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[Resolved]  Tata Docomo — Cheating of customer

Iwould like to draw your attention regarding cheating of customer by hte branch office of this company by the Bartand, Dhanbad branch of this company as I took connection of internet from this company and intalled on my laptop on 12th november 2009. One month free service was provided by the company for internet service till12 december 2009 thoughwe had opted under 'Budget 150' postpaidplan for Rs.150/month. But dealer without informing to us automatically it converted to 'unlimited' postpaidplan for Rs.799/month inspite of saying constantly that we want to opt for the earlier mentioned plan. He verbally assured us " Ho jayega sir" but at last after free trial of one month he compelled to take another one by saying "Ab nahi ho sakta chalaiye ek mahina".
Kindly look into the matter and take necessary actions for misguiding and cheating of the customer by the employe of thier company so that the customer may trust them.
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Apr 20, 2017
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Verified Support
Mar 20, 2012
Tata DoCoMo Customer Care's response
Dear Mr. Irphan,

Greetings from Tata Docomo!

We would like to inform you that, we have confirmed from the concerned department that, you have crossed your credit limit up to 132% and there was no wrong billing and you are charged as per the usage. Hence, we kindly request you to please clear the outstanding amount of Rs.3308/- ASAP.

For any further assistance please mail us at Customer.[protected] or you can call us on[protected].

Thanks and Regards,
Customer care
Tata Docomo.
Verified Support
Mar 28, 2012
Tata DoCoMo Customer Care's response
Dear Ms. Cheriyan,

Greetings from Tata Docomo!

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused to you.

We would like to inform you that, your complaint has been registered vide docket number NTT[protected]. We have accorded it top priority and are expressly working towards resolving it at the earliest. We will revert to you shortly, request you to kindly bear with us in the interim.

For any further assistance please mail us at Customer.[protected] or you can call us on[protected].

Thanks and Regards,
Customer care
Tata Docomo.
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TATA Indicom — complaint about non function of unlimited tata to tata service

Hello sir, My name is Harish and my number is [protected].I am from Vizianagaram(Andhra Pradesh).I have been facing a problem with my account since yesterday.I have recharged my account for Rs255 for Tata to Tata unlimited offer and also Rs 55 message offer on[protected].But yesterday[protected] my balance is being deducted when I had made call to tata indicom numbers.I don't know what's the reason and the customer care centre is also not responding.I am facing a lot of trouble and I want the concerned to take immediate action.Kindly respond to my mail.Harish
maine 40min ke kareeb sarfing ki aur mera RS 41 kat gaya aap meri prob jaldi solv karen ki aisa koyn hoya
Tata photon customer care is useless, nobody cares, they close ur complains without action. Even vendors know this they are looting customers with false promises. At had complianed for more than ten times, even supervisors were involved, but nothing has happened.


I DEEPAK GARG .. iIPURCHASED THE TATA INDICOM DATACARD (PHOTON+ ) by my brother id ajay garg on 4- feb -2010 FROM DEEPTI COMM . 167/A, Uttam Nagar New Delhi, Delhi 110059 , [protected] . THE AUTHORIZED DEALER OF TATA INDICOM .

It was of rs. 3450 with that they give the offer of free 8 gb pendrive and when their sale person came to give me he asked me which plan to activate .. i said them for Rs. 1100 plan .He activated that plan and asked me the total money of Rs. 4550 i gave him and he give me the bill of Rs. 3450 . when i asked him for bill of Rs. 4550 he said it is the postpaid plan and u will not get the bill of next month it will be automatically be paid to tata indicom centre by us and the 8 gb pen drive will be courier within 3 days .. i said ok.. after 4-5 days i asked them for pendrive they said due to some problem in address we were not able to send u .. they confirm my address and promise to deliever in 2 days again no sign of delievry and when i again asked them they said we will send u in 3 days.. they do it again and again.. but next month i got bill of Rs. 861 (according to usage) and i said them to pay the bill. they said we have never took money like that as u gave our saleperson . we only take money for datacard .. what i can say as i don't have any legal proof then i asked for free pendrive they said we alll ready deliever..

I complaint to tata indicom customer care. on 10- march -2010 i got call from customer care .. they said we have l given warning to them and u pls purchase the pendrive yourself we will deduct the money from the your bill and we will call u again on 13- march -2010 for pendrive bill confirmation. but i didn't get any call from them... so beware of all customer from DEEPTI COMM....
from last few dates on my tata indicom mobile a number is coming [protected]. he dont talk with me.So I want to know his address so please send me his address on my ID
i called tata photon for a demo but they told due to budget the prices of the modem will increase so i shud buy it now they told me two months unlimited & within 10 days the service got deactivated & i went 10times to tata indocom office but no customer support i have to pay once for 1950 on 23 feb again on 5th march bill for rs.2500 i have no0t used the services as i was too scared to use it after the first bil they told i have donloaded 40 gb data within 20 days of buying wrong promises abusive language on customer care.
The DSA who sells tata producrs Vriti Interactive in MG road are biggest cheaters.

