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[Resolved]  Tata Motors/Tata V2 XETA GLS — Defective Car

Engine No. 475SI56KSZPE6974 CHASIS No. 600631KSZPE8943
R/C No. : HR 10 L 1609 (Given to me on 10.01.2008). Date of purchase: 26.10.2007

Dear Sir,
I initially booked a Tata Indica V2 XETA GLG with Malwa Automobiles, Kundli, Sonipat on 12th of October, 2007, auspicious day of Navratra. I was promised to get its delivery within Navratras. But the dealer failed to do so. Still taking into consideration the reputation of Tata Motors Ltd. in the market I purchased Tata Indica V2 XETA GLS on 26th of October, 2007. But to my dismay the above car started to give me troubles from the very first day of its delivery as under:

1. Leakage of Power Steering Oil from the front side of the car.

2. The power supply of the car not getting disconnected after turning the ignition switch into off position and even after taking the key out of the ignition switch.

3. Missing of engine and stoppage of car in between the road suddenly while applying the brakes which once caused hitting the car from behind by some other vehicle due to the above fault. I escaped very badly.

4. The car did not start despite much efforts on giving a number of self's.

5. The car had already run 160 Kms before its delivery to me on 26.10.2007. When asked to give in writing the dealer refused to do so and could not justify its running of 160 Kms.

I got delivery of car at 7:30 PM on 26.10.2007 and parked in my house. On 27th October, 2007 I found that There was problem of leakage of Power Steering oil and Ignition Switch malfunctioning (the power supply of car not getting disconnected after turning the ignition switch into off position and even after taking the KEY out of the ignition switch).

On 29th October, 2007 the Dealer changed the Oil Pipe of the Power Steering Column which was leaking and rectified the ignition switch problem. This was the 4th day of the car with me. On 13th November, 2007 I took the Car to the dealer for CNG installation and paid him Rs. 46000/-. The Car was returned to me on 16th November, 2007 after CNG installation.

The next day the Car started giving me Starting Problem in the Morning (Missing of engine). While running on CNG mode whenever and wherever the brakes were applied the Engine Stalled and the Car stopped in the middle of the Road.

On 22nd November, 2007 though the Dealer Rectified the above Problem but it still persisted.

On 28th November, 2007 the Car was again taken to the Dealer and remained with him for 4 Days.

On 1st December, 2007 the Car was returned, above problems were said to have been rectified. But all in vain.

On 6th December, 2007 the Car was again taken to the Dealer for the same above said problems.

On 10th December, 2007 the Car all of a sudden stopped while applying Brakes in the middle of heavy traffic at Delhi By-pass and some vehicle hit my Car from behind. Speed being slow I escaped very badly.

The above similar problem occurred again on 11th December, 2007 in the congested area of Sonipat City when the Car stopped and did not start for 15 minutes. The whole traffic was jammed and there were hot exchanges between me and other vehicle owners. Police had to intervene. I brought the Car in my House and when I tried to restart it did not start at all. I had to park the Car finally in my House on the same day of 11th December, 2007.

I have been requesting the different Concerned Authorities of TATA Motors Time and Again to Replace the Captioned Defective Car, (which was requiring Repairing every time from the very first day of its Delivery) by a New One with Compensation for Mental Agony and harassment I have been suffering from the very first day of getting the delivery of the Car.

Instead after 15 Days, on 26th December, 2007 the car was taken from my house for inspection by the team of Malwa Automobiles, Kundli, Sonipat by the method of towing since the engine did not start even after projecting battery in parallel brought by the team of Malwa Automobiles, Kundli, Sonipat.

The car was inspected at Malwa Automobiles workshop on the same day in the presence of the General Manager, Malwa Automobiles, Karnal, Mr. Vaibhav Khanna (Support Manager North) and by some other responsible person from Panipat setup and the car was kept in workshop of Malwa Automobiles, Kundli, Sonipat on 26th December, 2007.

After keeping the car for 9 days on 3rd January, 2008 I received a call from Malwa Automobiles, Kundli, Sonipat to take the delivery of the car said to have been repaired. I took the delivery of the car on the same day under protest. But after bringing the car out of Malwa Automobiles workshop I found to my utter dismay the same fault of the engine going missing and car stopping in the middle of traffic while applying the brakes. This fact was immediately brought to the notice of Mr. Arunjeet Singh of Malwa Automobiles, Kundli, Sonipat who himself drove the car and found the fault persisting. I was asked to come on 5th January, 2008 which I did. On that day the fuel injector of my car was replaced.

