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 anandkash on Apr 24, 2011
Tata photon is exhibiting the worst practice these days. Once I was a happy user (photon no. [protected], a/c no. 906605721, plan: Photon Plus 7200 Min@Rs 1000 ) but these days i am planning to switch ISP, of course, before that I would love to kick of Tata's shoddy plan. Here is my story:

1. I am subscribing to the aforementioned plan, I deserve the tauted speed of the plan, whereas I am getting below 16kbps speed while downloading using torrent files on any p2p client.
2. After some googling around I came to know it's a kind of capping that photon illegally practices to stop/restrict p2p downloading. It's a joke. I mean, every p2p downloading is no way piracy or unethically. In fact, here I am facing problems while downloading a Scintific Linux torrent, that's freely distributed. AFAIK, it's put together by Fermi and Cern Lab of America. They like many other, provide torrents to aleviate load from servers. In fact, the purpose of p2p is to lighten the main server stress and engage remote pcs to help transfer data.
3. Besides, how could a concern of Tata indulge in such dubious practice of tauting something and doing something else. Here it says I can download unlimited amount of data till I exhaust the quota of 7200 minutes. I am not another , I am spilling straight rs. 1000 towards that.
4. I would like Tata Photon people as well as users have a look at this post and act on it. Tata photon, if it can't stand upto its tall claims, should issue a disclaimer that the said unlimited downloading does not apply to p2p downloading of any sorts of material.

As of now, I am resorting to wait-and-watch for a while, till the Tata lifts such capping or comes up with a revised policy mentioning the use of p2p capping. If nothing happens then I'll lodge a complaint in consumer's court, east delhi.

Beware of Tata Photon's unlimited downloading plan. It just sucks!

capping p2p software
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Tata Photon+ — notworking

I purchased a photon+ on dated 06/03/2010 from gaurav telecom nehru ground faridabad.after one month photon+ not working
i complaint many times tata zone &its service centre but they did not solve my problem. what should i do . i could not understand harikishan sharma 9818761983



Tata Photon+ — No service After Sales

I am facing the a problem from last 10 days. I have purahcsed a TATA Photon+ DATA DARD 2 months back. One day i found some network problem in the tata software after plugin & i complaint to customer care but no body come to see the problem after that i have called again & again one day a engineer came & take my Tata Photon + Data Card with him. He told me he is from a company by the name of Dynamics SCO-84-85, Top FloorSec-17, Chandigarh. i asked him there's a colobration between TATA's network & huwai's Hardware (DATA CARD) then why you came from a local company but he gives no answer to me. I asked him when i can get my data card problem resolved he said by the evening but still i didn't get back my TATA Card. one day i personally went to the dynamics but they again started giving me excuses. BAD SERVICE FROM TATA. If anybody can help me this out my account no. in TATA is 977311426


Tata Photon+ — Regarding Bill Amount

Hello Sir,
My name is Ram Krishan Sharma,
I had Bought a Tata Photon+ on 23/08/2010, and it is activated on 26th, but will not work. because the company has activated a wrong esn no( activated other device on my name). it will take 10 days to recover this problem by the company. but then they had activated a wrong plan on it. and I just use it 4 days in the billing cycle of month, they made bill in favour with amount Rs 2500/-. but I had filled the form with Rs950/- unlimited plan. it means no matters how much u use photon the bill will be 950/- , but as the device don't work properly for just five days, I should get lesser bill than 950/- .
Till today they stop my photon service in 24 hours, and said me to pay whole bill. I said them you had activate wrong esn no and wrong plan why should I pay the bill, as this is completely your fault.
then they said sir just pay Rs 950/- rest aoumt of bill we will waved off, After this I pay Rs 950/- to them.
but now they are keep on doing there cheep work. they daily deactivated my tata photon+. I daily at least 5 times call them but they are not doing any service regarding this complaint. I cant do anything to them . So I urge you please do something regarding this.

My contact no is 94191-71690
Sincerely yours
Ram Krishan Sharma
my name is rajeev ranjan & no.-9258026818.I am not blaming company but the employee.Ihave activated my no. on 15th september.They said that 1 month will be rental free.They said that from 15 sept. to 15 oct. will be rental free.So, i activated 1500 plan.I asked the the tata photon office situated in Rajpur at Dehradun to change my plan, they said that ican change before 17th oct..But, when asked to customer care in west, they are saying that my free rental was from 15th to 2nd oct.. and i have to pay 1500 for this month.It is too bad .I was a great fan on of tata company, but now i am losing my trust on tata.It is too frustrating.Where i should i complaint for justice.IT is not matter of money but matter of commitment and information.
hiiiiiiiii its nannu from mohali...i buy the tata photon+ and after 1 month i paid the bill still it is not connected when i called to helpline its always busy...now what can i do tell me...
i am taken tata photon+ 1month back.signal is full bt brousing is very slow means for sec 2kb only what can i do tell me.my tata photon+ is post paid.error will be cuming.

