[Resolved]  State Bank of India — Wrongly issued Debit note

To, Jamshedpur
The Manager 16/08/08
SBI Card
New Delhi – 1

Subject: Wrongly issued Debit note in my account statement dated 19/09/07 (DEBIT TRANSACTION
OF Rs. 1000, dated 17/09/07 Gangashri. (SBI card no. [protected]).

I would like to bring to your notice the following few points:

1. That, my SBI card account statement dated 19/09/07 shows amount debited in my account of Rs. 1000( Gangashri)dated 17/09/07, which was received in the month of Oct, 07 (1st week).

2. That, as per my record this transaction was wrongly mentioned in my account statement that is why immediately on 07/10/07 I wrote to your office asking to provide the details of the same, because why should I be responsible for the consequences after the wrongly mentioned transaction.

3. That, as I did not receive any reply in context of the above, which made me anxious enough to find out the truth that is why again I wrote / mailed on 18/12/07(Two letter through E-Mail).

4. That, It became very surprising for me that even after my regular correspondence, your office could not find any interest to reply my any of the letters/ mail. Therefore, again on 29/12/07 I wrote letter to your office enquiring the required details with a request to reverse the disputed amount along with the all irregular charges.

5. That, the entire episode of your serious negligence made me so disappointed & again I wrote letter to your office on 29/01/08. Here I would like to inform you furthermore that, after the wrongly mentioned transaction I stopped utilizing the said card, as the situation worsened which compelled me to take decision to discontinue my card facilities. This was also informed to your office through my letter dated 29/01/08.

6. That, after series of reminders your office sent one letter dated 08/02/2008. Surprisingly your office mentioned that, as and when any transaction through ATM are made, card & pin number is required, also refused to reverse the amount.

MY CONCERN : That, your office kept on misguiding me not replying to the appropriate point. I am confident enough that, I have not made the concern transaction. If at all transaction was made through ATM then how the name of GANGASHREE is shown in the statement?

7. That, as you informed that the said transaction was made through ATM therefore on 13/03/08 I wrote one more letter enquiring the location of the ATM along with other information which was available at your end to find out the truth.

8. That, received your mail dated 25/03/08 in which you attached a dispute form.

MY CONCERN: As I raised the issue through my first letter dated 07/10/07 followed by many other letters/Mails then why you took so much long time to send the said dispute form?

9. That, as per your advice I sent the duly filled dispute form to your Gurgaon office on 02/04/2008. Again on 03/08/08 sent the same to your office by E-Mail.

10. That, I have received one more letter from your office dated 03/04/08 (ref no. Fsvg[protected], in which you have mentioned that, the Merchant Bank has refused to process the credit for the disputed amount, “since the time frame with in which any action can be initiated on a transaction only two months”.

MY CONCERN : It is very interesting that, the you raised the wrong transaction, you raised the interest & different charges against the wrongly charged amount, You did not replied the queries to find out the truth & trying to penalize the customer .
(That, the correspondence was continuing on the irregular & unauthorized transaction. Surprisingly the matter was declared closed by “Merchant Bank” It could not be understood as to how “Merchant Bank” became the deciding factor over the required information. You might have connection with many organizations to run the system but as a customer we know only you, so such type of excuse is not at all acceptable by me & I am sure enough that, without further delay you will reverse the entire dispute amount along with the all charges.)

11. That, I received your letter dated 19/06/08 in which you informed me that you have withdrawn the card facility at your end & advise me to destroy the card at our end.

MY CONCERN: It is nothing less than a great fun that in your letter you have informed me that you have withdrawn the card facility & instructed me to destroy the card. But surprisingly on very same day (statement of June, 08) you charged Rs. 750 as annual fee. It clearly shows your callous approach to wards the customers.

12. That, your office is simply harassing the bonafide customers & tarnishing the image of the esteem organization in this manner. Your office is taking help of hired goons to recover this disputed amount illegally, which is very objectionable and unfortunate as they came to my home by the last week of July, 08 when I was out of station for a long period of time. You sent hired goons to my residence to spoil my image in the society.