But after four days on 9th January, 2008 the car started giving the same trouble (Missing of the engine and stopping of the car engine while applying brakes). On lodging a complaint with Malwa Automobiles, Kundli, Sonipat one employee name Mr. Parveen kumar came in my house on 12th January, 2008, inspected the car, had a trial run and found the Engine Missing while Starting and while driving the Car. He informed the Concerned Authorities at Malwa Automobiles, Kundli, Sonipat and as per their instructions the car was taken to Malwa Automobiles, Kundli, Sonipat on the same day where ECU {VALEO - Part No.[protected], Serial No. [protected]} of my Car (which was reprogrammed Four Times Earlier) was replaced by an Old ECU { VALEO – Part No.[protected], Serial No. [protected]} but of no avail. But to my surprise I received an email message from [protected] on (17th January, 2008)

(This has reference to your e-mail addressed to us regarding your Indica Xeta. At the onset we regret the inconvenience caused to you.We understand that our CSM Mr. Vaibhav Khanna is in touch with you over the matter. As per your discussion with Mr. Khanna, we understand that your vehicle is running fine as of now. A technician from Malwa has visited your residence and found vehicle in satisfactory condition. We assure you of our best services in future too.)

which I denied in my email dated (18th January, 2008) to Tata Motors([protected],[protected], girish.[protected] On 16th January, 2008 the problem of engine missing had started all over again during starting as well as during driving the car. On 21st January, 2008 the car engine did not start even after giving a number of self's. From that day onwards the car was parked in my house. I may mention here that neither the Jobcard nor change of ECUs was given to me in writing on 12th January, 2008 by the Dealer who told me that it was not necessary. (This fact has already been communicated to [protected] at Tata Motors in my email to them on 18th January, 2008). To my shock no reply of the points raised in my emails sent to Different Authorities of TATA Motors from time to time has been given to me till date.

Out of 102 days from the date of Purchase of Car on 26th of October, 2007 to 4th of February, 2008, the Car remained with the Dealer for 23 Days (29.10.2007; 13.11.2007 to 16.11.2007; 22.11.2007, 28.11.2007 to 01.12.2007; 06.12.2007; 26.12.2007 to 03.01.2008; 05.01.2008; 12.01.2008) and for 32 Days in the porch of my House due to the Engine not Starting at all {27.10.2007 to 28.10.2007; 11.12.2007 to 25.12.2007; 21.01.2008 to 04.02.2008). The Car has run for 47 Days (102-23+32) only and that too giving me troubles due to one reason or the other. The present position of the Car is as under:

The Car remained inoperative in the porch of my house from 21st January, 2008 to 4th February, 2008 due to its not starting at all as explained in para above. I received a call from Mr. Vaibhav Khanna (CSM North) at 4:35 PM and from Malwa Automobiles, Kundli, Sonipat at 5 PM on 4th of February, 2008 asking me to bring the Car at the workshop of Malwa Automobiles, Kundli, Sonipat for the change of Old ECU fitted on 12th January, 2008. I told them that since the Car did not start at all and it was parked in my house since 21st January, 2008 it was not possible for me to bring the Car to the workshop.

On 5th February, 2008 the Car was taken from my house by the method of towing (2nd Time) by the team of a mechanic & a driver to the workshop of Malwa Automobiles, Kundli, Sonipat where the Old ECU { VALEO – Part No.[protected], Serial No. [protected]} which was fitted on 12th January, 2008 as replacement of already fitted ECU {VALEO - Part No.[protected], Serial No. [protected]} has been taken out and another old ECU {VALEO - Part No.[protected] & Serial No. [protected]) of manufacturing month of October 2006 has been fitted in the presence of Mr. Vaibhav Khana- CSM North, Tata Motors. When asked that my Car is under warranty period purchased on 26th of October, 2007, a new ECU should have been fitted. I was told by Mr. Khanna that order was placed for a new ECU but instead of New ECU an Old ECU has been received from Pune. To what extent it is correct is best known either to the dealer or to Mr. Vaibhav Khanna (CSM North). I also requested the dealer as well as Mr. Khanna to incorporate the ECU number in the Jobcard which they refused to do so. Previously also the Dealer refused to give me in writing regarding change of ECU on 12th of January, 2008. I am sorry to mention here that though the ECU has been changed on 5th February, 2008 yet the Missing & Stopping of Car while applying brakes still Persists.

I have paid the price for a NEW CAR and not for the one requiring replacement of one or the other part and that too an old one.

I am at loss to understand that is this the way of providing service & support to the customers by such a big esteemed organization like TATA Motors Ltd. ?

