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These guys operate under different names. Their construction wing is called trinity and they market it under the name of suraj condominiums. One Mr. lal sits in their domlur office. A seasoned crook these guys have mastered the art of excuses. Its two years since they promised to hand over possession and havent yet. most of the guys who booked in their project in sarjapur-trinity sunrise end up paying both rent and EMI. They have moved on to their next project already which is trinity bloom. The ceo is mr. ram mohan menon who is also holds a post in CREDAI. Consumers be warned cos if you book a flat with these guys now be prepared to occupy in 2015.
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Aug 14, 2020
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This is very true what is posted by Ramji, This project is not good, please invest only if you can wait for another 5years, builder is always giving one or the other reasons to delay Trinity Golden Era as mentioned earlier in this post took 12 years to complete & it was initially shown as resort & pledged 2crore rupees from KSIIDC and KSIIDC has confiscated some of the flats due to non-payment of even the interest, Trinity Sunrise was launched in early 2005 & yet to get completed, I have my flat in Trinity Sunrise & have paid 100% as of August 2007 but no matter what I try he is not able to complete the flats, Trinity Bloom is also going to be the same, Suraj condominiums are pitching this project big time & trying to attract crowd after which he will get into some problem & stop the project.
To know the entire story please call me at [protected]


All the above said is very true. Any Property deal with Suraj Condimiums and Sriram Propcare( Suraj’s Marketing Company) is a waste of time and Money. We all are seriously planning to put a litigation against this builder
please see link also and for more complaints about this builder. This is a very unreputable builder, Buyers Beware.

7 days ago by Narasimhan [send email]
Dear Friends,

Who ever is buying or consider buying Trinity sunrise please do not do the same blunder as we did .

Sriram propcare was the one who marketed this projected and now they are not even willing to come to our help. I am the owner of one of the apartments and have duly sufffered due to this . The project has been incessantly delayed and we have been paying exhorbidant emi's . when we contact the builder they always give us evasive answers and send out a letter of completion which is not valid in any manner .

I was given in writing for the third time that my apartment would be handed over in all due respects by 15th september and now when we enquired they have postponed it to october first week that too with temporary power . We are not clear on what charges we have to pay for temporary power and deisel

when asked about Club house for which we have paid there is no answer from the builder

Its high time we joined together and raised voice against such injustice


2 days ago by Geetha C [send email]
Aiyo I went there to do puja and the nepali security man at gate on sarjapur road at 5 pm was standing in his underwear and no shirt and didnt make me sign any book.When I left again at 6 pm same guy was standing in his banian and underwear.When I asked his name he said Ganga.I think he gave some false name.How can a boy's name be Ganga.This is a worst builder.They have no manners in the office also and site also and are unprofessional rowdies.They are very very nice only while taking money.If customers get angry or complaint builder takes them to court.Too much low mentality builder.Instead of solving customer issues and understanding why customers are complaining he uses his muscle.I heard these people are very reactive and angry nature instead of being professional and proactive problem solvers.If you complain about something they will give excuses or say let it go bad or let there be thefts or let there be fights between villagers and residents then we will fix this and that and they take it personally against you if you complain from their senior engineer in domlur office to all site engineers.In reality they dont want to do anything except collect your money and in return give you bad quality houses with random fixes and you will repent after buying like trinity woods and other community's this builder has made.Go and ask anyone there.This is not a reputable builder.They dont do anything right and wait till people are complaining and only then they fix this and that way without any proper way.They dont have proper planning or project schedule timeline.They have very old engineers who are not trained on new software and new and proper ways of doing things correctly in a fast manner.First they delay projects then if you complaint or get angry they also very unprofessionally get angry instead of being courteous and understanding nature and realizing that they have taken your money and screwed you in a big way without giving you possession like its their birth right and take you to court for you complaining or getting angry and showing you their muscle.Their engineers and security are involved in stealing and one contractor was saying even when electric parts are purchased he has to give something to electric contractors on site and their inventory person on site cooks the books and shows wastage and even during festivals Jayanna's son comes and steals or puts things in his truck and takes it here and there for puja celebrations and all and Jayanna's relatives run a transport business and they keep bringing private SUV's and cars and give something to engineers at site for taking things in these vehicles.They should replace this Jayanna with professional security people and also remove their head engineer and project site engineers.They very much are all mixed up with each other and must be removed otherwise they will continue to spoil their projects.They tell customers that they or laborers dont have to stay here permanently so they keep doing waste, throwing things here and there, letting motor run all day and wasting water from pipes and not repairing rubber broken pipes and not caring about customer complaints and even stealing during festival time and whenever they get a chance and they show open hatred towards builder inspite of being employed by builder.Only ladies are fighting for delays of project with builder and men should wear bangles and sit at home and are doing nothing except complaining on yahoo groups.The men who have purchased houses in sunrise have not drink their mother's milk because they are it seems afraid to do anything.We should all take this builder to consumer court like people did to another dirty builder Ittina group and won against builder and got refund plus intrest on their money.The entire project maintenence and material quality is poor and they only clean front areas on monday or wednesday when col lal the ceo comes and visits just to show that all is clean.They dont clean anything inside and their headengineer and site engineers are like rowdies and crooked people and they all know is to give excuses even their sweeper head and security head jayanna.This is the new India and we should not be afraid to take these people to court and rowdisim should be ended.All their projects they have build until now are very dirty you can visit any project you want and you will find unhappy customers, dirtyly maintained projects with low quality materials used.When they dont pay their employees they steal from site.They are very rascal people and become happy internally to see you customers suffering and geting cheated and they make jokes also as to how foolish these customers are.They take your money for electric meter and clubhouse, lift and maintainence for life but give you none of this.Their engineers openly and boldly say they will never be removed inspite of complaints because they are 20% less salary takers and so they work also 20-40% less thereby delaying our sunrise project.Please see this link also and so many complaint links about this builder including yahoo groups complaints you can find when you do a google search.All these people cannot be wrong.Any judge can understand their plight.Many good lawyers are available if you visit the high court and they will take money only after you win some money from builder and not before.

