[Resolved]  Tata Motors Indigo Dicor — Quality of Dicor Engine/Pump

Kind Attn: 09.03.2008
Mr. Ratan Tata
TATA Sons Ltd
24, Homi Mody Street
Mumbai, 400 001
P: +[protected] | F: +[protected]
Mr. Ravi Kant
TATA Motors Ltd
P: +91 22.6665.7211 | F: +91 225.665.7260

Sub: Deplorable Quality of the DICOR Pump
Ref: My Sept 2007 TATA Indigo Dicor LS (TN01 AE 0126)
Chassis No. 60143HSZPB8850

Shri Ratan Tata,

Congratulations on another feather in your cap, for bagging Jaguar and Land Rover, icons of quality and design.

You as a person and your surname never fails to evoke a proud sentiment in the hearts of most Indians. It does so for me and especially for my son who was a proud TATA employee about 5 years ago.

On his insistence we have, in the past 7 years bought 4 TATA cars, 2 Indicas (starting with the initial problematic lot to a V2) and 2 Indigos (the non Turbo version and now a Dicor). Initially we felt the quality was being offset as an opportunity cost against the running cost. However as we have ended up discovering with remarkable consistency.. that the quality does improve (with ach model though) but leaves enough gaps to echo Pepsi’s adline – ‘Yeh dil maange more’.

To cut a long story short.. our new Indigo Dicor was bought against my personal desire to buy a Fiesta, with a strong case by my 34 years old son.. who insisted that it was great value for money. So as ‘Loyal’ customers we bought one in Sept 2007, and I was truly and pleasantly surprised that it was good.

1) However by Oct 2007, the famous Pump (Lucas), Injector Nozzle, had given way. Car started shivering, black smoke from exhaust all over. The cops almost caught us for pollution control and were shocked to see a brand new car do this.

…contd 1/2

Pg. 2/2

Mr. Ramesh at VST Motors, Chennai helped and got it replaced. (so what if we had to travel by Auto for the next many days). They did however manage to rip my new seat covers and leave beautiful grease marks all over the interior ensuring I send the car 2 times more. (The seat cover is still under a booked claim).

2) By Dec 2007, the famous LUCAS pump had given way again. Same problem, same situation, car sent again. Returned with a ‘supposedly change’ again.

3) By March 2008, pump fails again. I am surprised to be told that the last time, they only ‘set’ it alright, not changed and that they have done it now.

I have not yet raised issues of a fast fading gear knob and plastics coming apart in places.

Just in case you are wondering, our car is a family car, used for about 30 km a day, in the city/CBD, by mostly a single driver, or me, who doesn’t (can’t) drive rash, and likes to maintain our cars with due respect and impeccably.

We are not sure who to trust and who to believe. We are am only aware that we are stuck with a car that is going back to where it came from more often.. like a bride who is finding it difficult to settle in her husband’s house.

I am sure, that this is not the intention of Tata Motors, and that Mr. Ratan Tata and Mr. Ravi Kant actually take pride in their products, and that they will seriously do something about a really defective products that may have escaped a TATA Quality inspection, and that the world has no reasons do doubt that TATA Motors may not keep up the brand image & quality of its newly acquired foster children, namely the Jaguar and Land Rover.

In an eternal hope and compelled by a son who idolises JRD,

B S Suman Agarwal

P.S. By the way, I have not been yet sent our insurance papers.
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Aug 14, 2020
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TATA MOTORS / INDIGO-DICOR — Bunch of Complaints