The engine is the heart of the car and if the engine needs to be repaired frequently or one or other part of it is replaced and that too an old one within a very short span of Four months and too from the very first day of its purchase i.e. from 26th October, 2007, it leads to infer of the Car being Defective and having Manufacturing Defect. As already mentioned above that the car had already run 160 Kms before the delivery of car to me on 26th October, 2007 which the dealer could not justify also clearly infers that a Defective, Repaired and Used Car was delivered to me on 26th October, 2007.

From the above it will be seen that I am being forced to take the car very frequently to Malwa Automobiles, Kundli, Sonipat either for its Repairing on Account of the defect in the engine or for change of any defective part of it. This process has been continuing since 26th of October, 2007 the date of its Purchasing. Every time my Complaint is being reverted back to CSM North who in turn either gets the Car Repaired from Malwa Automobiles, Kundli, Sonipat OR one or the other part of Engine is replaced by an old one. But still the Faults persist. No tangible action has been taken for Replacement of the Defective Car despite my repeated requests. (How long this Process will Continue is not Understood). The frequent Repairing of the Car has become Perpetual Problem/Nuisance for me and is very badly affecting my job work thereby causing me monetary loss. The Dealer's Point is at the distance of 50 Kms To and Fro Journey from My Residence and I have been Spending Rs. 150/- for every visit as Fuel Cost. I am, therefore, no more interested to keep such a Defective, Repaired and Used car. I have paid the Price fully in Cash for a New Car and not for a Defective one which started requiring Rectification/Repairing/Change of parts from the very First day of its delivery. I, therefore, request you kindly either to replace the captioned Defective, Repaired and Used Car by a New one or Refund me the Price of the Car plus the Cost of CNG Kit got fitted by the Malwa Automobiles, Kundli, Sonipat Alongwith the Compensation for Mental Agony and Harassment I have been Suffering since 26th of October, 2007, the date of Purchasing the car which I cannot bear anymore.

With Regards

Manoj Hasija

P. S.: The Car has started giving me same problems as mentioned above (Missing of Engine on petrol and thereby its stoppage, Stalling of Engine while applying brakes in the middle of Road while on CNG) even on the Current ECU (the older one got fitted on my car by your Company's Executive Mr. Vaibhav Khanna (CSM North) which was fitted in my car on 5th February, 2008 as replacement of the Orignal ECU of my Car despite my repeated protests to Mr. Khanna to Replace the Defective/Malfunctioning Car.

Today i recieved another email from [protected] which is as under:

rom [protected]
to manoj.[protected],
date Wed, Mar 5, 2008 at 5:55 PM
subject FW: FW: defective indica xeta GLS

5:55 PM

Dear Mr. Hasija,

This has reference to your earlier e-mails regarding your Indica Xeta GLS.

Kindly refer our e-mails in which we have requested you to send the vehicle to the workshop so that it can be inspected and concerns reported by you can be resolved. We would like to inform you that we will not be able to exceed your request of refund, however we assure you that appropriate action will be taken to resolve the concerns reported by you. You would appreciate that earlier also; we have provided our prompt service earlier also and we are committed for same in future too.

You are again requested to spare your vehicle and send to our workshop so that necessary action can be taken.

With Regards,


Customer Support - North

Regional Office.

From the above it can be understood that the concerned authorities at tata motors are only concerned about selling their cars and making money and they give a damn about the problems faced by customers who buy their products.
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Aug 13, 2020
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I strongly support the below mentioned point from my experience.

"From the above it can be understood that the concerned authorities at tata motors are only concerned about selling their cars and making money and they give a damn about the problems faced by customers who buy their products."

Even thieves have more dignity than TASC.
Dear Manoj
I have a similar problem where TASC has changed my ECU thrice. Not only that but once they have fitted an 85 PS (Power rating of ECU) to my car and I ran the car for more than two months with that with frequent problem and low milage. I am fighting with them since long but I am getting similar response. I have some more documents to prove also. I have photographs of ECU also.

If possible I want some guidence regarding how to file complain in Consumer court and how to make these case public to create more pressure.
Dear Manjor,

I have a similar problem where TATA Indica Xeta GLS car. I have purchased my car on 21 December 2007. From the last two months, i my car has not been able to reach a maximum speed of 80 km/h. I had complained a number of times to Malva Motors, Kundli for this but every time they got charged Rs 550 from me, as they said that this is rectified by laptop enginners and they are paid everytime but since then the problem remained the same and still persists.

