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 anand dwivedi
Dear sir,

kindly register me for sms alert for my SBI A/C No. 20006878934 , Debit Card No. 6220180801900049132 to my mobile No. [protected].


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SBI — sbi mobile alert

Respected sir,
I Shri Bhagwandas shah is a state bank of india customer having debit card no 6220180034200104288 want to register me on the sbi mobile sms alert for all of my transactions & my mobile no is 9575115737&8435361731

SAI look me's reply, Apr 5, 2017
Pls give me SMS message in all transactions. My phone number. 9094523827
my name Is narender singh and My Credit Card No. Is 4317-5753-0508-1474 I widraw amount rs.2000/- but in my statement is showing me. I widrea rs.10000/- statement date 08 july 20007 please give me some solution in 7 days if you don't give me solution i do a case in RTI.

State Bank of India — Irregular Statements/Bills

This is a complaint against SBI Credit cards. I got SBI credit card in the month of Nov-2005. Since then I was getting Credit card statements on my hotmail email id until Jul-06. I remember to have got the same by mail also until Jul-06 regularly.Then I opted for Rs.15000/ loan from SBI Credit Card Company in the month of Oct-06 with a grace period of 90 days and also asked SBI CC over phone about sending the bill & statements regularly. Without receipt of any bill from SBICC,I repaid this full amount in Jan-07.
Then I got one statement by email in Mar-07 with a due amount of 1388. I asked SBI CC that I am unaware of this due as I have not got any bill or statement from the time I took CC loan from Oct-06 until Mar-07. This apart I got no response from SBICC until Jun-07. Then I started getting mnthly statements on my hotmail id with a due which became around 5244 as on Sept-07. I contacted SBI CC over phone that it is unfare on their part not sending mnthly statements and now I can not pay this undue amount to them. I gave my mobile as requested and asked the support person the CC office address/phone number. He simply told me to pay the due amount in any SBI ATM Card.
Can anyone help me in this regard. Thanks in advance.

State Bank of India — IDENTITY THEFT

my stolen card was swiped and billed Rs.12100/ - for anauthorised traction where even signature does not match.
this is a case of identity theft and i should not be responsible to making the payment of above anauthorised tranctin

State Bank of India — Application was sought & now service is regretted

LG SBI Card contacted me for applying for their credit card. I received a confirmation call, to verify my details. Subsequently, 2 weeks later, I received a letter signed by Nirupam Sahay, Vice President-Marketing that currently they do not source appolications in my area.

This is pretty disgusting ! If this was the case, why did I receive the verification call ?

An organisation like SBI is not expected of this service !


State Bank of India — Reverse my late fees

Dear Sir,

My creditcard No-4317575039151007

I have passed 40000 loan before three months. Your bank executive tellme that the installment is 2000per month and no service tax included.I have no statement Aug to Sep.
Your gurgoan branch executive have called me and said that you have to pay service tax.
I have paid your service tax sir please reverse my late fee that include in service tax.I have given your gurgoan executive 2142Rs. cheque on 12/10/2007 the bank name is corporation bank.
I requested you please reverse my late fees.Please reply me urgent by mail or phone.

Please contact me on

Poonam Singh.

State Bank of India — unnecessray claim by card

I was having a cerdit card from sbi no 40006661034542139.last july my card was lost and fir lodged with a information to helpline to sbi,regarding the cancellation and stop operation of card. before it was lost i opt for a flexi pay with a emi of Rs. 889/ pm.till date i always pay the EMI but the recovery agency people visiting home early morning with a threat to me .Today it also happen . The DMA for recovery from Sector 34 chandigarh Mr. Sidhu sent a goonda type person named Mahipal; as cliamed by the person visit my home early morning and start nusicance. pl help me ,whether should i apporach police . I also wnt to settle the balance EMI early to get rid of this blunder.
Looking for early reply.