1 days ago by Viju Unnikrishnan [send email]
I contacted BMRDA office.They said 4th floor of SUNRISE has not been approved yet.It's only G+3 and not G+4.Here is a list of lawyers.

A. Luthra And Luthra -[protected]

B. Advocate, Lawyer, Bangalore - - [protected]

C. Fox Mandal & Associates -[protected]

D. Universal Legal -[protected]

E. Ameya Law Agency -[protected]

Also CHANNEL 9 BENGALURU on your side will send MEDIA people if contacted and story is worth reporting.They are reporting on JAAGO RE BBMP and BENGALURU in depth, Tel: +[protected], 40312755.GOOGLE SEARCH has all TV9 is both Kannada and English.All o[censored]s should get together and contact a law firm to represt our common interest.I checked with one corporate lawyer at my work.He said all should take builder to consumer court individually or collectively doesn't matter and even get refunds.TV9 SMS 56008690 and be a public reporter for your neighbourhood if you are tired or repeated complaints.I am sure many Media groups and lawyers will be interested.

BSNL — refund of security/roaming money

dear sir,
i had closed bsnl mobile no [protected] in the month of march 2004 in Varanasi UP,everything including simcard was submitted ,from that time I am looking my money back security Rs 1700 & roaming Rs 1000 ,
Puneet Srivastava
Good yaar. I went there for rent a few days ago and met this Swamy fellow who said he is maintenence person and told me rents are Rs 4000 for non woodwork done flats and Rs 6000 for woodwork and fittings done flat and 10-months advance and one month comission.

In sunrise he said Rs 8000 and Rs 12000 for duplex.

I found from the office that this is all bogus and he is hiking the prices for his own benefit. He refuses to divulge name of owner of falt or do a contract. He has keys to all flats and according to office people they are saying he is renting on his own without permission of owners of flats who are in middle east.

Renters are advised to be cautious and contact Trinity office/Col. Lal who is in charge of Sales/rent and Sriram properties Mr. Vijay. Call Col. Lal and Menon [protected] or [protected].
I agree this is a useless builder...i[censored] buy u get screwed...BIG TIME!
List of Reasons Why I moved out from Trinity and will NEVER BUY or deal with this BUILDER ever AGAIN NOR RECOMMEND to any Friends:

I had rented Apt 12 in Golden Era and the maintenance man Swaminathan kept asking me for 1 month rent as commission even though Sathi Menon said not to pay. He harassed me so much that every day he would off or break connections of my light and ask Rs 100-250 at night. He used to be drunk and come to my flat and harass me. He used to turn off my water connection at terrace and ask for 200 rupees. He never sent any cleaners and that building is full of cobwebs and honey beehives at entrance.

Swaminathan works on the side as a real estate agent and tells everyone he has a office in HSR sector-1 and shows his card with photo and tells all potential clients who come to buy Sunrise Bloom or Golden Era to go to HSR and nearby places because he will get a 1% to 2% commission or a split commission with other agents if clients purchased elsewhere.

He charges SHANKER, the carpenter a commission to do our work at Sunrise. So SHankaer has raised his rates. Swaminathan and GOPI electrician remove connections and ask for 200-300 rupees for giving connections.