Tata Photon Plus — Not Working for more than a week

We purchased a Tata Photon Plus from your dealer at Kandivili Mumbai - SR Enterprises - Office Phone No .65850584/ 64289681 for Rs. 3000/-.which is not working.

The scheme was 10 GB & 2 Months free downloads from internet.The Salesman's name was Vijay - whose Mobile No. is [protected],who is not responding to the


These are the details of my Tata Photon Plus

1) SR. No. [protected]
2) Go Data No. /Mob No. [protected]
There is ons Scratch No. also, which I don't know whther I am supposed to reveal.

Your Company has such a good reputation, Such people will damage your image. Since I have got all the details I am planning to take up the issue with higher authority or consumer court.
Hello, Sir it is kindly requested to resolve our problem. As said earlier many and many times. In other words if the problem is not solved i will surrender my connection. This will be a big shame for the tata group that they cannot solve the issue. I am extremily sorry to say this, But this is how it is. Sorry that i am associated with your tata photon.
it is the most slow connections i have seen low rates low speed, tata photon is fast connectivity with faster & expensive bills within 4 weeks o[censored]sage i got a bill for rs8000 all making customer fools
Sir it is kindly requested to resolve our problem. i have tata photon + but now i have facing many problams like devies is not connect to the internate & tata excutives are not given me fair responce they sad to me i dont kno i[censored]r devies is working or not we dont have any intrested in ur connection & we are helplessAs said earlier many and many times. In other words if the problem is not solved i will surrender my connection. This will be a big shame for the tata group that they cannot solve the issue. i am associated with your tata photon.+
i have taken tata photon plus 15 days ago but still not activated. what to do now pls activate it my photon number is [protected] .i m frm mumbai, i wasted loads of money behind it
We have passed the 60 year of independence, but still the business and the Business power centers have been taking advantage of the piety Indian customers. It is pathetic to know that the country with 1 billion people and the power houses of Indian business have been ruling the country along with the yesteryear politicians with their tartuffe behaviors and taking undue advantage of pity Indian consumers. If left alone they e could even have gulped the causes and concern of the many Indian people. They have understood the consumer behavior patterns of Indians and how vulnerable group are the Indian public in dealing with consumer protection and law system which is also controlled by them. Many of the companies have been cheating heavily on the Indian customers on the new technological front, the government and the public not concerned much since they too have piece of cake out of this. The control they can have on a individual life is exorbitant and literally so ready for extortion of money unethical for their selfish cynicism culture built on their companies employees to deal with the consumers. And the powerful extortionist built have been non other then that of females who have been employed because of their ability to easily lure the innocent public of their culture built among their counter part considering them as part of them with deity of faith in dealing with the people.Indians have always been prudent on many of the thoughts and walks of life.This tool of blandishment and selfish motives that have created instability and distrust among the Indians to behave erratically. The examples set by them have followed in many walk of life, take the service sectors like the industries, hospitals, banking, engineering service, education sectors. Even the influence and culture have been set among the great B schools who control the major stake in the business world. What you see is an example how the thumb impression politicians and the consumers who cannot understand the economic distribution of the business have been continuously duped by the bigger business houses. i.e how the big Indian stalwarts have been the example of people creating billions of rupees individually among the Forbes group creating a monopoly of services and without any ethical consideration. The distrust behaviors can already felt on some of the the noble profession e.g the health care to cheat people and even so to deal unethical. It has become obvious that the rich have been having shares in the company for the illness of the poor. That is the state of the Indian people and only god can help them. They have been taking advantage of the personal relation which have been built on the yester years by their ancestors. I hope one day the same business group perish and come to the roads. I hope by that days may of our public have the education and strength to deal with the frauds and unethical aspects that prevails and built of them on their day to day life.
TATA Photon service is just useless...I called on their toll free no. and a person (agent) came n spoke nicely, installed device and took 2500 from me...n took DL and PAN card as address proof and went off...later after a week my connection was disabled n i struggled for my exams n assignments.I called that person and till now his no. is switched off and i spoke to call center people, even they did not guide me properly...and nice thing is they are prompt in sending bills at correct time...These people put down the name of such esteemed Indian brands like now for TATA...very sorry to say this.Cheap

Tata Indicom [Photon+] — Tata Indicom [Photon+] cheats innocent customers

I'm Aldrin residing in Ramapuram, Chennai I'm Tata Indicom's Photon+ customer [Account No#[protected]] for a very long time now (nearly 2 yrs). I'm not a regular internet user but still I would go online every day to check my mails. Since Photon+ doesn’t have any unlimited package I decided to go with 550 plan [30 hours per month]

Initially I was using the network only to check my mails so I was really not worried (or) took care of the speed, but later after a couple of months when I started download few mp3 and video I noticed that my internet connection is running very slow and even it gets disconnect very often. I found that I was not able to go online and stream any videos because either the internet would disconnect (or) it would crawl like a dial-up connection