I have purchased a TATA INDIGO DICOR in May 2007 from a TATA dealer in Faridabad (near Delhi). One of the reasons of buying TATA vehicle was 'it is 100% INDIAN'. I did not realise that the enthusiasm of purchasing will die down in couple of days. My nightmare started the day when I took the delivery of the vehicle. Since I took the delivery after returning from office ( around 7 pm), I could not see the small dent on the body due to darkness. While driving back home, I found the A/C is not working. The very next day, I took the vehicle to the dealership. They refuse to accept the dent and made some changes in the a/c pipe line to make it operational.
After that, the following problems observed & components changed.
1. Air deflection switch not working - internal cable changed.
2. Steering Noise - Entire steering mechanism changed.
3. Fan belt Noise - Fan Belt changed
4. Oil leakage from Head Cylinder Cover - All the joints re-tightened
5. Heavy Black Smoke - The Catalytic Converter has been cleaned 6~7 times ( in 15000 kms distance covered), I use BP's High Speed Diesel from a reputed & same petrol pump. As par advise of Service Engineer (Dealer's), IFTEX additive is being used. But TILL DATE NO SOLUTION. Today the vehicle is in the service centre in Gurgaon, undergoing Fuel Injector change. Let's hope this will solve the problem.


I am seriously thinking of creating forum for INDIGO SUFFERERS.
A brand new Indigo CS LS Dicor car was booked by me on 31-05-08 with MILES MOTORS BARODA. I took test drive of same car which was booked for me & few snags were found which I informed to concern personals. I was told to pay full amount on 02-06-08 and my car will be ready for delivery on 02-06-08 at 6 pm. I went to MILES MOTORS at 12:30 pm to pay full balance amount in cash & inquired about all pending snags for which i was told by W/SHOP supervisor that all DICOR model have same problem (stering was too tight)& we cannot do more. I talk to MD of MILES MOTORS and he assured me that my all concern will be cleared up to my satisfaction. At 6 pm i was called by MILES MOTORS, to come & collect the car. While inspecting all round the boby, a fresh DENT was found on rear right door. I informed W/SHOP manager MR. GOPINATH about it. After having heated argument, I was told that u have to wait for delivery till we change door from other car, for which i didn't agree, since i have paid for a brand new original car, then why should i accept a car with changed door.

. More over i feel sorry to say that your Regional Manager (MR. GURMEET SINGH) had a word with me on above subject & he too try his level best to make me fool. He was comparing car's door with fuel filter & oil sump nuts.

I would like to give you my personal technical suggestion, that please don't keep such un experienced& non technical staff with u, who in turn will spoil ur whole reputation of TATA'S which is at very high level at present.

Please tell me know at ur earliest that what is to be done on above issue, as i have mentioned that i will not accept this car with door change. I am ready to take another car or keep my money with u.

Here is my contact number[protected] [protected] MAHESH KUMAR JAIN



Thank you very much for your prompt reply. I am in receipt of mail from Mr. Singh which is not up to my satisfaction because he has not mentioned to resolve any of my issues I am sending u his mail which is self explanation.

Delay in resolving my issue in costing me financially and mentally for which Mr. Singh should be held responsible, as per our telephonic conversation I have sold my old car under the impression that I will be getting my new car on 02-06-08 and now since I have no choice other than to hire a car till i get my new car, other than that i have paid more than 500Rs. For telephone calls to contact all Tate concern personals at Ahmadabad, Mumbai & Pane I am under lot off tension due to such behavior by Tate personals, especially by Mr. Singh

I hope this issue will be resolved at your earliest since I have to go back abroad to join my duty after completion of my leave.




1- Chairman Tate motors

2- C.E.O/M.D Tate motors

Enclosure: forwarding the mail replied by Mr. Singh
Dear Sir,

This is reference to your email dated 03/06/2008 regarding your Indigo Cs Ls Dicor sales experience with Miles Motors Baroda.

Thanks for your valuable feedback to us, we tried to improve our skills & knowledge us mentioned in your letter.

Further any assistance required feel free to contact Mr Mayank Shah (MD of Miles Motors – Baroda )

Via copy of this email we are intimating our dealer to provide all necessary support to ensure customer satisfaction.


Gumeet Pal Singh

I have some similar problems against TATA Motors. Mine case is more strong as I have certain documents to prove their fault.

I have already filed complain in consumer court. You can call me if required and file a consumer complain against them.

