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[Resolved]  TATA MOTORS / INDICA — Complain against owner of Niladri Motors, Agartala (Kashipur, Chanpur math, P.O.-Khayerpur).

Tata Motors
Bombay House
24, Homi Mody Street
Mumbai 400 001

Sub: Complain against owner of Niladri Motors, Agartala (Kashipur, Chanpur math, P.O.-Khayerpur).
I am a customer of your product TATA INDICA V2 XETA GLS (Chassis No- 600631HSZPB9637, Engine No- 475SI56HSZPB7103, Colour-salsa red) bearing Reg. No: TR01Q-0727 (TRO1B-TEM-5565). I had purchased the above said vehicle from your authorised dealer Niladri Motors, Agartala, Kashipur, Chanpur on 14-09-07 with challan no-219 (financed by TATA Motors limited, chanpur, Agartala). The above said authorised dealer said that they have tie up with National Insurance Company Limited and hence I was convinced to insure my car under them. Niladri Motors did all the necessary paper works and insured my car (policy no- 203000/31/07/[protected] on 14.09.2007) and promised that they would provide all the necessary help in future regarding the insurance.
But, sir, on 22.10.2007 my car had an accident and accordingly on the same day I had reported to the Insurance Company, Niladri Motors (TATA Finance) and Police station (File receipt no. of insurance company: 1389/07 and Police G.D. Entry no: 542 dt. 23.10.2007). The insurance company also sent one photographer to take the snaps of accident occurred. I had submitted the G.D. Entry copy and Inspection report to the insurance company on 19.12.2007 and requested for early solution. I have personally informed Niladri Motors (TATA Finance) in this regard saying that I shall not be able to deposit my instalment amount of Rs. 6000/-(approx) until I get the insurance and I will pay all the due instalments with fine as well as interest in future. I had approached Niladri Motors, chanpur, Agartala verbally to help me getting the insurance money as earliest as possible. They didn’t help me at all. In stead, Niladri Motors had sent me one legal notice through lawyer on 23.03.08 (received on 04.04.08) to deposit my due amount; else case would be filed against me. Then, I had approached Niladri Motors and repeatedly told that the insurance company is intentionally doing late and need their help in this regard as I did the insurance through them only. But they told they couldn’t help in this regard as it is not their duty. So, I continuously approached (on 15.04.08, 05.05.08, 15.05.08, 28.05.08, 05.06.08 etc.) to the Divisional manager, National Insurance company ltd to do the earliest action. He himself was also excusing me in different way all the times. Then, on 22.07.2008 he gave me a letter to submit the police report and MVI report again. I told divisional manager that it was almost one year passed by and very difficult to get the same official personnel to get the G.D. Entry report and MVI report. Still, I had approached the police station and vehicle office almost every day as if I am a criminal and found that the concerned persons were already transferred. I had to go and find the concerned persons beg in front of them like any thing to give me the reports. It took 3 months to collect the reports. The Niladri Motors could help me in this regard but they didn’t at all. I was very much surprised by the behaviour of the owner of Niladrim Motors, Chanpur, Mr. Nimai Kar.
Lastly, I had submitted the reports on 22.10.2008 (exactly after one year). Then, the Divisional manager of NICL told me that the cheque will be issued not to me but to the finance company, as it is the rule. I do not think there are such rules as the car was insured by my name. Still I agreed and the cheque (No. 051752 dt. 13.11.08) of Rs. 1, 88, 990/- from Union Bank was issued by my name and sent to Niladri Motors (TATA Finance) (Money receipt dt. 14.11.08 of dealer code 3001610).
The very next day I had approached the Niladrim Motors (TATA Finance) to deposit the pending payment with late fine and return me the remaining amount as I have to repair my car. The car was lying in the garage of Niladri Motors since last year and is still in that place. Mr. Nimai Kar told me that the complete amount of Rs. 1, 88, 990/- is already been deposited to my instalment account as advance payment and they will not return any money. He directed me to repair my car by my own expenses and it was not his matter of concern how I repair my car. On the other side, he is not allowing me to take my damaged car from the Niladri Motors garage. Sir, it is not possible for me to repair my car with an amount of Rs. 2 lakhs (approx). Moreover, every time I approach Mr. Nimai Kar, I find him out of station and he also instructed the office not to release the car without his concerned. Sir, as a customer I never expected such type of behaviour from a owner like him. Sir, almost a year I had to run here and there like a mad man to collect all the necessary documents and when everything was completed, then by mutual understanding of Niladri Motors and National Insurance Company Mr. Nimai Kar has deposited all the money into TATA finance account.
Sir, in this situation, what should I do, on humanitarian ground you please suggest me. All these unwanted foul activities of the company personnel forced me to feel as if I did some wrong thing by purchasing car from Niladri Motors. Otherwise, sir, I may plan to go to State consumer Forum against Niladri Motors, Agartala and National Insurance Company Ltd, Agartala.

Thanking you,

Owner of TATA Indica
TR01Q-0727 (TR01B-Tem-5565)
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Aug 14, 2020
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Dear Sir

Where r u complaining regarding all these.

You will surprise to learn that I am fighting against Tata motors since last one year in consumer forum.

Tata Motors instead of taking the matter seriously is doing all possible things to escape from its responsibilities.

In my case My car was afftected by a mild flood like conditions in my city.

The estimate given by Tata Authorised Dealer/Workshop to me was 2, 09, 000 for a car of Rs. 2, 66, 950.00 on inquiry I found that the estimate includes many parts which does not fit my car itself. On futher inquiry and investigations I found and made them conviced and the same car was reparied with parts of Rs. 29000.00 only that is 15% of the estimate only.

The matter was not ended here, what the TATA Authorised dealer did was he gave me bill of 29k and submitted bill of 38k to the Insurance co. and taken 9k more form it. I came to know this after a long excersise and time of 1 year. I broutht this to the notice of all possible officers of TATA Motors till the Chairman Ratan Tata Itself. But what is the result, TATA Motors is not coming to reply me in consumer court also.

As a common Indian Man we think "Tata" as an ethical business house but now the time is changed and it is not the case anymore.

There are many such things with my case like they told me my car will be 1400cc where as it is 1200cc and many things like that for eg. they took insurance premium from me and paid after 36 days to the insurance co. as a result I was on the road without insurance for more than 35 days,

You may contact me on [protected]


Chirag Karia

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