1. Since the utilization of the card, all most all of the payments were on time excepting the issue of GANGASHREE (as per the statement of account dated 19/09/07).

2. As per the statement dated 19/08/07 bill amount was : Rs. 5598.31
Less, you have received payment on 11/09/07 : Rs. 5000.00
Balance Amount (wrongly charged as interest etc.) : Rs. 598.31
Less, you have received payment on 17/12/07 : Rs. 400.00
Balance Amount : Rs. 198.31
Less, you have received payment on 31/01/08 : Rs. 400.00
Excess amount paid in my account : Rs. 201.69

Here you are advised to reverse the excess payment made by me. It is mere surprising but being a good customer ignoring your wrongly charged amount prior the bill dated 19/09/07, I cleared the entire payment with excess amount of Rs. 201.69.

3. After Aug, 07 I have not done any transaction and cleared the entire amount of Aug, 07 bill as mentioned above.
Bill of July, 08 (dated 19/07/08) shows outstanding of : Rs. 5052.12
Break up of bill amount are as under

Disputed Amount (GANGASHREE) : Rs. 1000.00
Annual Fee (wrongly charged, even after withdrawn of card : Rs. 750.00
facility/ destroyed the card).
Other charges 395 % !!! against totally on disputed amount for the period : Rs. 3302.12
since Sept, 07 to June, 08, (Such as interest, late payment etc, )

4. That, needless to remind you that it is not the first time when your office wrongly raised debit amount in my account, but in past it was also done by your office, and after my objection your office rectified the same.

5. That, the entire episode clearly shows that, your activities are closely linked to illegal means & to cover up your malpractices you are taking help of outsiders & hired goons. You are also harassing customers mentally & physically.

With this above mentioned line I request you to do the needful to resolve the issue with in earliest possible time.

Thanking You.

(SBI Card no. [protected]).

1. SBI Card, feedback.[protected]
2. Assistant Vice President, Ajay Bharti, Customer Service, head.[protected]
3. Chargeback Department, 11th Floor Tower-C, DLF Infinity Towers, , Block-2, Gurgaon-122002
4. sbicards.[protected]
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Aug 14, 2020
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SBI Credit Card — Irregular Billing/Excess charging amount in the bills

Sir, i am a sbi cradit card holder havin no. [protected] since long.There was an outing payment of rs 52, 500/- against me as per the monthly statement of august 2007. of am not recieving the monthly bill .iam not reciving the bill since long & I have paid an amount more then Rs 40, 000/- through your Executive . now ihave recieved abill dated 5.3.2008 for outstanding amt rs40, 000/- which is un justified. kindly re-examine the case& send the correct bill. no paymentwill be made tillreciept the revised bill. Failure of this ihave to go to consumer court.
Respected Sir/Madam,

I often sent you the E-Mails for this Matter but there is no any response from your side.Please sent me the reply as soon as possible.

Awaiting for your Reply.

Delivery Status Notification (Failure)Monday, December 15, 2008 5:44 PM
From: "[protected]" <[protected]>Add sender to Contacts To: [protected]@yahoo.comMessage contains attachmentsMessage001.txt (226b), Fw: enquiry.eml (9KB)This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification.

Delivery to the following recipients failed.


Forwarded Message: Fw: enquiry Fw: enquiryMonday, December 15, 2008 5:44 PMFrom: "MUKESH PATEL" <[protected]>To: sbicards.[protected] sbicards.[protected]

Thanking you.

Mukesh Patel.
Parth Consultants
215, Satyam mall.
Opp Vishveshwar Temple.
Jodhpur crossroad
Gujarat. India.
Telephone no.[protected].
Telephone or fax :[protected].
Mobile no. 0091-[protected].

--- On Mon, 12/15/08, MUKESH PATEL <[protected]> wrote:

From: MUKESH PATEL <[protected]>
Subject: Fw: enquiry
To: sbicards.[protected]
Date: Monday, December 15, 2008, 5:34 PM

I waiting for your Reply.
Thanking you.

