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With reference to above subject I would like to inform you about SBI credit card payment service &customer service their service is very bad I have paid all the payments Within due date eventhough they charged late fee not received payment on due date
my SBI card No is [protected]
My address as below
I B Patil
BVB College of Engg & Tech
Vidyanagar Hubli-580031
Cell No-[protected]
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Aug 13, 2020
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SBI Cards — Cheque paid but no credit given

I have been issued credit card # [protected] by the State Bank of India and was using the same for last one year. The trouble started in August 2007 when I made a payment of Rs. 1600.00 against thier bill dated 18th August 2007 through Cheque No 190621 drawn on ICICI Bank Limited, Dehradun on 25th August 2007.

For reasons unknown to me the credit for the cheque has not been given to me till date though the cheque was paid by my banker on 01st September 2007 by debit to my account with them.

I wrote an email on 15th September to thier cutomer care service (feedback.[protected] giving all the details, then I was asked to submit a certificate from my banker to the effect that the payment has been made to SBI Card. I was finaly able to get the certificate form the ICICI Bank and the same was sent through email on 27th September 2007. A copy of the certificate was also faxed to their Gurgaon Office.

The Customer Care Service officials replied that they are considering the case and would get back to me at the earliest. This also never happenned. Meanwhile thier billing system is debiting my account with interest and late payment charges for no fault of mine and this has been continuing even after exchange of several emails and repeated assurances from SBI Cards. A copy of my last email sent is reproduced at the end of this email for your kind reference, copies of all the emails exchanged can be provided to you if required.

----- Original Message -----
From: Deepak Ghanshani
To: prashant.[protected]
Cc: feedback.gesbi ; head.[protected]
Sent: Thursday, May 01, 2008 3:29 PM
Subject: RE:'CaseID=[protected]'Service Request Number [protected] / Case Id[protected]

Dear Sir,

This has reference to my complaint regarding missing cheque no 190621 for Rs. 1600.00 drawn on ICICI Bank Limited, Dehradun. I regret to remind you that inspite of several emails, phone calls and assurances from your team over last eight months I am yet to be given credit of the amount paid.

When I called your helpline this afternoon, as usual I am asked to submit a banks certificate regarding the paid cheque, which I have submitted atleast 5-6 times to your offices by all possible means of communications (Fax, courier, email etc). Attached please find yet another copy of the following documents for your reference and records:

Scanned Copy of Certificate issued by ICICI Bank Limited, Dehradun
Scanned copy of my Current Account Statement showing debit of Rs. 1600.00 against Cheque No 190621
Scanned copy of cheque no 190621 as processed and paid by ICICI Bank Limited
This is thereofre to request you to kindly look into the matter and credit the amount of Rs. 1600.00 paid by me vide Cheque No 190621 dated 25th August 2007 for Rs. 1600.00 drawn on ICICI Bank and also to reverse all the subsequent charges debited by you.

I seriously hope that this matter will come to end now and I will be relieved of the continuous harrassment by your bank.