It does not cost much and this way we can at least try to get justice so as to teach them lession which will definately be giving better society to our childern

My cell no. is [protected] and mail address is [protected]



Indigo LX Dicor — Engine

I purchased Indigo LX Dicor chases no. 601453ASZP06577 Engine No. 1.4 Dicor 05ASZP01762, Selling Dealer Code is 02780 dated 03.04.2007 and its registration no. is UP65 AH 4203. The engine of the vehicle is not working properly through out the year and so many it times it has been leakage problem in the car engine.

You are requested to take necessary steps to review the engine problem so that vehicle may be moved smoothly failing which action will be taken as per law prevaling in India in appropriate Court.

S K Singh
D-7, Bhuneswhar Colony,
Orderly Bazaar
Varanasi 203208
Uttar Pradesh

Mobile No. [protected]/[protected]/[protected]
Mr. Ratan Tata
TATA Sons Ltd
24, Homi Mody Street
Mumbai, 400 001
P: +[protected] | F: +[protected]
Mr. Ravi Kant
TATA Motors Ltd
P: +91 22.6665.7211 | F: +91 225.665.7260

subject : i m puzzled with my 2007 indigo classic xl dicor model, UP14 am 1213, Sir heating, alternater belt and belt sound is a stable problem in my car since last one year... wht i do know please tell me... i m so disturbed by this car... this was my dream car but unfortunatly my decision was wrong... i trust tata and tata make me headache only... belive me i think when i drive my cat that i m driving a tractor not a luxry car...

pankaj dutt sharma
The Managing Director & CEO
Tata Motor.
The Chairman,

Sub:Complain of my Safari Dicor Ex No is JH 10K 8690
With reference to the above subject I bring to your kind attention that I have complain so many times for my SAFARI DICOR EX to M/S Classic AutoMobiles for the following defects.

1.There is Massive sound in full body specially from back side.
2.There is sound in steering since it delivery which creates obstruction during driving.
3.During rainy season water enters from dicky.It creates lots of problems for this air tight rubber changed two times on payment basis.But no proper solution has been made.The problem of water entering inside
the car is as it is.
4.The water entering problem is coming from the purchase of the vehicle.The vehicle has been purchased
by me on 12.07.2006.After complaining the problem full body has been changed.But no proper solution has been made.
5.After running 20 to 50Kms the display board is showing for CHECK THE ENGINE.For checking of the engine the vehicle is standing 4 to 5 days in service centre.But no proper solution has been made.Till date the problem is at it is.
6.There is Massive sound coming from the engine, which is not solve from the showroom ttechnicians.
7.The Lock of the left side gate is not working properly.
8.There is not a single technicians in the CLASSIC AUTOMOBILES SERVICE CENTRE who can told me
that actually what the main problem and it will be solved.Actually there is not properly maintenance done.
Once the vehicle send to the showroom for maintenance the the old problem will be solved for the time being but the new problem have been started.Over all I faced to much problem from the CLASSIC AUTO
9.Classic Automobiles Honour have not time to see the Service Centre.They give maximum time to Sale the CAR & SUV Product.Lots of Customer is Angry with him.
Sir, Please see the matter very seriously.This is for your information and necessary action please.

Thanking You.
Your's faithfully,
Sunita Singh
w/o Prashant Kr.Singh
Rajsheela Apartment, 4th floor,
Housing Colony, Bartand, Dhanbad(JHARKHAND)
(M) [protected]

