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[Resolved]  State Bank of India — Repetitive Harassment by SBI executives

Date: 6th December 2008

Sub: Dispute Regarding Credit Card Settlement amount and Misbehavior and Repetitive harassment by your executives

Respected Sir/MAdam,

I used to posses SBI Credit Card, No [protected]. I had already notified the bank regarding the dispute on my transactions in the month of September in a letter (email) dated 8th of September 2008 and addressed to head.[protected], But I did not receive any reply from the bank.

In the first week of September Mr. Francises, Bank executive from the SBI, Credit Card Department, Mahim Branch, Behind Mahim Church, Mumbai, initiated a negotiation over my queries regarding the credit card statement. On 26th of September 2008 Mr Thorat gain from the same branch informed me that the bank has issued a settlement letter of Rs 35000 and directed me to pay Rs 3200 as a part of the settlement by cheque. I did pay the amount by cheque, cheque number 693816, cheque dated[protected]. Therefore the balance settlement amount,[protected]=31800.
On 26th October 2008 another executive called up from the same Mahim Branch and directed me to pay Rs. 3030 again by cheque dated 7/11/08 as a part of the remaining settlement amount. Again I did the same, paid by cheque, cheque number 693818, cheque dated 7-11-08. Therefore the balance settlement amount,[protected]=28770. He assured me to send me a letter within 2 days regarding the balance settlement amount of Rs. 28770. He also asked me to pay the remaining amount in 5 monthly installment of Rs. 5754 and details of these will be mentioned in the letter. The conversation with your executives has been telephonic conversation from the telephone numbers[protected],[protected]. And they have always presented as Bank employees from Mahim Branch and not any back office people. I have the receipts for all the payments made and also the settlement letter issued by the bank.
But I did not receive any letter from the bank. Hence I called up to enquire on the numbers[protected],[protected], The executive on other side directed me that the settlement is now null and void.
I would like to know why the settlement is null and void when done as per told by the bank officials.
On the 4th of December at around 7.00 p .m. Mr. Sanjay posing as bank executive called upon the residence and started misbehaving with my parents who are senior citizens and my younger brother who is below 18 years of age.

His sentences to my brother were:

“Your Sister dates and moves out with guys, hence she requires money”

How can he pass such derogatory remarks?

He again started negotiating with my parents a new settlement amount, he also asked my parents to pay the amount. I would like to ask you “How can my parents be asked to pay the amount when they are not related in any way to SBI credit card [protected].Nor are they the guarantor and how can the settlement amount be negotiated with them”.

I took over the telephonic conversation. He now told me that he has the settlement letter of Rs. 35000 then why was he abusing and misbehaving with my parents and passing those derogatory remarks. I confirmed with him that I have already paid Rs 3030+ Rs 3200 = Rs 6230 as a part of the settlement amount and also told him about the past conversation with Mr Thorat and other executive and execution of instructions as directed by them. Over this Mr Sanjay started shouting and passing comments:
1. “My money is wasted as I have called you”
2. You talk to much You should be a radio jockey, You start working at a radio station.
3. I know there is a fan at your place, I can here it’s noise

I interrupted and reminded him that I have the receipts and the settlement letter. Over this he again started passing critical remarks:

1. What proof do you have that the two installments paid by you are a part of the settlement amount?
2. Where is it written on the letter/ receipt that it is a part of the settlement amount?
3. According to him the previous bank officials were a part of some call center or back office.

And again started passing remarks. I had no other option but to discontinue the call. He started harassing my father by calling him on his official cell number.
His harassement, behaviour and derogatory remarks has resulted in a lot of mental stress to me and my family. I had carried out all the transactions as directed by the bank officials from the SBI credit card department, Mahim Branch, Mumbai. And Still I am harassed.

Kindly clarify on

1. Executives called up saying they are employees of SBI Bank.
2. Mr Sanjay call’s up and starts harassing, saying previous employees are not bank officials they belong to call center or back office
3. Whom should we trust?
4. How can my family members be harassed and threaten?
5. How come suddenly the balance settlement amount of Rs. 28770 is changed again to new amount yet to be decided.

The harassment to my family members continues I may have to take certain steps.

Regarding the settlement amount I request you to direct me to someone senior and responsible bank employee. As I do want to settle the whole matter.

Inspite of a written complaint to Head Sbi the harassment still comtinues.In spite of written complaint on the 4th of December 2008, I am still facing repetitive harassment from the SBI executives calling from your Mahim Branch, Tel No: 30827966

Calls are still made to my fathers official cell no. On the 6th of December I even received a call from your Mahim branch in the morning, your executives Ms. Alva said she will get back to me within 5 minutes and did not call back. I told her about Mr. Sanjay’s complaint. Then around 12.00 p.m. clock repetitive calls were made to my father’s cell. Mr. Sanjay then called up today (6th of December) around 12.15 p.m. on the residence no and again started using foul words as follows:

(i) To my mother: “Your daughter is working, why can’t she pay the money”
(ii) To my younger brother: “ Bhavdya, there ma ko phone de”

In spite of logging a complaint Repetitive harassment continues from Mr. Sanjay and other bank officials.

I do not want any calls from your Mahim branch, I would like to directly talk to some responsible person from Delhi office.

