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[Resolved]  TATA Indicom Bangalore — Courtesy and Manners at the Customer care

Wow! what a delightful experience (sorry for being sarcastic) with the customer care of Tata Indicom Bangalore. After their pathetic internet services and connection speed issues, when I have finally canceled my relationship with them almost 6 months ago and settled all bills.

They have not collected the instrument even after repeated reminder. Suddenly last week I got a surprise call stating some executive will come and collect the instrument. Neither the executive nor any calls after that. I am ready sitting with instrument to be returned and settle the account once and for all.

Today I decided to call their Customer Care office in Koramangala Bangalore, the executive picked up the phone and gave me a different phone number[protected], that just keeps ringing and nobody responds (I have tried multiple times in last >2 hours). I called back the same Koramangala office to check for any other alternate phone number, she gave me two mobile numbers +91 [protected] and 70. When I was thinking to request her to leave a message for their Instrument Collection team, she banged the phone down Bbumm! and hung up.

Anyways when I called up the first mobile number, the executive on the other side confirmed that she is from Tata Indicom, but soon I started mentioning about my issue, she replied very rudely, that she is in Marketing and how can I call her for return of the instrument, and how can the customer care give me her number. Now, thats the company's internal problem. How would I know?

Before I could seek any further help from her she banged the phone down Bbumm, again!

(Deep silence...) I mourn for these who lack the proper training before getting on a payroll, and not only spoil the company name and relationship with customers but definitely brings down the business and leave a sick feeling behind.

I trust through this website, a responsible authority of Tata Indicom would take notice of the customer grievance and also take necessary steps to improve the staff's mannerism and courtesy. There is nothing better than leaving a long lasting impression with your prospective customer.

I urge an action from Tata Authorities.
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Aug 14, 2020
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we have one isdn line in koramangala in the name of Big Bazzar, salarpuria tower, no.22.koramangala,
industrial lay out, Hosur Road, bangalore.Isdn is completly Dead.kindly attend the call
Isdn No, 66959860
Contact no.[protected]
Well, I have all the reasons to believe what you wrote here..So far it has turned out to be a horrible expereince dealing with Tata Indicom..Let me write the chain of events:

I came to Banglore in December & trusting Tata name, applied for a Broadband connection through one of their dealers in Jayanagar. The document collection guy came, collected all docs & promised connection in 3 days..I called up after 3 days to tata customer service & was told that the application is in process & will take 7 days..I waited..called again after 7 days & to my horror, the executive said that they don, t have any such application in the records..I was feeling restless, , called up the dealer guy & again he promised next day installation..Next day never came, i called the owner of dealrship( hopefully he is the owner)..he promised next day action..called next day, the guy said problem with ur document but it has been corrected & u can expect the connection..called up again, the guy said, document were not accepted, i asked for return..he replied, , , once it comes to me from Tata, i will return..waited & after one full week got the docs back ( mercifully)..the guy came to my office, i gave him other docs..they proceseed it & finally i got my connection..working..

Now the next part, which is more horrible..Trusting Tata name, i decided to change my exsiting web hosting company with Tata Indicom..Looked at the Corporate web all sales information but no way i could place on line order..Called their call centre..a girl called Monica spoke to me...took me through the same website, , made me do Bharatnatyam for full one hour..& still could not find the way to place an order..It was frustrating xpereince & she was dragging me into the same loop all the time..Nothing happened..I gave up..Got there toll free number, called up there, the guy said, we don, t deal with Email was in cloud 9..what a company..

Again..searched google, , got a number, , called on that, the operator was behaving like a sales guy but he new nothing excep twasting my 15 mnts..somehow he gave me other number..spoke to the guy there, the guy first said, we don, t have any such product..I almost kept on begging that give me Tata indicom head office number or connect to to comptenet sales guy..all in vain..i got a number from him, called on that ..the guy said we r technical team n we have no idea about sales..gave me other number.saying it is Banglore office number..I m one is picking up..

Huh, , , exasperated..Is this how this Tata Broadband works?? I am a Telecom pro & but expecting something like this is beyond my imagination..My worst ever xpereince has been with Tata Indicom customer care..I have rab out of words to describe their incompetent attitude..HORRIBLE customer care..

God Bless other Tata Indicom users..thats the only word i have now..
This is regarding the Tata Communications Internet Services Limited, bradband connection that we had been using.
On 08 Jan 2009 we had paid Rs.2124 towards new connection, a week later our internet was disabled without any warning from them, when questioned we were told the limit had exceeded thats why the service was disconnected.

At first place without intimating how can this be done. We thought there is some error in connection and tried our best the whole day in vain.

Later ( on 26 Jan 2009) some representative was sent by Indicom, we paid him Rs.1891(far too expensive) for the bill and later in the evening till next day evening we made atleast 25 calls to their office in brigade road and requested the lady out their to activate(second point of inconvenience and humiliation that we faced). It needed 25 calls to activate the service.

