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[Resolved]  State Bank of India — Wrong debits since last eight months

Rameshbhai c. Patel
B/7, surmandir near janakinagar,
Ellorapark-gorwa road, vadodara 390 016
Tel: [0265] 2290224,[m][protected]
Email : [protected]
24 february 2008
Needs immediate attention of the management of sbi cards.
Ref: the demand notice from your advocate m/s lawyers inc. For payment dated 14.02.2008 received on 23.02.2008
With reference to the captioned demand notice from your lawyers inc. I do not understand what actions you are going to take. The money which i have not utilised and the greatest administrative mistake from your end, on what account you are goint to punish the normal citizen. You are not replying any thing against my several communications and straight way you are sending the legal demand notice for payments, which you have wrongly debited.

Kind attn : mr. Rajiv krishnan – g. M. – sbi credit card – for immediate actions.
Received the statement dated 09.01.2008, again in which you have debited the same amount of fin. Charges, instalment of emi, interest charges etc. Please arrane to take the actions immediately to stop this wrong debits.
I received the phone call from your sbi card office new delhi before 10 days regarding the reversal of the wrong debits and it is under processed but no final response or deceision has been received till date.
Received your reply of 12.01.2008, through email, but the problem does not resolved as it is going on since seven months. Niether i am able to utilise the card nor i am getting the credit of wrong debits, the future status of my case is in the sky. No body is replying positively regarding my case. What actions i should follow, you may kindly suggest.
Every time your reply is that “within three days you will be received the answer, but three days are not completed since last 7 months. I do not understand the definition of three days which you are replying in your reply.
Please reverse the same immediately and issue the fresh credit card

Please arrange to stop the calls from your collection agency immediately.

The chairman & managing director
Sbicpsl urgent for immediate actions.
Post bag no: 26,
Gpo, new delhi. 110 001
Sub: reversal of all the transactions wrongly debited to my account in the month of june and july 2007.
Ref: your statements from june 2007 to december 2007, for
Credit card no: [protected]. Staement is of 09.08.2007 is pending as it is not received.

Dear sir,
With reference to the captioned subject matter please reverse all the transactions debited to my card account wrongly. The detail are as under. For which i talked to your representative mr. Arbras, mr. Prashand and mr. Kshitij not less than 90 times. But till date the actions are not initiated.

Again and again in every statement it is debited all type emi of loan and other false charges. Kindly arrange to stop further debit in my statement. And i have no heard about all the reversal of transactions debited to my card account. Take steps immediately.
Date particulars amount.
02.06.2007 encash processing 1011.24
09.06.2007 govt. Service tax on loan amt. 74.10
02.06.2007 pre – computed interest 16200.00
09.06.2007 encash emit ran pln 48 1275.00
02.06.2007 encash debit 45000.00 – temporary credit given in august 07
[the draft has been sent to mr. Prashant, sbi card, 10th floor dlf cyber city,
Dlf infinity tower – “c”, dlf phase – 2, gurgaon – 122 002]
03.07.2007 fee payment not received by due date 497.19
09.07.2007 govt. Service tax on loan amount 72.98
09.07.2007 interest charges purchases 40.78
09.07.2007 encash emi tran pln48 1275.00
02.09.2007 fee payment not received by due date 429.78
09.09.2007 govt. Service tax on loan amt. 70.72
09.09.2007 encash emi tran pln 48 1275.00
10.09.2007 fin. Charges on unpaid flexipay amt. 39.40
24.09.2007 balance debit adjustment 855.00
09.10.2007 govt. Service tax on loan amount 69.56
09.10.2007 encash emit ran pln 48 1275.00
02.11.2007 fee – payment not recd. 429.78
09.11.2007 govt. Service tax on loan amt. 68.39
09.11.2007 encash emi tran 1275.00
10.11.2007 fin. Charges on un paid flexipay amt. 39.40
03.12.2007 fee payment not received. By due date 674.16
09.12.2007 govt. Service tax on loan amount 67.20
09.12.2007 encash emi tran pln48 1275.00
10.12.2007 fin. Charges on un paid flexipay amt. 78.79
02.01.2008 fee payment not received. By due date 674.16
09.01.2008 govt. Service tax on loan amount 65.99
09.01.2008 encash emi tran pln48 1275.00