I called up the customer service and raised a complaint, the executive came home check my Internet connection speed and informed me Photon+ can give me only maximum of 600-700 Kbps speed I was really shocked. I asked him "Boss but you guys told me that it would go up to 3.1 Mbps, he said no sir that's not true we are just giving that for Advertisement purpose but it's not practically possible" I was really pissed off and irritated and told him no I need at least 1 Mbps speed he said no that’s no possible and he also told me if you wish to have more speed then better change the network and go with Airtel

However, frequently disconnecting issue was resolved after his visit but not the speed, most of the time there will be no signal bar shown and it is still drastically slow I'm calling customer service everyday but until today no one was able to resolve the issue. Finally, I decided not to pay the bill for month "April'2010" I called back customer service and informed them, it's really slow and it's taking more than 2 mins to load a web page and how do you expect me to use the internet for 1 hour per day and finish all my work with this idiotic speed, but again they said they will send someone to resolve the issue

Apparently no one turned back, so I didn't pay my bill and they disconnected my network connection, again I called back the customer service they said "sorry for the inconvenience we will release the line right away" and send someone and look into my problem, but again it's is more than a week no one turned back. No one really bothers about a true customer that why he is refusing to pay the bill, but they started calling for bill payment - they don’t like/know to fix the problem rather want me to pay the bill for even the unused month

I have been with Airtel and many other network providers (even in abroad) but never seen such a ridiculous customer service in this world. I again called several times to cancel my subscription but they are not ready to cancel my subscription rather want me to pay the bill and continue with the service. I'm sure I'm not the only person who has this issues with Tata Indicom there should thousands of customers - my intention when they not treating or fixing the problem for a valuable customer how can I expect their bill to be paid

I believe someone can help me to get rid of this stupid network, I really don’t like to continue with their service anymore and I would also inform the same to my entire friends and relatives network and I will make sure no one uses this fraud internet/telecom service and I have also planned to file a official complaint against them with Chennai court

Highly Dissatisfied Customer
I am very much disturbed and annoyed with Tata Photon service. They all are lairs, every one is making their own stories, worst customer service i have in my whole life. The customer service name was Mona.And Satnam from the morning they are making customer fool.I am sorry to say that this FFFFFFFFFFFFffff is nuttttss
When they want new connection they will beg u even they suck ur balls but as soon as they get money, they just diaper like anything.If i could have power i could put all of them behind the bars with out food.some time i feel that i just go there and burn them...sick of this bloody indian system...
Customer care service of Tata photon plus is very poor. No follow up. I recently purchased photon plus connection I just started using Tataphoton plus I took it is very bad experience
at the start itself. My account is barred without any intimation
though they have my number, email ID, contact address. I am contacting
on customer care no one answering the call. I tried Tata Gallery still
no reply. Recently I got the reply from Gallery that, bill of some
old Tata Indicom number is pending so they barred the service. It is
like criminal charges & they punished me without any information.

Second most important service related problem I am facing here in
my city is that while purchasing this connection the sales person
told me that the phtoton plus will launch in next week i.e. june
second week but what I got information now after purchase is that
photon plus will launch in august 2010 only. Now see in my scheme
under Toshaiba laptop is that first three months 2 GB/month free Now I
am getting connection bandwidth of around 70 kbps now tell me how to
consume or avail this 2Gb on this..its very very slow and I will not
use the net untill photon plus launch as I used to broadband. So I
requested them to delay this scheme from august onward (photon plus
launch in aurangabad) because I availed this scheme for Photon plus
not photon wiz now it is photon wiz in my city and this scheme is
of no use for me untill photon plus launch.

I am using tata photon from the last 4 6 months and i am in 1500/- which is the maximum package which includes (unlimited browsing and unlimited downloading) . The speed was so slow that it took 8 days to download a movie but it was not successful. First 3 months i have received a bill of 1500/- and after 4 months even though it is (unlimited browsing and unlimited downloading) I have received a bill of 2700 /- when tried to contact with tata photon customer care .. (really sucks ) hung up for 5 times . sent a mail request number : The Reference No. is 163370 on Mon 6/21/2010 4:39 PM to [protected] and today is 1-july 2010 no response . Tried to contact with Nodal Officer Mr. Dheeraj Chatlani on [protected] . And his phone does not works …

Whats the haq ??

If you still wants to purchase TATA PHOTON + post paid ..

go ahead ……

Tata Photon Account No :[protected]
Mobile : [protected]
i m opankaj saxena mob no [protected].my tata photon no. is [protected] for internet usage.i have recharge my data card four times in the month of june-10 for Rs. 95/- each on dated[protected],[protected],[protected],[protected]. but it has not been credited to my account when i contacted customer care they replied not in well mannered sir its so reputed company this type of fraud should not be there. so i request you to please look in to matter and resolve my problem also in the previous month i have faced the same problem. if the problem not solved i will bound to go to upper level and even consumer forum that will ruin your company image. so please co-operate and resolve my problems as soon.
thank you
I booked Tata photon plus on this false promise that speed will be 3 mpbs but normally speed is coming only 256 kbps which is very very slow i checked the speed late night around 10.30 pm but speed was same

i am not able to download video as 2 minutes video takes 20 mts to download

TATA is cheating the people by writing that speed of internet will be 3 MPBS but actually internet speed is very very less

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