Any PAINTERS, MAIDS that people hire in Sunrise have to give swaminathan a commission to work there. That's why rates for these labor is so high here.

Someone please advice Menon and Lal who has hired his military janitor as maintenance man as to why people are shying away from Trinity besides all other points and reasons raised by so many people here.

If you buy here you are screwed. I left in one month only.

If more people move in Sunrise there wil be pressure on sewage, rationing of water as motor will keep failing, and shortage of minimal resources that are currently available. So don't encourage anyone to come or buy or rent here.
Here's more on how Swaminathan is screwing the builder and at the end of the day the customers:

1) If you have a light bill of Rs 6000 for the year Swaminathan takes Rs 3000 from you and tells Sathi Menon and the office you don't live here! Everyone here knows builder gets electric supply for 1 Rs/unit. I have checked with electric office in Sarjapur and the builder charges Rs 500 to 1000/mo per house.

2) If you are a renter and running a business like a Bharatnatyam class he is charging you money and not complaining about you to the builder. I am sure the builders contract says premises and home cannot be used for running a business. In Trinity Golden Era I heard someone is running music and dance coaching classes daily.

3) If you are a renter, Swaminathan lets you SUB-LEASE the apartment without builders knowledge for extra money.

4) Swaminathan uses female labourers to work in his home for doing personal house work at the cost of customers money that goes towards paying labourer wages.

5) Swaminathan tells customers who come here that he and his partner run a estate agency in HSR sector 1 and he can find other better places for them closer to their workplace and the city.

6) Swaminathan shuts off water motor and brings in contractor from outside and Gopi so they can bill builder and he gets comission from them even when there is no problem with the motor, thereby taking advantage of the mallu builder (mallu mallu bhai bhai). Before he used to put cheap fuse wires and shut off electric supply of tenants and charge them money to turn it on.

So this bugger runs a fast one on anyone he feels like whenever he needs money, be it the renter, tenant or the builder... and he knows builder will not do anything to him so he normally goes after non mallu and non tamil tenants.

The builder has a weakness that both (M/M Menon) blindly trust their mallu and tamil people over others and Swaminathan (who works for dirt cheap for the builder) knows this very well so he takes advantage of this weakness of the mallu builder.

If you are a renter or buyer be assured that not only will you lose your deposit as builder doesn't have money to return it (and if you rent directly with the house owner, Swaminathan wants a 1% rental fee) but additionally you will get ripped off by Swaminathan maintenance man, Gopi their 3rd class on-hire contracter electrician and any other labour you may need for plumbing, painting, maids, milkman, paperwala, gaswala, carpenter and what not...

All in all the renters and buyers suffer...
I also came last weekend to rent and heard someone nextdoor running some singing classes and kids howling on top of their lungs in the most ugliest voices as this fellow opened door of flat 213. The singing noise was unbearable. When I asked him he referred me to his partner in HSR layout and I never called that fellow or went back to Trinity Golden Era. This is a useless place with no proper contractual agreements in place and this Swaminathan fellow even said I can sublease without builder's or owners knowledge and this teacher who was teaching singing was also subrenting as the owner was abroad.In return this fellow Swamynathan said all i needed was his permission and i can give him 500 rs. everymonth and no one would know. this is a hopeless builder with no rules on running business from home and causing disturbance to others nor do they have any rules on subleasing.if they have any rules they dont care whether their contracts are followed or not...i rate this builder as very entrance i saw two behives and bees flying even at ground floor and street dogs roaming and barking at us...
Hello All-

There must be some problem in both Trinity Sunrise and Golden Era till 2010. But now I have purchased a flat and staying there for quite sometime. I don't find any problem as such. Now everything is fine over there. Broadband connections, Vendors for potable water, maid and other important things are also available. Lift and Gym all are operational most of the time. Many shops have also come up in the nearby area. BTMC buses are also plying frequently from that route. Occasional power cuts are still there but that is happening in other parts of Bangalore as well.

You can opt for buying as well as for renting your apartments in both Sunrise and Golden Era.

Could you pls let me know which flat you are in so that i will come to meet you? One of my friend is staying in the apartment and I want to buy a flat there if possible.

I do not want litigation or law suit, just need a peaceful place to live in.

please reach me at bibek.[protected] for additional contacts. thanks,
Could you pls let me know which flat you are in so that i will come to meet you? One of my friend is staying in the apartment and I want to buy a flat there if possible.

I do not want litigation or law suit, just need a peaceful place to live in.

please reach me at sarkar.[protected] for additional contacts. thanks
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