Shruti Dilip Mantri
SBI credit Card Account No: [protected]
SBI credit card No: [protected]

Shruti Dilip Mantri
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 14, 2020
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sameway SBI card executives harassing me. My brother has sbi card and he withdraw a sum of Rs.4500/- in the year 2005. and he paid till date approx. Rs.22000/-. till sbi card statement showing outstanding of Rs.18000/-. My brother made business loss & he left bby, now SBI card executives harassing my mother(senior citizen) and my younger sister at home, and on cellphone to me. I request him for settlement, one guy from SBI Card Legal Dept.(mahim Branch) whose name is Jay singh agree for settlement in Rs.4500/-. he suggest me that I have to pay first Rs.1770/- & remaining with Settlement Letter. I agreed & I Paid by Cheque Rs.1770/-, but after that no any reply for two months, & after two months they started harassing with new name ie.Pratap, Sunil.They have harassing from following Nos.30827913, 30827968, 30827969, 30827971, 30827970, 30827966, 30827972, 44695700, [protected], 67257830, 66242085, 42004944, 42004946.
kindly help us. I thing there is fraud gang is there in mahim who doing this on behalf of SBI.

SBI Credit Card — Harrasment throuch phone by bank executive

Dear sir,

For the past three years I was your one of the reliable customer. Due to the money recession and other mishappenings in my life I lost all a huge amount of money in stock market and other things.

So for the past 5 months I was unable to pay even my minimum due amount towards the SBI credit card. As a matter of fact I dont want to loose my reliablity so I was managed to pay Rs.800/- per month and several several several times I informed abt my money crisis to your customer care executives and Mr.Ramesh from A.c depart(I was informed by him only like that) I was asking for interest and extra levied charges weaver towards my account. I made a complaint with customer care under the no:[protected].

Around 10 days before one of you executive called ( dono her name) but u must be having the recorded version of our telephonic talk.So, please check. informed me that that I was offered with that asked criteria and will be informed about the settlement within day or two. Afterthat, I promptly attended all your calls and informing about this to them,

Two days back one of your customer care executive Ms.Swetha called and she spoke to me in a very very harrasing manner. I politely informed her abt my offer. Even then she spoke to me in a very rude manner. She is the worker of SBI. Not the boss. She dont have any right to talk to me like that. I can even make a complaint abt her in human rights too.

SBI is a nationalised bank, working for people and customers satisfaction. If their customers facing any crucial situation I know any bank can lean towards them by helping them by giving offers.

Kindly go through my past 5 month records and give me a solution for settling my account in amicable manner. As I informed you my present situation is v worst and am able to pay only 1000/- per month. And I really dont want to talk to Swetha anymore. If she is the one who will attend my a/c.s please change my a.c to some other person.

Today Ms.Swetha called me from 16.39 to 16.56 for more than 19 times...This is rediculous and certainly this is harrassment towards the customer.


Today Again she called me so many times and using rude words. I know am a defaulter. But I never say I would not pay the outstanding and requesting the bank to make it easy.

I need a solution for this
Hey me too getting the same calls . If you are out of it, please do let me know the procedure .

I have a concern regarding my credit card of SBI which I had 3-4 years back.
I had not spent the amount of Rs 32, 000 which they billed me for some years. Hence I had paid the amount except for this Rs 32, 000 which was due and which was spent by me and had called them asking for the receipt or transaction of this 32, 000 which they never got back. However in 2008 their collections team came to my house and we had an argument and they said I will have to settle this in anycase. Finally they asked me to pay them Rs 8000 to settle and gave me a receipt (challan) which said final settlement. Also when I was preparing a cheque they insisted I give them cash as its for settlement. Unaware of the procedures since they were being rude on the phone too I gave them cash and accepted the receipt.

After a few months I again started getting calls that I have a debt with them and need to settle it. When I spoke about my payment of Rs 8000 they said its received by them and system is updated as part payment towards Rs 32000 and I need to pay the rest with interest. When I told them about the receipt they said they dont have any such records of final settlement and collections team had not mentioned final settlement in their internal records.

Since the last 2 year I have sent them atleast 30 emails explaining the same and asking for resolution and I have got replies from them since a year that they are looking into the matter and they will revert shortly. Every second week I used to mail again but used to get the same reply. On the other hand I am getting their statements with interests being added. I dont why they are not even reverting back even when I am mailing the head of credit card services of SBI. I have all the mails saved in my account which has all the correspondence of their non co-operation.
Now there is a manager in the Mahim Branch Siddharth Akkalkotkar whose number I got as an sms from SBI to contact regarding the dispute. I called him and some executive Ms Kavita Singh who had asked me to come to your Mahim branch to meet Siddharth. When I came I was told he is not in the office. My entire day was wasted. Then I called Siddharth to explain him and he said he will call me in 2 mins which he never did. Its been 10 days now and he is not picking up my phone nor returning my calls. When I sms him to call he says he is busy day and night in meetings and cant reply. What the hell do they do when they dont pay attention to the customers? SBI bank is the worst bank ive come across with the worst services. Worse is to have managers like this who dont even deserve a job as a clerk

SBI Credit Cards — Harrashment by Executives

Its about Credit card payments. SBI credit card has levied lot of extra charges. Issue was taken up to RBI Ombudsman and they advised to for settlement which was offered by SBI cards. I have already paid the settlement amount to SBI cards 6 months ago; check no and details were forwarded to SBI cards and RBI through correspondence yet I am receiving threatening calls from SBI executives using abused language. Please help me out to sort an issue.

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