Deepak Ghanshani


The day I received your SBI-card, your agents are continuously lying to me for PIN no., I requested them many times but they continuously said that your request is forwarded and finally no reply is received for the last 17 months & same things are repeating from your side. Nobody is bothering.
Next is very important thing is that from the last 17 months, I didn’t received your statements whenever I asked about the bills they always use to (customer care) say your bills have already been dispatched at your address. Whenever I use to check, there where no such bills received by anybody at my home address/Office address. It means either your dispatched department is not at all working properly or the information you are giving is vague. I asked about to give me my waybill/reference number and the courier services your company is utilizing, they (CUSTOMER CARE) ARE DENYING, SAYING THAT WE DIDN’T KEEP SUCH TYPE OF RECORDS WITH US.
After few days later I asked about please send me the copy of my application so as to confirm my mailing address but still they are denying saying that they can't give me such kind of copy to me. Instead, your agents are continuously asking me to pay Rs.5088/- I really don’t know why and how? I am not ready to pay without detailed statement with proper clarification in written from your side.
During first payment that I made to you is 921/- but I think they are not deducted from the amount or the charges you put may be equal to 921/- Rs. Next I HAD ALREADY PAID all the payment of remaining amount then I really don’t know from where are those charges are coming from. After I made payment of 921/- your agent told me that the amount will be deducted from the original amount in the next month bill. Therefore, I have made payment less 921/- than the original amount said by you. After that there where no bills received by me. I consumed 5600/- which I made all the payment within three days. After that no transaction made by me. & If any, I would like to know with detailed bill/clarification.
Next from the starting of this month your agents are continuously asking me to pay the amount. They are calling on my mobile as well as in my office not for single time but four times a day why? And they always says that they are speaking on behalf of SBI card, Where are your statements…?? If they really been sent to my address then kindly give me the evidence.,
Whenever I do asks for your local office address, why they are denying, and they are changing their topic while on the phone. Where should I make contact so that they will send me all my bills at my home address? the question remains? Whenever I talk on BSNL line I found that line was closed or not available. When I tried the another number they charged me 40/-Rs. for talking with customer care. Where is your toll free Number..??.
If I about the name of department head they are not ready to tell your name sir why? That means what I really don’t know the reason behind such hiding. I went to local SBI branch office but I found that there is only SBI drop box and no person appointed to attend customers and most importantly, there is no Complaint Box.
Next, I asked for waving off all the charges that your company UNNECESSARYLY is putting on me. When I made little enquiry about the charges they said 350/- for late fee and 100/- for breakage bill. I remembered what the agent told me initially that this card is free from all charges and NOW I HAVE UNDERSTOOD YOUR FREE CARD SERVICE.
I Just cannot concentrate in my workplace due to your daily agents calls repeatedly coming in my office thrice to quadruple times. Now today (26.09.2008) I asked about the statement they said they will sent boy he will collect the payment and they will forward the requisition for settlement after payment, I am still in the dark.
And one more thing after receiving the card, I received calls from some insurance company but I denied for the same I think it was better at that time if I chosen the insurance because from that very day I am a Neglected customer. Also agent is coming at my home on Monday 29.09.2008 BUT I must tell you that before this, I had received 2 statements through same agent in December 2007 and February 2008 itself & Next time I made payment to you WITHOUT THE STATEMENT in May 2008 without three day delay or so.
I need a valid reason, if you CAN made proper calculations as you are not providing me any services as per your customer needs.

non credit of payments — non credit of payment cheques

As against my last month stmt of icici credit cards No [protected] and [protected] . I have been paid a sum of Rs 2540/- vide icici bank cheque No 236107 and Rs 15370/- vide icici bank cheque no 236106 paid at ICICI porur bank on 28 Jun 2008. The same was debited in my account on 01 Jul 2008 but in my June 2008 statement the above amount has not been credited till date. this was badly affected in my heart being a old and regular valuable customer your icici staffs are chiting and giving uncessary nonsence unethics games playing to charge as late fee, interest charges & service taxs.

In view of the above you are requested to look into this matter and reslove the above issued at an early date
common complaint

state bank of india — credit card charges

Dear Sir

I am shocked to note that i have paid u the cheque on 20th Sept 2008 at least 15 days advance
Neither u have presented the cheque to my banker nor informed me about it
where as there is sufficient balance available in my account
even to my surprise you have put a plenty 0f about Rs 1200 plus for which i do not have any fault
Kindly see my previous history i have always made the payment in time rather advance
such a attitude is not expected from u
however i have made u the complete payment
u are requested to review the un wanted charges levied by u
other wise i will be compelled by u to surrender the card
i am unable to pay such a heavy interest for ur deficient services

The copy of the last email sent to sbi is as under

" i once again request u to reconsider the charges to built a good rapport with the good pay master customers
Thus I am sorry to point out that in spite of my repeated e mail
I have not received the rely
i[censored] r not interested to reply
then i am not going to use the card
if i do not receive the reply
then i will destroy the card & send to u
i will be compelled to report the matter to the reserve bank of indiae last email sent to sbi is as under"