Please also stop to further debit any amount to my card statement..
Kindly take the immediate actions and reverse all the transactions immediately, otherwise i will have to take the necessary actions for the same. Please arrange to take actions immediately to reverse the entire outstanding, to avoid the legal consequences.
Thanking you,
Yours faithfully

[ramesh patel]
Copy to : 1. The chairman – sbi card – for immediate action
2. The managing director – sbi card – for immediate actions.
3. Copy to mr. Rajiv krishnan – g. M. Sbi credit card.
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Aug 13, 2020
Complaint marked as Resolved 
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SBI Credit Card — Wrong amount incorporated in statement

MY SBI Card no [protected], SBI Card incorporated one DD amount 4 months back after several letter they erased the amount but keep Rs9000/- ad due and asking for settlement with Rs4000/-, harashing over phone, threatening type high voice they are using. I have asked them to submit me my receiving and deposited bank details how they charged.

SBI Credit Card — Unwanted Insurance Policy Debit and other charges

I am using SBI credit card, without taking my concern and approval company issued me a insurance policy. I was completely in shadow till date when i saw a debit in my statement . Company charged me a Rs 4200 & Rs 4080 against 2 policy. Immeditaely i had word with company execituve on telephone on helpline no. He put my conern and told me that they will cancel the same within 10 days. Comany has credited the same after so many followup but now they have debited me a tax. Also comapny has converted the Insurance premium into EMI without my notice and instruction with applicable processing fee and charges.
Although i have forwarded letter to enquire on 9th Apr 08 but till date comany is playing credit debit game.

Credit Card — Not receiving my statement since June 2007

I am Sbi Credit Card Holder. (Credit card no. [protected]). I have stoped using it a long time back (2006). I have shifted my work place and have also informed SBI customer care. i had used an amount of around 13000/- approx in this card. Every month as per the the executives i have paid whatever they are asking for assuring me that i will recieve my statement next month. In my knowledge i have paid much more than what i have used. since last june 2007 i am not recieving any statement from their side . i have made the complaint several times but they didnot do anything. the have charged me a lot through late fines and interests. This month i have asked them to give me all my statement details so that i can understand whats going on. they have denied to do so. please help me out in this matter.

SBI Card — Premium charged

My sbi card is charged some insurance premium which i had not Authorised. I request you to please look in to the mater and advise accordingly.

SBI Credit Card — Late fee debited because of incorrect Statement

This is Ashutosh Singh, I have a complaint regarding SBI Credit Card No.[protected].On My June Month Statement the Total amount due stated on the stement was Rs1452.00,
before the statement i had made an online payment on Rs1417.00. On 12th I had taken a balance transfer of 12143 for my other bank credit card and before going for the BT I had asked the CSR that there is still 36RS payment less than the total due which i am unable to pay online as there is an error do i need to pay that? He confirmed me that you don't need to pay as it will incur only small amount of interest which you can clear off in next statement.
But on 28th these guys have charged me 600Rs of late payment charges.
i had called up that why this has been done and reverse it they said there was a mistake and will reverse it. Still in july statement they have reversed only 50% of the fees that is 300Rs.There Collection department confirmed that I again have to pay 2300rs as there was a mistake in last statement.
I had spoken to CSR Arun raj before my August statement and he confirmed that it will be reversed but again in August month statement it is still not being reversed.I had made a call again on 7th August taken up by Mr.Muthu and after that by Mr.Kranti Kumar stating that it cannot be reversed and i have to bear the charges.
Please look into the matter.

wrong credit card statement — every time receives wrong statement

res/ sir
ref. to above mentioned complaint earlier i have sent many mails but not received feed back.
again i must mention that i receive wrong statements every time.on 11/02/09 i have paid 6060 rs-- six thousand sixty vide ch. no[protected] obc bank. statement does not say receving such amount. for the fault of bank i am not suppose to pay fine and ihave no option except to take legal help-----consumer court. i do not want to continue my c.c under such mental agony. pl. make final -----full and final and close the c.c.
except early response.
pramod kumar
credit card no------[protected]
m-- [protected]
r/ sir
my credit card no is ---[protected]. i have serious problem with the statement of the card. in the feb.09 month last outstanding emi shown as--rs--5722.50. on 130209 i have paid--rs.--6060.00
in the march month statement shows---purchasing of 7978.84 rs. no purchasing details has been mentioned . i have not done any such purchasing. it all seems fabricated and false statement. on urgent basis look into the matter and issue fresh detailed statement. otherwise i will take legal action.
pramod kumar



