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[Resolved]  Suzuki Access125 — spare parts and service

25th oct 2010

Good Morning.,
I Trivikram Gavara has purchased a black color Suzuki access125 from Vizag Suzuki (Olive auto pvt Ltd.,)., Within 1 month of purchase I encountered a problem with seat lock., which suddenly stopped opening when I was a petrol station to fill petrol., with no petrol I had to push my bike till Suzuki showroom where a technician some how opened the lock, I brought petrol in a bottle and filled it , I was asked to come the next day morning to get it fixed., I sent my father as I had to go to office.,and finally they fixed it.,
But after the 1st servicing, within a week I experienced the same issue lock once again., This time too I had to send my father as I had office., The technician there said that they have to replace the lockset and as locksets were out of stock. He kept a folded piece of paper under the seat, so that it would not get locked., during that time, the service manager there asked for the papers of the bike., And when checked he was surprised to see that he had the papers of another vehicle (Suzuki Zeus) in his pouch., and it was concluded that the papers were mistakenly swapped when we gave the vehicle for 1st servicing., We handed over the Zeus papers to the service manager, and he ASSURED us that he will trace out the customer and get our papers back., all this happened on the 2nd of October 2010.,
On 9th October I went to the showroom and asked the service manager regarding the status of my lockset and my missing papers., He said that they were not able to trace out the customer and they are still trying to trace., And regarding my Lockset, he said that they would get the locksets by Thursday i.e., 14th oct 2010., and he took my mobile number and noted it in a book ,he ASSURED me that he would make a call by Thursday., And I waited for a call which was never made., So, finally I had to revisit the showroom again on 15th October 2010 to enquire my fate., And this time the service manager said that he has placed the order but still the locksets have not arrived.,
And I was directed to the Stores Manager, who said that it normally takes 10 days to get the lockset, and once again I was ASSURED, and he asked me come back on 28th October 2010 and get the lockset replaced., I asked him if he can give it to me in writing., he said that it was not needed as he WILL get it done and he took my phone number and said I will be contacted as soon as the locksets arrive.,., And when I inquired about my missing papers, the service manager said that it was not his responsibility as the customers are not supposed to keep the papers in the vehicle., but he ASSURED me that he would help me in getting a duplicate copy of the papers., And once again I went home with no RESOLUTIONS but a lots of ASSURANCES.,
Now comes the real part., I went to SUZUKI showroom on 26th October 2010 to find out if the locksets have arrived., and when I met the Store Manger.,( who earlier promised me that he would get me a lockset by 28th) and shocked to see his response., He said that he never promised me that he will get it by 28th and said that they are in transport and said this to me “why did U come to the showroom, I told you that I will call you” ., having the mistake on his side., he talked with disrespect and in a harsh tone., he said he cannot to anything and he left., I was standing in the showroom with my friend like an not knowing what to do.,
I finally approached the Sales Manager who actually sold me the bike., And told us our story., He noted down our complaints on a piece of paper and gave his card., He ASSURED me that he will get all my issues resolved in 48 hours.,
There are a few things I would like to ask here,
1) Are the customers looking like “BEGGERS”? as we have to beg for the service we paid for., are the SUZUKI showrooms like the Indian government offices where we have to go to each and every desk to help us.,
2) And are the customers looking like “LIARS”? Am I lying to get the service ., which is what the store manager said.,
3) The customers are looking like “FOOLS”? the accessories supplied by dealer(Front guard) already started to rust even before a month., and the customer has to notify the issue and get it replaced., As once the customer buys the vehicle, he has to live with its problems as the big mistake he has done is “HE TRUSTED SUZUKI!!”.,
4) Are the customers paying gor SERVICES or just ASSURANCES?

I have nothing left to do now., so I have to spending my time writing long letters as I have a lot of free time unlike people at SUZUKI.,
Keeping all this aside., I would like to congratulate SUZUKI for launching good two wheelers., I love riding ACCESS., its engine is so smooth I actually don’t feel like I am riding it, Instead I feel as if I am relaxing., Keep it up SUZUKI.,

And when you get some free time while you develop those wonderful engines., I hope you would spend a few minutes about eh service that is being provide to customers.,
I hope people at SUZUKI find time to read this long feedback.,
I am very much sad to say that I am dropping my plans of buying SUZUKI GS150R., my year long research on it and an year long wait for SUZUKI showroom to be opened in VIZAG have gone in vain., I will miss GS150R.,
Thank you for reading., (if someone really did )

***NOTE: I have been tryinf to submit the above content in the feedback section of SUZUKI's website., but that does not work either..***
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