सर ,
मैंने ?स.बी.आई क?रेडिट कार?ड ?क साल के फ?री स?कीम ओफर में Baroda के ?स.बी.आई executive से लिया था, परंत? बाद में मेरे को ?क इंसोरेंस पॉलिसी भी दी गई, इसके बाद मैंने व?यक?तिगत प?रॉब?लम के कारण ?स.बी.आई क?रेडिट कार?ड को बन?द करवाने के लि? की अल?काप?री शाखा Baroda को मार?च २००६ में डा?क के द?वार ?क पत?र भी भेजा जिसमें मैंने ?स.बी.आई क?रेडिट कार?ड और इंसोरेंस पॉलिसी को त?रंत बन?द करने का आग?रह किया था. इस बारे में मेने ?स.बी.आई executive को भी इस कि जानकारी दी. इन सब कार?यवाही करने के बावजूद भी जब मेरे पास ?स.बी.आई क?रेडिट कार?ड और इंसोरेंस पॉलिसी के स?टेट?मेंट आते रहे. ओर मेरे ऊपर फालत? के चार?जेस लगाते रहे और स?टेट?मेंट भेजते रहे . और मेरे को ?स.बी.आई क?रेडिट कार?ड के हेड़ आफिस ग?डगाव के अफ़सरों द?वारा फोन पर धमकी भी दी गई कि आप बकाया पैसा जल?दी जमा करा दो ,वरना आपके नाम वारंट निकालने जा रहा है,प?लिस को भेज कर पकड?ने की धमकी भी देने लगे. जिससे में डर गया और मैंने सात हजार का भ?गतना बैंक को त?रंत दिया कर दिया, फिर भी मेरे पास ?स.बी.आई क?रेडिट कार?ड का स?टेट?मेंट भेज रहे है.जबकि मैंने हेड ऑफिस ?स.बी.आई क?रेडिड पर भी मैं बता चूका ह?. अभी तक मेरे को कोई भी स?चना नहीं दी गई है , अब म??े आपसे आशा है कि आप मेरी इस परेशानी को द?र कर न?याय दिला सकते है.
अनिल क?मार भारद?वाज
Nilesh H.. Yezarkar
Balkrishna Bhagwat Chawl,
Room No. 25, Kajupada,
Bhatwadi, Ghatkopar (W),
Mumbai – 400 084.

November 16, 2007


The Manager,
SBI Credit Card
Permit No. G-II/BRD ( C )55/98-99
New Delhi – 110 001

SUB. : - Cancellation of Credit Card A/c No.5264 6853 1640 8986

Dear Sir,

With reference to the above Credit Card I would request you to cancel the Credit card account.

Thanking you,

Yours Faithfully

(Nilesh H. Yezarkar)

State Bank of India — Wrong Charges and False Promises

Dear Sir/Madam,

I received my SBI card(No. 4317 5752 2442 3120) before 3 months and i applied for Balance Transfer of 90 days. In 60 days i paid all my dues. Again when i applied for BT they charged me finance charges on my previous purchases. And when i had a word with Cust Care exe. they told sir we cannot do anything, We will listen your call and than we will come back to you. Sbi card provides Insurance with out informing us of Rs 6 Lacs and when i told them to cancel they told i will not get the amount reversal.

Please do the needful and oblige me.

Himanshu Chaudhary
Mb no. 99243546287

State Bank of India — CHEATING..


I carry a SBI card , I had applied for balance transfer from citibank. I was told I will be charged only Rs.223.00 as processing charges and there will be interest charges if I apply for 90 days.

When I see my statement details,it shows Rs. 543 as finance charges which I was not conveyed.

This kind of hidden charges and breach of trust is not at all expected from SBI ...all time trusted bank for years.This kind of cheating is not expected..

Please look in to this.


State Bank of India — SMS not received for transaction

I lossed my credit cards and I got swap by somebuddy for 15K and even thought I resister my mobile no for sending the SMS for every transaction on my cards they not send single

State Bank of India — non receiving of bill

We had not received your bill on new address.
Our new address given below:
Saket Communications Pvt. Ltd.
Suyasha Apartment, F. No. 102,
31 / 14 Mayur Colony, Cosmos Bank Lane
Kothrud, Pune - 29

We request you to send bills on new address.

State Bank of India, Teghoria Kolkata — High security internet banking

SBI internet banking has a provision for opting high security 3rd party transaction. My wife opted for it and provided mobile no, as reqd, of us the SIM of which is in my name. It may be mentioned that we both use one mobile and being a retd person we almost move together everywhere, therefore one cellphone serves us enough. My wife received an SMS from SBI advicing her to confirm the mobile no. through the B.M where her a/c was. Accordingly she sent a letter through my hand to her br (SBI,Teghoria Kolkata) , duly signed as she did in her cheques, requesting him to cofirm the mobile no. As I was giving the letter to the Br Mngr he first refused to accept the letter mentioning it is not the branch's concern but had to when I show the SMS. This probably hurt his ego, and curtly said -" then she will have to place documentary proof that the mobile no. is in her name." When I said the moble SIM is in my name which she too uses and he can check her signature with her specimen signature regarding authenticity of the letter, the gentlemen bacame very rude to me. I mentiond further that this high security through mobile is fully optional and internet banking can be done without high security he became more discourteous and returned the letter endorsing that documentary proof of her mobile no is to be provided. To my utter surprise I have found the BM lacking adequate knowledge of internet banking.