I ran the car for more than two months with that with frequent problem and low milage. I am fighting with them since long but I am getting similar response.

If possible I want some guidence regarding how to file complain in Consumer court and how to make these case public to create more pressure.
Dear Manoj

Pls give me your contact No. I want to talk to you

My Contact no. is [protected].

U pls write to Mr. Debasis Ray or Ratan TATA They may do something for you.
Dear Manoj

I have already given Tata Motors a notice before filing consumer complain. If you are reading this, call me we will get togather and file complain in consumer court. There are many NGOs who takes care of problems like ours.

Dear Mr. Manoj and everyone,

I am a Mumbai resident. Even my car Indigo GLS (Petrol) is giving me the same problems like every one of you and more importantly a letter to Respected Mr. Ratan Tata did not yield any positive results. I wrote a letter to Mr. Ratan Tata about the problem in my car to which there was a very quick response. They are planning to change my car's ECU after already replacing Carbon Cannister. Welcome to the world of (ATCCC) "Aggreived TATA Car Customer Club". I hope you all know the meaning of "Customer" - it means "Customer Wo Hai Jo Cust Pa Pa ke Marta Hai". I will be going to Consumer Court if the change of ECU does not give any positive results and I will be able to guide you also on how to proceed for Consumer Courts when I have done that.

Pawankumar Agarwal
To Mr Ratan Tata,

This is ILU CHATTERJEE .I have Purchase a car indica dlg tc, engine no 4751dt15gtzpb4120, chassis no 605121gtzpb7733 address 78, raja s.c. mullick road west wind blk 3 flat 9c kolkata no.wbo2w 8949.I am not satisfide with the car bcoz car is giving me a lots problem.and your service center KB motors 62/7ballygunge circular road kolkata 19.makeing me a very big fool every time.Between 2 years i have expences near about Rs 80thousands .Do you think its a normal service and normal cost for reparing.every parts of the car is very very poor thus the reason need to send the car for service every after 45 days.nothing is visible to me of damage things.ser vice is very very very poor not even provide lone car.not even check battery .battery has gone .so its my request to you pls take care of my car is now laying to KB Motors.they were assured me to deliver of the car on 5th of feb2009.still i am in hanging condition.Details you will get on service center.
Reponses me as early as possible.Being a honest person i belive you should take care of my problems .

Thanks a lot.
Dear Manoj,

I feel pity on you, self & many others who have purchased TATA Indica Xeta cars. The incidences you specified is similar to mine where I struggled with this car ever since I bought in Oct 2006.

From the day One, I had every troubles in this world & below are few extracts;

- Soon I bought the car, Engine mis firing was obsorved. Concorde Motors (Tata Dealer) took my car more than 20 times but in vein. ONLY AFTER 1 YEAR WARRANTY EXPIRY, THEY FOUND THAT EXHAUST SENSOR HAD FAILED. BY THAT TIME, THERE WAS NO WARRANTY & I HAD TO SHELL OUT 16, 000 TO RECTIFY. Please talk to your dealer immediately for analysing exhaust, lamda & many other sensors of engine.

- Power Steering pump was replaced after lot of struggle (luckily under warranty)

- Ignition CARD WIRE was replaced twice. ( I have hardly seen any one replacing card wires).

- Spark Plugs were getting burnt off every 30 days. So I used to carry 4 sets of new spark plugs any point of time.

- After one year, WHOLE BODY STARTED CORODING (RUSTING). This shows the POOREST quality of Tata motors. The dealer Concorde Motors took 2.5 Months to claim insurance from Tata authorised body treatment coating supplier). Finally it was approved & tinkering was done with WORST quality paint touch-up.

- Apart from the above, the milage inside City was close to 7 Kms & around 10 Kms on highways.

- Over & above, huge maintenance bills from their work shops...Mind boggling.

The above are only few. There is no value for your agony & mental stress. I would have spent around 60-70K only on vehicle maintenance in this span of 2.5 Years.



I am dam sure that TATA will never give you solution but life long they will make your car shuttle between your home & the Garage. Either you take up with Consumer Court immediately or sell off that car & go for a better one.

You can mail me for any queries. I can even share photographs of my old RUSTED car. I will support you in your fight.


Dear Manoj,

There is one thing I forgot to mention. My vehicle was attended by TATA engineers only because I wrote to Mr. Ratan Tata Directly. His mail ID is [protected] Also write to Tata Service at [protected]

You are free to call me on [protected]


(Tata Indica DLS)

My car is old of 1 year 6 months in the mean time it self ignition switch has gone... what might be the case. May be the for 1 lack They are giving NAno where for 4 Lacs they unable to give reliable accessories.