Tata Photon+ — problem in sign-up

I'm new customer(user) of tata photon+.tata no.9225420087 and ac/n. 978469257.I have problem in Tata indicom web page.I have tried to sign up in new user section but still not done.I cant see my usage of plan.I had conact to CC and they told me to send screenshot.To tell them I sent them,but still continue this problem.So plz guide me.

Tata Photon+ — Billing Fraud

I have been given an oral statement by Mr. Deva of Nodal Desk Team that two sessions of the same usage are logged into the database of billing team and so the total usage is 27GB approx. But my account usage showed 8GB approx which Mr Deva confirmed it to be 100% accurate and the billing team's is wrong.
If there are two instances of the same usage, its should be not more than 16GB. Where did that extra 11GB came from?

When I mailed to the Nodal Desk, I've got the same reply. But not a word of the extra 11GB is stated in the mail.

Tata Photon — Faulty Device & Poor Service

Hello All,

I got the photon plus about 2 months ago and am since then struggling to get some sane human being to get this to work on my laptopn, but it seems tata is not even remotely associated with sanity or service for their own products once they are sold. They have a no refund or exchange policy to ensure they never have to part with money once received. I really am disappointed and surprised at the super low service standard established for tata photon. I have spent hours explaining to the call centre executives the same issue over and over again, it seems you guys only work on memory and dont know that issues can be written and be referred when a customer calls back. However, thats not the end of it, everytime I explain and what do I get is fraudulent assuarance that someone will get back to me..only to ask again what the **** is your problem..not to resolve or do anything about it.

I must tell you that you TATA people are only good at selling the substandard photon device (chinese toy procured at peanuts and sold for about INR 2,000 in India) and pocketing the money paid by customers.

TATA guys are good for nothing, I only hope that may god bless them with some sanity and will make it a point to tell all my friends, near and dear ones to stay as much away as possible from anything that even remotely stinks of TATA..say tata to tata forever.

Thanking You

Warm Regards ,

Rajiv Manocha
hello every body,
before i talk about tata photon plus, my recommendation to all of you never even dream to buy tata photon . worst of its kind . on the top mange is highly lousy . they never listen the complaints . help desk head Mrs Sugna shetty is nothing less than a PM of any country . my photon card no is 9223717707. it never worked satisfactorily in last one year . after a series of unattended complaint, i requested to terminate the services and refund the cost of the photon card, but no one listens they are shameless to say that, they do not refund even if the termination is for the reasons attributable to them . shameless company has still raised the bill with out giving any service

Tata Photon+ — Problem with my TATA PHOTON+ Device 9204658955

I am Tata Photon+ Customer, I am facing one problem related your Olive Device need to change it but TATA technician is saying that problem with your laptop so i want to know that what is the problem with my laptop please confirm me because as per my IT technician there is no any problem in my laptop. So please change my device or stop my connection and refund my mony ASAP. Need a new device there is problem with this device

Tata Photon+ — regarding network and speed of device

i have purchased tata photon+ device at cost of rs:1600.00 .service provider told me that your speed will be upto 3.1 mbps and lower will be 512kbps.but when i cheked the speed after activation speed was about less then 512 kbps and many time network was disconnected.when i called customer care regarding that they told me that in your area (ashok vihar phase-III ,gurgaon) network up gradation is going on upto 31 march.many time i called customer care but they don't give me proper information.On 3rd march i returned my device nearest tata store room and store manager told me that your charge of device will returned after 20 day .but right now company send me bill of rs:386.00 as bill for 10 day when i called customer regarding this he told me u used 3 gb data but when i returned device on 2march i got this information that i used only 250mb data and i also pay rs100.00 as activation charge.