Tata Motors/ Indigo XL classic Dicor — Poor performance of vehicle

I bought IndigoXl Dicor Classic in Aug 07 as it was the best car in Tata Stable. In less than two years it has become a regualr visitor at Fortune motors servcie centre at Nerul, Navi Mumbai.
1. First service- everything well
2. Second service: Leak of engine oil- 2 days spent in service centre
3. 5000 km later- again engine oil leak- again 2 days spent in service centre.
4.20, 000km service- again 2 days taken
5.30, 000km-expensive diesel filter change-and clutch plate changed- again 2 days taken.
6.40, 000km service- 2 days taken
7. 50, 000 km- clutch burnt again, gear box problems- serviced- 13000 Rs spent. 4 days spent in service centre.
8. 2 days later- Starter malfunction- again in service centre for 3 days.
9. 2 days later- Fanbelt breaks down- within 7 days of paid service- 500km later? 1 day spent at workshop.
In short this expensive car has become totally unreliable in less than two years of buying. All the services have been done on schedule at an authorised centre and more than 40000 Rs spent on maintenance. Still as a doctor am scared to go in it as it may develop a problem anytime. I had a zen and then an Esteem earlier but they were reliable cars and I am thoroughly disappointed with this car.
||w®Ÿ b¯Ówµ°w® š®u®³ý®0|| || Nahi Jnanena sadrsham ||
||Nothing is equivalent to knowledge ||
Office: "Shankaranaryana Nilaya", #225(B) (20) 37 th Cross
2ndBlock Rajajinagar Bangalore –560010 Karnataka India
Contact no:[protected]
E-Mail ; [protected]
Respected Sir,
Warm Greetings,
Please consider this as a personal letter to you and read our request. Kindly do not treat this as à Spam. This is a Registered Trust to help blind students education. Help what is possible to you.
Sir, Trust wants to help financially to Blind Students as educational scholarship. But the numbers of students are more. Many of the Blind students Parents are severely affected from recent Karnataka Rain-Flood hit Areas of Raichur, Bijapur, Bidar Belagaum their educational needs are completely neglected.
Kindly see—that these Blind students -- who are the victims of Rain-flooded areas? No Houses, No Food, finally No education? In spite of this they have scored more than 80 % to 87% marks in the recent S.S.L.C., & P.UC. Examinations.
***With great sympathy even Dr.Sivathanu Pillai from Canada has also contributed his share to the Blind students Fund in the form of D.D on SBI BANK.
We humbly request you to DONATE generously what is possible from your side to take care of the Blind Student Education by providing Scholarships, Tape Reorders, Brail watches, Brail literature cassettes, Detecting Walking Sticks, uniforms. It is on this situation that the educated should raise to the occasion to take care of the Blind Students. Trustees & Students were able to collect 10 bags of clothes and sent to rain-flood suffered peoples. Your contribution to Scholarship Fund is exempted from Income tax U/S. 80(G) of I. T. Act, 1961.
Sir, To facilitate online transfer/ through NEFT TO AVOID POSTAL PROBLEM Trust is having Our Trust is maintaining account at Vijaya Bank, Rajajinagar Branch#No.53, 41st Cross, II block, Near Old Police Station Rajajinagar, Bangalore-560010 For easy money transfer by NEFT use our S.B.a/c no: [protected] Bank IFS code No: VIJB00001179 MICR Code :[protected]

Sir, LION'S CLUB B'lore (i) Metro Divn., (ii) Wilson garden Brach (iii) Rajajinagar Branch have given financial assistance, Brail watches, Detective Sticks and sun Glasses.
Apart from this Indian Institute of Science Dr.Raghunandan, Prof.B.S.Ramprasad, Dr.H.L.Bhat, Prof.Chidambaram, Dr.H.L.Bhat, Dr. Shiva Prakash, Prof.S.V.Subramanyam, Dr.Pradeep, Sri. A.Gundu Rao Prof.Nethaji, Prof.Seetharambhat, Dr.Narayana Mahishi have conducted Free Lectures Classes on various Science and mathematics subjects & some professors have come forward to give financial Assistance to Blind students Scholarship Fund.