Yours Truly
Surinder Kumar
MoB [protected]
Card no [protected]
my credit limit was 30, 000 in 2006 and its was blocked, after that i am making only payments every month 2000+, as of now 24 months i have paid all most all 50, 000 and even today my out standing amt show as 30, 000, HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE, either SBI DOES NOT HAVE GOOD ACCOUNTING PEOPLE WITH THEM?
The chief manager
sbi, cards and payment services pvt ltd
p.o.bag no 28 gpo new delhi 110001

Dear sir,
I am holder of credit card bearing card no.[protected].i am serving as Genral Manager in RIL NMD Nagothane.SBI Nagothane branch is our official bankers for the salary purposes and for other financial dealings.

Being a card holder your bank has sent a dd of Rs.1260000 towards loan on 19/20.11.2007 without taking my consent.the terms and conditions on which this loan is given were also not communicated to me .I was in confused state of mind and just to make the safe act I deposited this dd in my in my hdfc account at vashi navi mumbai br. though i was not in need of the loan.

before credit of this amount in my hdfc account i repaid the amount by 488514 drawn on sbi nagothane, by dropping the cheque on 27.11.2007 in the drop box kept for the payments of the sbi credit card bills.due to failure of your system this cheque was misplaced and for this reason i have given "stop payment" instructions to sbi nagothane br.

After making the stop payment i sent another cheque of sbi nagothane for the total loan amount in dec 2007 bearing ch no 488518 this cheque was rejected by your bank being non local branch fact i was making all the payments for credit card purchase by these cheques only.
due to your this high handed act I was requesting to accept the amount time and again but there was no favourable response from you.
finally I made the payment of Rs.97000 by Cheque [no. 12383] on 12.1.2008 and Rs.38000 0n 25.2.08 [Cheque no.12385] through HDFC bank Vashi
Against your loan amount of Rs 126000 I made payment of Rs 129 000 which in excess of Rs 3000

inspite of the above fact you keep on sending the credit card bills showing as opening balance of Rs..33921...the act of sending the incorrect bills is not expected from the reputed financial organisation like you and that of to the 20 years old customer.
I once again request you to withdraw these bills showing outstanding amount and close the issue, otherwise I will not have any other option than to file the complaint before the state consumer such circumstances you yourself will be responsible for the loss of your reputation in market and you will also be responsible for the cost incurred by me for the litigation
pl. note.
ypur's faithfully
Dr.Gopal parmar

SBI Card — Cheated regarding to payment

I have SBI card [protected] . Last two month i was outoff station, that's why i was unable to see my statement . Soi had paid my bill throught their representive.
Both time they ask for min due . They newer say abt total amount. They always kept me in dark.
Now when i called they are saying that i ve to more than 16000 rupees. They cheat me .
Could you please help me?

STATE BANK CREDIT CARD — bad experience

Hi this is xavier.L and my uncle used sbi ceredit card 8 years back that card valid from 10/2001 to 10/2002. He swiped the card onetime but he received the statement it shown extra 956 for annual fee. at the time of issue the card he got a message from sbi executive told its a free card and we wont charge any annual fee other think.After he received the statement immediatly he paid the amount which is include the annual fees also but next statement thsy charge again for 250 somthin due to joining fee. After that he indimate customer care executive which is there in sbi register the complained cheated your sales people regarding this experience. But he received the statement month on month after 1 one year he suffered cancer so he spend arount 5 years for hospitalization .Now he was died on 08.03.2009. Kindly do the needful as soon as possible because his family members facing so many problems.
My contac No:+91-[protected]. for any clarification pls contact me.
Dear sir,
I m your customer since 4 to 5 year and my credit card no is [protected] and my payment regularly pay on the day. Last time your executive call me and give to information for balance transfer that time I m conform to this payment pay is after 60 day and they convince to me. After that your customer service call to me and I m again conform this that time also they say any payment on balance transfer is pay after 60 day. I m very trust on your bank but after this incident I never trust your bank. This time your bank does not give statement and never information about any new transaction. So I never understand which payment I will pay you but I m pay 2000/-two thousand rupees. At today 14/05/2009 your executive call me and say your payment is out sanding is 2050.30/- two thousand and fifty rupees and thirty paisa so I m pay cheq 51/- fifty one rupees. I m also say to executive this is wrongly payment but they never understand.
After this experience I never use your any service. This is my very bad experience with your bank. I m request for any help for this mater please try to help me.