Tata Photon+ — Tata photon plus cheating

i hav bought photon+ on 07/03/2011 and the billing cycle started on 03/03/2011 but that was not the issue untill my 5G.B plan was going on than later I came to know that my 5G.B was over in just 2 to 3 days without any use. I complaint about this but as no action was taken over it.Later in the next month i commpletely stopped using the photon+ for a few days and again i recieved a mail on 09/04/2011 that my 5G.B was over i was completely shocked and i reported it to the costumer care and the place where i took the photon+ but as usuall no action was taken over it .Now i want to return the photon+ and take some other ISP like BSNL

My photon number is :9207068227
please inform me on this issue on this number 09954336144
or mail me on : iliasa4@gmail.com

Tata Photon+ — Basic Speed also not provided by TATA PHoton+

I have purchased a tata photon connection on 29/03/2011 which was the worst day of my life i feel, my trouble started from the day after activation they immeditely disconnected the connection saying that the place of use is OUTSTATION where as the sales people who sold me the device was from tata, one of the executive came to my place and delivered the device after paying the cash and collecting the required documents at the time of sale they said that the device has a stunning performance and sure i would enjoy the speed of 3.1 mbps having the minimum speed of 256kbps but to my surprise the device has only given max speed of 160kbps until today after complaining they said that the place is outstation and no technical service , will be provided but they have delivered a bill for what ever i have utlised for testing the speed more over for refunding my money they have asked me to go to their nearest tata office and return the device and collect the money after complaining 7times which included the nodal officer who did not even responded to my call and applet authority as well pushing me to esclate the issue further

SR Number SR Raised Date SR Closed Date Resolution Expected date SR Status
259705671 01-Apr-2011 04-Apr-2011 06-Apr-2011 Closed
259796751 02-Apr-2011 02-Apr-2011 02-Apr-2011 Closed
259846313 03-Apr-2011 14-Apr-2011 06-Apr-2011 Closed
260007757 05-Apr-2011 14-Apr-2011 14-Apr-2011 Closed
260633507 11-Apr-2011 13-Apr-2011 Closed
260880381 13-Apr-2011 14-Apr-2011 With STM NON Tech
260909285 13-Apr-2011 16-Apr-2011 Work in Progress
same here..
screw them up..tata photon is useless now..
Reply From Tata Photon

Dear Customer,

Greetings from Tata Indicom!

This is with reference to your email dated 25/04/2011 regarding speed issue for your Tata Data device number 9266168545. We truly value our relationship with you and regret for the inconvenience caused.

We would like to inform you that your complaint for speed issue under the docket number 262167985 has been closed. We would like to inform you that we have cross checked with the concerned department and found that you are getting a good speed.

Further, we would like to inform you about the peer to peer policy. It has been observed that many customers are misusing the network with Peer to Peer application such as Torrent, kazza, LimeWire etc. Through which they used to download illegal copyright contents. So, for their copyright safety, users are restricted to 128Kbps download and 256Kbps upload for peer to peer applications.

Moreover, we apologize for the inconvenience caused. We would like to inform that Photon Plus connection provides speed up to 3.1 mbps downlink. However, the actual connection & browsing speed depends upon the variety of factors, including the number of simultaneous Photon Plus users in your area, time of the day, webpage accessed etc. Thus, in most real-world situations, you can expect average speed of 256-600 kbps and you are getting a good speed.

Also, please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience that you have experienced.

For any assistance please feel free to call us at 121, our 24x7 Customer Care toll-free number from any Tata Indicom phone. We are also accessible from non Tata Indicom phones on 9210000121.

Our Photon Plus customers can get in touch with us on 1800-266-121 (Toll free). We shall be glad to be of assistance.

You can also get in touch with our Nodal Officer Mr. Manoj Semwal on 011-66558101 in case your complaint is not resolved in the stipulated time or you are not satisfied with the resolution provided.

Assuring you the best of our services at all times.

Warm Regards,
Simarpreet Singh Sandhu – Deputy Manager – Customer Care – Delhi
Contact No – 0172-6603510, www.tataindicom.com
To Tata Photon : Who the F*#k you are to care about piracy over internet. and what's your loss in piracy over internet? it's the thing that copyright holder should do something about. You F*#king people are saving your bandwidth, nothing else and you are going to pay for it, you assh*le.
sale behnchod, madarchod. Its TATA the f##kers who are , Customers ko ullu banata hain, magi sale, Ab dekh sale kaisi pungi bajti hain teri... Chutiye, Now you are shutting off the piracy, teri ma lagti hain Piracy? Sale jis computer pe baithke ye reply diya uski operating system kya teri nani lagti hain? Sale wo pirate nahi hain? Agar kuch pirate hain to wo tu sale TATA log hain...jo PIRATES ki tarah customers ko lutta hain! Behnchod...Aur gali khani hain kya be?

Ye customers jab teri gand me land dalenge tab kisiko mu dikhane ke layak nahi rahega sale...Nanga hoke ghumega...
I am using tata photon + last 2month. My plan is 5GB unlimited. But, before due date service become interrupt because credit limit is zero.
What's the meaning unlimited with credit limit zero?

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