Contributors includes (1) Canara Bank. Circle Office, Bangalore (2). M/S. The Rajajinagar Co-Opt., Bank Ltd., (3). State Bank Of India, Industrial Estate Br.(4) Lions Club Metro, Bangalore (5.) M/S. Mineral Enterprises Ltd., B"Lore. (6) Sri.Satish .B.K. Gen., Man., B.H.E.L (7) Sri Jairam .T.R. Chartered Accountant (8) Sri.Ramesh, Corporation Bank (9)Sri.B.B.Shetty Vijaya Bank (10) other corporate Bodies, Social Workers.
Vidya Vikasa Trust (R) A Public Charitable Trust Registered under 12A(a) of the Income Tax Act is Basically striving hard for Blind Students Education by Providing Financial Assistance in various Forms having Income tax exemption facility u/s.80 (G) 0f Act 1961 to all Donors.

Started as early as JUNE 1977. His Excellency the then Governor of Karnataka Sri.A.N.Banerji vide Letter DT: 3rd August 1984 had blessed the Institution . On 6th JANUARY 2002, the KENDRA celebrated SILVER JUBLEE YEAR & The alumni who met during the celebrations REGISTERED"VIDYA VIKASA" AS A public charitable TRUST – A NON-C0MMERCIALISED EDUCATIONAL CENTRE

Vidya Vikasa Trust intends to award Total No., of Students----60 and the details of requirement are as follows: Sir, Each student requires:-

1. Hostel fee includes: Rs.6000
2. Tape recorder Rs.1500
3. Sunglass Rs.180
4. Detective stick Rs.150
5. Brail watch Rs.650
6. Medical Expenses Rs. 200
7. Total Expenses for Each Rs. 8, 680
Rs.8, 680 X 60 Students =Rs.5, 20, 800/-

So, we are now appealing & requesting you to join our hands through your valuable & generous contribution to Blind students Scholarship Fund & help the blind students to pursue their further studies.

Sir, Trust has always valued its friends and would not have come this far but for their constant and unstinting support. Vidya Vikasa Trust has its doors open always for any assistance, be it in cash or kind, and all gestures will be remembered with gratitude.

Sir, Please come & join us: The success of this largely depends upon your HELP. Kindly send your generous contribution by Cheque /Demand Draft Kindly send your generous contribution by Cheque /Demand Draft Payable at Bangalore.
Sir, we are also planning to introduce computers as a subject from this academic year to the economically backward students. Consequently they require about 4 to 5 computers. If anyone of you/friends interested in donating computers to this coaching center even if the computers can be old/used but need to be in a working condition. These computers will be put to good use in the coaching center and would make a world of difference to the children.

Please help us to help them if any one interested to donate either computers or anything else that might be o[censored]se to these children
“Vidya Vikasa Trust(R)
"Shankaranaryana Nilaya",
#225(B)(20) 37th Cross 2nd Block Rajajinagar
Bangalore –560010 Karnataka India
Contact no:[protected],
E-Mail:- [protected]

Thanking you,
Yours Faithfully
For Vidya Vikasa Trust (R)

Tata Indigo — pump complaint

my new car (only 1000 kms) is in tata rf motors allappuzha. it is about one week, i have lost many time, in many trips was please refer this....
all are complaints are very true due to non skiled workmanship on dealers end . Everybody wants to work with incentives . It may be related with spareparts, its companies (TATA) fault . Co. fixed the target for purchased spare parts. But my openion is tata vehicles are very good because its INDIAN . I am salute to all TATA AUTOMOBILES ENGGS. All the complainers please send me email to [protected], Trying to rectified your problems

tata indigo XL dicor — availability of parts in time

its very bad condition that the diesel pipe is not available in stock of the focuz motors. actually my car was in damaged condition and it was far away from the focuz motors. when i want them to give me one such new diesel pipe they want me to take the car to their shop. otherwise they will not give it to me.
i told them its very far away and they refused. thus i went a local shop and they repaired the damaged pipe using an adhesive. now i am searching one new pipe to replace. if i take the car to RF motors they will do the repair and after that one bill which comes around my one month salary will also be issued along with the car. so i fear to go to an authorized TATA service centre. no one will know what they did on the car and what they replaced. in the bill every small parts of the car will be there. what to do.............never ever take a TATA car that's the only solution

Is there any warranty for Lucas water pump for Tata indigo

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