Thanking your faithfully,

Gaikwad gaurav sureshbhai.
sub. wrong amount of petrol.

i have card no[protected].i have got wrong amount about my bill.on 15/10/09 ihad got fild up petrol of RS.1027.58 and got bill of both of RS.1027.58 AND RS.1027.60 of the same date but i have fill the petrol of RS.1027.58 plz cheack my bill again and give me deatials of my crocect bill and sent me new bill at my offical address. could you help me?
Oh God ! what a horrible experience with SBI Nagothane, Maharashtra !

It has been more than 1 month and I still don't know when my passbook will be issued.Evertime I asked them about the status they had a pathetic excuse that their printer is not working ! and No one knows in this branch when in this century that printer will be repaired ! Even their branch Manager !! They event dont know how to speak to their customers .. ! Shame!
Their so called help line no is[protected]

What an irresponsible behaviour from a State bank of India, Nagothane !
I needed the passbook on an urgent basis as an address proof for passport

I am working for Reliance Industries Ltd, Nagothane and unfortunately they had a tie -up with us for salary processing and other financial aspects.

posted on :16:[protected]

Complete Idioits!

SBI Credit Card — Payment regarding

I am using SBI credit card for the last 3 years. I always pay my bills on time.

Suddenly I was informed on phone on 19/3/10 that no payment was received in the month of March. But I had paid an amount of Rs. 2000 through my SBI ATM ID S1AN00656402 on 03/03/2010.
The proof for payment of Rs. 2000 which was made on 03/03/2010 through ATM ID S1AN00656402 is also attached. This proof is bank statement signed by bank manager with seal of the bank. (SBI, IOC, Lodhi Road, New Delhi-3)is attached.

Till now, I have sent 5 faxes, 8 e mails and two courier in this regard. No action was taken till now. Every time one new customer care executive, with half knowledge, calls me on my mobile and harasses me asking various details, though I have faxed/ mailed/ couriered all the details.
I have stopped using the credit card, but this month also the statement was mailed to me with all the upgraded penalties. How to get out of this loop.

Credit Card — regarding credit repayment

aS per the cibil report i have an overdue outstanding of 84,524/-. my control number is[protected].
i would likt to know the name of the bank, card number and validity years of the card.
Dear Sir,
This is to bring to your attention that I Naresh Sehgal, a SBI credit card holder (No [protected]) is being bothered by calls regarding non payment for my card instead of PDC's being deposited to the bank on time.

Detail of Cheque - 24 cheques of Rs. 3501 each
- PNB Bank (Branch: Shakti Nagar)

Through this forum I would like to request the concerned authorities to assist me regarding this issue.

For any further details my contact no is [protected]

Thanking You

Naresh Sehgal
Hi Naresh,

it is very very important that you talk to the bank and have this issue sorted out ASAP. I personally have seen many people who come to me for advice have the same issue. It is imperative to understand the seriousness of the issue because in due time the bank will definately catch with you and this is normally done when your outstanding reaches a high amount. Dealing with the situation right away will put you in a better state to talk to the bank. If you need any more advice or help to deal with this call me on[protected]/ [protected] or email me at [protected] you can also visit our website or BLOG

Awaited your confirmation about personal loan rs. 300, 000/- only.I am applied for personal loan for rs. 300, 000/- dtd. april 2013, but till date you have not sanction my loan. If personal loan refused by you, please give in writing otherwise I will compalaint to higher authority.

nitinkumar premchand khandagale
My AC no.[protected]
Problem cif not scrutinized by lcpc
Please help me

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