Squad Technologies — This company demanded to submit original documents to get the job as a fresher

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Squad technology is one of the IT componey which is located in 801,Gnfc tower,Ahmedabad.This company is demand to submit all original documents to the fresher. They give one letter first with written that you have to sign the bond of 3 year and also have to submit the original documents at the time of the first day.

As per rules and regulation company has no rights to demand the original documents.

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This is wrong. Some actions should be taken towards these kind of companies.
Yes this is 100% right, Please if you wish for better carrier then don't choose squad technology ahmedabad.
info qa's reply, Apr 14, 2018
Yes, correct.
I have worked with this company. They are more cruel than criminals.
I was a fool to deposit my original mark sheets and while I was leaving this company, they asked me to deposit my one month salary so that I can get back my original documents from them.

A clear Blackmailing.

They did not stop here. They have still not authorized my PF withdrawal application. They have nothing to do with my PF. Don't know why they are doing so. But these companies should be screwed hard.

Nippy Joy - CEO at Squad tech. pvt. ltd. is more than a criminal. Beware of him and never walk the stairs taking you to this company.
Hi Friends,

I am Raman and ex-employee of Squad Technologies Pvt Ltd. Many People are telling lies here. It's really a good company.
and Nippy Joy is also a nice man.

I worked more than 2 years and during office hours I met Mr. Nippy sometimes and each time he talks to me like a friend.
According to my view, Nippybhai Joy is a really Jolly man of Squad company.

This is very bad company like chinni company and it is also one type of fraud company.Work environment is not good.And Senior pesons are very rude.Very bad company.
Recently I gave my resignation in company & they stopped my salary of current month, even they forced me to complete 45 days as notice period.

Bhavesh who is The Head of .net department but he is also pathetic person. Even he is the politician of company. People can survive if they no politics.

There is nothing like proper employee positions in company. They gave positions only to their relatives.
info qa's reply, Apr 14, 2018
Hi @Chitti78,

Yes, you right and Bhavesh Bhatt is the main person who plays politics with the employee. He is Hitler.
The worst company I have seen in my life, They do not provide offer letter at the time joining and when you ask they will why are you requesting it again and again do you want to join another company or what, at last when thy will provide you it will be a same copy of your Bond they won't even mention the salary in it. They will hire you as a consultant and will deduct a part of salary as TDS which they will never submit to the government.

Now comes the big one there is no half day leave during the probation period if you want you have to take a full day unpaid leave. Bhavesh bhatt is the head of .net department and is the worst person I have ever met. He himself doesn't remember anything and will keep on blaming others for the mistake. He will always have one person in firing line for everything means he will put blame on others for every wrong thing that is done.

Shweta the Lead Hr is the biggest, you can never trust her. I am still trying to find out which Hr policy does she follow.