My question:
**Whether wife can give husband's mobile no for the said OPTIONAL high security , when she has no SIM card in her name?
**It may be mentioned that for SBI internet banking transactions, the client has to go through three highly secured steps before 3rd party transactions and mobile alert option of highsecurity is ONLY OPTIONAL and not mendatory. Hence one can use a cell phone which he/she trusts and so how does documentary proof with regard to the nobile no. arise?
**While her statement in the said letter is signed shall it not suffice to check the authenticity of her
signature by comparing it with the specimen in the bank, as bank does in case of payment against cheques?

State Bank of India — fake bills


My SBI credit card expired on last year (2006) november but i did not get any new card . After many complaints they told " your card returned to us because nobody in your home " but that was not true . I also hesitated to contact them repeatedly so left that matter.. some times calls from them for to avail the loans , i told them i dont hv ur card .. pls leave me.. Now the real joke has begins , after one year they send me a statement , to pay the annual fee.. ha ha .. Is any body got this experience ?

State Bank of India — Getting anonymous calls from SBI collections department!

abused call from collection agency,i received a call from this no.022-65252406 eleven times a day,i told that girl ki my self very disturb bcoz of unemployment as soon as i got the job i will make payment.other bank like ICICI,HDFC, Deutsch e,Barclay,are understand my problem but not SBI,i think they are not interested to making customer relation.i sure i feel very bad for that day when i decided to take SBI card.they literally hushing me.iam all ready disturb due to job problem i feel to do the suicide when ever iam receiving the such kind of abused call from SBI collection agency,that girl told me "card lene ki time smajhna chahiye ki bank balance rakhne ka".tell me one thing if i will kill my self bcoz of your call tell me then what u can do.i sure i make the note against SBI about my suicide.

plz iam requesting u do the perfect action against mumbai collection agency.understand the customer problem.i hope u will take some necessary action.

State Bank of India — Collection Call without Using Credit Card.

I have applied for SBI Credit Card in the month of Dec'2006. Even after a month I dint receive the card. again I called up customer care to deliver the card to my office address in the month of JAn 2007. Even than I dint received. Than finally I was least bothered to follow up with SBI. Last month I received a call from SBI collections telling that i Have 58 thousand odd rupees out standing. I have informed that I have not received any credit card from SBI than how can there is an outstanding. If so its delivered asked to provide POD.
I have called up customer care to complaint on miss use of credit card in My name. Still I do get collection calls from SBI.
Can someone advise me how to get rid out of this problem.


Dear Sir,
This is with reference to the telephonic conversation from your side with me last year in January 2007 that there is no Annual Membership Fee and Addl Card fee.
This is to bring to your kind notice that I have received Bill statement dated 17 Jan 2008 you have charged Annual fee Rs 842.70 D in my a/c. and Addl. Card No.4317 5750 7934 3795 Rs. 280.90 D.
Now I request you to please withdraw the Annual fee charged by you and Close the Addl Card No. given as above, may please closed at the earliest. I have already told about closure of Addl. Card of Jaya Varughese and withdraw the charges Rs.280.90 D charged by you in the current Bill statement.
This is my only request that I have need my Card No.4317 5750 7934 3795 without charging any Annual fee as requested by the SBI people last year January 2007 otherwise I am not in a position to continue the SBI further. I want to pay only the Transaction charges plus interest as and when the card is used. I you are not agree with this please cancel and close the same at your end. I am submitting the balance amount payable to you, lying in the same account.
Please send me a line of reply at an early date.
Thanking you,

Shaji Varughese
69/70 Saudagar Mohal,
Sadar Bazar,
Lucknow 226 002

State Bank of India — pleasein me mym new addreese for using the card . i am poted to WZ 73 basai dara pur , new delhi 110015

i am posted to delhi .I want to know that will you nacknowledge my new addresse and send my bill at the new addresse.,wz73 basai dara pur ,new delhi -15. my sbi card no. 4317 5755 0546 5311

State Bank of India — Unprofessional people

i have settled my account ( credit card ) on june 2007
i have given the settlement letter copy to sbi credit cards
even after they say that your card has not been settled they are
giving lot pressure through phone and by sending legal notice
which is very stupied

when we the advocate he talks like a rowdy which is unfair

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