amount pending — Immediate Attention please

Dear sir,
Greets from Tamil Nadu, India and this is to kind information that Mrs.Sandra Philip who is the loan lender sent me 30000.00USD on 15.06.09 from nigeria through western union money transfer services in first bank and given me the details as mentioned but while proceed here they have to stop there itself and compelled me to send 500USD then only you get your loan payment and such a way to accept that send 300USD and the balance amount Mrs.Sandra Philip will accept to pay accordingly they assured and just to pay you have to get the loan amount 30000USD will clear within 30 minutes as such even we suffer more to get lending and sent 300USD that is 14300 indian rupees sent to the account holder ICICI bank on 25.06.2009 at 2.15pm but they refuse to send me the loan amount and compelled me again and again to send 500USD then only you get your loan amount even more than 72 hours passed sir, so it is clear that they have to cheat me as they protect their words still and to picked up me again and again therefore kindly do proceed so as to get me the loan amount 30000USD immediately and warn them severely.Please kindly consider our inability situation so as to help me sir.Mrs.Sandra Philip sent 30000.00 through western union money transfer wide order no:0942739 dated.15.06.09 and this is for your kind information and further action sir please.
Thanking you, email:sandra.[protected] and westernunion.[protected]
Yours faithfully,
Dear Sir/Madam,

My SBI Credit Card No is [protected], two cheques I had issued in the month of May for Rs.1341.00 towards my EMI was returned due to I forgot to wrong payee name, hence I made the cash payment for Rs.2950/ on 26th June 09 for the EMI of May (with fine&interest) & June 09, but now I got one o/s statement due for this month for Rs. 2392.52 or minimum amount Rs.1593.51 to pay before 30th July.

Actually as per monthly EMI I have to pay Rs.1341.00 only, please confirm how this much amount come due. Pleae do reply.

SBI Credit Card — Charged insurance premium without my concern

Respected Sir/Madam

I had taken credit card from SBI in year 2007 ( Cr.Card No -[protected] ). But in the same or subsequent months they had debited insurance charges without my concent & issued me the statement. On equiry, their executive told me that this is insurance charges. I told him to revert back the charges as I do not want any insuance. Still they debited extra premiums every month.Further on complaining the customer care the didnt replied me any satisfactory answer they only said that at the time of application you have ticked "yes" for insurance. But as per my knowledge I specifically told the executive that I have never opted for your capital shield insurance as i am also carrying the xerox proof of the SBI Application form which i kept for my records during the applying of credit card.

Further i had already lodgged a written complaint to RBI banking lokpal jaipur with all documents i.e .Xerox of CC application form and they have given me the complaint number [protected].but again 2 months have been passed there is no action taken toward SBI CC. and the same threatning calls of recovery agent coming to me.

Just want to know after submission of all proof why there is a deley in taking action towards SBI.

Thanks & Regards
Aashish Tiwari

Please help me to get out of this problem.

Thanks & Regards

Govt — Not getting of credit card


I have applied for sbi credit card and same has been approved and person went to my home for despatch, but however during the working hrs I am at the office. now I am unable to get the card neither customer care. The sbi credit card customer care is most useless in the world I thing so. Bcoz since three days daily I am trying to call customer care but after holding the phone for atleast 17 minutes I am not able to get it to talk any body.

so my humble request is that can I contact anybody whom that I should get the card.


SBI Credit Card — Excessive debits

My Credit Card No.[protected] In the e mail statement excess debit of 500.00 and add on card fee of 250.00 plus GST debited in 7th September statement. It is hurting me very much. Kindly waive and reverse the above charges.

SBI Credit Card — card stopped

Dear sir,
previously i was using sbi credit card, but i have stoped using the same , the card was cut and was send back to u , but i have been receiving bill for the same your customer executive call us for the same , and many time we have asked them to send the credit card statement since it is pending they are not ready for the same. interest has been added on the same and the amount is increasing but we have many times told your customer care unit to send the old statement ,if it is pending we will pay but not the interest , as this issue started with the renewal fees which your sales executive at the time of selling card told it is free for life time . we are ready to pay only the amount we have made the expenses.



Im using sbi credit card past 8 month,Royal sundarm life insurance bebited my credit card a/c,I called to customer care 5times for cancelation of insurance,but there is no use
complaint no:[protected]

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