TATA INDICA DLS — about the defect of paint

I have purchased a Indica DLS car in the month of Jan 2008 but after 6th month i found defect that the paintof the vehicle started to fenting i informed the authority concerned about the defect of the paint but he adviced me to go tinsukia Gargo and asked them about the proplems but due to some unavoidable reason could not informed the authority of Tsk Gargo but on the last week i sent the same to Gargo Motors Tks and till the same is lying in the service center but no decision has been teken by any side till today It is highly essential to look into the matter and if require sent complaint to the company

The Engineer Head

Air Condition Division


I am doing A/C work since last 20 years, Earlier your indica subros a/c

R-12 had lot of problem like slow blower motor; lot of joint in discharge pipe, not compatable condenser fan, bumper design blocked air to condenser, So as I think this was the right point of a/c failure

Yes Subros R-134 & Behr R-134 improves all above failure BUT.

Now today Subros R-134 & Behr R-134 having some problem of a/c triping even in new car ac cut due to little rise in engine heating and the HP switch 4-points not working timily This reason when a/c starts and after some time it on and off automatically due to HP inside terminal points not works properly

So you are request to check the quality of HP Swicth or if possible make extra electrical wiring with HP-2 points Swicth

That will make the mind of general public to buy Indica-made car rather more than transporter CAR CAB

Thanks you

Awaiting Positive Respone

Palvinder Sihgh
e-mail = [protected]
@Hasija- As much as I sympathise with you, you should be thankful that TATA attended / responded to your complaints at all..The day you fitted the CNG kit you should have lost your warranty as this is major modification of the car power train (in spite of the fact that the dealer fitted it for you). I'm guessing all the issues are because of CNG conversion. If the engine was meant to run on petrol - it should run on petrol. If it were meant to run on CNG, the manufacturer would have given the option. (like Maruthi Wagon R etc)..
I am facing the same problem i.e.being harassed by TATA Motors for last 12 days. I had purchased a TATA Dicor about six months back and its engine start giving nosie beyond permissible limit and pick up of the car also slow down. This was brought to the notice of the dealer M/s Hind Motors, Chandigarh several times and during regular services of the vehicle. Now for the last 12 days car is lying with the dealer at their workshop and they informed me that defect in the engine is beyond repair and whole engine of the car is to be replaced. I have also registered the complaint with customer care, TATA Motors and request them to replace the vehicle as car with defective engine was given to me. Till adte i have not recd any response from Tata Motors.

Pls advise me what to do in this case as i am without car for the last 12 days.
Dear Arun,

I read your review on Indica-Xeta LPG, that was great. I own Xeta Oct'07 model. My vehicle is very well maintained throughout 2.5 years with regular servicing & I am very happy with its performance. I had retrofitted my vehicle with OMVL LPG kit @ Rs. 21, 500/- from Fortune Distributors (Navi Mumbai) in October'09, who is the sole distributor for LPG kits 7-8 brands in Maharashtra. After 6 months of driving on LPG (almost 10, 000 kms), my experience was fine with minor problems which were rectified by the retrofitter.

Last week I noticed that the car is running fine on LPG with good average of 9-10 kms/ltr. in city conditions but felt major resistance on Petrol with the same acceleration. I thought there might be the problems with Petrol injectors, hence took the vehicle to TASC and carried out the entire tuning and changed the spark plugs. The problem of resistance felt on petrol mode still existed. Hence asked the expert person in TASC regarding the same. After thorough checking, he concluded that the ECM is not functioning as required and needs to be replaced. ECM costs around Rs. 15, 000/-.

Now the vehicle is running only oin LPG mode and not in petrol mode. Kindly advice me whether the existing ECM can be repaired or it is really to be replaced.

I would appreciate your expert advice / thoughts on this issue.

Thanks & Reagrds,

Sachin Naik
i sanjay from sonipat, xeta is very bed car of tata .Becasue i have xeta with cng tata fitted.pls dont purchase it. my contact no. [protected]
hello sir
my name ravi my car tata indica dls model 2000, my stairing lekage and many time my stairing jaam i consert tata commercial senter his machanic says you power stairing oil seel not avilabel in market so change you starring pump and cost is 6500 rs. mac. extra. plz help and tell me oil seel avialbile in market his cost

my id_- [protected]
cont. no.- [protected]

i had a problem that my car gets off when car ac is on like it will get totally off even the digital meter(kilometer reading) also gets off and time gets reseted... please find me a solution to solve my problem...


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