On 29 Jan 2009 again the broadband was disconnected without notice. When contacted we were told that the cheque had bounced (when my account had the required balance). Again they sent the representative on 30 Jan 2009 to collect Rs.2224.
Even after paying the service was still inactive. It again took us 10 odd call to activate the service.
Frustrated with thier pathetic service and ill treatment that we received we took the broadband connection from BSNL and have been using it since 02 Feb 2009.
We had on 30 Jan 2009 itself removed Tata Indicom Broadband equipment and kept it inside and requested at the customer service centre (also mailed them several time) to take the equipment back as we do not need it.

Best part is that Tata indicom broadband people have charged us approximately Rs.9600.00 since 30 Jan 2009 till 20 Feb 2009 (21 days) though the equipment itself is in cupboard since 30 Jan 2009. My son is an IT professional and we are aware that technically this is impossible unless they have devised new technology to screw their customers or if they were retarded.

Tata Indicom Bangalore — cheated by giving offer

respected sir /madam
i am tata indicom prepaid no.
is [protected]..i recharged 699 voucher on 19 April 2009 for std n
local tata to tata on[protected] i got one msg frm tata that
if i recharged wid 69 voucher, i'll get 40 minutes free std in any for that i recharged wid 69 voucher to get 40 minutes free std
but due to this my 699 voucher became invalid..
i did'nt know abt it bcoz i did'nt get any information from ur side..
Sir i m loyal customer of tata but if this is going to happen wid me
how can i be a loyal bcoz it's totally unfair wid me..bcoz being loyal
customer i recharged that voucher but due to that i lost my 699
Rs..plz do something to stop this unfair wid me..i m kindly requesting
u that 699 voucher remain should not be invalid..ur customer
care is also not supporting me..
sir i m student i can't afford this...

your loyal customer
ravi gupta
mobile no..[protected]
my outgoing calls are bard... i dont know wt is the problem... i cant make call to customer care also
I have to many frustratiing experiance with tataindicom wimax connection. Tehy often raise false bills and deactivate your account and they will force to pay that bill before activation. I wat to share two incidents happen with me one is i requested for additional static ip immedeiately the raised the bill before providing static ip then after 15 days one person contacted me about the assitional static ip configration. He came to my office and told me that better you go for new connection is is not possible to provide additional static ip with nat enable. I paid static ip charges in october 2008 but today is 23 september 2009 it is not configured nor my paid amount is returened or reinbursed in bills. On top of thta 22nd September they have renued the static ip charges and raised the bill again and deactivated my account. I cannot use broadband. Now you can think for your self how this company is running. In january they raised bill for sms activation Rs 350 but no sms were activated by me and till today i have given several complain to customer care nothing has happened they have eaten my money. I have to go to consumer forum every once in a while if i wnat my money back or else better i will discontinue the service but i will never let go them i will go in the court with all proof of payment and complain no and get paid by them including all my mental strees and calls time spent
tata indicom really sucks
I completely agree with this complaint.

To add to this, the customer service does not even read the emails !

They just do a copy and paste without even seeing what is the complaint.

Alas, I am visting the Brigade Road office to finally settle the bills and disconnection.

Airtel, I am coming ...
Even I also got the legal notice even though I paid all my dues. Even after they have taken the equipments from my home, I got the bill for next two months. After calling and mailing 100 times to their customer care, at last they sent mail saying that no amount is due on my account, but after one year I got the legal notice.
The reason for me for disconnecting the Tata Indicom was wrong billing. They were charging for the calls which I have not made. Tata Indicome is worst telecom service in the world.
i humbly request my fellow consumers not to get fooled and cheated by any tata service. in the tata photon plus internet service provider, there is a scheme which gives 2GB @day and 10GB @night free per month. and the night timings are from 11:00pm to 6:00am.oh wait a minute! look at the hitch...even if you log in at 10:45pm and use till 6:00 am it will be considered as day charges! yes..apparently you have to re-login at 11:00 pm for the night billing to start! and no customer is informed of this before buying the photon plus modem and taking the connection. and thus i get a huge bill of Rs6500 while my credit limit is Rs3000(ya they dont seem to know the definition of credit limit).


Enjoy Unlimited Broadband with Zero Security Deposit And Installation Charges.. Plan Details: Infinity 384 Monthly Charges 1000 Per Month Infinity 500 Monthly Charges 1300 Per Month Infinity 750 Monthly Charges 1550 Per Month And also Plus Plans Available with Static IP,Anti Virus, Domain Name and 3 Personal Mails For More Deatles Call Me Sukruth [protected].

Enjoy Unlimited Broadband with Zero Security Deposit And Installation Charges.. Plan Details: Infinity 384 Monthly Charges 1000 Per Month Infinity 500 Monthly Charges 1300 Per Month Infinity 750 Monthly Charges 1550 Per Month And also Plus Plans Available with Static IP, Anti Virus, Domain Name and 3 Personal Mails For More Deatles Call Me Sukruth [protected].
I am using tata indicom CDMA 1x USB modem([protected]) which I have recharged with rs 700 to get 2 month unlimited internet plan dated 22nd feb form rajajinagar( Bangalore) but after one month I start facing problem regarding service( connection unavailable). I had complained so many times to your rajajinagar branch (Mr. santosh) but he not responded . plz rectify the problem and take appropriate action ...

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