Mukesh Patel.
Parth Consultants
215, Satyam mall.
Opp Vishveshwar Temple.
Jodhpur crossroad
Gujarat. India.
Telephone no.[protected].
Telephone or fax :[protected].
Mobile no. 0091-[protected].

--- On Mon, 11/24/08, MUKESH PATEL <[protected]> wrote:

From: MUKESH PATEL <[protected]>
Subject: Fw: enquiry
To: sbicards.[protected]
Date: Monday, November 24, 2008, 3:43 PM

Dear Sir/ Madam I again say I haven't done any transaction by credit card but last two month your massages comes in my mobile. Before this mail I also sent to you the mail in April but no any responce from your side.The amount which you have claimed by my card I am not ready to pay this amount because I have not use the Card.

Thanking you.

Mukesh Patel.
Parth Consultants
215, Satyam mall.
Opp Vishveshwar Temple.
Jodhpur crossroad
Gujarat. India.
Telephone no.[protected].
Telephone or fax :[protected].
Mobile no. 0091-[protected].

--- On Tue, 4/22/08, MUKESH PATEL <[protected]> wrote:

From: MUKESH PATEL <[protected]>
Subject: enquiry
To: sbicards.[protected]
Date: Tuesday, April 22, 2008, 2:05 PM

Dear Sir, I am your credit card holder and i've received your SMS in last week. You've specified that i've to pay some amout. I want to let you know that i've not used your card approximately from last 2 and half month and i've not received any statement also. No paymets are pending from my side. Thanking you. Mukesh Patel.

Thanking you.

Mukesh Patel.
Parth Consultants
215, Satyam mall.
Opp Vishveshwar Temple.
Jodhpur crossroad
Gujarat. India.
Telephone no.[protected].
Telephone or fax :[protected].
Mobile no. 0091-[protected].
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I have complained against two items in the bill which I had not authorised to SBI Card to pay ie regarding the vsnl dial up connection charges two times during the month of March which exceeds 2000 rupees. I no longer am a customer for Vsnl for the last one year. I donot know whose bill have been credited to my SBI card No. This is not correct. Please rectify the same.
my card no [protected] date 22/4/2009 MAYAJAAL ENTERTAINMENT Rupees 1260 debited TWO times in my account kindly check and credit the amount in my account
The Manager
Chargeback SBICard

I am Rajendra Kumar i will Pay Rs.10000/- ICICI Prudential Premium Time:04:06 PM but not credited. The result mode is Failure Transaction ICICI Unique Transaction ID is 1260937. But my SBI Card debited Rs.10000/- and recived SMS also TM-SBICard. Please enquire this transaction and credited SBICard. Thanking You Sir.
Rajendra Kumar KS
JSS Academy of Technical Education, C-20/1, Sector-62, Noida-201301
SBI CARD No: [protected]
Mobile No: [protected]
I am not using SBI Credit card. Frequently, sms are coming stated that "Your statement dt, has been dispateched. Total amount due of Rs 938.28. Mini. amt of Rs 487.62 is payable by 08-Nov-09" sent by SBI card.
What shall I do?. I am going file a consumer case against the SBI card in this regards.
I have never applied for an SBI card. During 2004 I had availed a housing loan from SBT, Sasthamangalam Branch, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala.After that I received two SBI Card one in my name and the other in my wife's name.Both the cards were not used by us. In fact we had not activated the cards. The validity of the card was over by 04/2005. To my surprise for the past one year I have been receiving SMS message every month informing that statement has been despatched and the balance amount is due for payment.But such statement has been received by me so far.
It has to be noted that I had not applied for SBI Card. In fact I am not using any credit cards. I have filed a number of complaints through this forum but in vain. I am receiving the message every month even now. I very much doubt that file complaints through this forum is a waste of time and is of no use.There has been no response from the authorities so far.I once request the concerned authorities to deactivate sending sms to my mobile and inform me the position. My mobile no is [protected].
Thank you
N.Parameswara Kumar

I am not using any SBI Credit card. But frequently SMS are coming from SBI stated that "Your statement dt, xx-xx-xxx has been dispateched. Total amount due xxxxx and minimum amount due xxxx. This is happening continuously in past 8 month to me so far.