The biggest of all there is QA Lead in .net department who manages the project and has control over the entire floor project managers, I really don't understand how can a QA lead manage the project.
This is not company this is jail.nippy joy, meul Patel in sabko nerk me jaga milegi. salary on time but if you robot then go there daily 12 to14 hours work. And if project deadline then you are like machine
Dear Writers and Readers,
We are very clear in our recruitments. Anyone who has come across for interview may have seen how may times, the commitment period is referred too. Out of more than 500 people who have been associated / still associated, we are also expecting a few elements of unethical people. However, we are among the fortunate companies who have had high majority of very good ethical staff, past and present. Most of them, who have left us, still call back to tell us, how we have helped to shape their careers.
Squad believes in the power and freshness of freshers and their creative ideas. Hence, most, including the senior most people, have started as freshers here. Majority of Our Force is almost the people who have started their careers with us. That makes us vulnerable to the pros and cons too. When you are a fresher, You are naive and casual, and do not understand the seriousness of projects, project deadlines, abruptly leaving the company the next day of salary and not picking calls (we are not calling to check, if you are coming or not, but to check, if there was any problem, after you left from home - we would like to hear you are safe atleast), notice periods, client responsibilities, making casual bugs, and still going on leaves while the client is suffering. We understand that, but, for those who don't understand that, it takes a two or three change of company to understand how we shaped your career. We receive close to 200 biodatas and atleast 30 walkins everyday, which shows what our reputation is for.
For most of you who complain, Why don't you do the same complain to your colleges, who might not have taught you nothing about industry but let you learn the art of blind "copy-paste"? Friends, Industry is different, and even the art of copy pasting, if at all you had to, is also logic driven!
We had resisted to comment, but it looks as needed, as anonymous names, just vent out their disappointment of their non-performance on us.
We invite all of you who have written to please give details of yours, so that we can investigate the matter and take corrective or punitive actions. Yes, you heard it right - you got the guts to write this, coz, we have been following unwritten rule of “not troubling anyone who left us even without a word to us” - we have decided, either we correct ourselves on where we went wrong, or get you corrected, yourself. However, with anonymous names, it is clear that, you can't have any expectations for any resolutions.
Mr.kam1234 - there has been not even single eligible staff from Squad, who hasn't received their PF withdrawals. We believe, PF deposits are not ours, but yours. However, since there is only one person, who hasn't received it, we are able to identify you. Please go through the PF rules, and we as an employer has to abide by the rules. You had complained to the PF Commissionerate, and still you query was rejected. Why should they reject it, if you were correct. And why don't you also write how your brother called up director's family at midnight and threatened, while they were alone, knowing that he was out of country? Why don't you write that, the management, let you keep your salary even when you had to come to return it realising your flaw, even though you didn't serve even 1 day of notice period. If that money hasnt reached you, then kindly ask your brother on what he did with it. Why don't you write that, you came with street goondas to office to create havoc and that was your culture, we had misjudged?
Apologies on this, but We are not able to relate to Chitti78 and krmg. However, Mr. Chitti78, which company in this world does not need a notice period? Do let us know, when you have found one, and we would like to study them and implement it, if possible.
To Gaurav Khungar, Thanks for putting in your name. We have checked your allegations and have seen that, you were given your consultant confirmation documents, that any company provides to all consultants. Your TDS has been credited too on time, while you worked for 2 months here, and absconded after your payments got credited. It takes its minimum time to reflect on the Income Tax website, and is not in our purview. We wish you all the best regards and hope that we will have a chance to speak to you soon.
To all aspiring applicants, we are not expecting people to come and fool around here - seriously no. Only people who wish to work hard and build their careers, may please apply. We have no expert brains to identify what you and your biodata says is true or not. We trust you on first hand, but if you have lied in your biodata, you can’t run away from it for long. We sincerely will show and have shown you the decency of correcting yourself. We do not force anyone to join using any threats. You are free to apply and join only on your own wish. Please do not join, if you feel threatened and do write to us at complaints@squadtechnologies.com, if you were forcefully inducted into our organisation.
To all, An online website, is not a place where you can write any nonsense anonymously. We also have friends and families. It probably is because, there has been no one in your life to show and teach you what culture and ethics is. To vent your frustration being a loser is understandable, and you should first turn to your family for support if you had to really come out of it. We may have not been able to support you, as you may have expected, but your family will always be with you.
We have lots of well-wishers, and they out number the negatives by a huge huge margin, and one or two of you still cannot easily depress us. Our staff, past and present, have given us the strength to stride through difficult time, and they are our pillars. So there may have been wrong stones in our pillars, but we appreciate even the very little you might have done for us.
Thank you
Squad Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Squad technologies is the best among the companies I worked for in Ahmadabad.

I am really thankful to Nippy Joy and Nilesh Mistry for everything.

I worked here from Jan-2011 to Nov-2012

The only issue I faced was :

They didn't gave me my relieving letter even I paid my bond amount of 40000.

The bond period was too long and they kept custody of my original mark-sheets.
After paying bond money the gave my mark sheets back but didn't issued any relieving letter.
Bakwas Company!
I worked at Ahmedabad branch where the PM/Group Head treat like a slave.

The company make the bond with the employee for 2.5 years and taking 40K/50K from the employee as a bond amount. At the of the bond, they told that the bond amount will refund you once 2.5 years complete. But after 2.5 years you will ask HR for the bond amount she just told that "I will discuss with management and update you." and you didn't get an update from her. If you again ask her same answer you got. The bond amount you receive after 6 to 8 months of once complete 2.5 years complete.

Always do politics with the employee.

There are very worst Group Head/PM and they made it worst company. Group Head/PM always try to demotivate people and decreased salary, base on that they keep growing because they have no ability to grow them self.

At interview time they offer high salary from your previous company, but after few days decrease your salary. If you do not accept this they say left this company.

-Lots of politics
-No Encouragement
-No Work life balance
- Bad management
- Over time working all days
- They will provide experience letter to only the people they like
- No career growth
- No freedom
- Worked culture is very bad.
- Worked Like You are robots.
- Mobile Switch Off
- Not Given Reliving Letter & Experience Letter
- Also, Not Given Bonus Salary Which they cut every month!!
- You have to stay till 9 PM daily! If you not stay you will get the lower rank!

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