with all the five jet engines of our college packed up in his butt.
hello bro ... first of all we dun thnk so u r student of spgi ... bcoz we have checked the register book ... there is no registration in ur name ... so i think ur dog, , bustard etc..And u deserve lot more slang languages... we noe dat who r u...i think ur the ex faculty of mechanics ... plz cum in d front if ur the son of ur mother and father ... have d guts to stand before us? otherwise u have 2 face an abnormal situation which is not expectable...
THANX TO ALL SPGI BROS for this strong defence, the person hu loged the complaint is .one of the biggest bustards, man u shud have thought before doing this act, first of all ur using a fake name ..and than claiming our institution a fraud, hey man the biggest fraud of the era is u, what do u think ..we are fools ? we dont know hu are u ? we know evry thing .the face behind the idiotic mask, if u have guts, take ur orginal name, face us legally ..not the illegal manner !!we the students of st.peter's engineering college chennai- regional branch s.p.g.i. kolkata are ready to face the u, coz we are the faces of truth, both of my parents are 31 yrs experienced engineer and are posted in higher ranks of their company, knows more than u about an engineering institution i think ..so better think before u claim .spgi is one of the best institution, and we all love it
Who d hell r u mr rakesh yadav...we dnt kno ny of dis name...i also think d same wat my frnd sabyasachi thinks dat u r d ex-faculty of mechanics..u r telling dat spgi is fraud, u dnt need 2 tell dat 2 us, we r ourslf aware of our future..frst u urslf c wat u hav done in d colg, we kno wat u did..if u r so much hungry 4 money, then u shud have tld us, we have dat much money dat we can feed u, wat was d need 2 do that..n i think 15000 is d fees whr u hav studied n ur dad studied...our fees is more than double wat ur total family income 4 a month is...so betr search 4 a new job 2 feed urslf n ur family...
Hey who d u r, u don't know d reputation of our college. We r studying here for 2 years and we know that very well that this college will help us to built a good aspect in our carrier.So without bothering any one else u should mind in ur own business, without spreading this kind of faulthy.I thanks my frnds Pawan kumar Tiwari & Vaibhav shukla very much.
What rakesh yadav said is an absolute truth. I was a faculty in this college and left after getting frustrated with the management's attitude.

pradipta Sinha
There is always a proverb that Grapes are sour.The person who wrote filthy and utter lie about this institute is having psycological problem.he knows he cannot be sucessful by right means so he is using all this wrong means to promote himself by making the college a bad name.But the truth everybody knows, we all went to chennai main campus to verify the authencity of the institute, and we are more than satisfied.We know how the management people of the institute helped us and guided us in every step of the life.So dear furtruated friends better be careful with the language you post, because the college authority is already in process of tracking the IP address of the imposter who is doing this harm to the institute.We are all in begining of our career better not involve ourself in this wrongful act.
recently the following people have resigned from this bustard college (???)

1. Former Vice Principal - Subroto paul .

2. Former Dean - Sanjoy Bhattacharyya ( Heard that he had been thrown out as Nibir saha was not able to pay his salary)

3. Marketing exe - Reji

4. Marketing exe - Shilpa

5. Administration - Sitam

Additionally, Nirvik saha was severely beaten up at Agartala. Nibir saha was almost beaten up at Netaji Indoor.

The new name of the college is now "GLOBAL GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS". please be aware.

NB : Nibir saha pays to his own students to get new students. Some of them are Arvind Kumar ( First year) & Pawan Tiwari (2nd yr). If you want to get quick money, contact Nibir Saha.

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