Also I am receiving calls from customer care of SBI card in past 8 month and first they are asking ANANDALAKSHMI, I don’t know who has that girl. The same also I had explained them so many times. But they are continuously calling me and sending SMS to my mobile.

I am using this number since 2005 onwards.

Now I am going file a consumer case against the SBI card in this regards.
Sep.11, 2010
SBI Card,

Reg:- Close My account of Credit Card No. [protected].
Res. Sir/ma'am
I am in receipt a bill of said credit card no.amount Rs. 827.25/- which related to the annual fee charges. It is observed that I have not applied for the renewal of this credit card cna even I do not possess the same card.
One year back I have already cancel my previous credit card vide letter no. dtd. 07.08.2009 and no bill has been send since than.
So you are requested to cancel my credit card and reverse the bill amount immediately with the conformation from your site at my email address which is [protected]
Thanking You,
Yours faithfully
T K Parnami Sector-4
jan.11 ;2011

SBI Card;


I am shyamsharma having sbi card which number is [protected]

have an request to cancel my dining plus card no 24-10443 as soon as po-

-ssible .


-----Original Message-----
From: K D LALE [[protected]]
Sent: Sunday, Jun 26 2011 12:21PM
To: feedback.[protected] [feedback.[protected]]
Cc: sbicards.[protected] [sbicards.[protected]]
Subject: Write off/Remove Amount of Rs. 827.25 (Annual Fee Charges Rs. 750 and GST Rs. 77.25 ) debit Account Number: [protected]

Subject: Write off/Remove Amount of Rs. 827.25 (Annual Fee Charges Rs. 750 and GST Rs. 77.25 ) debit Account Number: [protected]



My earlier mail dated 14th June-11 and 24th June-11. I have not received any reply from your side.

I have already written to you regarding Hidden charges of Rs. 827.25 you are wrongly debit to me this amount pl. write-off. Ref. Statement. ( Rs.750/- Annual Fees charges and Rs.77.25 GST Debit) Pl. Note that Rs. 827.25 amount I am not pay.

You are requested pl. send me correct balance payment statement avoiding the Annual fees and etc.

Name- K.D.Lale

Card Number -[protected]

Thanks for your team for co-operation and better service.

Waiting your reply.



MB No. [protected]

Ref. earlier mail-
Sir, Refer my SBI Credit Card No 4006676534223774223774 and your ref Code LBZ dtd 16 Jul 11.
It is submitted that I am associated with your SBI since 1985 and have so many accounts with SBI. My all family members have accounts with your SBI only. Even I have taken education loan from SBI in 2007 and EMI is being paid regularly. Regarding payment of outstanding amount of Credit Card transactions it is intimated that I had not received any Bill for payment of amount till Aug 11. During 2nd week of Aug 11 I received a tele call regarding outstanding of Credit Card bill. I requested the gentleman to send the bill details so that I can be able to pay the outstanding amount. Now I have received three duplicate bill for the month of 16 Apr, 16 May, 16 Jun 11 & 16 Aug 11 on 25 Aug 11. Before receipt of this bills I was unaware about the amount and I was waiting for the bill. Due to non receipt of bill timely the amount remained unpaid. Now I want to pay all the outstanding amount in one go. But I will not paid any type of charges on the outstanding dues because your bank did not sent bill on time why I will pay any penalty charges.
Now I want to say that I will pay the correct outstanding bill excluding the PAYMENT DISHONOUR FEE OF RS 350.00 per month and other misc charges ( i, e, 350x5=1750+49.77+133.18+54.48+178.94+57.59+209.10+54.19+176.10+56.73+200.76=Rs 2923.8) as I am not clear about the miscellaneous charges and I was not briefed at the time of applying for Credit Card. I am waiting for your reply. Only on receipt of reply I will pay the amount. So an early reply/reconsilation is solicited. Yours sincerely
ISHWAR DAYAL SAH M-[protected]

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