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[Resolved]  Sridhar Teegala/Sridhar Naidu — The Famous Fraud maker seems to be back again........Better Watch

Looks Like Mr Sridhar Teegala ufff Naidu is back in ACTION..... I wish I could have researched more on this person check the Blog earlier:
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 14, 2020
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Hello great cheater...dont u have shame on ur part to cheat even girls taking their money? do u know what people calls the person who even cheats girls? That is YOU. Return my money back or else situation will be very serious..I ll beat with my slipper if i find u anywhere

Dear all the new casts for FAKE movie cal back :

If you see cal back records, mister 'off screen kamal hassan', the great actor, sridhar teegala changed 100 casts for cal back, collected money from them and returned no one neither finished movie even 10% from 2 years. All the agreements he do are FAKE. He did not see Italy except in google maps. Watch his face, get up, mobile and purse..he is a beggar who collects money with fake movies, serials and business. Slap him if you see him anywhere. Do not give him a single rupee.

Keeping fake lawyers and fake stories will not make u a director..mind it...stop cheating..else it ll be harmful for ur family ( fake mother and fake sister )
Can Anyone plz help me in tracing out Mr. Sridhar Teegala -- of Non-voice project king - hollywood script - page alligment ... plz mail [protected]@ [protected] --- tring [protected]
This is SRIDHAR TEEGALA-NAIDU, the issue mentioned above has long been resolved and i have been cleared of all charges. Legal action is being taken against this website and people who wish to get in touch with me can do so through my legal counsel MR. GV REDDY on [protected]. Ms. Kajal Abhigyat please refrain from using words like fraud and trickster, you dont have to do research on me, you can contact my legal counsel who will be more than happy to give you information
sridhar teegala had deceived many people saying that he had directed movies in ITALY . this is all fraud, he had not directed any movie. if there is any proof of his direction, ask him to give the proof. he collects money from the boys saying that he will provide lead roles in the movie. even the script doesn't belongs to him, first he collects the money and takes the people to the shooting, which goes only for 2or3 days. this is his way of fooling more people.
Well-looks like Mr. Chagunti does have some issues with me. My recent venture did suffer a setback and people like chagunti (who i never even heard of) have taken an advantage of it in spreading lies. As always i can only say i will go on with my work and all the best to mr.chagunti on all his future endevors. What can i say fame does bring enemies and i am not even famous yet
In response to Mr. Changunti (i wonder if that is his real name) allegations- i can clearly state the money collected is refundable and nominal as a security deposit. My movie does not have any lead actor-so there is no question of me offering any lead roles to anyone. The shoot lasted for 15 days after which some antisocial elements (mr.chagunti, were u part of that?) disrupted my schedule. All my scripts are my original scripts. I have documentary evidence of my work in Italy which can be verified if anyone so chooses to. I have heard that some people have a sick tendency of making money by trying to blackmail upcoming people- i sure hope this is not one of those tricks
hi sridhar.. diz is chaithanya Annamreddy.., na money naku inka raledu.., first na money naku clear chey.. lekunte na side nunchi kuda oka case file avthundi. im nt warning you.. neeku na gurinchi baaga thelusu, so na vishayam lo inko sari mistake cheyaku.
Sridhar ikkada nenu unna inkoka sari ITALY italy anaku.. nuv ITALY ki vellaledu ani na mundhe oppukunnav.. so, inka enthamandini fraud cheddamani mallli ITALY antunnav SRIDHAR NAIDU aliyas SRIDHAR THEEGALA. documantry evidence avi ivi ani matladaku malli ni daggare nijam cheppistha, last time ela cheppichano thelusu ga..
Movie chesuko ITALY gitaly ani pillalani fraud cheyaku..
ok sridhar aa money refundable antunnav ga, mundhu ma andari money maku refund chey. next dailogues matladu., see sridhar andari money andariku refund chey lekunte last time jariginadanikanna sutuatn inka goram ga untundi. nenu uurike matalu cheppi aagiponu sridhar malli mve start chesthunnav anta ela chesthavo nenu chustha neekosam vandaram wait chesthunnam, na money ichhi eemina chesuko.. lekunte eesari ASSAM ae...
naku ravalasina money 30 thousand rupees.. ok na.,
you are a very big fraud, you are taking money from the people and never returned back.
Sridhar loude ke baal
who will take ur case let me see that first.
Son of a Sridhar loude. U will die in my hand only. Don't play any kind of game this time, else surely will finish ur game. Just give my money.
Sridhar first answer to me. U know me who m i. You don't have ur passport also. Have u ever seen Italy in map also? Don't make me to tell who m i in public. U son of a .

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